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4-15 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oil all other thought it would be Asian company got a -- talk about today hang in there are some of it may involve view and something you either did or didn't do in your opinion of something happening obviously and I'm telling us we got everything lined up ready to go. So is this guy as you enjoy a wonderful wonderful beautiful spring day here in Western New York. I think Tony and we've played the wrong open that's the open we play all the time I think when you look out the window I think this is more. -- Analyst -- women. And Christmas shopping yet but I. And my vacation starts with a -- know very appropriate. I'm -- ago. Plus -- had a day job. Yeah. Here is the title -- I just started the garden. Why don't tell me. Feels really. The right song. -- -- -- -- As a way of life. The bush pilot had. Talk about a wide body. Nowadays that. I'm going to go. -- in the right place in your -- inexpensive things. Not wait for them. I think I don't -- workers. -- Yeah I don't know. And the name of the rivers events events. -- -- Area appropriate look it's snowing out there isn't this so it's a winter wonderland is a beautiful. This last week and I took all the stuff out of the cars all the winners -- all the emergency stuff the -- is. The axis of put Holloway eight the pop tarts you mean I'm gonna have to drive home today without emergency popular -- so what's going on here and and I love that song anyway so that's great it is a big company. Now I was surprised when I saw this story because -- something Tony had told me. Sometime back. Regarding Chet Kelly Ted Kelly. Goodbye is no longer the quarterback -- Clemson or even trying to be the quarterback Eric Munson. He got toss up -- game. The other quote is he has had a pattern of behavior that is not consistent with the values of our program. I hope she'll mature and grow from this and become the man employer I know he can so that's that. He is I guess they were playing a spring game and something happened and he got kicked off the squad has Jim Kelly's nephew. And told me some time back. That that maybe had a bit of an attitude Perot. The and a little at. Maybe not so much is the attitude just needs to grow up about it while same thing -- half immaturity -- they kind of go together. So he's done now and the question is you pass for 58 yards. In a hundred ran for a 107 team last season for clumps and so as well you know not spectacular numbers much. Apparently he was a list -- as one of the best though. Running quarterbacks so what's gonna happen now can he catch on another program yeah I think eventually somebody's going to give him a shot and probably be you know division when he program. I don't care what you think Chris. I think it's really hard. To get kicked off a division one -- that's a thank you got me especially a team like Clemson it's they play in the ACC it's a big time program. They've been very good for a few years. -- very good as long as I can remember you know in recent memory here. And they're not in the business of kicking -- guys they can make them or the program money so I did this had to be pretty bad. He not got kicked off he got escorted by the always. Now I don't know what you have to do it again assortment of ways because even here even hear the most they go is is they take your -- away so he can command. And then they put the ugly they usually email out saying we wish him well that's if it's a decent goodbye. Otherwise it's -- so and so no longer needs access to the building that. That's got to remind you know that that's that's a way in my -- and but anyway there's so that's that's all I don't know what it takes to get. Not only kicked off the team but escorted by the police sounds to me like -- wouldn't happen unless you made some threats against them. He has sounds like he just came completely unglued unhinged now and the sad part about it is with his article go through this -- -- this is not real time needy they don't -- this no -- -- -- -- -- -- You know they're going through a second -- vote chemo radiation. The last thing that they needed and last thing anybody needs through it that's where it is so let's hope we. Let's open -- yeah I really do I mean I like Chad I have had an in studio a couple of times and you're out there yes and we've gone back and forth on our social media. Really is a nice kid I get along great with the -- Barney. Very personable but. I don't know which -- sounds like maybe too full of himself for what to expect T. And he hasn't earned it yet you know -- -- the point -- though we've talked about this before. Now everybody has an attitude everybody. It used to be if you have an attitude you you earned it you're either rich so he can have an attitude it doesn't matter your rich. Or you were really super talent and so you're super talented so somebody doesn't like somebody else does. Though there are usually reasons why. You'll are okay -- attitude but when you haven't earned an attitude yet it's not good the cop one. Because you're irreplaceable that's the way it goes and people -- good walk. The -- and it'll be paper or plastic for you. And if I'm not mistaken they've deactivated his Twitter account which would make it like the third or fourth time it's been taken over rarely wow. I didn't go to -- gets into a lot of trouble on Twitter use calling out teammates. -- Have been in daycare instead of on division they won its name Aaron so that's going on there with -- will be back -- would be and company idea. I have a fabulous show planned. -- items that governors though I can't. Melt it will be gone by tomorrow but it's just add to that. Yesterday it was like seventy something degrees. Yeah seventy something degrees. Will look take it will be backwards more or beach company. This is kinda -- it's it's sad and kinda creepy actually in North Carolina. There was a big a marathon. Big marathon going on and two runners die aid near the finish line it was a half marathon. On Sunday race organizers said the man's death in the thirteen mile race appears from natural causes. I mean