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4-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I want the beat you with -- If you go to the -- -- -- ball that ends this month. And welcome to the New York City. If they are big extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York. No one pond with an assault rifle. No no. And flew. -- -- -- -- Tom hourly Colin. In the whether to. Now what about how linking and you have an open -- Coming up making welcome mud and it's live on its local capital. Loan. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. And 930 W. -- -- That's just that these these are there -- could go -- well and that they get any better than that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By the a little bit of trivia for. You know bailout acknowledge your -- resistance did you know that she's now Philippine. Now the issue and -- in the she looks so let's play. So anyway. If you ever -- late lottery I together. You -- answer okay who's the Asian. I'd win every time. -- genetics fascinating I think I am just totally fascinated by how we look the way we look. Answer these traits that can pass the dollar don't get passed down from. Generation to lead generation by the way. -- a lot of it was nice enough to US send us a link to what information about which we have -- belly aching all day long thank you John German. John was nice enough to bring me water we're cool thank you you know John given a choice between getting water from you. And a tweet from US Airways -- Anyway. Where was -- hot. John -- -- was nice enough to follow through and she sent -- a great -- -- Driver re evaluation program -- -- put it up on my FaceBook page. And I cannot read the entire thing. Because it would take the rest of the show and as much as I might -- -- in the final or I can't do it. What is the purpose of the driver re evaluation program. The purpose of the driver reevaluation program is to allow a driver to show. That he or she is qualified to drive DMV will not remove driving privileges based on age and based on any standard except. Driving ability. And it goes on and on. But those -- you have questions about the new York State Department of Motor Vehicles and what the laws are. Governing whether or not somebody can be stripped of the driver's license like I hope. The guy I saw and maple road today is stripped of his driver's license you can go to my FaceBook page and check it out I've also put happily to the alzheimer's association of Western New York because let's have folks sometimes. Driving in a way that is like all over the place. Can't be an indication that there is something going on in somebody's bright light alzheimer's or the beginning stages of alzheimer's. And that my FaceBook pages Tom dot hourly my name is spelled like Jack Bauer the show 24 BA. You. -- our power. -- LE to the end. So Tom dot hourly. And my professional I don't really have a personal page so obviously picture of me with somebody who looks -- cross Dresser on that page is really not active. Com. But he'll be the one my professional page is the one with me in the tuxedo looking like Gary your wife would jump my bones and and a second appeared so. That's the when he won what -- anyway you don't stop thinking about the call we have -- Friday. The last call replay of the audio right now. Because I think this is get a merit a further show for which I'm gonna have more time. But let me just say this and this is where people are gonna hate me. I'm sorry this is where half the people will hate me and the other half -- the people will quietly agree with me. And then maybe 10% of those people will say well. But here's how we resolve the situation. If it folks the only reason I'm bringing this up. Is. Look I get around town. I'm not a guy who just goes hole and nobody overseas and you know I put my picture up on FaceBook. People know I'm kind of a big deal. So that's from Ron Burgundy are anchorman to joke. But our people do it -- or it looked like him and -- what I do for a living and sometimes usually is just a quick hello which are -- is like my private time what you enjoy yours. But there are people that I know better. They were asking all weekend long about the guy who called -- on Friday. Who. We did the show but deal breakers any relationship that was the last half hour of the show. Deal breakers in a relationship. And this guy called and and he said that his wife. Nine years a woman he'd known over twenty years had admitted to. To having sex with a friend of -- guy. On two different occasions. Now I did express some skepticism about horror. Veracity in the number of times. She had dalliances with this individual but that is immaterial. Now the gentleman in question loves his wife. Are right. She. Loves. Her husband the guy who called. Here's the problem. I think that she also has feelings for the other guy. I do. But she also loves her husband. He is willing. To shall we -- have an arrangement in their marriage. Whereby as long as she's honest about when she is with them and he has the same freedom. That they can at least keep their marriage to year. And there is a child involved was a teenager. So at some point. I've got to do -- show. Along those lines. If you wanna email me. With