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4-14 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The backward Beijing got a way and I'm. Frustrated by the fact that the Republican Party in my mind is damned if they do and damned if they don't what are we talking about we're talking about immigration reform. But it's not really reform -- it appeared that the you know politics is looking for they're looking to reward people who are here legally let them stay here. And reward them I mean I've had to -- that's not reformer -- to me it would take the existing laws make them more efficient bring them up to date. May be make the department a larger so that they can Barbie process that at a faster rate that to me would be reform. And I want you to think of what a crazy time -- -- we're living in right now. If you are not in favor of what I just described. Just so letting them in and giving them rewards and not expelling them from a country. Your your -- your position by the Democrats as -- hader. You're hater I want you to think of any other group of people of broken a law. If you were not in favor of rewarding them and for giving them effective they broke the law that you would be described as a hitter. I mean a guy yeah and those people rob the storm now am I I want him in jail what are you hater. -- 100 miles an -- on the young men and old people like him speeding and recklessly you know. -- causing traffic accidents I'd like them Avaya a higher insurance rates and tickets. You'll hey let's admit it yet that's how you are view mood. That's -- your position. As I said the Democrats are ones are good at one thing for sure. And that's positioning the Republicans. In negative blow ways so the Republicans have to spend half of their effort half of their -- half of any kind of vote. Ability to get something done saying we're not haters I mean that's that's what it amounts to. Now the last thing we need is Jeb Bush. Saying yes they broke the law but it's not a felony it's an act of love one of the reasons. Is. While -- argument you in this story because he is married. To a woman. Who might I don't I think she's here legally will find out here. With three little words this is and AP's story. Governor Jeb Bush former governor of Florida set off a flurry of this week. As -- served as a -- reminder of how difficult the immigration issue. Remains for his possible presidency. Candidates president. Bush has long urged his fellow Republicans to show more compassion. For those who enter the country illegally but whom he described. As doing it for an act of law by people hoping to provide for their families. The backlash from his own party was swept in and stinging. Representative Raul Labrador of Idaho. Accused him of pandering. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and house speaker John Boehner I said the country should enforce the rule of law which I agree with. Michelle marker and created into a Twitter hash -- it's hash tag canceled Jeb Bush. Scioscia obviously isn't happy either some of the biggest contributors to the party. Are not happy that. Some members of the party don't wanna just let everybody and Mitt Romney took a hard line -- you called advisory call he advocated self deportation. He got 27%. Of the Hispanic vote. Okay I want to think about this through before going further in this article. If you are doing it because you'd think that by doing it it can be a vote for you that's pretty selfish the star. -- -- are Hispanic. And you know the only reason this Republican would agree. To do something you might like is to get your vote that's the only reason. And part of a four way about -- Democrats who pushed him into. Yeah because you're absolutely gonna get a better deal in any time any way shape or form any time. Off from the Democrats and Republicans. Because strangely enough we Republicans believe. Well I don't know earning your own way. Being a good record of being a good citizen. But you know paying your own bills not with your handouts of the government is as basic premise that sold so far different between the parties. But the -- but the Republicans are willing to prostitute themselves in exchange for some votes. He got 27%. Gee if we let everybody in for free uh oh we let everybody without so. Going through that pesky immigration and maybe it will get 35%. And it's insane -- are gonna get him anyway and guess what happens. -- what happens. As soon as you reach critical mass because this will be down on the road a path. To citizenship. You know it and I know there's no reason to do it unless it's a path to citizenship because in order for it to pay off for those of those that. Politicians it's got to be in exchange for vote otherwise it doesn't make much sense that there aren't. So you know as well as I do that once you reach critical mass and they are reaching that in some states already. That -- vote whatever they want a vote. They can vote for whomever they choose whatever laws that shows or whatever and it won't matter Powell rights issue are all right you are how broke you are because you're paying for everybody. They will have the votes it will be the perfect storm so by the Republicans. Caving to this stuff. In the natural path it's going to take big write themselves out of business. They simply will right themselves -- -- will no longer be relevant it won't matter what they voted for. It no matter what they stand up for it won't matter if they have good ideas good people none of