it's very rare that somebody dies during a marathon at all to have food guide during -- America. It's out of North Carolina we don't know maybe at some into -- he humidity and a something their system and handle but that's on. Pretty strange story Matt cannot island I love -- and Ireland went there last you're on vacation. They during the winter you can cross over the ice OK it's in the UP it's in the upper peninsula. Of of -- Michigan Wisconsin that area there. I you can go over and you all over the ice. But that and the sprang away and the ferries are running across and it's a big big tourist destination the island. Offers no. Vehicular traffic everything his horse and carriage there are two vehicles on the island one is a police car and one as an ambulance and that's it. Everything else is horse and carriage. So they have to bring everything over -- by boat or by plane -- have a small landing strip there but the -- season is that been delayed because -- the -- Scheffler is. Which is one of the big ferry companies waiting to see how the ice breaking work goes before posting a schedule. Because Mac or not I'm getting things from the hotel that I -- that American giving their opening which is a few weeks away so they're hoping it can happen. One of the people I talked to when I was up there said that he's walked across that crisis couple miles. And heard a cracking underneath is the not for -- at -- -- wait until I think it's totally Claire get on the ferry and go that'll be about it. Are what else is going on we have. -- story. Regarding guns. Yeah not only our guns but the guns in the state of Georgia. And so I'm going to combine the two stories today because today is the are not always the the deadline for filing your federal income tax. It is also the deadline for the New York -- fact if you have a yum I'm assault weapon that's what they call him an assault rifle. It is suppose and for years and years and years people -- bought them their very popular it is over a million of them. In New York State. And when the Euro when the -- act was passed. Gave the deadline of today in which to get them registered. Now they never gave a good reason why they should be registered because the ignorant about guns think they look scary. -- look really scary so. Maybe we should. We should be very careful around them when in truth I have never ever seen a statistic. That says how many crimes are committed. -- have an assault weapons something like and they are fifteen can never seem because. They don't commit crimes -- these guns that's the point. But they they're supposed to be registered and so one of the questions and I'm gonna ask the second question today is off. And that is the key word here if -- If you have an assault weapon would you register that I'm in New York State today and the reason I'm asking you that is this. Is that if you do have an assault weapon and and you decide you want a registered or not that is your choice. Your choice you can weigh the pros and cons of both you make your own decision we're not here to influence you're not him talk you -- to order out of it. It's it'll be your decision. But if you just call and said I don't have an assault weapon. And I'm not going to register what that would mean is that your breaking the law and we don't want to put you on the radio to incriminate yourself okay. But the question if there's a whole different ballgame it's fantasy it's if I had -- no I wouldn't or if I had one yes I would. What's the pros and cons of both of both sides of that issue. But so you do not have to admit you have one if you don't have -- it's a million in the state as it says. -- so maybe you have one maybe you don't maybe you had one and sold it. Maybe you have one and gave it away. Who knows though what happened to it but the bottom line is I'm asking you if you have an assault rifle. A would indeed -- redshirt I had an -- fifteen and in the 1967. It worked at Hartford because then they were the errors were only made only by coal and -- does in Hartford. And I had one when they first came out Madrid were jamming and in Vietnam they weren't jiving and jamming the guns were jamming and and they put the fiction and it's been a standard goes stand -- ever cents. But it looked scary so I guess. If -- ignorant about guns we should do something about scary looking guns you know if we have made it look like I don't know. Uh oh I hand puppet or something maybe it be different maybe people wouldn't be afraid of that. I've gone askew if you have an assault rifles will you register would you registering and on Thursday the second is about what's going on in Georgia. And it's very interesting because. Some pretty dramatic gun new -- happening in Georgia and we'll get you. Involved -- we come back from the news break on news radio I'm thirty way our WB. Very Christian. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. -- call -- now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 and our toll free line is 1806169. 9236. -- -- yes yes yes it's always her all day you know we're not gonna get much snow and and it's gonna melt right away but -- be ready for some psychological more than anything else. And they're not in any particular order in Georgia and now I have no indication that this that bill has been signed into law yet okay. The information I have villas from an article in the USA today about Larry Copeland. The Georgia legislature has passed to -- Government are a sweeping gun bill all right let me go over the the information here and then -- gonna ask for your opinion. Georgia governor Nathan Deal. It's reviewing a sweeping controversial gun build -- greatly expands. Where georgians and licensed gun owners visiting from 28 other states can legally carry firearms in the states. All right so they have obviously. A firearms legislation that says you you can you can carry in this is going to expand that if the governor signs it. The state legislature passed the bill late on March 20 the final day of the legislative session that would allow fire arms in bars. Nightclubs. And government buildings that have no security checkpoints. It would allow citizens