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4-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And yeah. And you would. Think. India hold to a the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you so much al-Qaeda. That Russia. In the 1980s are now. Calling to ask for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever I can pick up. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American family that's what I'm gonna do it but that happened to that. Recoup. The strong silent. -- -- -- Tom hourly. Even though. I think it -- back -- it's live it's local girl is the it's Tom hourly and threw throws -- -- Honestly onions ready 0930. Already -- wake -- only count. Yeah idea that guys does that put numbered ninety true with signs all over the room number nine new tool. Anyway Joseph remembers that that master control Gerald and a judge Armitage or call screener and Josh invade my entire weekend over the weekend. Well you came close to being the best thing that happened this weekend but that group is really awesome speaker and those of you either follow along on FaceBook if you'd like. I actually took a picture of it because it was so charming I got home. Am I open -- my side door and there was this time. And it said that well I'm not gonna tell you what -- that but it said that love John Sherman. And if you wanna see what the -- said go to my FaceBook page and that joy like my FaceBook page and I think it through a 101000. He gets this week. Think those two questions were only like 500 away reporter on the way -- seem like thousands take them forever to get there I should do something crazy or stupid again. Well let me just to get to the 101000 -- that -- I'll sacrifice my reputation I'll sacrifice my body I'll sacrifice -- and I'll sacrifice that we get that 101000 mark and that would have to get to the 100000 mark and a liking and FaceBook. -- really matters I mean it's just that I don't know. I was kind of like looking at it and saying well luck. -- have more like them some. It's just I don't talent roll guys anyway. I so I think we're gonna get into today I barely know where to begin first -- ladies and gentlemen. Com and see this happens to us each and every week. Some negotiating each show and says sandy Michigan after an out and then get email saying well we miss you in the market. Well there's an easy answer to it. WB yen. Dot com our audio vault that way you get to listen to sandy beach every day. Let you listen to it not -- mine until noon you listen to it on your own time according to your own schedule as I often do. If you don't hear an hour of my show and you'd like -- it you can tune. So whether it's your humble host or whether it's sandy -- you get a chance to -- the bulk of us at your leisure and as I have said that mr. -- has been absolutely on fire lately I don't get something and immigration today but I was able to listen to much of sandy beach today because of a very special set of awkward circumstances I may enlighten you on later on. If the topic allows itself so to do. But my FaceBook page of people calling it how we get to your FaceBook page well it's kind of easy to do what to do is that. Which prohibits you do is go to FaceBook dot com and it if -- -- my name which is Tom dot hourly. It's my middle name did not. Ride -- American -- Anyway. -- dot hourly BA EUE -- -- That's a lot of bottles. Its power. Like. -- Jack Bauer 24 just -- LE. And the top hourly page -- which we're looking is below with a long -- good looking man wearing a tuxedo. And I also had a chance to put a picture up of Quincy my brother Dick and it. Mean it after the gig on Friday night he played with the all star project but that's a local cover band by the way and I had never paid -- to. Team dollar per person cover charge before so Friday marked the first in Western New York -- pay a fifteen dollar per person cover charge going to document for free. But I -- something a Friday night that many of you have already done many if you already tried and especially in my target age group. Is far as a talk show host I did something before that I'd never done before Jerry noted that rocked with a cock. On Friday night. That was the expression from the 1970s. Fake people fake you know the shows we've done about things that used to be here that art anymore. Member of -- our show -- And people used to talk about yet make -- oh yeah I mean guys east will back him. Era there was a band and they used the expression rock with the -- and the group was -- that. Now Friday it was a very special night for me ladies and gentlemen now I had nothing and I just remember the audience but. For years. I had heard about this band cold -- rob and they were whole agent. In the local music industry but I missed out ever having had a chance to see them play -- Because they were long gone by the time I was old enough to go up on myself. So long story short the guys in cock Robin I guess -- new vocalist but they don't vote for shore but anyway they got together. And they did this show on Friday night right across the street on maple sweet home here. Yeah well I wasn't expecting a lot. Out of cock Robin I thought well it's a band they got together to do a gig and LB mediocre. Okay do the words blow me away mean anything to you. If you know the guys in cock Robin. Or if you are one of the guys in -- -- the band. Please accept and let them know how absolutely. Impressed amazed blow away awestruck and in absolute bewilderment. I am at how incredibly talented they are they absolutely blew. The place away with a high energy sat. It's all about the energy and cock Robin -- so high