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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Life Certainties: Taxes & Political Strife - Dave Levinthal

Life Certainties: Taxes & Political Strife - Dave Levinthal

Apr 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal this year -- seeing a pro for reporter for the Center for Public Integrity good morning Dave. Aren't yet have you filed your taxes yet. Art art art art art. This is the -- delightful experience as -- air every every. This the time of year obviously when people look at doing that is congress and anyway looking at changing taxes reform or is that pretty much stalled. It it is 08 in the sense that don't expect. And don't hold your breath for anything nature or the monster ought to happen in 2814. This of course is an election year when it is an election here. Not a whole lot legislatively is going to typically happen in the ways that met certain apps that performs. Look -- outlook complex and complicated policies such as tax reform policy which is about. -- it can get. That being said I can't wait mean. Committee is the proposal. Which is let the -- by Republican controlled house that they can't -- the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee where this is coming from. I think whether or a laundry -- typical proposal. That would that potentially change the way that the tax system works in this country I -- that it's. Something at that I was have a little bit of democratic by and some Democrats that that we talked to I think at that well there is some room for compromise here but I hit it but the date that may be something that would push to pass -- the election. Talk about things that are getting stalled and David is immigration reform off falling off the map. And here in this election here and it was once we issue the Democrats are really pushing before Republicans moved -- of their own ideas and how we're not hearing much. And god it was an issue that Democrats and look up and -- at that at least a little bit. Oh walking space where where -- about about among both sides of the -- -- suggesting that they could hammer something out even though it was an election year even note this that the topic that is say Bob as a -- political hot potato. -- you can get but yeah. Absolutely I even though. This is something that was an -- on one side the other side does that stalling that the senate really don't want -- team. Take the -- in any future major weight or you have booked a flight. -- push for example. A potential presidential candidate and when he sixteen on the Republican side by talking -- the talk that way it. Some Democrats say he's basically saying other capacity were compromised that this is an issue. It has to be -- but plenty of people particularly among the Republican Party. Upholding perhaps something like -- -- what is going to get like amnesty we're not gonna give you everything you want Democrats. -- -- have a conversation here and that that's really the the ultimate stalling point that there is gonna be won an issue that. Congress is stalled on a lot of different issues talk a little bit about some of the initiatives coming from the White House. It seems as if as his term is winding down that even in that regard President Obama is maybe not as aggressive as he once was. And it's a difficult time for what right now we have a split congress Democrats controlling one side Republicans controlling the other. -- out of course being democratic. You're just going to have they had this in any situation any year any decade. It's typical go at it when it comes to our real legislation going forward but courses now you're talking about what most partisan period. In modern US history as a result we're just not being awful lot anything about what -- -- infants -- they would just go back to taxes. It's there is some areas here where even if you don't have comprehensive. Reforming the tax code that you could be talking. About lower tax rates and some situations the White House once -- odd couple lot of what he considers to be unfair tax breaks for corporations. He wants to try to -- increased jobs through in different incentives than in the Republicans to buy in in certain regards our. Thought that similar language and saying you know we we should have a new individual and corporate tax rate structure. -- Latin -- -- not you know create flat experts say but would be so rates bring about two income brackets. So that people will be paying for example and ordered 25%. But nothing else. And putting larger standard options like -- child tax -- -- some the ideas are invented about and that Republicans and Democrats are apps. Perhaps might be able to get around and I actually get some agreement on. All right had to -- that perhaps in that Dave we've got to run thanks for this. Dave Leventhal senior political reporter for the Center for Public Integrity.

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