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4-15 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I had earlier back -- Beijing coming up sandy beach are two gun things were looking at today one is in Georgia and -- -- and our own backyard the one in Georgia. It's called me safe -- protection act. The a state legislature passed it just before they adjourn. The governor I was a Republican has not said whether he'll sign the bill he has until April 29 to sign it or veto it. If if he does sign the bill will become law July 1. As we said it's called the safe -- protection act what that says it is. If indeed you have a carry permit you would be allowed to carry your firearms. In bars. Nightclubs and government buildings and national security checkpoints it would allow citizens to carry permits who accidentally bring your gun through airport security. To leave where their weapons and without any charges although to be honest review. I know at all times exactly where my guns are. The thought of me going to an airport and accidentally. Forgetting that I have a gun in the bag. And that's carelessness and that not very responsible as far as I congress and it is our job as -- people who enjoy the shooting sports and who have permits and carry permits. To be good citizens -- them and not give fodder to what the other side. This bill also a -- -- would allow churches to opt in if they if they wanted to -- so congregants could carry guns there. A my thought on this of this law as you know I'm -- free market kind of guy and I think there would be. Perhaps some people that might them. Might not do us proud if if guns are allowed to be carried in bars where alcohol involved certainly changes everything. And a same thing when nightclubs. You can you can see now where they're not allowed in the still have a problem. But basically. Basically I think if your responsible gun -- you're responsible gun owner but I'm thing and it's not a great idea. That's the -- don't put that down April 15 today deadline New York safe act. Do you have any -- what's called an assault rifle we have an air fifteen India have. I was something like that that pistol grip. Flash suppressor bayonet mount things like that. Well. The stated New York says that Don looks too darned scary. So let's let's register now if you think about it. What what -- registration for. Somebody held up a convenience store there were carrying an -- -- -- -- doesn't happen very government. OK let's check the registration unless let's say what registered gun owner is going to use that gun to commit the crime. Say what ticks off most people including me is that the damn attention its focus on the people who Obey the law now. That they're they're. If if and those numbers are right if there are a million assault rifles in the New York State and only three to 5000 people as of about a week ago registered. It's massive protest. But what are they gonna do a -- on a bang on your door and say hey wait you have an assault rifle rarely Heidi you know well we don't know what you might have won. So we're delighted we're gonna Jack I mean that doesn't seem very rational reasonable to me. I mean big bills to stop all -- tactics don't fly in today's. On today's atmosphere no matter what so what are they using. That far has anybody seen. Any statistics -- -- percentage wise what what crimes are committed with -- assault rifles. I don't think so and they don't believe me if they have them they parade them they do debut leading the parade. And probably ignorant people and I don't mean that -- does this mean you just don't have the knowledge. Via an assault rifle looks scary but let me tell you something. A pellet -- to do a job on your toe and it's a pellet -- a -- begun to -- your ride out I know my mother told me. Frequently. -- but what I'm saying is I'm not gonna ask you if you have one I'm going to ask you a bit if indeed. If if indeed you I had one you're not admitting you know but if indeed you have one would you register it or not. That way there's no self incrimination if you say yes I don't want it sitting on my lap and I'm not going to register. Well we don't want you to admit that I mean there is no reason to but you can certainly tell me if you had one. And it were in your safer in your gun cabinet or wherever it might be if you would register yes or no I think. Most of the people would say now criticize -- anecdotally against flatly anecdotally. I haven't heard anybody say -- register. Now I don't you know I don't hang around with large crowds talking about gun issue but I'm thinking that a lot of people are going to say screw you. It would be fascinating to find out what are what a defense attorney thinks and how. He would defend his client if they came after his aren't registered. -- -- If they have New York State does not have a list. Of -- -- mine now since you because of what happened with -- -- this law. All right since you -- if -- say you do have one but since you bought it. It if -- now you have to register. But that the authorities don't know if you sold it to -- -- many in Minnesota they don't know that. You could've -- you could have disposed of it along time ago and which case what you have to -- do you have the -- -- at a -- sale Forman -- You have to have authorities in Minnesota say yes that gun that he used to have a New York is now owned by hand many. I mean how we gonna do this. What kind of resources are they gonna use a they gonna check every pistol permit owner received they've got or and they are fifteen -- an assault rifles out what they're gonna do. If you don't have a pistol permit a -- just gonna knock on your door randomly. And say you know this is the third house on this block and every third house and every block we're checking. To say that's a sweep. They can't do that is that they did that why the hell aren't they got to the gang bangers places