though with carry permits. Who accidentally bring a gun through airport security. To leave when their weapons -- without any charges it would allow churches to opt in. If they want to let congregants comes come strapped to Sunday services. It would remove a restriction that prevent those convicted of certain misdemeanors from getting a gun permit. It's officially called the save as -- funny that they use Betancourt that we use their. -- -- Kerry protection act but the tractors. There are calling it big guns everywhere bill. The National Rifle Association. Says it's a victory for the Second Amendment Americans for responsible solutions anytime ever by the way. Anytime you see responsible. Or common sense. That sale of those awards designed to position EU. Aren't because no matter what it is if it's common sense. If you're against that then you're against common sense you see that's the positioning. If it's a responsible. Suggestion. That if you are against that you are irresponsible. So anytime you see some of fancy -- a group. Or some proposal -- -- terms common sense or responsible. You know. But I get your radar out because you're you're not gonna like what's coming next. Two Americans are responsible solutions. The group co founded by a former congresswoman Gabby Giffords it's the most extreme -- in the country and moves Georgia out of the mainstream. So what they're saying here is that if you have a carry permit. Suddenly you can bring your arm. Our guns into bars. Nightclubs. And government buildings that have no security. Checkpoints it would also allow for church wanted through. It would allow churches to opt in and let you carried there so right now until the governor makes up his mind on on this. You can't carry in those areas. And in some some of those areas you wouldn't be able -- and even if he signs such as the a government building with securities of that would be like a court house things like that. So registry of motor vehicles probably not so -- their -- -- -- -- positioned my thoughts of this are. First of all I have just as I'm a free marketplace. Guy. And I believe in responsible any thing because I'll use the same word against them are -- right I'm in favor of responsible stewardship of any thing. But the bottom line is I think that when you start mixing alcohol. And firearms. Whether it's at a bar -- nightclub. That's not the greatest idea in the world I'm not saying it can't work. If you -- -- -- -- sane citizen. They're going there and have a few drinks after work and still be carrying. I -- I don't think it's the greatest idea in the world whether -- for -- against that is up to you. But these two questions I wanna ask is the the opponents of this bill -- the guns everywhere bill. In Georgia aren't do you favor the guns everywhere -- Georgia that would allow you to carry in bars nightclubs government buildings -- no security. Checkpoints and churches have they wanted to opt in. Do you favor that or do you not favor that I'm thinking that it's not gonna do via the the gun and that is is much good. If suddenly that's that that becomes law on UK and and there are problems. On you know and alcohol and family picnics not a good idea. Alcohol in -- mixing -- After -- after wedding at the reception is a good idea I don't know about people caring guns in bars. I'm not them. I'm not thrilled about it but I wouldn't be necessarily against it but I -- more likely to say I don't think it's a good idea. If the government buildings that have no security checkpoints. Probable that our churches if they want -- then one would think that. That's not the place you would normally carry a firearm but. I I think there's less chance that something could go wrong in a church and there isn't a bar let's put it that way. So -- that's the first question I have. Is in Georgia. We have not gotten an indication whether the governor has signed this or not I don't think it's been signed. Because I haven't seen an update on this that that it has. The guns everywhere bill. Are you four that are not and the second question is. Today as the deadline to register in New York State because of New York save your assault rifle. If and I'm stressing. Enough. If you had an assault rifle would you register it. Because then if you say well if I had -- I wouldn't it doesn't incriminate -- and I don't think we should put anybody in a position of being self incriminating okay. If I had one. Yes I would because of this if I had -- no I wouldn't because of that so get the eight -- the gifts. On the online. Annual loss against the people of feeling about the Georgia bill that could become law any time. On news radio 930. 80393018061692. Through six and start nine. And how much stuff. When you drive from my cold dead fingers. Yes it's called be safe -- protection act it's been passed by the Georgia legislature. It is on the desk of the governor. And it would allow people that already have -- I carry permits to carry and bars. In nightclubs government buildings and have no security that have no security checkpoints. Another words though like the court houses usually have securities -- you wouldn't be allowed to carry there but other government agencies as such as a motive of the Barbara whatever. You could it would also allow churches to -- and if they wanna let Conger against Kerry there. So I'm asking what you think of that as best we know it hasn't been signed or rejected by the governor yet. But it was passed in the last days of the legislator but -- legislative session. The other is today is the April 15 deadline in New York State for the same effect. Are calling for registration. Vote once. -- call -- assault weapon these weapons have been around for a long long time. There is no indication that -- a lot of them are used for crime in fact very few of them are used for crimes but it looks scary. And if they look scary I don't know if you've ever seen an air fifteen all it looks so scary that we've got to do something about it's ridiculous. New York State so far behind this incredible. But that's where it is so we're asking. Not we're not gonna ask you directly if you want Colombo we are gonna ask