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4-14 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're back with Beijing governor have sandy beach Jeb Bush is seen as a possible presidential candidate for the Republicans. I don't wanna see him run for a lot of reasons those people who know politics say he may have been the most accomplished reminds might be the most accomplished. Of of the bush family as far as his father and his brother concern. But -- now know not from eight. In a an interview. In the library of the -- George Bush library in Texas he said immigrants who enter the country illegally showed in fact pay a penalty. But he added that. He reviewed such a violation and found it to be a different kind of crime. And the quote we gives his yes they broke the law but it's not a felony it's an act of law. And that suddenly ago lot of people very angry. Simply because by by positioning it as an act of love. It makes it makes a Republicans seem even further out on a limb if they don't favorite. If -- favorite. If if one of the -- positions it as an act of lava and you're against that what are you against. You're against an act of love. Like the Democrats said that. If the Democrats said that some people -- would be able to differentiate well yeah odds that Democrat trying to. Shoot down Jeb Bush's campaign but when Jeb Bush as that then how what do you do what do you do after that. You give your position and your position is perceived as being against. -- So we are so screwed I can't tell you really are. And I'm asking you the Republicans regarding immigration reform. Are they damned if they do damned if they don't and what do you suggest. Let's go to -- Carroll in Lancaster -- here on WB yen. Yes I. Well I don't know quite what that obedient if they do would be in this -- don't like obedient to pay if they don't do something. In my books with me I'm about ready to quit and not even by the bode anymore cricket doesn't seem to make any dissent. But I think the issue to enforce the laws on the books -- and there's a whole lot of by the issue that they never bring up like proportionately additional jobs here right. So why would you let a million more. Illegal people bees -- here. And what take gaps and get it to the world. Well we have about thirteen million here and now. I would like to know how many of them are working and how many of them working and paying taxes on it or they are working under the table. Which means -- job is being taken up and not only do somebody else not going to have that job and aggravated taxes on. Exactly and another thing act I kind of look at it is we. We become our country get to reward good behavior. For example if you come here illegally record a reward chewing like UBS citizen anyway. We're -- here Bobby young girls about the DP and we reward tip get behavior by giving them welfare and giving her own apartment and food shelter clothing. -- -- Now I am joke about the whole point is this a they have -- position the Republicans the Republicans are scared stiff. As being position anymore than they already are as haters not caring for minorities blah blah blah blah blah that's the Republicans. As I assume that's what they do that's -- stock in trade. I I I think that they can never come out with. If they ever came out with the true facts and at and some of the economics behind get and you can look like we're not gonna reward be at behavior. The same thing like with the welfare system medical rewarding bad behavior of tiger about but actually get. I'm -- -- linking about the faith and vote we need every vote when dad thank you Carol. Yeah I do not give up two of the vote about the point is this the Republicans are trying. At least one last I saw. Let's have some semblance of conscience when it comes to immigration legal immigration. It's not like we don't have a policy it's not like we don't have laws -- -- not like we don't have legal immigration -- certainly though the others don't -- bother with it. It's -- time consuming us who costly it's too cumbersome whatever. So they're just going the back door when nobody's looking and then the Democrats are saying yeah. Here we want you to stay here's some cards available identify you as an illegal which they're offering in New York City now. So that you can get your benefits earlier why don't think Democrats just simply. Take over -- may -- -- saying like where whole wars. Where -- were willing to horror ourselves out in order to get your vote the difference between a -- and the Democrats is that a -- only sells her own body. Okay the Democrats are selling your paycheck now. The Democrats -- selling your future route the New York opportunity for a job out. That's what they're selling so sell your home if you choose to do that don't sell everybody else's. The bottom line is that the benefits are not paid for with just democratic money paid -- everybody's money and that includes you. You did at the right way. Maybe your parents did have the right way may be your grandparents have the right way but screw the right way. Barack Obama has said he doesn't even need congress. He can just do what he wants to do and every time he stubs his toe you've got to wonder if there's any communication. In in the White House when he talked about the pay discrepancy. Between women and men in the job market. He didn't even check and his people didn't even check to see if there was any discrepancy in the White House. And guess while their allies so after he was decrying him for every place else it was discovered that he has in himself. So it is just it's and it's