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4-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah OK. It is deadline to report is ready at 930 WBM it is hourly with you -- Jim sounds like your case forward Jim Kelly so. Then today and I know what -- thinking and radio land not Jim Kelly the one. Well but Jim Kelly our computer guy here at the radio station. All right it is nine minutes after for a news radio 930 WBBM and hourly with view it and it we are. On Monday talking with you. And we have. A topic that I have not had a chance to do in awhile. And it's one of those topics that I enjoy doing. Because it's something that we all have to face sooner or later. When our elderly parents are menaces on the road I saw god today that with all due respect that I had folks and try to be a better person I really yeah. But it took a lot today and a explain just ahead but -- Harris has the latest on what's going on what -- drive home right now hopefully your bureau is better than one Syria's Alan Harris. Well that's unfortunate. And you know what else is unfortunate whether. Now because it's nice yesterday you had your shorts on OK how many do you still fit in the last summer skinny shorts other. Yeah I did. Today. Becoming. Well it's already raining out there and is gonna change overnight as snow. And don't shoot me on this but we might see one to two inches of snow overnight. And and then tomorrow it'll be on cloudy and breezy and colder air and we could see some snow tomorrow morning. One to two inches followed by a snow shower in the afternoon. I don't know if I should cry or laugh forty mile high it's 57 degrees right now with the rain and if you see any major massive like. Holy crap it's gonna take people hours to get all those kinds of traffic problems make sure you call my body Alan Harris in WB in traffic command. 80303218030321. -- -- traffic command number now. For those are just joining us are welcome to the show thank you were making it part of your life and I had a very interesting drive to work and when I say interest thing. I mean my heart is pounding. I mean big time pounding what I saw and I'm gonna try to be respectful. Because it recognizes. Bad when this guy behind the real looks like he could be in his 70s80s. Were I don't know early ninety's. I have to recognize bad bet individual may very well even though he's license plate did not the note it. Bet he very well could have been the one of the guys. Invading Normandy Monday Tuesday. He could very well -- been somebody's serving around the 38 parallel in Korea in the fifties maybe what are the early guys in Vietnam. He might have served at Fort Leavenworth or fort Leonard what he could be a better. So I gotta be respectful are right about trying to be mean and nasty. But public safety is important to me. This -- Cadillac is an assault weapon that I'm sorry it's an assault weapons because this gentleman and god bless him. But he needs to have his license taken away. Because he cannot safely drive. Why don't like say he cannot safely drive because he was swerving all over the road as if he was intoxicated. And that every time somebody would try to ask them. And of course he had the wall of traffic behind him on maple road and this would have been about one to 115. This afternoon Monday heading for about north forest on a sweet -- were I was able to get away from but every times that it would try to get -- him. His car when swerved toward the car that was trying to get. I'd like to think that he wasn't doing it in a menacing way I'd like to think that it was some kind of weird magnetism. But. My question to you having seen what I saw today and yes it's a white Cadillac. And it is. I'm gonna get the full license plate number but it's on my FaceBook page at least the latter part of it not the number part of it I did -- a friend of mine who's a cop to see what can be done to maybe get this guy it would DMV hearing so we can prove that he can still. I don't know the fake. But when did you know it was time to get the -- keys away from your mom or dad where the car away from mom and dad and how much grief did they give you. How did you do it because that is one of the questions that we all have to face at some point. And you who are the children of somebody who has and there are a lot of well. 70s90s. And folks I know what -- I know the kind of calls I'm gonna get. I realize some of you are in your ninety's and have more energy and high. I know that some of you could be a 105 years old and I'll think meet any day of the week I get it. But as a general rule the older we become the more in the -- -- and we are younger drivers suck to know. I think the overall worst drivers are Clarence soccer moms talking other cell phones as they drive. I can always tell there from Clarence. Because I can see the blond Bob. And that Trace of late bisexuality I can always tell -- from Clarence at a soccer moms have a little fun here don't get upset cell. This guy -- and -- -- should not be driving. So