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4-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. I -- the -- he would Rory -- and then yeah if you go to the hole looked. That ends this month -- They keep doing that and it's. It's easy to clean. But the same publicity. We've reached -- now let's. Tom hourly barreling back to keep it's not a -- local. My dad dude let them it's Tom hourly you may well I would do that. On news radio 930 WVU. -- gives me there always after me lucky charms. Anyway it is eleven minutes after five Israeli about thirty WB yet it's not really hope there is a master control John Sherman is call screening. And -- John -- weekend that this weekend by putting up a sign of my side door and I did put it. I took a picture of the sign and put it up on my FaceBook page. So -- about FaceBook page -- you can see a little love note from John Sherman and you'll understand when I say that we have a tight team here exactly what I mean all we asked the hell out of each other. But. We're actually quite an idea of -- trio to be around. We actually. Like each other's company a weird way anyway it is I really were talking about that moment you knew. You had to take your the license away from mom or dad yet make the car away from mom or dad for some reviews you've already been there done Matt how did you do it. For others. You are dreading the moment. And I do not -- something. I I feel bad for my children because at some point they'll probably now. Of I'm gonna live that long but. If I do they're going to be faced with that choice of eight. That it. We noticed that you drove around in circles for five hours. It's time via Eric gave up the license they know old bat I'm a fiercely independent men. It's a lot of people. Ladies and gentlemen. On -- confess something to do -- do I don't know what a true confession okay. I have actually. Lost relationships. In part. Because I am so independent that I refused to let people take care of me when I'm -- What I am genuinely sick. I go into bunker mode. I don't answer the phone I don't make phone calls I stay on the couch I do not move except to out vomit or whatever. All right that's how independent I am I refused to let people take -- -- so if I get that car taken away. When that happens if that happens that's going to be a very black day in my life best to keep sharp objects away from me. Com. And and they'd kind of do that no I've noticed Rick anyway that's just a work. -- 8030930. Is the phone numbers start on a thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBE and if you can't have fun. Too expensive kit you have fun with I ask you cannot I can take it and I can just about self upper story Huber is fun. So I saw a guy driving into work today who should not be driving god bless and luxuries that a great life he's an older guy. Hughes and a white Cadillac is an Adam F as in frank is in baseball and that two numbers following it. And my friend my dear sir with all due respect. Please give up your license because when you start heading. Down the middle of the lanes you know you got two lanes heading in the same direction the white line separating the two. And you're kind of like writing the white line like you're taking an airplane off debts while you drive a car and really. I felt bad for the people behind him I felt bad for the guy I really didn't see five years ago I would have pour in to him but. I don't know what's the point. Four guy probably you know he's had his ups and downs in life by injuries fighting his own battles in life what's the point of making his life any worse. I just don't want him to make anybody else's life any worse. Understand it. Let's get back to the calls on WB -- here is in buffalo pat we have had some unbelievable calls today I know that I could hold run topic on a Monday what your experience. My experiences. But it was announced in. Political activists are the -- bit. Our first snap from the jail time at -- -- Debbie from a middle port whose mom was going to the doctors and ended up somehow at the peace bridge when she wasn't who have left neighbor count. I have a suggestion for her. -- going to the doctors. Ian have those papers buying it can discuss. Whatever you know situations that she'd been observing with her mother. And that doctors -- because that happened and what mine right around the actor must have brought a lot. I don't listen to him -- different things of her being lost a couple of times in the in the last one was there. A -- accident. But it could have been worse. And yeah. Referred me to take her to these specialists that evaluated -- they would tell you what is potentially or else kind. And that doctor. She must stopped -- in at this time he gave let them you know it bites and how to do it and it worked for me. And what it right. Told him we didn't ask me what her problem is because of the early states she did however I inferred that we. We didn't take that from her but the doctor recommended that she had insurance first there. It was gonna take. -- it was it was no problem because whatever. We. That's great -- and -- what -- -- all about and you've got that nice tight close knit family and unfortunately so many of our older people who know they've seen their children and grandchildren who bond. And if they can't get a ride through one of their friends who still driving work senior services. You know they're kind of up the creek. Took her everywhere whenever she won it and I think it. That -- and -- strong suggestion need to