stories like that. -- -- I'm a vault I don't give names I think you know there. It if you wanna sending email to -- to jump start the show why do a lot of my email is Tom at WB EN dot com could I know it's kind of thing you want to put on FaceBook for the entire world -- Tom at WB EN dot com. Because I'm curious. If you have made such an arrangement with your wife or your husband. Where as long as you guys are honest about hey I'm going out with this guy tonight. I -- don't worry will be safe and I'll see you later. If that's something that you can deal to keep America -- some people some people can't most people it. But given a choice between eight of Boris. Any teenager involved in that divorce. And doing what they need to do what works for them to get through it. And to stay married who in the hell did you catch. I'm not a person to judge. And as Carter intuitive as this may be. Now that I've got your attention because you're thinking about people you know who have -- quote arrangements. Here's we're gonna blow you away. Now there are a there are people known as swingers. They would call themselves in the lifestyle. And folks believe me. There are rules couples have even with that. Even people who work quote in that lifestyle. They have rules between each other as far as boundaries. And honesty. Believe me take it to the bank. So. I don't know what what works for them what works for you what works for me. I AM in no position to judge. Hey if this guy keep his marriage together and it works for him and he's at -- -- and it works for her and she's happy. Well life is too short right. Joseph is yours you're shaking your head now Joseph -- said he says. Absolutely not there right -- -- your most people. You are most people are right most people would agree with you John Sherman are you allowed an opinion on this. Now just Johnny shaking his head he Jon Jon doesn't date. Now he well he doesn't wanna have to compete with cell. I'm just say. Right I'm just getting job now. We got to do a show on. Seriously. So send me an email I will not give your name to anybody I LaMont Cole you. No lives and analysts are gonna do gestures are. -- -- rephrase have against them I show my email Tom at WB -- -- up. But I wanna switch gears year because I cannot believe how fast this show has gone. And it all started with might be a cultural anthropologist. Watching the old guy it'll like Cadillac blocked up maple road. During the 1 o'clock hour today being all over the place driving. Because I've got a topic that you -- a lot because it's gonna be different for everybody. Don't go anywhere you're gonna -- but first one of the things you're not gonna love is traffic. And Alan -- you really got my attention we talked about somebody allegedly got a bicycle on the through. The 19. Before you get to the 29. Are writes oh be right around the Sheridan can more exit somewhere in there. Our will hopefully. Hopefully he's not lost or he's not you know disturbed or something. And hopefully he's in a safe spot so maybe the state police -- the town cops at least check the welfare. Of this individual Allan thank you very much for being -- heads up on that really appreciated. On AccuWeather basically we started out with a really nice warm spring day and like everything else buff up with totally unpredictable. It's -- this tonight it's beginning to look a lot like April. Only in buffalo ladies and gentlemen could you put your first layer of freeing it down for the season had a habit. Driven the soil by this well when it melts tomorrow yes that's life in buffalo you gotta love it. So I want to two inches possible overnight overnight we're gonna be down to about 34 degrees. And I don't think they're going to be salting roads from this point on so it does get the 343330. To lower be aware. It on nobody said this I don't think you might wanna look up for black ice because I just can't imagine there -- salters right now. I can't think they do at -- maybe I'm wrong but anyway we're still at 57 degrees that's weird at news -- at thirty WB yeah. Are -- -- -- idea what to do a topic that I've been dying to do all of it. Those of you were regular listeners to my program noticed that my voice and might sound just a bit different today. I will tell you one on Friday I told you that I Andy Moeller blow up in -- now. Well upon further review. The bowler did not blow up yet. It has a crack in it. The crack is causing pressure in the ball which look you've had through. You know that feeling you get intense pressure within two before the two blows up that's what I've got right now. Now had -- -- a lazy -- -- I would have called in sick today and head doctor Colbert picks me up at 3 o'clock they had an open. And I said now. So I'm going to see them on Wednesday morning and that he will relieve the pressure in my -- But here's my question for all believe me it's in the lower -- So I can feel it going into my right ear canal and and all the way up in the my brain like it didn't have enough headaches anyway. Soul. Right now. If I sound a little different that's why I'm trying not to talk out of the rights out of my mouth. Which is really interest. Self. Question. What it is the worst pains for EU. Usually it's the pain you're feeling at the time but think about it there's dental pain. There's that pain. There's the pain of breaking a bone. There is the pain of a boy -- -- needs to be glanced which is kind of like what I'm going to right now with my -- in. It's pressure except there's no Lansing. Alyssa a wanna bring up the Black & Decker from the basement highly recommended. There is kidney stone -- thank god I've -- had -- What is the worst -- what part of your body has given you the worst pain in your life. Getting great answers and FaceBook. What party your body is giving you the most pay. And keep it clean kids we do not wanna -- US they're razor under Israeli in my thirty WB at 8030930. That's 8030930. Could've been worse economy and a 747 guys. Start thirty on the cell phone. 