hot you get your car your parents are away from them through license away from them and I just wanna go on record right now is warning my kids because they're listening. Bet when it's time for me to have my license taken away. It's probably a good idea to hide all knives guns sharp objects baseball bats tighter irons flashlights and anything with which I can do bodily harm. Probably a good idea to set those things -- before you tell me that I ought to drive anymore. As it will take it -- to get over. Chris what's the -- independents. I don't I'm not going through you you don't want to but there comes a point my dear friends. Or does come a point. When. Somebody is just not capable of driving Safeway. Case in point if you saw him today the guy in the white Cadillac. I'm maple road who was all over the place from north forced to -- all heading toward the the boulevard. The guy has no business driving he is an able to even keep in Elaine. Let's get some calls on WB again and again what I'm saying about this guy and say with respect five years ago I would've said it in the region. I've tried to become a better persons on try to -- with respect and try to understand from where he's coming and try to be circumspect about this. But nonetheless. He's gonna kill somebody. I don't see how we be able to even stop the breaks from hitting a kid in the story. Here's Debbie in the middle port Demi tell me your story later. -- on a story. Well I. You know what I'm trying to do it in such a way that is respectful to our parents and grandparents because if it -- for those patriots and those people before us god knows where we beat that. I have an easy time taking things away from my beloved dad on decried what I did it. But I did it now now I'm dealing with my mound but two weeks ago. She drove south to move the actors and you proper regular -- a big deal. And then she went to -- port -- have. That was not expected. And then she eloped from Rockport. And about -- to -- -- how do we know -- Because you mentioned first five hours. After concerns. -- coming home ice Erica McCain's -- color doctor's office. It's better or stamp outside with the tools like him or clock I would start to panic. For a while the police they put a ball low I would rather be on the look out and around the -- be on the lookout. I -- Tammy just wouldn't believe what -- oil natural. 456. Hours before or sheep who wouldn't look right -- And the -- through and here in the driveway. We should Poland and chuck are bosnians see what are I heard any thank. As she pulled in right after the and the cap that was selling well. We're in bad shape so well I cast and the loss or two. Well in Palestine to the peace courage. And we all my neighbor and stand in Arabic cap when he well same kind of flat out any. It. And no purchase and you came into what port to the peace bridge card you get home mum and -- -- -- could figure out at home was summoned to ninety. Go -- bad Friday. All -- OK I just I ever questioned Debbie and again I'm I I have to ask you this with respect. Does your mother have maybe some of the early stages of a demand that dementia slash alzheimers. Have you been in touch with the Alzheimer's Association. No I am now I call their doctor Lance -- after another incident -- nearly as severe as. Okay here here's what I want -- to do and I'm gonna put a link up on my FaceBook page. There is a great organization here in western new York and a city beach is gonna show with her. On she's a friend of mine -- Lonnie Pelletier is the director of the Alzheimer's Association. Of Western New York it's a great organization. And if she is going to be able to offer a lot of people a lot of help on this in fact maybe guys we can get her on the phone. Now for quirky just to talk about driving an alzheimer's because. That's my first reaction Devi is this has got to go well beyond driving in and other facets of life and you agree with -- There's one problem well our doctor his -- -- poster with the -- Shia. And and you won't you very tired how are doctors that it'll -- what. And Eagles these and chair and as -- my responsibility. To tell her to quit driving -- -- jars filled the air over. -- a cap when she pulled them. He's the war in vanished he told -- -- amounts. And these are you shouldn't be driving anymore as of so and so I'd put my hand now I held my hand outright for land in bikinis please. An issue of the -- ready to do it and the cop turned around and looked at me so you have no right to do -- at this current doctor. Od. So with a cop rather respond to your mother running over his kid on a bike. That's what I told top what are you what month you wouldn't want my mother to run over your kids erode -- -- -- -- battles at a very bad word. -- I don't wanna find out what's going on in traffic but Debbie does this call is very important extremely important but so traffic we've got a mess right now here's -- And the rain is gonna change to an injured two of snow overnight. I'm sorry don't blame me believe me if I