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4-15 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you thank you thank you yes it is reaching governor answer remains controversial. Question and the question that's on everybody's lips. What came first the ravioli of the Brody and Tony is not extends every search. Are -- we kind of take credit for -- for the ravioli being Italian. And their friends like Bernadette Paul echo from the from the dangerous day parade and airborne -- from the Newsday. They kind of they kind of favor the -- and by the way we elect eat both of the parolees and and a ravioli but which one came for stoning. That would be the ravioli the earliest mention of it appears in the writings of Francisco di Marco in the fourteen hundreds. Where as the history of the Roby is actually unknown but seems to have taken their present form in the seventeen -- Always been in my a couple of censuring. How about that good for us were willing to share. 'cause I'm an equal opportunity guy -- to have a played a paroled him have a program play -- I love -- -- -- -- cheese in Europe. It doesn't matter uniform ever virtues we have the -- like knocking. Yes they do this and you argue the other day it wasn't important on Aoki it was Cheney's Nokia of your read that no I have a half hostile. All sounds good they are really good let's get back to veto the bills and hand. And the problems at hand and the opportunities in hand in Georgia it's still a bill is not a law and it's on the you know the governor's desk it's called a safe -- protection act. Governor Nathan Deal will have until April 29 to sign it into law. If he does then it will become law on July 1 and pardon me. What does that say it says that in the state of Georgia. If you have a permit to carry you'll be able to carry and bars nightclubs and government buildings that have no security check points. Also if your church ops in. In Georgia you can carry in church. And that's that it would remove a restriction that prevented those convicted of certain misdemeanors from getting a pistol permit to. So we want to know if you favor that or not I. You know I'm free market guys that said I just don't think it's a great idea. To mix alcohol which would be bars and restaurants and farms I really don't the church. You know it could be a church in a very dangerous part of town you're attending a midnight service. I mean and so I'm not saying I don't think he'll be disrespectful or anything to be caring but it's up to the church there's a I don't have a feeling either way about that but I do think that is not a great idea to carry and a in bars and restaurants. Also the April 15 deadline is today. The estimates are that a couple of weeks ago only three to 5000 people nobody really knows. -- haves and have vote registered. Their assault rifles and there are millions in New York's. So I'm asking you not to tell me if you have one. I'm just saying that if you didn't have one would you register don't tell me yes I have one and I won't. Or yes I have one and I will just tell me if you had one with the you will or would not register. OK who's next I guess we got two dams on the line this is an analyst cell phone will get to the other day and after Vista and anger on WB again. Our Dan thanks for holding -- what do you think give me your thoughts. Well first I want it to such. A lot done Georgia. Now I'm out former extreme I'm also -- a lot or are. So I'm of the mind. You know pitcher during a fire at you are here that it then -- -- and I helped out my. Until their permit local. You picnic we go to the training. You know leader for their Europe -- -- air attack there. You know you're doing at her door right now so if you bank that they paradigm of you know they're sheep sheep dog that will. If you're scared of fire -- -- -- airing a player and where we're include church. I think is a fantastic idea I do I'm at it thought might very straight land about branding arguing at you totally cool. But if you think the church road from a movie -- or a supermarket you know. That there it before Christmas but work or at the mall complex -- is they're extremely soft target. So as protector I look at data and say I want I want there she thought there ought there'd be somebody -- Amanda -- and you know I can do something about that. So that's my take on -- law. I think that's that's a pretty good take what about bars and restaurants. You know. I think -- rule out -- at the plate as a -- you can sit down at them you know. Yeah go -- in here for the inquiry into straight couples are you know you're doing it's it's the part thrown back it. You know -- and -- that require a map of you know back then -- -- If you're carrying the fire as a protector when your Q3 -- and active very factor with or without fire probably get a lot of good sent ought to apply. Good common sense and though we appreciate your comments that there we especially appreciate you wearing the uniform damn -- you. Are. Okay well I yeah I mean that's that's that's he's right because sit down have a meal there and there are a lot of places like that. Where this parts a restaurant and over there in fact idea. It's not a mall Maurizio today -- -- like on -- -- an obvious for some have been there are a lot of bodies that it was -- on the food channel yes went nuts when I saw men and when you told me about it ball it's fabulous it really is goers and Michael wanna. It may have been the first time I've had a meal -- wanna. And I -- in 1968. Was a meatball the size of a softball -- yeah they have a specialized meatball. It looks like cute if you ran out of ammo you could use it as a cannon. You could roll it down a cannon and shoot it at the