get their papers aren't I don't have to find papers because I was there with her anyway and you know I have a relationship telling the actors you know what was going on in you know burning fool. -- getting a lot to me they're not going to admit that they were not. -- -- -- They were just. Yeah they're just not seeing the sights and they've liked their baloney sandwiches pitch black. In an action game. Yeah I mean that people make all kinds of excuses and you know here's pat I have an actually something I wanna say and wanna -- this resonates with you. I did not realize until relatively recently and by that I mean in the last fifteen years. That says sometimes alzheimer's can actually present. In the forties. And fifties in some case. -- -- to can't get -- can I do real the woman bit. Was diagnose and she can't believe she's still alive now and it was he would like to speak happened here. Captain. I had -- very very big guy guy knew quite well many years ago basically had alzheimer's in his late forties early fifties and it was a very rapid decline chin and we used to think -- but for the grace of god go lock. Well I wanna thank you pat now the. And the culprit here is very difficult to go through. You know but you know I think I'm just hoping and praying that the family at this. The gentleman that was driving this car realize it's not only -- in danger but many other people in danger. Yet so it's all I can say white Cadillac it's got the handicap thing hanging from the rear view mirror and it's a as an add an -- as in frank B is in baseball there are two numbers following just two numbers so I hope his family is listening and I hope they understand that I'm. I'm approaching this with respect and not love and love and I'm not trying to be an ass about it I'm genuinely concerned about this man and his safety as well as the safety -- -- -- -- I agree totally. My dear I am so glad you called -- I I I had the common one because it hit home right you know my heart and I as well. It worked for me it may work for someone else but I release suggests anyone out -- it has little -- -- the little things. But they -- Thank you so much. Really appreciated and of course the Alzheimer's Association and of my dear friend lay -- Pelletier put a link up to alzheimer's association of Western Europe on my FaceBook page. And -- -- and everybody who works over there basically they're angels without wins are right. Nineteen minutes after five just ahead we'll find out some of the devils in traffic amongst you. One minute away. And X -- -- doubt for a two day well we saw. Either way it impact. You're you're seeing the -- right -- she went to work this morning you -- its nice out. But you're listening to John's -- Susan rose and then mess at the beach and realized it wasn't gonna last all day and now you're finding out that that was great reality and the rain will change too well yeah out overnight one to two inches of you know what overnight. Right now it's 57 still -- give me that it's still 57 at news radio 930 WBBM. And folks -- as painful -- this topic can be it's a necessary topic I've not done this in years. And today I don't know I just I felt a calling to do it seeing this white Cadillac on maple road between one at 115. And I hope that his family is listening and starts taking steps to. Getting this guy off the road because please believe me he want to be driving and on doing the show with respect and not vitriol big difference. Let's go to a guy whose name is no longer on the computer screen or lady on line 20 with a well I'd be speaking on line to I don't Lancaster but. Charlie it's not Charlie in Lancaster hey Charlie welcome to the program Europe. That I'm glad you're having this shoulder you know this this is very important. And I was about one week to -- with my father and I got to invite your views so here's the very first time he noticed something wrong here. You've got to take action right away. I used to go over to my mother's house and take your garbage out -- And number lives sit down her copy Weatherford have far and I took a garbage go convict and she goes. Well I like I was not because there are all like called liberalism about it statement that I got a feeling she's gonna go to work. Think she's working downtown at Kelly's open I just got -- -- something happened seven days later she took the car. And drove it all we don't Rochester this and you're driving on the board ninety down the middle median. It is two very real that came to -- point. And Kara went airborne. And argues that there between two very real return rush hour traffic and the -- in -- So they had to reroute all the traffic around north and north and felt. And so we finally got her on -- this franchise. She says well I guess we just -- have in new car. -- know all. One week -- Well thank god she didn't get hurt cars can always be replaced after what you drive whether it's in 9/11 -- gay oriented or freaked him for you can always replace those but. Human life you can't nobody else got hurt that very. First the very first time he noticed you gotta you gotta do so. How did you but even after she was airborne and she was perched like a parakeet on the divider. How did you convince -- it was time to give it up. We just just so that we can get another -- is that if I get a putter assisted living. She started doing things like put plastic plates in the opening moments stuff Baghdad site that know how to run a mile business. I couldn't -- go back and forth so much so that we have assisted