that will matter because they will never get the votes again. The people that they're going to open the floodgates so you know they estimate nobody really knows. But they estimate they're thirteen million now he's here now. Thirteen million once that pathway to citizenship opens the Republicans are caught. So here's what happens here -- their choices. They can they can fight the good fighters I see it and try and reform truly reform immigration by making it. A faster more efficient -- whatever adjective you want to use. They can do that. Or they -- cave. If they cave they're done as a party. They truly are done as a party they'll always be positioned as the haters. It is it doesn't matter nobody's gonna take time to explain it is not really hate you just don't wanna help them. -- mom and dad and seventeen children who are coming here for a better life. You don't wanna take care of -- -- hater that's that you are -- wouldn't it doesn't matter that they didn't follow the rules. There are here illegally the people put their lives on the line to make sure they didn't get here but here anyway. That matter your prayer -- your non core muscles are no party. The Republican National Committee. As urged the GOP to embrace an immigration overhaul but comprehensive legislation remains stalled again. Have you heard anybody suggest what I just suggest taking the existing laws and making them more efficient more up to date. Nobody. Dole by the takes too long and -- that. They don't wanna do that and he says what do you do with the thirteen million that are here now by estimates. It's just easier it'll enemy and get the credit for. That's what's -- get the credit for it. So that they'll vote for you and your party for ever they will never forget it will be generational. You got -- you will be in charge for ever if you can get this done. Meanwhile if your Republican your fighting this you're just a hater. It's going to kill the Republican Party says Al Hoffman a Republican and a mega donor. Who chaired George W Bush's presidential campaigns. He and others urged the GOP needs a nominee with a Nixon goes to China mentality. What's the party leaders take an audacious if not popular step. On issues such as immigration. They suggest that it's necessary. And hard to peel away some Hispanic voters. From Democrats and 26 things. About it. Let's say OK to lawbreakers because we might peel away some votes. What they don't say is -- votes coming from. If you're not a citizen news as far as I -- -- -- Obama issued an executive order overturning the constitution. You have to be a citizen to vote about it soy based saying that the people who are here that are citizens that are allowed to vote. Are in favor of other people not following the same path they did. And if you if you let them men might be relatives might be friends might be somebody from their home country that they're going to vote for. Is see it's it's pathetic because neither party makes any suggestion about doing it 'cause it's the right thing to do. They're both suggesting that they can do it because you'll peel off voters here there and everywhere that's what it's all about meanwhile who pays Travis. A you'd do you pay for got at the politicians have very easy -- your money. When the blahs CO the mayor of New York City says we got to put up these special. Identification and ID cards that would be too much to ask these special cards. So that illegals. Yes step right up your -- here's the card in this will allow you to get your benefits faster. Illegals getting benefits is a road block to me to start with courts have ruled they canned. And and more expeditious treatment. We don't -- have to wait for them maybe we can mail -- to Mexico. So believe me if you can have a vote and never have to be without it in the American taxpayer is welcome to have a good ol' USA. For bush to debate -- personal or talk about Jeb Bush his wife Columbo. Was you have 19 ring coat drive a Peugeot but Colombo -- our. Here's his wife Colombo was born and grew up -- Mexico the two met while bush was an exchange student there she is now an American citizen. So that's great but she's a citizen so she didn't she became a citizen which is the right thing though. But the illegals. The illegals aren't citizens. So in order for it to pay off. It's going to have to make them and the citizens so they can vote you about a change the law that says that the -- It's going to be 12. -- neither one of them is very appetizing to. So we're asking you are opium. Regarding immigration reform other Republicans damned if they do on them they don't if they do oh. There'd -- -- -- they've written their own death war if they don't it's death by a thousand cuts. And it it will just get weaker and weaker and weaker take longer. What do you suggest we do will be back after yeah at -- party is really talking about reform and I'll tell you why in the -- calls a -- -- When's the last time you heard. Of them calling for appointing a committee. Some blue ribbon committee may be of people who've come to this country legally. And how difficult it was in the roadblocks they faced in the expands and all the things necessary to do legally. Why not have a committee like that testify in front of congress come with their conclusions and have a spokesperson says -- -- congress has -- time that. To listen to Stephen Colbert -- in -- and actor testified before them. I would think if you're serious about reform you wanna know what's wrong with your