enemy is the biggest -- Boller never -- and they give you an option of slicing and up and a putting season. Which I took the took that option. And that's where I had a -- -- Eight it is that's a great place my stomach is Greg Greg place so I got it now they they have a dining room. And you can also eat in the bar section but the -- -- really a different world so I understand I think the last caller was right on and very common sense ending military. Knows what's going on he he's -- he's abiding citizen. And why I held the government thinks it's more necessary in New York State to crack down on us. The law abiding citizens that it does. The ones who break the law because it was a break a lot aren't affected by this at all do you think today's special day at the at the gang meaning I don't think so. Obviously in New York City you think it's a great idea and it's a great way to get votes if they get New York City while that's the whole point -- -- it's pandering meanwhile they treat us like crap as though it is the best way to describe it but as long as New York wants something that's -- the okay we've talked to -- number one not in any special order but this is the other damage in Lancaster Daniel on WB again. I'm fine and I give me your are your thoughts solace though. Well first of all importer and dealer -- long catcher in the long time. -- Why I'm actually involved civil lawsuit against the secret now. And one of the punished. While in New York State rifle pistol association my business and several other businesses in the area -- -- the lawsuit and we were. Our lawsuit with a wanted to just gone through federal court where. It ruled in our favor for for the and around instead of the shot. A good right. Though but you wanna make a point to get a little bit late and showcase for periods -- gonna worry but I wanted to. Clarify things for federal and intellectual. The forty foursome and street transfer form there. You -- -- about her lawyer. When their background check it all been a lot of people think that when you were called -- check -- Yet they tell. The agent or any other in the line. That's what I fire. And it being transferred to the individual. And -- -- basically that the question that they ask -- CF BI. Agent that era and a folder -- basically asterisk. It is to transfer of income or -- long gone for what they call other which would be a receiver. Free and not a complete fire but it surely numbered part of the concern. I -- and a number of people actually. You know how how would they know that you candidate stronger than they really don't know. What he acts firearm you and all we know -- its current state goes hand in it and federal federal agencies -- They note here you know long gun or other which senior -- cheaper. So another -- it could be an -- fifty and our single shot 22. Correct along. The only way I see little kids playing including know what Egypt form wanted to make my cultural number caliber and all that would be is if -- Need to retrieve it or. When the order restored there usually -- pro or something like it regularly in the search. For the record that -- I actually just hit a record surged yesterday where he eight hear it all mean. There was little financial -- 1998. And it turned up either stolen or used in the crime they don't specify what the call orbit. They want to retreat -- -- -- force and retreat or from a record which they keep on file between here exactly this. -- in let them know who the original purchaser of that arm was so that they can. Find out where it went from there has -- went from the manufacturer to distributor. To myself that it dealer. -- usually customers so obviously some opponents are -- and your point is when they know. Particularly well you deliberately don't because they're gonna a retreat that wreckage so. My customers in India concern that you know every time they bought. When -- called assault weapons from me or typewriter or something that fits that category. That automatically -- state -- look at them and they don't the only wouldn't know. Did it. They were able to retrieve it and record which they were skeptical. Through that government to get permission to get their record which I believe you can't can't region for the request. And I highly doubt it without good reason for it request. Get Egypt is just internal records the state and took it happened. So what do you think is right if if the estimates are right that there's a million of these firearms in the state. How do you think the the state is going to enforce its. Well the only change it really slow -- the only they're gonna force anything. Intellectually that you can't quantity so I'll assault weapons and that is whatever expense on it it makes it. We're in New York State into a year out of your local range shooting -- interest some regional. Law enforcement official. Considering agency -- has gone into the basic question you end. And do a background check or whatever and find out through the New York State. Registration. Site that this order is not registered as the assault weapons while etched. Probably equally waiting. -- there ever gonna find out that you haven't. Yes say that this is how they got about a gonna ads because if you intend to enjoy it. As chances are you don't own 500 acres where you'll be able to shoot easily without any any law enforcement being around so. Basically it it would be at home for protection -- In you blows a lot of the fun of recreational shooting. Right now it sure but I can't sit just about every customer -- not I actually don't have a single customer. Whichever city we're gonna registry. I was gonna ask you that because anecdotally I was talking to some other people who are in the