where they know whether they are a command on the sweeps there. So nobody suggesting that they're going to but what I'm saying is if they don't have a list of people. Who have purchased. Assault right just call may ar fifteens this is -- They are fifteen and in the air fifteens are rivals if they don't have that -- the -- is going fishing. How many times have you seen. And court where they say your honor that's a fishing expedition. Today they just gonna reject people who have other -- see if you got one. This is gonna check hunting licenses what are -- gonna go I'd like denial because they haven't said but I have a feeling that there's massive. Push back on this maybe as much as though we saw during a the prohibition. Where people -- screw you we're gonna do it anyway that's how would you. And I don't know how they're gonna find out I don't know bill does not seem to be a list that we're aware of people all these things. So how to Avaya out of eight Czech EU well. So it all three on 93018061692. Of the six are 930 we don't want you to -- you do have one which just wanna know if you have one. Would you register or would you not also the Georgia a bill which could become alive it's a signed by the governor. Before the 29. Would allow you to carry if you're already have a permit to carry in the bars. And restaurants and government buildings were no security checkpoints and also. In church if your church allowed it. Remember Byron brown. When he was a state senator had a bill. He presented it didn't go anywhere but it was called no no guns and church because there had been some incidence and buffalo church with a fire arm. One would think logically. That you probably wouldn't be caring and church. But who knows whether churches and who knows what time the services. It could be a midnight service in a very very difficult the part of town. Where you know it's a good idea had a Jerry. And we'd just like your opinion on he can also go to our FaceBook page. We'll take a break on newsreader at 930 WB yeah. And how much done. When you drive from my cold dead fingers. Two questions the Georgia law not law yet it's a proposed law the governor signs it'll become law on July 1. Allowing people who are Kerry in bars. And now also in restaurants. In in churches of the church ops in. And government buildings and have no security checkpoint. Do you think this is a good idea or not I don't think it's good idea of the Kerry where alcohol is served well whether I'd I'd wanna prohibited and that's prohibited in most states but idea I just only it's good idea April 15 deadline that's today. Today and I here's the question I have. This is so nebulous it rarely is supposed cops come view and they say and -- out April 12. 2010. New -- and they are fifteen on residents' right. How come you haven't registered. I don't have a what do you don't have it I sold. I saw that before the New York's a fact which is perfectly legal to sell it. Our religious zealots so I don't know some guy on the street he was hitching a ride says I would like to buy and they are fifteen at a reasonable price. And you solar -- -- that you denied doing anything illegal no. Can you describe those guys I had a beard. -- and a beard and he was heading toward Ohio I can tell you that that was six years ago. I don't know where the gunners now unless they found a gun in your house something like that how do they how they going to enforce this that's the question. I'm not asking you if you are going to disobey I'm going to or or complied I am gonna ask you this if you had as an assault rifle. Would you Obey would you comply or which is they screw you. 8030930. The usual numbers let's go to dale daily on WB -- An ideal. Other than you have in in this there's precedence for this has been done before. Back in about 2000 into the street sweepers yet he has twelve to twelve -- High capacity shotguns. When he made that destructive devices they use this and also in great Davis. Became governor in California. And he was he's -- at the Brady bill the gators took flash fighters -- And put on mobile breaks -- it really changed the guns. So he has walls that are just like ours now in new York and California. When he took office and here's hoping though if you album or at least the ability to come to your house. What the Circuit Court. When you buy a gun if you buy it new you have to fill up -- the federal background check right. Okay that have to be held. And that that now the quality up -- belt in business the out of L owner have to keep that paperwork on premise that this. If the -- goes out of business and gives up -- Papa -- that paperwork has surrendered to the eight Kia. With the ATF does with that no one knows it's always been assuming just throw it Weyers stick -- -- files somewhere. He rates yet still in business and make that assumption -- What they do and the federal government does not have the power or the authority to come in confiscate. Those forms -- to look at them. But the local police. Does do does. Into what they do with -- and articles staff around -- -- this New York with yes he has twelve in the street sweepers. These same clerical staffs around to the gun shops. And they sit down and they go through the forms and they just look at the section where the gun is written down and make model manufacturer. And FaceBook for that and when they find the ones are looking for the -- and record the information the person who bought it. And they and they can get what they do music created database and they go around and make sure that the people it has -- got rid of them. Or well in this state how to get rid of them because you couldn't registered -- destructive device. Have you sold them before aren't nearly as safe as sold on this somebody friends relatives whatever. Out of state before the setback that was perfectly legal thing that I had no -- no complications. Absolutely