system now what better way to -- -- what's wrong. There were people would have to go throw it. Nothing like that this is that in that that's a joke and and if you think about it like this if you are in another country. And you wanted to come to this country. What you know. You come in here legally it's a hell of a lot easier and you know that the appetite for these political parties to try and buy your vote is to give you whatever benefits that you -- as quickly as they can give you. And the fact -- here legally doesn't mean anything. When -- special ID cards. I mean come on give me a break with that. So having said that I think the Republicans are caught. Either way they're cooked. If they if they go -- -- -- enemy and they get to the pathway for citizenship and they. -- deny everything. The key will be to get these people. That that you want them as a lot of -- the hookers they're here illegal get them the right to vote that's the end game you know at nine all it. Because if you don't do that it's really not and media. And the idea passion of which you know you would try and get this thing done the quicker and get them to vote the better for you right. If that isn't there if that incentive isn't there. Then -- you don't hear anybody saying by the way the passion -- -- the country but they can never vote. Have a have a reporter asked that question. All of mr. presidential candidate. Would you be amenable to the fact that anybody who was allowed to stay here but could not become a citizen. Ever would you would you favor that. I can tell you what it's -- right now no we wouldn't limit them we want them to enjoy the fullness of America there Fuller crap is what they are. They really are but this is what we're facing either way the Republican Party is -- Let alone iPhone is totally dead Tony I mean there's not a -- Now 111. Night they should be up Peter and Ontario Peter -- on WB yen. A couple of over your on the -- I I just Mubarak bowed out in the country each year. Because all the struggle but. -- Buried deeply and I really believe. Your your. It. They're gonna try to what -- -- is boring people but there. They have a big green card. -- it's what you're gonna repeated. And and that and that we have the -- -- year. It should be. Up. And start on about human right tactic sure people continent country how we make strained her right. -- -- Could. It. With the former that we are you know he differences extremes exhibited extreme here. -- I'm -- and -- well I wish I didn't I wish I could disagree -- you but I can't I think you're absolutely. Right thank you for calling -- take a break now go back to work. The sub they're going comeback on news right and I'm thirty WBM. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona. WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 938 -- toll free line is 1806169236. And also our FaceBook page and post something very of your -- -- regarding immigration reform first of all let's. Why -- we pretending this is reformist reform. It's just that it totally turn the other way and -- effective thirteen million people. Have. Want to of the law and now you wanna find a way to keep him here so they can vote -- -- -- -- alerted as a shall wait. But regarding for today's argument. Regarding immigration reform are the Republicans damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they do they're not going to get bolts. It by the bushel load because people are gonna understand that the only reason they did it is to get their vote down -- And down maligned as the ultimate goal because they can't boneless as citizens policy change the constitution. But who knows -- in this atmosphere what's -- happened so if they don't let a man. There role for the Republicans are over as a party. Because they're going to be beholden to Democrats who put all the heat on the Republicans always time to do it. If they if they don't do it they're going to be positioned as they -- position now as hitters. So either way they're cooked. They allowed themselves to be put I don't play chess a -- I did because I could give you put you know are rarely good analogy but. They position themselves so that there is no exit there's no exit from -- a -- what you would suggest to my mind. It would be real reform. Appoint a blue ribbon committee of people who've been through it. And they get testimony in congress. And -- a reformed the existing laws as they stand that's whether existing. How can they be more efficient how can -- be as fair as they can be a committee be affordable things like that. Then you have reform and that pipeline opens up a little bit wider and there's no reason for anybody to have come in illegally. I still think we'll have an influx of illegals but at least -- not recognizing them as illegals. And and rewarding them as soon as they get here as I mean that's what did the big politicians can't give them more stuff. The only out that the Republicans have. Is by showing how much it's prosecute mine is a lot more people paying for the illegals and there are illegals aren't. I think the Republicans have to do some homework and find out how much how much money it is costing. I'm in benefits and and things lost in one of my talk about things cost of getting paid under the table. How many do you think are being paid under the table one what does that mean while it means other people don't have a job for one thing that also means that the IRS is looking the other way too. Because I don't know about you