mix. And they said nobody and they said nobody. Has said that they've signed up. Not a single person in without eating into divulging names right and -- -- -- -- law enforcement. I'm a regular basis I hit a lot of very close friends and acquaintances that are fairly high up and state police I can't state police officers telling themselves. I think what that registered fire is -- -- money because. The only -- initial thing you can comment about this. Fervent certain -- confiscation that. Now that it exe and resulted New York State air cover almost looking for -- on another note. And here again not to mention the injured or speculate but I heard this directly. From law enforcement state police officers are very high and state police that. They are hurt. Through insider preparation bet. -- because he believes he's going to be reelected which may happen we -- to run against a at one of the things that he wants to implement or try to put into action what she. -- -- -- Would be to come up with some type of program to start the confiscation of -- currently registered. Assault weapon weapons shall. Sure going on out here a long range goal is exactly what everyone thinks it's going to be. Confiscation and the big say well -- -- very helpful and we need to keep in touch -- we appreciate the information vacuum. Are -- we're back after this. Can have my -- When you drive from my cold dead fingers. Let's go to some good overhauling a long time including. Stand in Rochester stand there on WB BMIs. Then what you have. Well I'm looking headed this way deep -- the unlocked allowing -- can be carried in a buyer. Movie -- I would want to be -- a -- would come drunken waiting it meant to work in Iraq would you. And idea you know to be honest with you I think it's not a good idea because look how many bar fights that we heard of one guys suddenly losing a bar fight he's afraid he's gonna get his brains kicked an awful lot of -- and and that'll be the end of that ends will get even more restrictive laws it's not doesn't make much sense to mix alcohol on farms. I even get to work because I've gone aborted killed more people -- awards and in reality it takes. Some guy that I put 430. Pound turned them into Superman because to have all of -- will let you think -- six -- -- 200. Or they're giving work. Movement I say gig into that because you're absolutely right. What happens is suddenly you overestimate your own ability. A because your depending on something that maybe it shouldn't be depending on and that's the fact that you got something on your hip called a fire arm. It's you know usually once people say responsible there on the other side but I think responsible firearm owners and people have carry permits have a great. -- -- deal of vote what sort -- -- before we have a burden to carry to make sure that people do not think of people who enjoy guns as not jobs. That you would want but Andy -- It would put Bennett can rightfully could have got -- stabbing but the -- clearly states. Well let you know one of the things about whether you're your -- firearm is a is assault rifles is a van that mile believe it or not thank you haven't seen a -- meant no long long. Time. We'll be back after this. Your hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Call us now an 8030930. -- calls are free and start ninth birdie there are toll free -- -- 180616. 19036. Yeah it's a mental -- of these things obviously. Are the people who break the law on a regular basis this is what they do for a living. They're thrilled that that of people are under -- difficult scrutiny. And registration things like that because it just makes the landscape easier for them. And of the dumb ass politicians who enacted this this law. Obviously didn't know much. About fire -- in -- they care to learn. And to hear that you know some of the proponents of components of what would be called. An assault rifle. I'm in flash suppressor got to be kidding me. Bayonet mount. Pistol grip. Please. I mean these are obviously ignorant people but there -- people and assumed. And ignorant people you may have given a campaign contribution to. And guess what they get they get to make the laws that you have to Obey and if you don't wanna do it then you fight the State -- New York. Welcome to New York told both ahead. In his as far as the registration I'm asking you today. If you had an assault weapon as defined by New York say -- Would you register we're not asking you if you have one which is asking if you did what would you do. Let's go -- Chrysler is there couple -- -- -- vote at skip the bills this one comes from actually says no weapon as ever assault with anybody ever guns don't -- people on the row and they never will I am not a fan of this -- or registration. Norm by and the -- the funny part -- not -- funny about the amazing part is shalom Maine some statistics. Let's say what percentage of crimes are committed with an assault rifle and and then follow that up and tell me what percentage of crimes. Are also committed with a win vague on this registered. To a person in New York State. And the crime is committed by that person we're not talking about stolen guns or anything like that time our big guys -- -- Oregon goes on commits crime. Knocks over to restore kill some. I would love to hear the statistics you won't hear though is because there aren't any that's the whole point. This is what they do they don't want to let facts get in the way of -- restrictive legislation. And they love to have view and I anybody who lives here under their film. That's the winners. Are one more Chris misses from Stephen he says he weaponry and personalized stupid and it's also complete waste of time does registration