anything and here's the catch. In and it comes citizens freedoms and everything else. What they would do is they -- -- would get this database and that's what they didn't California -- get this database of all the guns that are sold now I don't do all the effort felt it's impossible but they still do -- areas and spots where they wanna make a point. Then -- look at the registration database. And they compared the two. And where they have a guns sold but it -- not registered they then send an officer out and they and here's what they -- in California friend that went through this. They knock on your door they say okay we have record on such and such date bought and such and such gun dealer that. And we don't have any we don't have any of record -- registered it. Now we need to know the disposition his weapon and went through the scenario all the things you can say and they say yes -- we understand that but. You know now it's it's a felony and we have and we want to make sure so out of their back pocket they already have -- search warrant in the coming your house. Now a lot of people were into Airbus say hey I'm. I'm not saying anything negative by -- there's the people who were collect guns and have done collections and all this kind of stuff. It's pretty impossible to -- your home. You're gonna get even if you got rid of that gun you might have -- cap Magnus. You might have. You might have yeah they may also record you -- into 23 -- management. Well exactly and there's there's limits on how much and what you can have a state per all the voters. So abominable in the -- back to get any violations at all they confiscate all your weapons all your edged weapons and all your ammunition. So. The problem here with -- -- -- people saying audience so I'm not stupid -- have -- reform I've all the off my body what did you -- Still well before. And then the depend on people not drop and I'm on. And he did this whole craziness looking over your shoulder now in California. In a couple of the populated side in the more suburban areas where they really want to make a point in this. They have a lot of stories of people. Being called it -- other neighbors say there's black suvs in your driveway incident people went in your house. Of they would get home in there would be. State police 48 Kia in a lot of cases. And they -- just in the war as -- yup we're here. Yes -- -- spend their money doing that and yet we know -- gang bangers are and they don't they cared as much about that as they do about this right now because it's a play room today. Up and we Obey the -- meanwhile the ones who don't Obey -- laws they screw you they don't bother with them -- come after us and and we know how important is that if -- weapon has a flash -- on -- oh my god -- or a -- -- -- I mean this is so asinine. And it's so anger anger producing bed. It's just beyond my country. What Sandia in -- probably haven't we have a governor right now that would look there's always say no you don't Obey the law you register your gun did you. Yeah how always the same one that when he was Hud secretary -- big gun manufacturers because people and how the housing we're using numbers showed each other. I mean that's economize and he does so you're saying that they would go round up. The the sheets and then and Trace it down to who's registered and who has. The but -- -- To -- him. Meanwhile you know. Who knows you you could result of that that guy you met at the fair. As long as it was before the New York's an event we don't know these things thank you yeah thank you very much guidance for a good information there. Under Israeli and -- thirty we are WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA and that call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Yes and -- it is known as the safe -- protection act. If the governor signs that the legislature has passed. But of governor -- a Republican hasn't said whether real sign -- or not but if he does he has until April 29. If he vetoes that that's but if he signs it it will go into effect on July 1 and that says that if you have -- carry permit this apartment. You can carry in places which couldn't carry before bars nightclubs government buildings and have no security checkpoint. Also your church could opt in. If they want him to -- congregants. Arrive. Packing a firearm but that's up to them. I wanna know what you think of that I don't think it's a great idea. Two it's going to be carrying and where they sell alcohol and it's. It's not gonna do anybody any favors I can tell you that right now are you gonna need is for us a couple of guys to get into and a bar fight one -- losing. And whips out a gun and shoots somebody and then of course they'll be more restrictive measures than there are before this started so. I'm not saying he shouldn't sign and I'm just saying I don't mean it's great idea. Secondly and the April 15 deadline is today you know what's funny is there was almost no talk at all about this until. Today. On the April 15 deadline and anecdotally. I haven't heard one person. Say that they've signed up. For their wrote assault weapon. For the sake of today's argument would just say -- fifty grand. There's a million of them in New York State. And the blog the bottom line is that there's supposed to be registered because -- scary. And you know that band that amounts we gave nominee bad things have happened with -- band that's in our country in the last soul I don't know how many years. You walk into a place when a band that army and the gun people listen -- you know and the flash suppressor. God you are holding up the 7-Eleven we wouldn't want the business next art or your shot anybody that flash suppressor could really help you out I think I. Damn stupid are they are -- in Albany but that's what they are that's what they are they're ignorant. They're they're very good a draining your taxpayer dollar and