know. Are the taxes don't win tomorrow. Do you think they pay taxes on on the table wages I don't think so. Can you imagine the taxes do I -- the Democrats the Republicans I'd tally up as best we could. Taxes lost. A high and a expenses are related expenses for thirteen people and and while that number. People often times oh yes. Well sure they're here for a they've been here for a couple of years let him and until -- -- what -- costing them. Maybe they don't know now because it's that slow erosion of your dollar. Okay frank is an accident on a lot of frank you're on WB -- You are seeing it is do Republicans always speed demon guy is the party. And it doesn't like the minority. No matter what they do. They were all week beat a party of the minority Ayers it doesn't seem. Decade indicate who is gonna change at -- so you know what sparked our concern. They should -- full speed ahead. And block immigration. Because what ever made it back -- longer encouraged because that's not her her currently cheaper. Because it's not that matter. They cut Nadal are there's been this track -- -- immigration and like you said that we forwarded about reform -- back so laughable laughable work. Nothing you know reform engine take the original and you make -- more up today to make it more efficient to make it -- you make it affordable that's reform not just ignore that and let the others who skirted it in the first place stay here. -- RBC offbeat immigrant that came here legally. And work unit system the right wait what school. Did the right thing. You know it that it -- -- and there are -- the big that the right thing and it's the right way that you -- on the immigrant origin here illegally. And then they're gonna get air speed packet that you know I act than -- It's all going in the wrong direction and it sure that they -- you'd like who operator and everything. I thought of it when we're in -- during Vietnam. And everything get scorn and outrage that breaks my heart you were going to act. What they're more concerned about a farmer. Who care at all and are more concerned about her supporters at all. I wanna take the barber can't go away because it's it's his right. Violating -- rights. Nothing wrong during this Archie and but they're more concerned about -- channel picking away at Canterbury or are illegal immigration. Yeah -- follow it. Our gets worse justice former Supreme Court Justice Stevens has a book out. And I was rating part of the review of the book. Among the things he suggests is the US constitution needs a rewrite all rarely I think smarter people. Then him are the ones that wrote it should stay that way also a million dollars -- feds pull back. On -- back cattle issue in in Novato when they're good citizens stood up four of them for the right for that -- What's gone wrong in this -- -- other -- our government's willingness to its stock. All the right to stay in its alright to individual citizens. All or something inaccurate anti protect the -- well. Welcomes in insects. What ever and I don't violate the rights and individual. Jew -- to you shall. To protect their pay a technical thing tomorrow. And even count the ball -- -- The illegal company can actually it's well. And help her out there for how well our. It is so screwed up -- the last time you could remember attorney general in this case Eric Holder. Stating publicly. That he thinks that he and the president are held to different standards. Because of the color of their skin. If that's that this pickle ball. I mean that that's what we have that's what we have we have the CEO of the company which -- -- the president we have the chief legal advisor and prosecutor which would be the attorney general they both feel that they're being picked on. Are you out every kickback out tickets at a position current. -- -- All right thanks frank thank you very much as screwed up as a way to say it that's the way to says are getting any better either. You know I'm being serious crisis -- and I had this discussion not too long last week. I would be very hesitant right now if I were say in my twenties and just got married to bring a baby into this country are really well. I'd be very hesitant to do because I see it going absolutely in the wrong direction and now -- In a -- I didn't think that a single president. Could take it down as fast. And ought to get off the subject. Because -- out of the checks and balances of congress. Checks and balances of three branches of government checks and balances of the year a US Supreme Court. But it's happening and if you don't believe it start listening start paying attention and I think you'll believe in -- will be back after this Jeb Bush. Exposes GOP's immigration problem that's the headline of an AP story Jeb Bush said. Yes I keep in mind now. He might take a personal interest in this. -- when he was a law student. He met his wife Colombo. She was born in Mexico they met while he was an exchange student she is now an American citizen so he might have a feeling for -- but she's citizen. She's not here legally all right might have a feel for this but -- -- yes they broke the law I -- -- thirteen million illegals. But it's not a felony it's an act of love. -- there were trying to provide for their family there's still a lot of people very angry. And the the more row. Shall we say less angry what's the matter that you care about your fellow citizens yes you know I care about. The people who came here legally. And went through the expense. And went through