and a car prevent DWY as a makes no sense yeah I'd say it has its insane. -- because we all know that the only reason that there be registration is for later confiscation. And that's when I can tell you that right now that swindle and it's it's amazing. That where part of fifty states. Not 57 like the president said part of fifty and I think we probably have the most restrictive gun laws. And for all of you how restrictive they are New York City you're telling me that there are no crimes committed in reaction to it again. I don't think so let's go to Steve in the fall Steve you're on WB yen. Good morning -- I -- I've spoken before I'm -- Thai police -- -- and I registered my guns at the same effect. Didn't because. I didn't wanna be an outlaw. Well I don't blame and that's the problem -- this kind of legislation. Puts people outside the law how well how difficult is -- how longer it'd take is that. That it is very easy to do this and the confirmation in the mail like carry with -- so if I'm out with my. Firearms. But the reason I called was two fold. The big noises daylights out of me is that name I mean directed daylight I can I can't even use the language out upset I was to have to put my eight. Fire caused my sporting firearms found under the title of assault rifle -- really I was a police officer and I was issued. A bushmaster. That the -- -- NT a and still called a patrol -- Now why don't people start referring to whatever -- every police officer carries as an assault rifle and ask who they assaulting. And it abuses its declaring. Probably -- people don't understand when the patrol rifle AKA sporting right folks become. An assault by. Because it's a because it's playing to the uninitiated uninitiated. That rifle books more menacing. Than any other one out there and if you use the word assault. That even further conjures up. The image of you using that an assault away and it's ardent a nasty looking weapon so the ignorant. Are all solid favorite to -- because they're not like you stated big big big don't know firearms. And I've been I've been familiar Libya fifteen when I could I could've -- litany of city I could've bought one over the counter that in the 1960s. It was 200 dollars. And I did buy one back when they were 200 dollars forty years ago. And intimidated I don't find it frightening it's a firearm. It's black if that's Guizhou then a black people use scare you black you know -- just gave you back to make -- better. Things like this you -- in which they do you have to be a racist and it certainly evidence is it's it's overwhelming so. And -- nobody should or black vehicle because after it could be an assault vehicle. Why you don't fill a Steve you're retired now but if you were still active I think it would be galling to think that. Some of your work would have to be devoted to law abiding citizens. When indeed we have far more pressing problems from people who disobey the law. -- and -- I was I took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States. And I that was the first -- the second one was the constitution and laws of the State -- New York but the first -- that took was to the constitution United States and -- something. They never took that all the way from me. I don't remember ever not. Getting -- -- renouncing and yet every county every taker will they be police or military. Took an oath to uphold the constitution United States. And the president can't change it and the congress can't change it is thought that this -- constitutions there -- hundreds of years for a very good reason. Thank you -- thank you very much appreciate it Steve retired law enforcement officer will be back -- more. -- Beijing company. You can have much going on. When you drive from my cold dead fingers. There are two questions regarding the Joseph. It's not a law yet it's it's on the governor's desk there be governor Nathan Deal who was a Republican. Has not said whether he'll sign that he has until April 29 Desai and it's -- -- -- couple low -- Or veto it if he signs it becomes of the law on July 1 what that says engaged to and -- Is basically if you have a permit to carry you can carry under this new law in bars nightclubs and government buildings -- -- security checkpoints. My position on that is this. Whether they make -- a law or not that's up to them but I don't think it's a good idea. To mix alcohol and farms are really don't now we're talking to the ex marine at a good point. He said if you're going to a place it's basically a restaurant that has a bar. Every one thing. That might be okay but just a bar where you just go to drink that's your job go there and drank not such a great idea. Some punk will be losing a bar fight and -- -- somebody assured him. And arm there will be more restrictive measures and -- -- used to before you hear all the time guys are tough guys I'm a man beer muscles yet and big on the get their -- and that's how we're gonna solve Galileo one guy's getting beat and -- remind you're getting -- to appalled by it by somebody should -- would be fighting universalist. And you're gonna take your -- out and nobody is going to get beaten down into a pulp and still have begun in there. And you been -- that's the point. So I don't think that's a great idea but that's up to them regarding April 15 deadline here. New Yorkers a blood sucking study it rarely is it truly is there's no way shape or form. Where is is more comfortable live here than it is other places right now we got the mayor of New York City. Who wants to give special cards to illegals so they can get their benefits sooner. We got a governor who once you register guns that traditionally have never been registered follow what -- and