you. You had one would you register. So by calling and saying yes and now you're not saying yes or no to -- on one just yes or no that if you own one. You would either register or not register what are the advantages well you're register. I don't know of many of the advantages to you. What everybody's worried about confiscation of course on the line because it's no other reason for them to do this. But I don't see much of an advantage for -- for the gun owner via of the disadvantages if you don't. I don't know I gonna take it out of your house in news. Because believe me bill will be checking the ranges and places where people shoot and whatever and if you columnist not registered welcome after you that's the way it'll work. So it's up to Hugo because this is all what if that's what the show is about and he. Let's go to -- David Lancaster Dave you're on WB. I think every -- Are at the Georgia wanted to know yeah I agree with Hewitt the father but if you utterly delusional out areas that like you should. But in New York but unfortunately think that Bo pop and had a lot I think that that I would register. Because I am the powerful there's a lot a lot out there I get a life. I'll take effect a lot of our our support laws a lot of -- am glad. And our -- our -- -- -- -- that don't believe it following the life. All my opinion is that a lot of it is that judge should register. And -- -- -- that. All right so dead they would chuck you're down there if you had what you're registered in the Georgia law especially regarding the bars is is too far over the top thank you I appreciate your call. -- think about it like best what they say they estimate there's a million. There's a million no assault weapons in the New York say a million. And I don't know remember what we. When we interviewed mark was sunny after this bill passed. And -- this was discussed as part of -- New York State the registration part of it. I asked what they're going to use as a list. Because prior to this rifles words were never having to be accounted for registration. For anything in New York State. We have we register our handguns were forced to. And all of our weapons Iran are permanent and if you get a weapon in your hand is not on your permit your problem okay in New York's. So this the first time that I can recall that the the rifles were included because that's all it is when when when push comes to shove it's a rifle. It's not a machine guns not an M sixteen. A machine guns there you know in the class three license for that so that's not we're talking about would talk about rifled it just looks menacing. Okay I've never seen a statistic and I challenge somebody if they've got a statistic to tell me how many crimes are committed. We have us all rifles how many. And I'd also like to know if anybody has any statistics. How many crimes are committed with guns that are registered to the person committing the crime. I'd like to know that too so as usual New York State is it is focused on the wrong group -- focused on the law abiding citizens. And and making things tighter for them meanwhile you know was laughing at the calendar today. The game -- -- -- about a deadline got to be kidding me anybody who -- who buys those are hot goddess only got the Vegas think they really care. You think that if they're going to use a gun for bad purposes that they care about the fact that the that extra gun charge will be on their course not. But there are not many and crimes committed. We have will -- fifteens and those types of weapons it's just that people who were ignorant of that stuff and people who Wanamaker show like -- -- governor. Decided it really looks because you could scare the little old ladies into who knows what is this -- one of these -- up. Is airfare being -- is is 2.3 rifle that's all it is basically and you can put different magazines in a Cuban mine since New York safe. Our job as judge threatening has ruled -- -- -- seven bullet limit is not as Kosher doesn't work. So it that's been thrown out. But the rest of it is still there as best we know and -- -- of people still would like to see it retired because the bad law for the wrong reasons. And those we like to hear from you the Georgia law says if you already have a permit no problem you can now carry if it if it becomes a law. If the governor signs that you can carry in bars nightclubs government buildings -- have no security checkpoints. Churches could opt in if they want allowed bear parishioners are rug Conger against or whatever they might be call flock. To carry a church cannot the end. So I'd like -- know how you feel about that to me. I'm pretty much a free market kind of guy but I'm thinking alcohol does not really mix well with -- with guns never has. Never will get a virus or realistic about it now there are people who make a big grand stand. About you know anything should go because of this or that the only. -- got to be realistic. And in your appraisal of what is acceptable. And what isn't. In you know you can you can stand on your had been in claimed this that or the other thing. But I think that most people are not going to be very comfortable. Allowing alcohol. Served in bars or restaurants when you're done I mean that you come out of -- slots. With a gun on your hip not a good idea I mean I'm just telling. To my mind whether it should be legal and not the view it -- Montreal 18061692. Visits are 930 that took questions in Georgia. The out their opponents of -- called a guns everywhere bill it's officially called the save -- protection act says. Okay you've got your permanent now you can basically carry were every Alonso. And is that a good idea or not secondly -- April 15 deadline is here -- I guess a midnight tonight. And you have to by law register your assault weapon we're not asking you if you have one. We're simply asking you if you did have one. Would you register. And so you're not saying yeah I got one and I'm not registering -- and doing that you're saying if I had one I would do it or I wouldn't do it. It Altria on Montreal -- in on the six point six -- -- -- six are not there.

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