now they can and they're going after people who are law abiding citizens. Do you think that anybody. Who is not is scaring up a bit about about this sort of thing now. Because they don't know -- on a -- was I don't give a damn. You think they care -- -- standing around in the in the club house of the of your local gangs and hey better register had -- we're planning to do bad things whether or could be another charge against us now it's silly stupid. The only people will be coming after our people who are law body that they'll turn into law breaking citizens. So we're asking you not anything except this regarding that. If and that's a keyword if you have an assault weapon would you register. Let's go to Jeffs it would just says -- Jeff you're on WB again. I had any I'd like to start I think if I have a -- I'd be seriously considering buying with cash a burial to the line organized but regarded. With certain significant flowers is I didn't. And if you -- that I think it would be up for a pretty imaginative go ahead. Well what -- -- get his Oakland yeah. I've agree everything you do that acquired and bring in the end it's. They're not thinking and they are passing laws without. Any serious intelligence in the and the previous caller -- -- -- aren't what I wanted to -- but I have a little more -- and that seat in fact have a list of who has he's got even -- there's a million state. And it starts with that firearm background check at U that I'll be OK for the so he was saying you have to go in collected Needham and but if you take the all those background checks -- over the phone from the gunpowder to the federal government. So there somebody on the other line and the government who want the background check already have a list and everybody request a background check to -- the fire. So that they could use that to go looking forum in paper form. But why would they do that when -- -- retailers and store retailers store all of -- these four purchase accessory. Purchased ammunition. I am circuit street all the demographic data. It's stating -- servers for sale bookmark. Especially you know the back door approaches what you just said the MO. Because if they know who's buying the ammo -- who has the guns -- -- what you have and have a a cache of ammunition buried somewhere in the you're gonna need more ammo if you're if you're practicing are enjoying the shooting sports. Exactly and if you take -- sales which were. You know perfectly legal to by the -- weapons through online retailers. Although -- might retailers have every inventory of every item they reversal state that the and then they like to dispel this kind of information to other companies for marketing reach or they can reach out your email address or your location your address that -- Do you know -- other items and similar categories toward you you know that are targeted advertising work. You know -- interest thing. As this works her way as they start to enforce this just as judge grant me the federal local federal judge said the seven -- limit was arbitrary and and a did not hold. They're as they go to law in force says it will be interesting to see what kind of cases are brought. To be -- justice system regarding how they do it. And realistically if there's a million of these firearms in the state takes a lot of manpower no matter whether or computerized or not and manpower requires financing and requires money it will be very interesting to see how this plays out because this is a massive scale. Absolutely and I work in Health Information Technology in the area here and I can tell you. I do what databases all the time and you know we get requests for information to try to. Target our audiences for a Latin America and the services based on all the armor indeed we have been different areas. And it's not that much work for a single person such as myself. Q link all this information together and run some Smart searches Dinara -- out -- -- technically illegal -- -- Amazing it's a yellow -- been our friend but it can also be hanging over our head to thank you Jeff thank you for your input. Well back Lamar would be aging company a newsreader and I'm thirty WB yet. Can have my -- When you drive from my cold dead fingers. Let's go to low lying forward be next and that's a bill bill you're on WB yeah. -- should be -- first off of 1 single morning thank you for promoting this dialogue it's very important and it's very necessary. I think so yes so on ledger board what do you have for us. Our legal normal reform or -- -- hold for over 25 years I haven't Oregon. In over forty years I don't corporation on my property legally have taught my children the proper use and respect the firewall holes well. Or what might go a huge factor in the -- usually these are all we can fill out the yellow. Federal form. We're you know how to answer questions. -- -- -- just ripples on the form -- Like are you mentally deficient like did you would you know you were gonna want to question specific to that to -- there have been institutionalized. -- medication and remember the third course like this is only twenty tribunal -- But the question I have is that the that -- they have access to the federal registration forms. Well earlier we had a caller say that the federal government has jurisdiction on those. And bad that they can't -- -- he has state but that the states send somebody to retrieve the information to me that's a matter of semantics if they if they can use the information on them it doesn't matter they physically have -- their hand or they get him electronically or whatever. But where there's a will there's away with a government while my concern. Is -- like everybody else is concerned. The reason they did this is his future con the confiscation is no other reason to do -- so angered that they don't use assault weapons and many crimes. The united measures that we all know there. You