can wave a magic bullet and make it'll go -- I would make this will go where they come. Overnight low 34 and tomorrow will be up to about 42 degrees. I'm sorry I didn't laugh about it it would drive me absolutely up wall all right I'm just to understand. It's 57 at WB EN any major -- problems WB and traffic command is always there for it. 80303218030321. So Debbie ultimately how did you resolve this with your mother I mean. Milk pork lock forward she ends up at -- peace bridge trying to go to word doctor in Niagara county how did this situation results. I am not resolved. To speak the nationals. I cannot completely out of turkeys because the a little bit. Like older doctors. I heard he went through little flip only after one horrible incident where she epic. On the lock. And that's when he told me he can't tell her legally buy a lot -- -- -- Albert. -- -- -- with the typical they're gonna -- what are harmful to everybody and -- nobody can legally tell her. I went to the cheap should be can't be right that people police and I told them I -- young man speaker -- With the police officer that was -- -- day. I told them all that's. And achieved. We will be more than happy -- write -- letter -- Giambi but -- I'll be out of what he'll. We get absolutely. Zero re all week out of the DMV -- be -- of family members asking that there. You know -- on elderly and everybody's. To be taken out world because there is no law. Well we'll see we'll see what the other callers have to say I've always been under the impression that the police or a guardian or somebody could -- somebody to AD MV hearing so the DMV examiners could determine whether or not the person ought to be driving we'll see what other people have to say daddy thank you very much. Our doctors at Betty and -- will try to get older violate lot of Pelletier with the Alzheimer's Association because you know that's gonna play on some of the calls were gonna take that I judges know. Now it is hourly for a cure -- apology. And doctor Steven Pearl is the man behind Acura audio allergy and he is so excited about something like that tell you about the FM technology. With hearing instruments because with today's FM technology. With a device that is roughly the size of a magic marker and a small magic marker. You are able to pinpoint the end and hone in on voices in a group. So let's say you're an idea and a copy function. And there's a lot of noise in the background neighbors abandoned the background and -- standing with your manager and -- from out of town and you -- when pressed the suit from out of out. But you can't hear the suit from out of town. You what you do with your little hand held device which looks like a -- mark he's gonna. Tilted toward the speaker and it will hone in on his or her voice. So you look like a genius yesterday are cure audio -- make sure you get your hearing tested and if you need wanna get. A hearing. -- -- I have a situation this weekend it reminded me I need to get my hearing tested again. 6330721. Is the poll number 6330721. Or visit a cure all ideology dot com. ACC UR a a cure ought to elegy not count. Yeah. Name three things for. -- -- -- It's. Having careful driving up -- right -- here's the rim as slick and things up at the Monday if for whatever reason people are being a little Shia bears are just be advised and any major traffic problems you know the number to call 8030321803. 0321. So anyway long story short my drive into work today was really. It was nerve -- Because I was ahead this guy I was watching this unfolding in my rear view mirror and I was expecting tragedy to happen. It was an elderly man alone in a white Cadillac. And he used all over the place on maple road and it was just staggering. To see -- taking place. And I wanna go to now because of the call we have from Debbie in the middle -- of -- was. Because I think if we're gonna talk about taking the keys away from bomber dead. It's important that we know a little bit about alzheimer's and we're lucky here in Western New York we've got a lot of Pelletier. Who is the head of the local alzheimer's. Association of western new York and a friend lay -- thank you very much for being. Our special guest. Don't. They like me who bottle. Is that these call -- with -- Helpful to the top topic. Well it is the long story short when she described her mom who wasn't supposed to leave Niagara counties operate doctor's appointment being two hours late and ending up by the peace bridge which is a long way from -- Saudi even as it flies. I have my first thought was are we talking about alzheimer's. Can you tell us in a nutshell -- -- These symptoms and signs to be wearer of when a beloved. Relative who is in perhaps advancing years but not always. Is susceptible to well. Dementia alzheimer's. Yeah get this so -- driving let me make a couple points on the driving issue first and what are some of the warning signs -- driving. I think a lot of people say you know what -- and watching murmured about it. And I am not comfortable with