a nightmare what's going on in the country. Let's see you're Rambo Jim thanks a -- here on WBN. Yeah -- -- -- immediately -- straight to look at that what we're pretty. Sure I've watched spot. Saturday night in that what happened with its cattle rancher okay yeah. -- proud of the -- a guy they go up from across the country and that. Now I'm not making -- stop the reporters for box -- they that they. The -- diaper -- about high ground. The first thing about what you did what they secured I wrote the book what I say it's an -- retired soldier. Our world war there is always always always secure I -- -- They got on the overpass which -- have been doctored the -- and any other available -- -- they position their snipers about migrant. What aspect of that right well on the -- hit the bad crop because they had been witnessed but what would vipers. Looking at the scope of their rightful. Point literally put. Well the -- in the polls that little guy from federal -- and David -- -- -- it's called. Put them in they're quiet but it object. Yeah I was I was gonna ask you -- -- -- sad part is that the people bear represented the government I'm sure that doesn't always represent their point of view they're there to do their duty. But they backed down. And -- build Bureau of Land Management must annulment or wrong right away but I think the fact is that when other citizens got involved in the in the militia people so. They they said this is not a fight worth having. And we don't know if there -- there's any -- beyond this rancher has the not paying via a not recognizing the authority that the federal government has. Or if this was an isolated incident and they'll think that this won't happen again what do you think. I'm -- they never thought. Yet they were they are dug containment if that it would start hurting I make this point. They didn't think that they were gonna get this OPEC. Did not hear any respect for Malaysia. Not what that respect -- -- I thought that the -- Out gunned down in -- -- out older. Well let's hope that. I would rather settle us at the ballot box but I can understand when go when your neighbor and it aired here they are coming down on American citizen. Who you know has been here generation after generation and I don't care who sneaks in the country. I'd I think that suddenly just can't go ahead let's hope the gunfire doesn't president's joke but they got to be smarter than this -- and and picked their places to fight and that was not the place to fight. The fact of the federal government backed down surprise me to be honest -- but maybe they said they thought it was not worth fighting who knows this. This. Farmer. Ranch manager. May have been the only case like this and they don't think it's gonna go beyond that but I think it says something that they back down. Where you surprised that they backed down no not really I don't think the administration wants the publicity they were in the wrong place and especially for the upcoming elections. Yeah that's the last thing and -- because if you're going to pretend. To be you know on the side of the regular people when you campy. Stop on on what your votes doesn't work out too well. Now but you still have the laughter I see down on FaceBook in fact one of colleague that works in this building is not that bright. I'll post and how it is. How -- wait white rednecks. Sticking up for the rancher. -- I have no problem denying people of welfare. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well we all have brains when we start I don't know sometimes they leave us before we get tool will be back after this. Regarding immigration reform are the Republicans damned if they do and damned if they don't. And I think they are are really truly -- I don't see your way out of this but in what you suggest that Chris that we've got a lot of phase or post -- ignoble. This is from Davey says the overwhelming majority of Americans want the borders secured and illegal immigrants with criminal records deported I'm tired of the left wing propaganda on this issue. Well I am till I really am. Since when do -- country one of their first missions as a secure your own borders. What's have been as a joke the way it is right now we're asking Border Patrol agents to risked their lives. And is to enforce the laws that the federal government doesn't seem to want to enforce and wanna change. I mean it just doesn't make any sense another missile and comes from varieties of the legal or not immigration reform makes sense economically. And I think it would save us money we should figure somebody out. Tell me I'd like him to explain to me how it makes sense economically. I'd like to know that because in order for -- to. The Prague for it to make sense economically. The production would have to exceed. The outlay tell me how that's going to happen I'd like -- -- that. If there's thirteen million people in this country right now. Com many of them are working under the table. Are the ones that are working under the table don't pay taxes. Not only do they not pay taxes but somebody else who could it was here legally could've had that job and paid taxes. As you explain to me how the productivity thing works. Also if you're here legally you're probably -- if you have a job you're working for absolute dirt wages tell me how that does. Tell how all these extra programs that have to prop up. Many of the people and probably. A very -- number of the people coming here illegally we have to prop. Them up economically educationally. Health wise you tell me how that is going to help the economy. With thirteen million people