know we're all well aware of the. So what you have is where being governed by ignorant people regarding fire arms. Maybe other things through but the bottom line is they didn't ask for any kind of testimony. From people who really know any thing and they just did it in their three blind mice way and now we're subject to it. And what annoys me is how we're being manhandled in the state and that's what it is. Won't show you the lack of respect -- consideration for the law abiding citizens of trade protections can carry all the way. It exactly right they have more respect for the bad guys because they don't bother them so instead they're gonna harass us when we do nothing wrong with -- -- far arms. So that's the answer they have access to. Live amongst us there and in the the world you've got -- right thank you. Sort of the struggle and supersede the state process -- I mean. The gun laws are -- buzzer usually state laws. There and so you know that's why they differ and look in this state now screwed up this that is. It's a state licensed -- you can get -- and in different counties and depending on what that county is issuing the county can issue. Carry permits as Niagara county did when I got mine. Right away. And some other colonies like Erie county. No carry their -- right away you have to go and some other restrictive form and then apply for a later so how can you have. The state issuing these with different parameters for different companies shouldn't be laws apply equally to all of us. You would think so now we're really functional. But I would have defiantly say Cindy. What's all of us legal war party should assume being drawn owners. What shall Strickland our resolve and which remain true to our ideals. -- -- would you thank you very much and that's what we're asking today if you had. An assault weapon. -- you register we're not asking you one it's none of our business what you have one keep in mind you may have had that weapon might first they are fifteen. Was bought in 1967. In Hartford Connecticut. During the Vietnam War when that was the official rightful. Being used in Vietnam and that was made by coal farms in Hartford. That's the reason I was familial -- and on the guns or Anderson whose idea I got a guy like that I ended up selling that. -- never forget that sale. I I end up we just re loaded. In the winter. Because in the winter you get Borden you know whatever the -- is the reload over the course of a winner and then I left there in my heart for Java W the RC -- -- -- KB. So I decided you know what I'm not doing that much shooting and they'll sell the air fifth day. And so I put in the paper that's so easy it was put put the put in the beverage or triple. It's a government your uncle's money so basically looks scarier. But there -- put in the paper. And so this guy made an appointment come and see it and I had 2000 rounds of ammo that I had reloaded okay. -- comes. Yeah I'm dumb as soon as it comes in and get a nice conversation and then I started to show him how to break down on the big okay. And as I started whether he's -- will be tried that and he takes the gun and like this. It was in pieces is the buffalo crop up our goal obviously never got inside nodding may have had one before. But up. He -- the -- by the 2000 rounds and that was that. And I -- a second one and it sold that one too because every once in awhile you get in the mood to do more shooting and I version solo Alaska as a lot of but the two that I had who were both up purchased. And so all would know rigmarole no hassle no problem but this is this is a different time right now. We've got a rom misses in Albany just ignorant asses that's the best way to describe it who don't know I I'd love to see. I'd like to see Andrew Cuomo being ask questions about firearms I'd like I'd like to Sissy that so much you know -- And I -- see everybody have voted yes on this just gimmick a pop quiz -- -- -- tell me what the held up a and that amount and a flash suppressor and a pistol grip rarely have to do with crime. The answer is they really don't and that that video and they are fifteen type weapons there's a million -- here. Our wrote -- their scary looking. To people who don't know firearms. I'm and that's what it's all about business scare the little old ladies. -- make all kinds of vogue a propositions that the world's gonna end unless we yeah. A week you know we we get more restrictive and our farms are already more restrictive than most states. And though let's go after the people who Obey the laws that makes the most sense school gang bangers let them steal all the guys they want -- people at a Mets -- if we happen to catch him that's fine but let's really go after. The law abiding citizen who may have had that they are fifteen like my first one since 1967. I don't like that and go to bed and and he is a safe could have been and has gone Kampman. And it doesn't matter now it's it's got to be registered and the C word confiscation. That's what is in the back of all of our heads. But they say that as of ten days ago. Yes they estimate only a three to 5000 people have registered. We don't know couldn't -- the numbers and they're not giving the numbers you'll notice. Because I don't think they want you to know that this could be another prohibition kind of deal they don't want you to know that and they also all they have no balls at all they'll never give you a number of how many crimes are committed with this -- -- because when you see the percentage it's going to be so miniscule. People are probably hurt more people at all frozen like a lamb than they have. Assault weapons. We'll be back -- more would -- somebody actually did that once that's the reason it always comes back to my memories. If you're going to assault somebody I as long as it's a registered leg of -- Euro will be back after.

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