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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Winter Without End - Meteorologist Jason Franklin

Winter Without End - Meteorologist Jason Franklin

Apr 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go right to the airport weather station on hook up with a meteorologist -- Franklin and get more on today's weather Jason good morning. Thank you for joining us sorry yeah. Good morning well Rio we're doing okay April 15 it's a loose snow in the forecast what do you have for us. Yeah Adam looked like about another insurers so that's what he can Newington later this morning and the rain snow line right now is about. What that Hamilton to Cleveland and its move Marchini and temperatures fall through the thirties. Any rain at this early this morning will eventually change were to what's now. Give the timetable when will the change began. The change will begin in the extreme western areas probably toward the end of the rush hour 7:8 in the morning. And then we'll change over to over the rest of the area by later on this morning and that. And the -- will continue through the afternoon. Again just says. But accumulation. Ground pretty -- in the past couple days in. But for most of that global not a default but it's been elevated. Locations higher elevations. Well -- the best -- -- -- his. A quickly do you expect the temperatures start dropping Richardson. Yes temperatures tonight likely fall into the teens. Record record setting up temperatures tonight are old record of twenty. That way back in 1928. So well we're we're talking about they're extremely called for the current year. Will could be bad will there be. Lots and lots of blue snow I know you said. Accumulation and higher areas talk about driving with that what's that going to be. We don't think that driving conditions will be will be that will be that difficult -- impacted by the by the you know -- -- -- -- to the ground is. Pretty warm for the past few days so and with the height and angle during the day that's when the snow will be following most of global melt. Now tonight once temperatures fall into the twenties since you into the routines. Any any left over. Water puddles that everything well will likely freeze and so keep my relatives my spot -- Any need areas in particular are likely to get more snow than others except for people like you say on the higher terrain. Most people listening to this morning Jason are concerned about metro buffalo the driver and -- work and school this morning in the back home this afternoon. Yet you're probably right it really aren't any any issues the commute this morning. If he DC so this morning the India under way to work or school. Look like we'll just go to now want to hit the ground. And you'll it'll start accumulating Taiwan's that would -- it. After you get your locations and then that would when you drive home. This evening most of the precipitation most of the -- of comfort and do not expect to be a problem. No wins not really I would do would be to attend a twenty dollar range pretty good for the rest of the day. Judicial nice to chat with -- -- thank you for the update certain problem that's meteorologist Jason Franklin at the National Weather Service buffalo office.

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