energy it's a shame that all of Western New York wasn't there. But if you ever have a chance to see cock Robin play alive. Maybe your -- for them from 1970s. Or eighties may be you like eyes were little -- in the Antwerp you know when I -- little underage them. If you get a chance to see him if they play any more gigs it is money well spent ladies and gentlemen now. My Brothers band was also -- -- I wanna focus on cock Robin because I don't wanna make it seem like I'm too. Too much filled with nepotism. I mean that would work I guess if the -- family was in the politics but that -- not we're just -- -- so so there's that anyway thank you -- -- And a ladies and gentlemen also speaking of things you might have checked out or heard of this weekend. I had a chance to check out BBC. Out at we're not talking BBC is it like Craig's list we're talking. BBC is -- Buffalo's Beatles connection. And they played the trail on Saturday they also done. On Sunday. But I saw Saturday night show ladies and gentlemen I don't think. You can fully appreciate. How talented. The BBC. Bandit is unless you have seen the national acts -- around the country saying well look we look and sound like The Beatles more than anybody. I will tell -- this. BBC Buffalo's beatle connection that we talked to -- after -- on my program a number of times. Gary is the guy who is the Ringo Starr historian does that bring a bill okay. Well. They may not look like The Beatles at all. But when you closure eyes. And you listen to these guys doing The Beatles. You wouldn't swear. That you are at eight Beatles show that's how good they are. And what I really love what I think you'd love about BBC Buffalo's beatle buffalo Beatles connection. Always feel the need to expand upon what I'm talking about IC BBC and how good it was. I'm but what -- discussing here is the fact that they also in addition to doing The Beatles they did some stuff from The Who. And they did some things by the -- -- on Saturday night absolutely. -- anyway and one of the great parts about western new York and we talked about this area last week and some of the good parts about living your. I've -- that show we did while I have you thought about moving -- -- here that want okay well one of the things about this area that you can take for granted publisher connected to the scene is. We have I think per capita more incredible musicians in Western New York. Then any other place in the entire universe. When I say quality musicians I'm talking about studio level professional level musicians living next story. I lived in Florida. -- didn't say it's not the blues are still very big in Saint Louis and I'm not talking about the hockey team I'm talking about the blues bands in the blues bars. In Saint Louis and the -- you can actually go to downtown Saint Louis that it's called leads landing. And he could actually see these or black guys with these 1920s. Guitars do and reeled delta blues. And it's amazing it's just. I mean. I don't mean this delegate -- thing I really enjoy the original black delta blues. As much as well almost as much as I do the transform a transformation of blues into rock and roll. Saint Louis -- to that stuff but here in buffalo. I'm of the terrorism that our musicians. Person for person pound for pound per capita we have the the best musicians I think anywhere in the country here in Western New York. And of course as sometimes they go to Nashville mega big some things about the Hollywood. Or LA make it big. And I just. Hey make it big adjustment to going out to LA and I wasn't thinking of Mr. Big member of that group from twenty years ago DiMaggio you -- the next to be with you. DiMaggio speech speech. Mr. -- the next to be with you the bass player local guy named Billy should get. -- -- it's a Monday hung over a lot. You're you're still my boggled by Friday by just being in my presence I can tell. So anyway thank you to the local entertainment community for an absolutely sensational. Weekend at no -- and that pain and torture upon which -- plot which are expected by mucho fun. Now or did you find the just used as a musical break. Tuesday at a press did you idea Obama audio. Did you get the -- one during and after four. OK ladies and gentlemen one of our. I'm gonna do this is a topic today this is just something that I wanna put up their. Because. During the presidential campaign. Mitt Romney against Barack -- Hussein. Obama. I don't like -- -- Barack Hussein Obama no particular reason just flowed very very well but. He. Talked about. The Soviet Union and Russia any mock. Mitt Romney President Obama mocked Mitt Romney. For saying that Russia was our biggest foreign policy challenge as he sought for the immediate future. And you know Russia has done in the Crimea. And also over the weekend what we're finding out is that a Russian fighter jet flew about a dozen times. At 500 feet above water roughly a thousand yards from one of our naval vessels. Now. They all look America. And Russian pilots they have been screwed around with each other for years -- it's part of the game. Between what used to be the red air force and what was up and what was our united states air force and now with the Russian airports and our airports. They basically they play games -- each other there's a healthy respect but they also play games with the -- but here's the problem. When Howard may be tried to communicate with the Russian fighters say hey you know what your intentions here you know you're covered to within a thousand yards of -- chip. A thousand yards when somebody's open a mig closing speed is nothing. 