180616. WB yet. 8030530. Start at thirty and 180616. WB -- you know still thinking about something Joseph. I guess of the great pantheon of aircraft and runways I guess I'd be just a little Cessna. On WBBM. That's fascinating always that the exact. Actually how likely it. Incredible. It is six there in my victory at 633 news radio 930 WB EM -- this is gonna happen. Imagine if they are beginning to show -- talented musicians we have in western new York and the fact that the cock. -- You know the ads either their expression used to be rock with a cock cock rob that they were eight and in the 1970s I think early eighties in Western New York. And I never had a chance to see -- it until this past Friday. Absolutely blew me away phenomenal show guys phenomenal show my Brothers -- was there. But I have seen them before seeing those guys work but my first experience with cock Robin and if you know anybody in the pin please let them know. I was totally one 1000000%. Blown away -- musicianship. Their -- goals. Everything about what they did. Just was stunning. And if that's what he's like now I can only imagine what they sounded like in their alleged -- But they were great -- -- physique Robin CEO and of course BBC. Buffalo's beatle connection they played two shows over the weekend at the trial. Saturday night Emily Sunday matinee. And they were absolutely. As always mine blow. In a player if you close your eyes and you listen to them. You'd swear The Beatles were right there I've seen national -- don't sound as good as BBC. -- Let's get to the calls her my topic for the remainder of the show. When Blake. Okay when you're blank hurts it is the worst pain. Ever. Here is Dan on a cell phone on WBM didn't talk to anybody. Dan I think better than you do sound or eight. It is talking about it. Yes you are uncertain what is the worst -- you've ever experience. Yet it was. That was in the actors in the -- oh. Due to -- bulk ships going to be cut. It in what they do they cut them eat out and make record over. Do street about as you walk up. So the top that it it back together and and so. US special question. Slippers a -- called. Wake up like all of my eyes. Were like I cordoned. Or the banter or at least that we Yukio you're too old. Well no I view it I'm married. I reviewed in wanna got you you don't wanna stand up it was that painful. There a couple of things strike me your number one this special slippers must've been fun because I presumed her slippers. That title like keep your toes separated and apart so the surgery takes. Well what -- -- what they've -- golf -- first base they cut you have all the more than they got a -- and that is what you would -- -- slipper. Erica I think we always thought -- added. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like those can you're in our area. So how long were you in pain with your feet and I cannot imagine that kind of paid people do not appreciate a broken -- unless you've broken one and then suddenly becomes the most painful thing ever how long did lay up. At least we can ask dad's side and I don't like at all and I was when I woke up it was like a cavity. Staring down my feasts I woke up with our message out but give -- out drugged out. So when a -- I woke up after like twelve -- -- medicated I woke up I looked out bottom of that. I thought that -- return to that -- sheets for whole thing up because that they'd be paying widgets like it migraine like old folks. I can't believe that Dan I can't -- you just said that because as you're talking. I had my middle finger. I'm by lower jaw feeling my heartbeat through my Molder which is about to explode so I'm with you buddy I can I can I literally can fill yet. I understand your daughter or that my doctor Baghdad is so maybe keep that number six Saturday that the clock since. Actually had an -- that we're ready to go to. Oh yeah and in I was working through it because I felt compliance just try to keep my job though it -- my life. And goes another twelve hours yet. But yes yet. I am very glad that you're not dead because I would have been one call short this -- number one that's I'm always thinking about me first of course but I. I was gonna call doctor Bernie at the buffalo battle group on a weekend to take care it is considering an emergency it's just a mild discomfort you know like and I can deal with pages fine as long as I note Wednesday morning it's gonna end. But thank you very much -- good -- -- no problem and all those people at the pages. Get that. Yes painkillers. Well