the -- driving by. Maybe a bike at some point about things that really are a problem that is not just you being you know a little bit overly cautious. You know forgetting. Even want how to locate a familiar place. Any lack of observing traffic fine. Hesitancy. When there is you know in traffic flow report decisions and graphic. You know the speed issue is always a problem. And getting like I usually angry or confused also I think those are. Really Al led the some things to be concerned about. So there aren't a lot of people haven't really hard -- saying gosh. It's one thing to know that they are not writings say it's another thing to even begin. To figure out number one how to have a conversation. Number two whether they're going to -- career not that's for most people get stuck. Well you are. -- you know you're you're dead -- position you are -- the Alzheimer's Association. You're the expert what's the best way to begin that conversation. The best way to begin a conversation -- -- with yourself and soaring lecturing yourself up. Because. Usually that involves you know shot or two were something else. Whatever however you better prepared yourself because that's really where it's tough for people all my gosh dad is never. It's this whole roller personal thing gets never -- to agree I don't -- takeaways independence. A lot of times the siblings -- back yet it is is that deepest thanks here's the best thing detail. First of all have been. Just sort yourself up and say you know what this can be really tough conversation. And do YE a lot of kids they do I have the right to take to keep away who it's gonna help me with that. And what people need to know is number one. You know -- -- up a lot for the doctors used a different or so somebody said that initial last week just because the doctor can get talked do you. Doesn't mean you can't let the doctor Nelson information. So. What I really recommend people do is that they try to broach this subject with data -- in and they get the resistance which is comments. That they let the doctor noted doctor Jerald I've been watching dad in his. Making bad decisions at stoplights and he is he's gotten lost three times to go to the right place to Q please. Help -- and recommend an assessment. So let the doctor -- and some doctors -- great about it others have a harder time about it. But I would say anybody can call here and talk with me about what's happening with their family member every bit a little different. And everyone has to mean really don't understand I can't tell you about. Yeah yeah everybody has the most stubborn dead in the world and I hope I -- you know what you're getting yourself -- -- when you say car. I can help be concerned you're gonna be one busy lady. Or the -- -- -- I've always been under the impression I know you're busy and I I just have a question for you and that is this lay -- Well I always thought perhaps mistakenly. That if we noticed mom or dad was slipping. And may be shouldn't be driving. That there was a mechanism in place by which we can have them petitioned to HD MV hearing at which they would have to prove. Well their competency to handle a vehicle but apparently I'm mistaken. Why did you did you hear that that was in place for new. Somebody just said that they call the cops on the cops got involved in the cups -- they've got 0% success rate through dealing with the DMV with elderly drivers. I'll have to let you know what. I'll look into economics -- ensure the process is still -- place. What happens people expected people can just pull people licenses and that it's just like an automatic thing it's not that easy. It's a complex thing that I'll double -- I am pretty sure that mechanism -- don't -- the problem is is that it doesn't always. Yield the immediate direct result the public thinks it should -- their -- of the. More so as an example let's just say in this isn't the case but let's just say my mom shouldn't be driving. Could I as your son or anybody out throw anybody out there whose mother is also let's say hypothetically. Not able to drive. Do I have the ability to write the DMV a letter saying I really wish you call her in for hearing because I don't think should be driving. Yes yeah you can't do that you can say here's what I noted. He got the comedy can be website for anybody that is looking to do that they can -- call here at the Alzheimer's Association will block and throw it. Or are going to DNC web site and then forgetting their the wording and I can move I can look it up and email at TC companion based but Kate. But -- purposely don't wanna say don't equipment can drive anymore you wanna say the very specific things like on three occasions in the last month she has gotten. Lost. And she -- -- with -- definitely say that the doctor about such as fate of the DNC has him very concerned about it writing here's what's happening. We need to have her fast and there are a couple great assessment critics right here in buffalo what ABC and -- wanted to craft. So we're still