500 feet above the water in our guys were kind of get a little bit freaked out like what's going on here they tried to communicate with the Russians on the emergency frequencies. The Russians would not respond even on the emergency frequencies so things were a little bit -- But I do remember that our president. Did make the world love us once again it was absolutely spot hot as it always -- because he walks on water Eddie is perfection himself personified. With respect to his analysis of Russia and the kind of threat it would -- in the immediate future effect Arab -- lecturing Mitt Romney. About foreign policy and Russia being basically the nine. Few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing Americans have Russia and al-Qaeda. That Russia. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for the foreign policy that turns out Romney was right and Barack Obama words. Wrong Russian fighter jet made multiple close range passes near an American warship in the Black -- for more than ninety minutes on Saturday. Amidst. Escalating tensions in the region and look under is glad that we didn't shoot it down. I'm glad that this thing didn't come to blow -- Thing we need right now is to get this kind of BS war with the rusher. Again Russia was strong witness. Now I wonder. What it is no secret I'm not a big fan Barack Obama. In fact if I was ever in a foxhole and please don't take it for sale in this please don't think that. You know I'm some kind of evil person for saying -- But if it was just me and one guy I had to choose to be with -- in -- foxhole to have my back and my choice was Barack Obama. And have a lot of report. Guess who ongoing in the foxhole -- I would take -- a thousand times before I would go with Obama. Does not mean I am pro Russia an anti America it just means Putin's character is. Strong man that's his image strongman. Man of steel. That is what he is known for what is Obama known for apologizing for. You know these things don't -- repercussions folks what you're seeing is being led by a weak leader. It has repercussions. It's like the hockey teams have a crazy guy that has been known to behead people on the ice. Nobody ever wants to start nonsense with those teams because they're scared of the Psycho on the bench who might take your guy's head off. There's something to be said for having a -- some ago. He's the guy right who used to her body -- I think so. -- something to be said for have a guy on your team who can really who's known to be a little bit unstable. And I say that affectionate terms. Because he keeps the other team honest. And by the same token if your country is led by somebody who's perceived as weak. Or -- -- man that has repercussions. Announced that it has do -- gender by the way. Margaret Thatcher was a woman. Margaret Thatcher was a woman yet the imaging portrait of the world was one of strength. Thinking back to that idiotic fault and war with Argentina back in the early 1980s. Thousands of people died over basically -- You know thousands of men died so -- have a date. All right it's 325 news radio 930 WB EM. Just ahead on the program you are never gonna believe what I saw on the driving to work today I still don't believe it myself -- -- my heart it. I still have just minutes from what I saw on the drive and -- and that's how bad it was -- news radio 930 WB EN. Yeah. He then back. Yeah. He's like this song. You have this problem -- baskets. Yeah. -- -- -- -- 334 and is ready above thirty WB. Down. And it is our way I'll get to what gave me all almost gave me a heart attack and the driver -- -- work today in just a moment but. We have by breaking news -- the NY safe front. Now I wish it was really really really dramatic but it's a Monday -- -- week you get and joining us now from Hamburg. We have -- gentleman by the name of of -- bridges now that name sounds familiar it is because -- bridges is the second guy in the town of Hamburg to receive notice from the code enforcement office that his repeal and -- safe sign on his fans was in violation of town code. And that -- needed to take it down. -- tell us the very latest what just happened it went that it happened and what are you gonna do. -- see there's just -- little bit before noon. And mr. bra commercial we'll -- here official court summons forming from the site. And what is the official court summons me. Let go to amber count or April 20. And I am. And this is because I give us that for those who may not be familiar with -- of this story give us the the nickel tour of how this all begin what's going on between you and the town of Hamburg which are culminated at least that today just before noon in your receiving the notice to appear in court. And that's CO authors say virtually excellent career received a letter saying that away. It's exciting and attachments and work it both sides. Violates so Hamburg stone cold for protection signed the samples. That two days later retreat receive an official -- Stating that the -- that. And the strong course bit by April southern answer remedy the situation -- our country's court summons. Which I could tell there from the get go I think he understood that the site content now. Soul you will be appearing at -- -- towel in court. And then what is the day event again because I want obviously I'm typing in the background I wanna put this up on FaceBook so everybody has the information. April -- say that they begin to come out. The 25 okay the 25 at 10 AM. And now that the last time they try to bring in somebody to Hamburg court over he will -- and -- safe sign. The Hamburg town court said. We can't hear this because. You know we we don't believe we could be -- they recused