living. It is it it's so tough and you know even. -- that's one of the nice things about my neighborhood news you know we we kind of know where everybody belongs so if we do get the occasional wanderer. We always keep an eye on them if I told the story earlier -- -- to go back into it but that day I felt too old for whatever reason to -- hole and not go to the river. By the time I got home there was already a lady who had stopped to give the elderly alzheimer's wanderer some assistance to make sure she didn't fall down or something so. Again that's you know it's a nice part about living here now I know we touched on this last week you know we do have roots. In the area any sense of community you don't find elsewhere so in the roots category aren't we got to give western new Yorker plus on that one. Absolutely a great neighbors of -- to it and a got to reach others. Indeed indeed sir I'm glad you called and Charlie you may direct call as you well know and there is your mom doing okay an -- she no longer. Eight years ago she has done since then but you know. Doctor. Thank you so much happier for you and it's a tough decision. I will I hopes are I mean you always hope that does some good at least -- -- it's 525 a news radio 930 WB EN. The entire thing and we won't and I'm tempted to play the entire thing and give me even more time to look at the well all I can say is the corporate mistake so far of 2014 in -- involving US Airways and all I can say folks is that is not a mystery Malaysians 777. That is not where it ended up. US Airways. Sent out. A very. Graphic X rated. Week. And I don't know pol even stayed up and how the -- even remain. For an hour as it was. Me and you look at this way. I've done some really stupid things in my life. I usually cover them up a lot faster. Than that could hit it it it it. But in any event somebody at US Airways. Actually you know what Joseph. Makes me wanna fly US Airways even more. I don't well. Just hit it all I can say is it sure does make that first row right behind the first bulk and first asked -- a lot more appealing to the floor. All right let's just. -- the beautiful thing is. People who -- that are lapping people who don't will soon laugh or be an absolute shock at what a pervert I am. All right anyway like that's breaking news anyway. Yeah it's a very graphic. It involves a 777. That's all I can tell you. And where it did not end up I guarantee. The batteries are no longer working and that alright anyway. I don't even know what to say after that. I cannot describe it no I cannot -- posted absolutely positively cannot -- posted but you'll see it it's. It is like beat number one trending thing right now the universe. Well woman just became an instant celebrity. I mean the airplane became an instant celebrity. All right. Then. Through clearance for landing. See the runway is a little four right now are let's talk about. Is it wrong to make yourself -- Our -- which is a subject to be serious for a moment talking about how time flies. The Romans actually had an expression -- or opt for it some later this war or a full time flies. And do you realize. Ladies and gentlemen my dear friends that. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the Boston bombing. Do you believe that it's already been one year tomorrow the Boston bombing. At that stunning to me how fast I'm -- is -- And time marches on for all -- office. And you know what folks. Sometimes. On its inexorable journey forward we as human beings have failings along the way. We have failings in our mind we have failings. In our body and sometimes we have failings in both sometimes we have alzheimer's disease and sometimes we just should not drive anymore. As time marches on its insidious. Say. It's kind of like. Now I was gonna use a sports analogy but I don't wanna down play I don't wanna. I don't wanna do all gonna save folks is there's that when somebody gets old and starts declining. It's not like an overnight thing. It generally takes a while before you notice the first symptoms. Are right. I'm not gonna go into details but with one of my grandfather's. Well you know like -- greatest the first symptom was he got off at the wrong bus stop and fell. He fell. That was a G use I use it or genius. Not the uber geniuses can't fault but he got off the wrong bus stop and that was signed number one. Now as far as driving. Folks. When you lose your ability it's gradual. And this journalists on maple road today and I'm not pick -- folks please understand that I'm doing the show respectfully. As you might have kids listening wanna make them feel bad he might be listening -- to make him feel bad. But the dude in the white Cadillac. Ayers and Adam -- frank B is in baseball that there -- two numbers following. You really should not be driving you don't have the skill anymore and you need to just put their car away. And I say that respectfully sir and your -- How did you get your keys -- the keys away from your mom and dad made you're going through this right now. I did put a link up on my FaceBook page to the alzheimer's association of Western New York they go through this all the time they're always there to help you. And there are great organization. And LA lot of Pelletier the executive director -- works like. Eighty hour weeks for help other people she truly is an Angel without wings she's one of those unsung heroes in Western New York let's go to Mali in west Seneca on WB yeah I'm Ali. -- -- Well I will be better if we are making progress in