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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Boston Bombing Anniversary - WBZ's Doug Cope

Boston Bombing Anniversary - WBZ's Doug Cope

Apr 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doug Cope joins us now on the WBM live -- dug -- a report -- would WBZ. In the Boston mass Doug thank you for joining us this morning we know what this means to Boston. And the folks who live there we were all touched in some way about the events of one year ago today tell our listeners Doug. How well the Boston Marathon story began to -- -- when did you realize. That something criminal had happened to an annual Boston tradition. Well obviously though when the first bombs went off a year ago everybody do -- you actually Libya. A typical Bay Area around Austin and I'm standing here talking view right now I am on oil and street at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Our governor pat -- along -- Cardinal Sean O'Malley. -- just getting a procession of people are down -- street right now going to the finish line as a matter of fact. Along without mayor Marty Walsh to -- -- respects. To those -- children in America Bob Marley and the posters by forming a line. -- Oil history by now and I'm I'm I'm moving there aren't talking do all of this will not. -- as expected. A college right now -- there -- -- state police. And the military. Honor guard. That is. In action like now on the street car to chew on and they're saying something that probably -- mountains. You VA's flag raising ceremony here later -- can move but the weather's not expected to -- either good or perhaps they're doing it to. It right now but it portraits are very solemn day of remembrance. You're in Boston. -- what will be the difference between the way the day is observed today on the anniversary. And the whale being noted when the marathon runs on Monday. Well of course the date is two armored via the victims. All of them on the news. And two are the first responders. Who -- and help the victims. And that certainly on Monday. We're going to be concentrating. On the -- adult -- drop to 118. Running of the Boston Marathon is one of the world's. I'll find -- more on the the original one in the world as a matter of fact. So Monday we're gonna concentrate our very painless -- I -- security of course. That'll be the main thing that it -- it yet. Doug we know you have a hard break coming up to report for your own radio station in Boston and we'll let you go Doug thank you for joining us this morning -- very Gregory and spent some time list. I was -- guard Cooper reportedly WBZ in Boston mass.

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