themselves from the case what's gonna happen. Well but I have never sure who -- -- -- -- doing -- to donors are the same way it's. I know one of the county judges and -- judge. Well probably just took Kirk well. And who knows -- and him. Not the the first guy as a worker. My understanding is nothing's happening with him at this point. Yeah it is invoke. Allegedly nobody else wants -- cities. I don't blame them because there's some black guy. Wow so. All right you're gonna go to court now. All right and have you retained counsel for this fury. I'd like to contact an attorney to date just here meetings so your -- along and you know to kind of see what he has sustain them. Kind of just it would happen. Do you believe and again this is a question of belief as opposed to a question of fact. Bet your being involved along with scar the firearms training of Western New York last weekend in distributing all of those repeal and -- safe signs. In the town of Hamburg had anything to do with the town issuing the summons today. I don't think so and they can drag their feet and it I don't not necessarily who they have -- yelling what's on the shoot me the first letter. And there are probably just trying to game plan and see what the best way to do was -- down by a court actually called me. That they're not gonna allow anonymous phone calls first such violations anymore. Which is kind of funny because it's simple as my case standing query guys up anyway. Yeah well. -- vets who have very interesting question. And apple not to mention the fact that they should be at their discretion. If I'm if on the mistaken right how much they wanna push this is really up to -- -- Well it's it's just -- in the park you know he uses -- till it's over his treatment solutions to mr. which I understand it -- -- right. You know so it's a safari can take it you know. So I. Have you had any -- at all I mean you heard I'm sure the interview we did with Paul camera here about you end this very issue corrected your First Amendment right and the -- -- beat Julia which have put up on my FaceBook pages billion times. -- mean you're in the right -- Yeah that's what kind of blew my mind and it first well it an issue -- so what's Justin Holland and take. And it was for today and I was just kind of part of a little bit because. It's just why bother. My opinion you know it's a sign an -- up. All of us who you know and told me he does not an important stop similar earlier ballot by a strip -- -- so this -- really that important. -- Gary just really funny too is that a whole bunch of people went when I first started talking about your story over repeal and -- say it. All bunch of people on over to the town of never dog park. They took pictures. Of science affixed to the columns owned fence at the dog park which I found a hilarious and be ironic. Yeah you know it's it's it's such an important code that its locations child today election about. It's also may not produce something and turned up after yourself. I'm sorry I just I final thing funny -- -- it's like -- it's like Al Gore selling its network Al-Jazeera. It's like Obama are going off a gazillion vacations and leave your carbon footprint on the world despite -- that nonstop chattering about. Global warming and carbon emissions and fossil fuels and all this nonsense so up anyway here's what I put down in my breaking news and FaceBook Gary. Breaking Hamburg resident Gary bridges today. Summoned to Hamburg town court April 25 at 10 AM. Over his repeal and why safe sign attached to his fence any thing else I need to add to that to make it absolutely. Accurate. -- Okay wanted to put a post there all all I was gonna ask you want people to show up to a protest in your favor or do you wanna keep this on the down well. Yeah that's figures. And here is -- and we're not sure they're more than welcome to. I'm very content to keep people on a few people contact means course. All go to FaceBook you know assists break cries of out. You know racism and all that -- that's and the to a street and think you -- you know that's some little old ladies and that's kind of cancer sense. But the guys in 1997. Our relationship they sent down I don't think so haven't seen in my case. And it's like property five cents I do not agree with -- intact at all so why do I have to amend my -- to make the town at. Well you are well officially on the FaceBook page the update on this continuing saga Gary and what I -- great about this whole story is two people in a row who've been summoned by -- town of Hamburg. Have had the connections and the savvy to get in touch with me. And to make this a media story so you were not alone in fighting City Hall or I guess in this case tolerant of all you've got people were aware of what's going on and who had your back. I definitely appreciate it -- did pretty good and certainly with two they -- stages of planning -- -- last Saturday signs. Article accurately size. It's it was pretty cool down a majority of people. I'm definitely 90% were actually on the town amber now. -- -- -- You know I don't really usually ask for things like this but you know I am expecting a fifty caliber desert eagle out of all of us you know when everything is said and done I just wanted to throw that out there for your -- Or the no no wait. I want a desert eagle. I want to presidency on I haven't entered that at pretender until I got one. Durham just haven't found with -- They look I'll talk to you real soon continue to keep me updated and look you've got more friends. How many friends you got. Its nuclear growing numbers. You must get the ones I keep losing -- right anyway Jerry thanks very much for joining us with the update and always appreciated and natural continue to follow and cover and monitor your stories. Our Gary Gary bridges from the town of Hamburg and again the breaking news on that Friday we promised you we continue to cover and we are. He was today issued a summons to -- -- court April 25 10 AM over his repeal -- sign attached to his fans mr. bond -- works with the and he said so and you know basically. Alexander's. It's not personal it's strictly business so I got -- -- it was not a contentious meeting whatsoever. 