people -- thank you and I'm sorry that we've done the show before -- painkillers have been unfairly maligned because that's exactly what they're supposed to be used for. In most cases short term relief. Acute pain. And they are not supposed to be abuse sometimes they're used in the longer term here is sharing them all -- pushes me. Don't start swallowed rock R&R WB and Sherri when your blank hurts it is the worst pain in the universe. Well you mentioned kidney stone has access them quite some analysts and a wicked. But there's a certain procedure -- between so say for example wants that hot on Friday which -- -- Well there's stuff. Oh. You have surgery and so one -- as you know we -- those -- in the meantime they are and it's. In your -- there. And it is it's art -- -- -- That we all the surgery and that's the worst thing arbor. Well -- they went directly through the you're -- through that would be a -- that are right. Com know. Who the real amateur with the difference would be good. By the way I realized there's only people with cats that are issues until I started watching TV late at night Mike god catheters are they all advertise. Thought about that opened to one and you have to keep that in your until there the -- into the surgery and assists. It's more painful on the strong themselves. Sure how long the go business. I'm actually the -- -- November. And what happened are. They happen one week and then retrieved later I had surgery to stop what are low. And sitting there looking index Alex what is going I want to be here without going crazy I hit another -- Oh good heavens because the reason I ask is I remember reading something about twenty years ago that they were experimenting. With high frequency sound it to actually break up the kidney stones to granular -- them so they can be easily asked that. I guess that research must not have worked very well. Now -- -- to -- like little -- scenic college. But again Italy for the surgeons available. So we're gonna what you got kidney stones worse than childbirth. -- -- see I cannot imagine childbirth on the guy and I whine about when I go through and then when I watched my. Ex wife give birth I was like I don't think I can ever complain about me ever again. -- -- -- the bad working to keep that up to. Okay thank you very much very. -- -- 30930. When your blank hurts it is the worst pain ever known to man or woman. Hitters -- in buffalo WB -- can talk to your but talk to your friends do we talked about -- All. Sorts of -- -- -- -- The old war that injury has caused maybe it should abort and so they've. Are we might. You know when you hole and it started. But it all no word just. Now equal pay act last night wracked by -- super heart rate by the garage door. Well however that -- explorer. Or in my 00. Man whatever it does it. Twisters will or just like it that you get -- -- and it should. OK so where -- you there. It sounds to me like you knocked -- won't ship off of your elbow which is now causing you pain because it's contingent upon your tendons and ligaments and muscle tissue. Do it which years ago and it's what in the crap about the end. -- -- would -- whatever -- -- -- -- -- -- such a polygamist a political war outplayed on a child my guitar. And I'll sit there and LB dog in a roll and hope that you -- -- There. Was funny about my opinion it was funny -- your doctor advised is there anything you can do just that little's. -- -- there. You know I supported this surveillance but -- -- that topic life. Health coverage by like deductible so why. I don't like you know what am I gonna leave it until eight it doesn't -- -- deployed to -- like. -- Well the next there's there's a lesson to be learned here the next let me -- more or a snow thrower get the one with the ignition switch that gives you the option of either -- on the court or just press of the button how's that. Absolutely bad either huge favorites here at the back burner in part no words I never -- the minority keep insulting about hole. Insurance like your cats -- insurance all the equipment polonium stupid about it and they can figure out about that Serbia appreciate it. What specific. Now I have to tell you have done shows about how much money would you spend to keep floppy alive and I get a wide variety of answers but. You have health insurance for your -- It's 52 bucks a month for you catch yet it's supposed to cover about 08000 dollars per injuries and other stuff like that. -- know nobody's told me you're you're stupid. No no no you're not because. I believe Gina from the SBC I think she actually has pet insurance on her cats and it's April lot of money what whatever can't get released sect. Right that's what I should ask her. You know you know like national public should benefit our club Perot. Might well that kind of plays a big hit six I'm good to go oh. Well I don't think they'll do life insurance but certainly a health insurance that's -- a very interesting idea that you know what I had my outdoor show on it but. It might be worthy of mention here in there. Better yet may go get them advertise on my show and I'll make money off your idea of that. All right -- thank you very much. I need that money to pay -- fifteen dollar per person cover charge -- next time I go to the