looking north gets cut. And sickly ironic this is why a you know what it is fun. It an awesome -- talk radio in one's hometown because I knew immediately when I brought up alzheimer's whom to contact. And that you were only five minutes away. And your link for Alzheimer's Association Western New York chapter was already on my FaceBook page before you even came on my shelf. In time. You're you know here. You're your listeners are dealing with -- you know all. Absolutely it's one of the there at the yes absolutely positively. -- -- -- there are things spare for calling and people need to know an announcement because it's it's pretty isolating and and pretty overwhelming watching from the opposite so at least at least they know they're not alone and that's a great step. All right lay -- we'll talk too soon you are awesome and you know I feel and -- -- Thank you. -- -- Pelletier who is the head of the local Alzheimer's Association Western New York chapter and quite frankly one of the nicest people. You will ever meet in your entire life and the linked to Alzheimer's Association is on my FaceBook page and what a great place to start. Because what we're talking about here is how did you convince mom or dad. It was time to give up driving and without going through the whole story again because that would be conceived -- were construed as rambling. I saw a guy driving into work today who shouldn't be driving white Cadillac one the 115. Maple road between north forced to sweet home. And he was all over the place and there was a wall of traffic behind him every time somebody tried to scoot by -- His car would like almost broadside and it was just nasty just nasty and the guy shouldn't be driving I say that with love and respect. Because the -- -- served in World War II you know I mean. So let's go back to the calls on WB Ian here is. Voters Michael on -- Ireland Michael you're on WB and what you have were. Don't have my father was like to quit the case that you've been talking about he he was older than my mother. And eighty primarily drove but he -- where we stopped or driving skills -- things so and the -- as the -- ancestors so it like. Dedicated to music talk about it and he does he was really reluctant to give up and independence and freedom to drive. So what we did unbeknownst to him. Is that my Brothers and sisters all agreed and my mother was an attitude that we took major hit them keys -- for a car that wouldn't work. But in the same token we we and -- and the local grocery shop and the church or to a doctor's visit. We all among -- seven of us each took turns happened to be there at the right time and then that -- to other events. Now in the event that he went and got into his -- -- -- he had a a mini stroke and it was cup since. It will belt goes when it could then is that it's he wouldn't work you know and then every -- -- while -- mobile with a good he's. -- -- -- -- about your car for a minute and can I just take it or write and do something and then -- keep the car work but every time he went to the thing that. Which -- demonstrated. Again in case you needed additional affirmation that he really shouldn't be driving but he never put two and two together. Never really put together and we are we've covered all the needs that he hit the grocery -- church and the doctor's appointments so he never really felt like -- is independence is gone -- Odeo and it but he really never did. Which you know nobody wants to feel and and god bless you were everybody in the whole family getting together to support your dad. But that's the way ideally. It should be out -- Am concerned magistrate as safety but the safety of others because we just knew it. You know it was like the person said a typical footsteps saying you could have -- correctly and and someone was gonna get hurt you know we didn't want this ever be an hour you know concerned that we could -- some about it too. Good good thinking but then again you you they had this -- -- made up and be and most importantly it kept tabs and your doctor's appointments you make sure that somebody in the family was able to get him where he needed to go. I'm in my case I will play -- -- couldn't personally do it certainly pay to answer -- -- I'm Sam. Our right -- hey look I'm so alleged call Michael great idea and that banks are you know what -- just give my best your family guess only agree bunch of people. -- 030930. News radio 930 WB -- I get the feeling that Alan Harris is gonna have some traffic in post on that a break down and we're gonna get back to your calls on. Hourly and basically gang I know you've seen it I saw just today. And with all due respect all right senior citizens. White Cadillac. Dude was all over the road on maple today should not be driving. How did you know it's time where it was time to take away mom or dad's keys and get rid of the car. Because for this gentleman he ought to be on the -- seriously he's he's a danger he's gonna hurt himself he's gonna hurt somebody else. And yes I did give his