who are basically vacuum cleaners for programs and cash. And not much coming up the other side in not to mention how many of them when they get Ernie sent back to their back to own country absolutely. So if you think it helps economically I'd like to -- -- I'd be very interesting to know how you think it's gonna help economic. All right let's go to. Kevin would be next Kevin and demo that our front -- And you're on WBN. New York so you'll -- what's on Andre. You don't. You're -- party. In a position where they are right now which it and it did do it and there is equity north he would be. Under in the country into them that the exit or wrong. And I sure most would they are intellectual. Even -- and we'd be out here under Republican leadership Nokia should veto. I know certain trumpet -- -- -- Albany a couple of weeks ago. Now. -- You a veto on. It. Except immigration because talks and in this message that such a Pulitzer ago. It's that it's amazing how somebody inside the -- like trump or in this case jarred George Bush. Cannot hurt the party as much as somebody outside the party. Because trumpet is labeled as to Reno a loser right away and now Jeb Bush says that illegal immigrants are just committing an act of law of so now it's somebody within within the walls of the Republican Party saying what the Democrats are accusing us up. Yes exactly so we will -- -- really you know we're we're we're worried about situation here -- again. You see it but it's got to be seen restore with stupid out here with the problem. Low information voters I'm in the sense that. Problem we would seek a third party or something there let's get some independence but it seems to be Mission Impossible. Now. I'm what you know -- I wish there were -- real old viable alternative Kevin but I don't think Perez. If you really don't think about it third party almost impossible. And right now the way the Republican Party is he got part of the Republican Party wanting to just give in and say OK we love you illegals we love you illegals. Can we count on your vote when we finally get to the citizenship. That's what it's like now of the 29%. Of the Hispanic vote. That Mitt Romney got. I assume that those are people homeless it's just rampant voter fraud -- citizens. Now are those citizens' -- Sanyo where citizens here. We did what we had to do to become citizens but other people from our country we don't favor of them having to do it. So where it will be in favor of you granting them. Amnesty and eventually citizenship do you see that happening when you've done all the work. You've done at the right way and and then there are others sneaking in the back door that you don't. That you want to comment I don't get that really don't. But that's that's where it -- add one and the people -- -- trying to get to vote for you. Know that the only reason you're going Mets as the Republicans would because they're kicking and screaming and dragging. Is because you want them to vote for you when they can when they become citizens. I think it's gonna work in reverse. I think you're done I think -- caught because they're gonna remember the Democrats the Democrats are the ones that pushed that the Democrats are the ones that that made it a top priority the Republicans only want along at the end -- the agency another outlet so do you think those -- gonna vote for. Not likely not likely. But remember what the end game is. Remember it's not how you start anything it's how you finish at the end game is best citizenship. Without citizenship the rest of it doesn't make any sense even for the Democrats. So that's what gentler now for -- -- -- progress that whoever -- with a meeting they'll be the trader. Well remember that -- It'll end up in citizenship market down take it to the bank will be back activists. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now -- 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Yeah I want to thank Jeb Bush. An insider in the Republican Party whose father was president whose brother was president to say talking about illegals now. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony it's an act of love. O meg -- Cagney would you please. So now somebody within the Republican Party is saying itself that can be brought up any time Republicans don't wanna just cave and openly -- borders let anybody come and they'll say look one of their own. With a pedigree. Second to none. Says that it's an act of law. So if you're against anything they want then you're against. An act of law. You wanna separate men from women you wanna separate the kids from -- blob blob blob blob law he should just kept his mouth shut in -- for so either save a run for president or not but doing this. A really doesn't help anybody except the Democrats that's who it helps Hillary Clinton I'm sure love that quote. Because now they users hammer it home and it wasn't said by Hillary Clinton she didn't have to say it has said. And it's just pathetic as well. Let's go to nick and buffalo and Acura W via. OK -- thanks for calling what you have forest and he. -- It is stare -- partner policy that illegal immigrants be illegal. For more educated. Immigration while I like that. There are gonna produce anything -- -- not only from the in the country while we bring in more people educated civil society. And more at who -- I like I mean I like that whole thought of true reform and that's what you're talking about. And it make it make it more streamlined we've certainly got them -- Knowledge now to make it -- quicker more efficient Prague. -- kind of process let's do that that would be reform. But