making our roads safer and hopefully enlightening people along the way. Well what I wanna switch that's -- all of your previous callers had mentioned aspects of dementia or alzheimer's. I wanted to address the issue of -- elderly drivers. Who starts to fail in their judgment who's to reflect that the iron learn quick. With an awareness of what is going on around -- be harmed a potential danger not only to themselves but people on the road. For example. Quite well in parts in my at the supermarket. I would ball hit by a elderly drivers that were pulling out of handicap back. They will never looked speed trains and I thought that and if I wasn't quick to jump out of the way. I would have been hit it we were -- -- the part they were totally unaware. Of what they were doing it was like they were in their own little bubble of the world. In -- -- the wife was pulling out to pick up the has been in it he blocked towards the car. He said Deborah -- she's an older driver. That it could have been a five year old that was in back of their -- -- are -- that she was going to hit them. We had this issue with my learn about five years ago. And I have to thank -- and she is still angry. Angry. Angry with -- for taking a wait. -- independence. It that does she not understand that you did it not out of some sense disrespect but out of a sense of genuine love for her. No she got interpreted that way at all. At its current middle and we've been going with my turn to the doctor appointment for years. Accurate and she had to come minor accident and her street four doors away from her home. She was only going twenty miles an hour and hit the tree. It was a warm October day no issue with green -- weather factors. She doesn't know what happens but she only remembers that her regular physician culture. She is never to drive again and her other doctor told her. Let's see how it goes after six months you should be able to drive my mother -- not accept what her primary physician. Told her in only three calls. What -- other doctors said that she could have driven in six months. Well of course it's it's so. It is selective hearing and selective memory not to be confused with the disease that affects many of -- called CHS. Which means to hit here and I'll let you guess what PS worth its. Exactly. -- -- And many -- -- both directions several people where they were driving in the store front winners yes. -- they were older but we would Famer and that's why we didn't want you to track. We don't want to take the chance that we could not live with the fact if somebody was killed as a result of our inability to address this issue. With learn. Seattle says there's more teenagers they're more truck drivers having accidents and people. He will learn except the reality. Of what is important. Here's C the flaw and I it it usually only takes about thirty seconds after -- post this -- -- this topic on FaceBook Europe for somebody to say. Well the younger drivers are even worse the difference is an again. I think the worst drivers in the world are Clarence soccer moms in their Lexus is and there Bob -- cuts to meet through the worst drivers in the world by far no disrespect intended ladies but I can always tell you from a mile away. Separate but. As far as the the younger people they have the ability to improve their reflexes are sound. The alert they still have the ability to learn and -- with the older people Molly with all due respect. They are in decline in the clincher reflexes are not what they want -- vision not what it was hearing not what it was they're not going to get better. Absolutely. Absolutely and that's what we tried to -- the current term but she doesn't wanna hear it she doesn't wanna hear. Two weeks ago against that if I had my car I could go out whenever I -- -- -- let her go there. Well obviously this is cause -- what what -- -- effectively and this is not real popular you stirred up a hornet's nest what kind of support are you getting from the other people in your family bearing the brunt of this alone area. They're format and three. -- -- -- -- So you are bearing the brunt of this alone. A temporarily until our. -- know very. No one will be coming back but. One has lived out of state four or seventeen years the other two since retirement has become -- bird. They're not having little easier time with learn from this happy either but because I hear your round basically. The anger is generally -- towards me because I was the one going returned to the actors and we would but the doctor's note please you know we have to thank my mind she can't track shortly after that happened but the factors. The one actor did it right out that you're not drive again I was -- -- -- -- until the collar at the very beginning of your program that they act. -- people get involved it's what I've been waiting for a tragic accident. Where we all know that we could have people that if somebody had the -- To stand up. And -- the light since the -- if it is not to mention we played it he is just the fact that there elderly. The brief fact that that they had the feeling on the bottom of the C -- pat. A letter from my account -- complex. -- drivers have been able to be pulling out of our complex. With more than the minimum speed world news they were referring to my -- she couldn't feel the gas -- camera on the back. Leaving my place this before her accident he. Said wolf there's never anybody walking your transplant. Well apparently they're the good news Molly is apparently the call for middle -- to whom you are referring was in error. And -- -- Pelletier with the alzheimer's association of Western New York says. There is still women unless she miss something that there is in fact a way to petition an elderly person. Two AD MV hearing where they really have to prove. That they are competent to drive that their visual acuity is sound enough to drive and that the reflexes are sound enough to drive and frankly. There -- cognitive skills are sound enough to -- Well the only way that could happen that somebody actually took them out for extra vote -- because my mother with happening Britain has. I Hewitt has had any comprehension -- except for her hearing. But it would be behind the wheel that they would see that person should not heavily. And that they had because these people would have driven into the windows. Generally have an elderly people so I have nothing against elderly people. All I don't because in the event of holocaust and is in the rebound like a nuclear winters something to be made great sources of protein. Or I tell my kids that all the time they pay -- president remember kids they happens lots of protein in me so did. They fail to see my humor at times. -- -- People be aware that it's more than just the mention -- primary if it's a whole other topic which no one hit. Had called -- and I and I wanted to have that attracts. Well I am glad you did and hope. We did it to work your satisfaction and congratulations see you for making a difficult decision and frankly. Bearing the brunt of moms blunder -- anger all by yourself. Well he the sibling parent away Beck but I'll be sharing -- At that if you don't give it to him you will all right. All right Molly thank you were called later. All right well friends this -- -- this is really an accord which you guys on a Monday you know sometimes. I -- customize yeah. My -- supervisors and and programmers all the time as you know guys. Talk radio does not always have to be politics sometimes talk radio can be about what people experienced in their daily lives. And I challenge anybody go up 200 people to me and say hey whose job Boehner. And you'll probably get cow eyes from most people go up to somebody and say hey you ever have to take the keys away from your mom or dad. That's a conversation starter with -- at least 30% of the people. Remember that kids. 548 -- news radio 930 WB yen its hourly and that we've got more calls coming in did you ever have to take the car or the keys away from mom and dad how did you do it what was their reaction. And how are those -- you voluntarily do. That you shouldn't be driving anymore because that takes courage that takes knowing yourself to say you know what. I can't drive anymore that takes balls on WB Ian and -- leg -- Now Alan I wish you just make faux not even -- -- to sound nice but there's just no conceivable way event happening. AccuWeather series started off to think and it's set outside the public as well I get home from what. Hole that's unfortunate. Rainy cloudy gray right now an overnight it's gonna get. Cooler and we could actually see one to two inches it's well. Wow. 57 degrees still hope that news radio 930 WBBM. And though this the show I haven't done this and eight jazz and I guess the time was right today because it really is at the -- with a lot of folks. And to think it all started actually. You know what it just dawned on me during that last phone call but they didn't -- in erupted yesterday true story. There if you'll remember yesterday the weather was kind of nice sole idea that took -- my summer beat -- goal which is a -- convertible actually seats for. So took the kids and a friend and we went out for lunch at Charlie at the butcher's. By the airport. And we're sitting outside at a table. And a car pulled into the spot very close to the table like it was facing us. It was I saw the car pulling yen I have to admit I looked up because I wanted to see who was driving. I wanted to see if it was somebody in their thirties forties or fifties or there was somebody in their ninety's. Because I was thinking if it's somebody in their ninety's I'm gonna tell everybody heads up they might hit the accelerator they give us the -- And forgive my. It's not racism it's not age ism it's just knowing that as one of her previous caller set. Usually when somebody mistakes the accelerator for the breaker vice Versa if somebody who is rather elderly. In the end up driving through storefronts. And in one tragic situation. Killing people. At least one -- exit to a situation around. So you know we talked about that a little bit at Charlie the -- you know and I told the kids -- -- guys whenever you're sitting outside like this it is a car pulling up. Do literal registered. Look at who's driving and see if they look like they are gonna feel the -- of -- -- and control themselves. And the sky was so -- was good and were your development -- But always be alert. As Irv Weinstein once that. Always be alert the world needs more alerts. Still laugh at -- little bumper sticker but still funny. All the way somebody pointed out -- night spot but I forgot to mention earlier when I talked about seek cock Robin. Absolutely put on a stellar show on Friday night. He is he geez. Out here she's was at my club -- fun and games park and I don't want -- by the blue whale car wash. And yes in typical seventy styles it did have the matching male and female symbols OC I can't find a picture of it they get it on line.

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