forum entertainment complex. Sorry I thought it was funny I've never I'm not complain. We'll talk you're related to the band member don't you get in free yeah you know what I probably could've gotten and for but think of it this way. Think I want you think about there's aren't paying anybody knows me knows that I can't stand it capitalizing. On the celebrity BS. You you talked to anybody I always say I wanna pay my own way at eight fiction it's not branding oh god I've always been that way. So. I paid my money to see my Brothers group the all star project and it cock Robin. Fifteen bucks and why shouldn't. Because how they get paid if I'd hope that's the economy works right. As an artist I respect other artists and the fact that a lot and all they like to eat out again. Just say it. 646. At news radio 930 WB yen but I will mention maybe one more time that it was a fifteen dollar per head cover charge which I never bought it in buffalo. So anyway guys -- my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly it's a lot of -- were in the tuxedo my -- tuxedo by the way thank you very much. And Italian and end. -- hey look I. Know what I'm sorry. Worked too hard to lose the way not to enjoy being able to fit into good look at me I'm sorry but you know it's kind of why else would you go -- I know to get lucky guy here yet but also a look at it and that's what it. Let's get back to the calls on WB EN. What is the single worst pain you've ever experienced when your blank got hurt it was the worst ever. I mean and folks look I have very high pain threshold most people would out of work to. And I'm wait until Wednesday to get my -- taken care of because over time. I mean my pain threshold is just it's ridiculous. I mean it's high. It does Wear on you but I don't worry about it you guys are the ones are worried about -- and I used to. Chances are you're not used to. So what you hurt blanket was the worst pain ever. Here is Lorie in Clarence on WB yen -- the worst -- ever experienced was what happening -- Well in my a girlfriend or out riding bikes and direct them to turn around the neighborhood. We didn't have a nice bikes and my bike kept an AM handlebars that didn't have that -- things them but it was just the metal in the rough and we inside his bag and went to take -- left to head down the hill and we were too close to each other's solely like crashed. And the next thing an ally like in the road it was some woman with a cloth and my head he handled the matter and we'll. Went in and I -- lady prior. And -- ripped it to assure that. 000 good heavens. How old were you when this happens. -- good heavens I'm not gonna ask the question I wanna ask but. You can have everything working now but I'm excited about them and open in -- Don't know where were you -- I mean. It's a joke about -- -- AM -- how I lost my virginity. You just answered my question oh good heavens. How I mean I cannot in mentor first what you passed out thank god Japan us out. I kept out I kept coming in and now and they actually that I was going into Shaq now. From like I believe expect anything like it -- from. I mean. My I I I cannot even tell you and then the light and -- simulator was still on -- and my eight. I think it's kind of the part of it like why do Ruble as they were supposed to be sure. And possible into ditches and it was a mass it was BE alert came average Atlanta sent for the dignity of. -- -- my dear IE I am you know obviously I'm a guy. By. Right now -- I just I wish I was in Clarence so Mikey gives you a big hug how long ago was theirs. I felt like when I was like 1516. And I'm fifty now on I just remember it came to this day. I don't doubt that that I have to ask you did Derek did they give view on our course of antibiotics. And a tetanus shot just in case. You add it up like flesh everything out because there was Derek there was piece of the -- the -- and plus the rough them and the fires them. Yeah okay. And the next thing you knew US Airways another tweet. -- My goodness I feel that is I have to tell you I mean look I I'm trying to I'm very mature about this because. I -- I can I just I cannot imagine that kind of pain and then the awkwardness of trying to explain it at fifteen to your dad in your mom or your Brothers. They word I was a baby out of eight. And my mum and dad actually came to the queen and not -- -- Blake to the bike shorts and there was just that belied. And they can -- like little pieces of flash and. But it didn't I say this delicately. Did it shall we say it it didn't get stuck in cited -- it went in and out quick. No. -- case. And there was. Dated now they should poll and how they were gonna do -- so -- actually get to cut. Part of the handlebars pilot who went to the -- -- -- a -- is still -- can't. On my dear I. I have to tell you something I am. I'm so sorry that you went through that and thank you for telling the story and I just I wish I could hug you and take all that pain away. Make you my dear I'm I'm out of time but thank you so much on the to do this topic again there's it's pretty amazing and it took a lot of courage to tell that story and thinker for that. Thanks to Joseph -- thanks to John Sherman. I only know yourself.

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