every every parent every doctor. Just you don't -- them all straight line path to citizenship. See what happens as people come here and they get via education MM either of the money goes back to a home country or they go back on country's. Your right -- Democrat Democrat or -- or Democrat. Yeah I am. And if if you are if you are Hispanic and you'll read that they're the only reason anybody has any interest in doing that stuff. It is because they could count on you for a vote down maligned. I don't think you're going to cross a party you gonna stay a Democrat you aren't gonna become a Republican for that. -- Makes absolutely no sense -- the doors for democratic you know Alford democratic base while we pushed for more cheated immigrants and open up the based ordered -- -- Well said while zednik I was sure testifying in congress you make a lot of sense. You know it's almost like it's almost like a Trojan horses and a they felt a Trojan horse upward illegals and they say come on. Command BS you know have a heart. This is just an act of love -- barely -- -- but here all the horrors and bring this whole sample of illegals. Is there yeah I you know why not. Let's enjoy and then suddenly what happens you'll never win another vote in your life that's what will happen because eventually. Anything they do now of immigration is gonna be end game is going to be citizenship they can say it's not. Just like New York State says will never stop you for a a simple seatbelt violation and have to be something else. Know what they do. Several blocks seatbelts I think he can say anything they want what they say and what they do are two different things. So they say no no no amnesty no -- amnesty. But just the ones that are here remember. When Reagan was in office there was a general amnesty people forget that right now they want another one. It'll it'll it'll show up after we allow these thirteen million or so nobody really knows -- bar. Vote people who are here illegally to stay here. Then the next step is amnesty now he's suddenly got thirteen million more basically Democrat voters as Virginia. Now you tell me -- dig yourself out of that hole the answer is you can't. You won't and it'll be the -- your party as you know so that's the reason I phrase the question today. Regarding immigration reform. Are the Republicans damned if they do and damned if they don't if they do so it's the end of them as a party. And if they don't it's going to be even more difficult to blow because the Democrats gonna keep hammering missed. To win any elections of screwed either way as far as I'm concerned what do you suggest people were real reform. Talked of the people who went through legally. And they'll tell you the nightmares of some of the stories. How hard they had to work to get it done a much -- get it -- how to time consuming it was. And then reform that reform existing laws because one thing got to remember. Where did the existing laws come from that they fall out of this guy know they were passed by congress. Did the president signed him of course they wouldn't it be they wouldn't be laws so you have a prior congress in a prior president said these are. Of the laws that we're gonna use to decide who comes in this country suddenly a nobody cares about that because it's it is not convenient right now. Right now we've got enough and it's not in the country. That if weakened since day and eventually get citizenship. The Democratic Party will be for ever and the Republicans will be a memory. That's the way you will be no mobile nobody will no matter how good the idea of the plan without democratic approval is not on an -- So if you're ready to give up every future election. And then be in favor of a program like this and it is a look at some states like Arizona I mean they see it they see -- where. Reaching critical mass in some counties and once you get critical mass it's all about the votes. Nothing matters but they'll vote you know reminds me of the buffalo school board. One vote shy of sanity. Notice how many people -- running -- this election OK maybe they'll come to their senses except for best Allen got the track. They have a public meeting to discuss the billion dollar buffalo a school budget okay. To the public so that this is of interest to you with a billion dollars and where we're going down quickly into a vortex of failure here. All right guess how many. Of the public -- Three. Not 3000. Not 303. Three citizens a buffalo showed up for the billion dollar budget. And you talk about -- Take a picture of a buffalo at times you'll will be back Chris a couple of FaceBook entries plays -- go back to the calls this one comes from branches as immigration as viable at all depends on -- -- -- if you follow all the legal steps to get here. That's OK you can stay but if not I think he should be sent back. I'm what you -- totally I'm totally in favor of immigration I saw what it differ. For my grandfather my grandmother and that's fine -- should be not now not now I mean up. -- if they really want reform reform the existing laws. Make it more efficient and make it to you know a shorter time. -- time frame involved maybe less money involved. Do that that's true reform what they're talking about now is that reform. It's -- sounds good by calling it reform but it's not is really is and its disregard all the laws. And reward all the law breakers now fat -- like reformed to you know. It doesn't sound like that to me another. This one comes from Amy she says Republicans are damned if they do and damned if they don't in every aspect of politics. The device in this