the process like my grandfather. And grandmother. That's what I care about those people should not be made a joke off. Because right now you wanted scam some votes from people that if -- -- -- -- -- -- for -- It down the road when -- path to citizenship. Workers you know what's gonna happen. I know it's gonna happen. Stephen in buffalo Steven -- on WB at -- -- damned if they do and damned if they don't. Very much. I like your blue ribbon. Referendum bank bailout that is that I think they should do it in this way. They can quote immigration question that they know they lost both pro and a a writer bill saying that the states have the privilege to protect themselves is the tenth amendment. -- -- Republican states and states that don't want that and -- from the union I'll be even temporarily and then at the the democratic state they think the burden of the twenty million illegal people. And then making paper though and they can not get sick and decrepit and as they bankrupt. Let -- go bankrupt. And decrepit. Than that Republicans and reinstated the union. And you know they'll be okay. I like I like your attitude I don't know how far or give them but I like your attitudes they've. That's -- and take desperate measures and another Republican a couple of I know they are. Because they don't have below the driving the country is equates to lower listening anyway. So I think this state have the right see it's Iran themselves and they're gonna have to really go ahead and do just fine because as a matter -- Well that's -- that's how our union was set up that the states have the power but it seems to have gone upside down lately thank you Stephen. -- and everything about this for those of you waiting for Obama's term and in your marketing the calendar. Locals the favorite for the next election. -- -- -- -- -- -- She can be it was so disingenuous. Because she can't say she's gonna run now because other people then would give up on the democratic side because she's such an overwhelming favorite -- memo and I Hillary Clinton was running for senator here. We we asked everybody asked are you running for president and she says I just wanna be the best senator right in these self. Absolutely phony and believe me I would not bet against Hillary Clinton running. And winning OK so not only would we have to endure -- -- oval -- But possibly eight years of Hillary Clinton I mean this is I don't know if the country could survive that it's going to be such a nosedive. A but that's word and so it's not get any better just because the counters changing. It's going to get better only when the people haven't been known that they're they're not gonna do this anymore as I said when you cease surveys. That say that a majority of people want immigration reform. First of all I bet half of known Manolo reform means. And secondly. The people that are in favor of this might think it's a good thing to do and then they find out what it's gonna cost them. And when the bill comes due it's an it's an eye opener it's a shocker I would love to seat. How much income goes on reported by people here illegally go working under the table is absolutely and that when they get their health care word of ago. Go to places that -- emergency room as a necessity that you have to. By law treat anybody OK so you're looking bottle lost revenue. Lost jobs if somebody's working under the table somebody's not working above the table for lack of better term. And that's just the way it is. But to get them in here the only reason. They'd want those thirteen million in here right now think about it like this. Is the fact that big -- next thing propose would be the path to citizenship. That's the pay off the real payoff is the vote. And if indeed they get to the point where OK we got -- in the country now. And our -- about path to citizenship at as an earlier caller said these are right. That there's Harry Reid saying we have people amongst this tour lesser than the rest of us because of their. Immigration status yes they can stay here but shouldn't they enjoy the the fullness of the American life. And then the vote will be the end the absolute end. The Republican Party might as well bush take the signs down because there were over their -- Because nothing they do will be it was stopped. The perfect storm of another another twelve or thirteen million people who all use their -- and that's what this. Of course just letting them stay here is -- enough you've got to continually feed that. You gotta -- that would more and more programs designed to train decide is subsidized. Through this through that -- the other thing. And that's costing a lot of money I say if you're talking about real reform. Go back to what immigration the real immigration legal immigration is all about. Appoint people to a panel that have gone through it so they can see exactly what happened. Testified before congress and get its streamlined get an efficient that's reform. Not just okay you're here so now you can stay that's not reform what reform -- That doesn't recognize a -- in the first place it's that the laws immigration laws which by the way -- passed by congress and signed by our president. I guess they don't mean anything anymore. That's the way -- Rocco -- Obama feels that's always said publicly that made us think in congress. I can do what the hell I want to do and as I get better is gonna get worse. We're back after this is -- and I'm thirty WB.

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