plate number to somebody I know Ian law enforcement to actually still -- under his radio 930 WB. All right -- and some don't have to explain to me this whole concept of work because they use and do it and I don't seem to me if I as far as AccuWeather goes well it's raining now and then one to two inches of snow overnight camp believe it and -- right now 57. And news radio 930 WB yet at least you'll look forward and -- being in the play. -- We're talking about how are you convinced your mom and dad to give up the car cues and to my children listening right now. On Monroe. You have a whole gang is there hey guys. You know one street over where I definitely -- guys. When it comes time for you to take my keys away. Remember hide everything with which I can do are okay. Or better yet handcuff me first and then in the leg irons. Just pondered for 24 hours. Word of advice he would also wanna have a nice big fluffy pillow and he just takes that did -- -- aren't. Our administration be joking about it but believe me folks you know I always say know yourself. When my kids tell me hey dad. It's probably time for you not to drive anymore. I will not take it well I know I won't. I have to be honest let's go to -- next up and Wanda. Debbie I Euro WB EM and what do you make -- a story I've told you about maple road today and what everybody else is saying about the elderly parents. Well I'm really glad it in this topic because I talked to people about this almost everything about. And I would hate you it's so common. And it really got wrench our family because they don't on the right path it. -- -- a partner on to Atlanta on defense and that is. Did you just use partner as a verb. All all Debbie. Off -- year gonna take your address amicable for 3 in the morning and I'm gonna do something nasty hook -- tenant just getting getting getting our you're gonna partner with play Lonny and what what is your advice my dear. My first I meant few have been -- -- if you have a and scoring mechanism to help people that I know they can match. I know that the woman who called earlier that beat. It spectacular -- willing to -- -- economic dimension which helped build a potentially equally light and LB record. And then the next step really in you use on the inter nation happy have the least read the latter. Tracking insurance company keypad unexplained accident in India -- You have to try to fill that -- and a lot of old school actors are uncomfortable. He yep tablet -- wait for him to Manning. Well I know my mom is still sharp because I asked her she'd have any unexplained accident she said yet Tom you. I cannot be an end -- -- needed to make our life it's. I would if I forget you're really not something that and you can be a little bit of caddie when it comes down that you're doing a lot. But at the end of the day. -- -- they're eighteen other people see that and you add one more thing in mind at all. -- cry out if he can't go about it and you disabled vehicle like the gentleman from crackdown and a final. The problem from a list memory a lot -- takeaways there. They -- driving ability they carry greater risk of wander. Because went to kick in our independence would be don't have a good handle seven double in that you take out -- adding them up for potential one. Well and I have seen that first hand affect lay -- is aware of this says situation. And you know people. People can mock. When I talk about my sense of intuition I don't claim to be a psychic but I do have a very good sense of intuition and one day I just felt something was wrong at my house there was an overpowering feeling I was gonna go to the river and take a walk. I came to my house and there was this set elderly woman with alzheimer's. Who was wandering. And I I don't know how what happened but for some reason there's just this connection that I felt. And that thank god she's only wandered about three houses down but I'm glad I was there in time to get her some water to -- in the shade camp and you know I. Not that -- some great human being but I did just illustrates the point that people can wander even in is in the tightest families. Accurately and in our case is he has -- -- I treated in underdog in action your current market teams and so. And it went right out there a lot of support in -- they -- in -- angry minority and are correct that issue and how. You have to be aware -- it literally take action and Debbie are you also with a group. Actually with -- a writer at the living in dementia care and country where Barkley. Gotcha gotcha thank you so much for the call I know we've got a lot of great people of western new Yorker deal with the the geriatric field and I do appreciate your iron from you thank you. Coming up -- four minutes before five I've got the best talk radio audience ever meet sometimes were hard hitting sometimes were fun and that I think we're being helpful. How did you get the keys away from mom and dad when did you realize they were a menace.

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