344. At news radio 930 WBZ end. All right we are just trucking along we've already had one new development Matt. And ladies and gentlemen idea need to share something with you. And you know what. Joseph. Either way I do this whether -- break now right brake later it's going to segue perfectly. So let's break now. All right because I I saw something of a drive and it worked today folks my heart is still pounding. Now when my heart is pounding the weight -- likeness. It's going to be a great show or. You'll hear my pacemaker go off and here he thought on the floor and then immediately spring back to life. So upstate listening to see the outcome. Of this. Boom boom boom in my heart all I saw something real bad on the drive and that maybe you sought to on WB Ian. And ladies gentlemen I don't even know how to say this though without sounding like a total and complete hurt and apple. Com well all I can say is the -- forecast says. Rain this evening. It's going to change to snow and maybe one to two inches overnight it's going to be colder overnight and windy with rain and thunderstorm and 34. Below. And tomorrow the best will do is about forty degrees as a high shoot me now. Joseph what do we have right now. 57. At WB and so anyway you know literally -- a funny you know you're from buffalo when you don't think it's that -- usual. That one day. You're clear out the garden of leaves and detritus and throwing down the season's first layer of any and the next day you're regretting taking your snowblower in the giving it serviced. Soul or to get -- service that -- you know -- from buffalo threw down my first three years I didn't think I was gonna have to shovel again. -- may be wrong. Already there it is a 352. Now those have you been with me for a while just one more thing -- -- dimension and I will put this up on FaceBook as well. I still get emails from folks wanting to know hey top. Do you know where we can get the repeal and why safe science. And now this is -- question I've gotten a million times obviously. To this person it's the first time they thought of asking it. I guess I do you go to scope and why dot org. Scope and -- dot org shooters committee on political education shoot scope dot org -- -- you can hook up with a sign that way just so you know and I'll put up on FaceBook go I have a chance now. Ladies and gentlemen I want to think about yourself -- -- you think about older parents I have not on this topic in a long time. But I have to do it today because folks may Paul wrote how many of you were on maple road it. At about 1 o'clock this afternoon between 1 PM at 150. How many viewer and maple road at -- between like north forest and swindle. All right if you work you know exactly what I'm talking about. There was well there's no delicate way to -- -- I'll try to say this respectfully because he could be Elizabeth. There was an older gentleman in a white Cadillac. Who does not. Deserve a driver's license anymore at all. I'm sorry but he simply does not. This guy literally in his white Cadillac was all over the road he was swerving like -- -- And for long stretches when I say long stretches I mean like -- -- He was in the right hand -- now as you know arc to right hand lanes on maple road heading from north force toward the boulevard ball. I think he thought he was taking off in the airplanes because the center of his Cadillac was right over the dotted white line. Now he was right in the middle of them like -- I expected him to rotate and take off at any moment but the last I checked cadillacs do not have the ability to fly. Ladies and gentlemen this guy I have a license number. I have up past his license number on to a friend in law enforcement to see what can be done. Because folks. I don't mean to be a stretch and I don't -- to drop a dime on somebody but this guy eight. It was so bad if you know that feeling when you're behind somebody. And they are so bad driving you don't you wanna go buy them because you know they're gonna swerve over -- to if you do. Three different times I saw somebody tried to get by them. And at the -- they tried getting by then he would swerve over right toward that -- like it was a magnet. And if you know this guy and I got to be respectful -- -- eight eat World War II better so I gotta be respectful toward. But it was a white Cadillac. And it was driven by a single white male. And the out letters on the license plate -- is an Adam F as in frank. And there were two numbers after the letters. OK if you know this guy if maybe you're his kid. With all respect and love and asking you to please get him off the road he's gonna kill somebody. You're gonna get a phone call that he's killed himself on a car crash he does not have the vision of where the reflexes to drive anymore. He is a menace and needs to get off the road how in the world do you get your parent to give up driving all of my poor kids whose. -- they know it's going to be tough for me. Ball all wanted to be the worst I make 8030930. WB Ian let's get into this after four.

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