in America reminds me of playground factions I'm embarrassed by at all. Well it's too bad that we no longer have a congress or an executive branch that works well together. But we've seen them from the executive branch from the president. Kind of telling us it doesn't really even need the legislative branch -- just do it. With the executive. Orders and things like that so that doesn't that doesn't bode well for cooperation. This is funny because. On the phone on one line we have John and on second line we have Wayne together we have John Wayne who passed away many years ago. But is still one of my favorites. John and buffalo John here on WB yeah. I what. Carol someone. Or court in don't have documentation. It -- dispute. Spoke Spanish wouldn't they are negative effect and why why were concerned that there it lets you let that kind of -- -- -- your papers. It's shadow. Our -- but right now -- ready or that it's become a matter and you wouldn't have they've been there. What you what you bring have a good point and and we thought we did it as almost a comedy bit when they were talking about a New York City. Issuing cards so illegals to get their benefits sooner. How do you prove your real legal another -- we have weakened probe were legal but how do you approve your legal it's the same thing you're asking John. Well but -- elected at a time they're saying that several people. You know going out. Come but I mean -- -- That there are -- Some -- -- you look -- sure you know year if your idea you know -- that the man and I bet it would -- language netbook and it. Boy your true -- I mean we can't even ask people. To show ID -- to vote so you bring up a very legitimate point thank you. Let's go to -- half of John Wayne this is weighing in though -- there -- on WB yeah. I won't. I just wanted to make the point that. Throughout this the immigration. Sure. They have been saying we -- find these people. We can't find them there's too many of them. There's twelve million or thirteen million. All my point is bad. In 1940. That Germans were able to locate eleven million. Jewish people Gypsies homosexuals. All kinds of people all wish. And let me -- -- paper and pencil. We have. We use our computers. And supercomputers. We have so Arnold are able to spot -- and you individuals saying in the wild from orbit. So don't give me your only about not being able to locate people to deport them. Last week. We have the technology. At the Germans could do and I am. You know saying that the Germans did any good thing. No I had -- I understand what you're saying you're saying the actual location park. Well look your wardrobe we had no problems rounding up Japanese Americans in in -- them after -- Pearl Harbor -- so. Well there's a -- there's -- way and -- the sophistication. Now of satellites and and -- our computers and things like that make the argument that we can't find them pretty pretty silly. It's amazing how if the IRS is looking for you they can find. Pop pop pop up but here's the nose strip though strangely silent. About this whole immigration thing. Is the IRS. Why you think the IRS would be salivating. To find out which employers are hiring people under the table. And not paying the taxes. Because nothing is taken out of that -- cash and short and so it's it's all kinds of cash changing hands. So not only would be employer be be able to be prosecuted. Because they're breaking the law I don't know I'll. My job how effective will be to prosecute the person. Who is not paying them you know from earning. Their salary because it probably wouldn't have much or go after. But the employer certainly would and you don't hear about them talking about that at all. It's not about that at all is that nobody iris with a obamacare. They talk about the -- now. It's due tomorrow by the way they said that they're stretched. Because -- -- manpower things that this is the least chance you'll be audited in a sense. Like several decades ago. But remember they added a whole bunch of new IRS of people. To oversee Obama care but they delayed some of the aspects of that so we don't know but they're they claim they're being stretched. -- at all worry we're not in a very good position right now. Because we're willing to sell anything for something else. The Democrats are perfectly willing to sell the laws of the land just -- right out in order to grow some more voters. The Republicans are willing to listen of that even though they don't favor of it most of them. I don't favorite in order to try and not look like their haters or they don't care it's all about appearances. It's all about the future. -- it's really about the people is. None of it's really about the people who come -- the country it's all about how they can be knows. -- -- benefit of -- going to be in my party. One new program can I roll out where I can employ on my idea that my constituents and the benefit people who don't have anything when they come here and don't bring anything welcome. Basically I say illegal immigration absolutely right reform that make it easier make it make the process more streamlined. But just opening the door and say -- twelve or thirteen million -- he gets a year. And then later on who work on amnesty. The big day there on talk about that now that'll scare you off because you're too dumb to figure out yourself right that's what they thing. That about wraps it up from region governor we'll see tomorrow at nine. Unless my green papers aren't in order on -- later and I'm thirty WB yeah. Well. Which they never had to -- his views.

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