confiscation. They did they didn't whip out any survey that's a show that these assault rifles quote unquote. Are -- -- you are being used for crime. They haven't done anything to prove that people who Obey the law with a pistol permit went through the process have committed their crimes -- those guns but this is just the way they are their control freaks. And the worse again as I I have determined I think when I stopped earning in New York State I stop living in the states screw that. I got a good job now. 1000 -- and those on the logo but it's a good job and has once I stop. Earning here. I'm done screw this state are rarely as it gets you more depressed than anything. Because what they do so they -- lawbreakers. Is that not true the first part I just told you about they welcome people who are here legally. You're not gonna have the state police knock on your door. According to knock on your door to give you a car to get threats. About that meanwhile you have NAR fifteen you may have had a since 1967. But now it's got to be registered it's an assault weapon. And that maybe if you don't know what you're going to be in big trouble that's the way it is so this is a government that we have to live under. In New York -- between the mayor and the governor. They'll welcome you. Plenty if your hero legally they'll give you rewards. If you are here legally and follow the law and pay your taxes that coming after you. Now you tell me. What that tells you I'd liked and well this date I've lived in eleven states. Aren't I've lived in Texas I've lived in -- one of the Wisconsin Connecticut I've been around this state Sox. Big time. And it's getting worse it's not getting better Andrew Cuomo is going to be inaugurated. As the next governor all right. We just put -- had to against let's go in the next round. And that's what's gonna happen the tattoo was gonna get that to you got it so gonna have a guy who really cares about being president Morgan cares about being a fair and just. Overseer. Of our fortunes and our prosperity and our future in New York State this state Sox. And you won eleven line. You wanna be under that -- line if you're of the New York City mindset. Maybe you don't care that much but upstate we should be furious that's why you're looking at every level one has a repeal New York State side. What do you think that don't give a damn about us and Cuomo comes up when he's got a little cardboard check to give us. And so that we can pat on the back saying thank you thank you thank you -- think he gets that money. From us. If some of it comes back I guess we're lucky we should be thankful. On meanwhile this is the guy that when he was secretary. Thought it was the gun manufacturer's fault the people in hundred housing were shooting themselves. And soon food. The guns the government -- of them. Because people or using guns to kill each other and hot housing that's the kind of mindset. There. And where we're looking at maybe another four years and a lucky offs. Aaron who's -- Let's -- -- -- salmon Rochester Sam on WB yen. India public quickly and no payment. And here but in the 1970s. And -- about America. And it still the firing every adult. And until would have done this true the crime rate went down exponentially. I don't think they'll and it but. It would. That makes sense and you know if people are against firearms and they're afraid of him once you put a sign out your lawn our house has no farms and where firearms freedom house. And then just hope the cops can get there in time to help you when in Needham. They already did it with -- with Doug Free doesn't it but. And it what did you what did you make it I put the target logo. On houses and schools and places where it's gun free zones because they're the softest targets in the world and the cowards -- going -- -- up the bad guys who don't bother with licenses and permits and registrations and all that other crap. Then -- they love to have our roadmap to places that don't have guns. Now. And -- to admit it and procurement. Earlier but up. When I was an experiment and a couple of years ago. The military and still does. And and supplement weapons. Thank they'll revolvers and I don't care system. Those would be classified military style weapons I think I thought that that. And military style weapons because the -- attacked military style weapons. I a couple of people weapons that are and the open market and there are frequently to the public to vote. And did anybody tell those morons in Albany. That air fifteens are not full automatic and that the military. M sixteen. Is full automatic that they even know the difference. Now and the thought did I not been attacked -- a bit. They can make anything but don't let about it and in. Something that's -- out anymore like the independent there. I'd better -- better deal went down to the head of the toughest part of town. And you had some underworld contacts you'd be hard pressed divide in the legal ban met to plug it hurts all rifle. I would have bag is that no one bayonet mount flash suppressor pistol grips. Guess what the only thing that hurt you that comes out of a -- comes out of the barrel I think it's alum Matt. And that the the full automatic it's a little different. And semi automatic and even know that that they even care now so we send these clowns. Albany and they fall in line and whatever -- governor seems to want in this kind of platform he gets. Meanwhile the people in new Yorker soap please New York City meanwhile up here we get screwed. So that -- -- okay it's up to you if you wanna register or not usual conscience and good you. We'll see you tomorrow at 9 AM -- news -- 930 WBA.

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