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4-14 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello hello is -- governing I'm sandy beach -- I was not I was frightened. I came in Serbia into the control room I looked into the studio this morning I thought. -- Susan rose -- rarely let herself go. -- realize -- they've Devo but believe me that's that's a shocker you don't wanna have to bases early in the morning is region governor got a lot to do today and you and there. If you're driving around over the weekend and you happen to have your windows open you probably heard a lot of snow -- running. As fools like guy -- -- gas out of our -- is right because if you don't you'll love real starter Max winner. Except we get snow in the forecast. A couple of inches of snow two to three inches of snow. Well tomorrow do you believe this I mean yesterday it was yard work -- and all kinds of leg against the garage ready. And I noticed something -- sometimes. It's it's our right of passage yet every year to guard -- to get your -- you go from winter mode this summer mode. Now whenever I get to a registration and needs changing in the in the windshield. I can never fine. That did that thing -- with a razor blade and Etsy and get all the little pieces up. So I end -- -- I I've bored with -- -- I go to storm by one they're you know on dollar forty whatever they -- that don't cost much. Yesterday while cleaning up the grudge. I found seven of them are now I now have seven of them. I have more than the store does now and I've planned it from everywhere I could possibly look for a at -- save this. Designed these New York State. Not the inspection but the registration sticker that goes on your windshield. It's counterintuitive. To -- it. From the back. Most things appealed the from the -- I mean a reverse appeal from the front -- there to back -- counter intuitive but they got all kinds of signs. Do not appeal here because if you go against screwed up there you guys have any problems going man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or it's impossible to get off well he is something that I am -- I I think I have I -- need counseling for this. My registration. Sticker. And Russia and buyouts and registration in my inspection sticker must be exactly parallel. If one's on an angle. Could you look at at all times and she got a car that's the first thing is right. It drives me crazy and you can't peel it off and -- quarterback there US stock whether froth all year. Are usually. If five you bring it to a garage and they put the sticker on there pretty conscientious but sometimes every once in awhile the dynamic -- you have and how much room there is under there. There on an angle and that's all I see for a year I see every year I've. I've been tempted to trade cars simply so I could get a new registration sticker and inspection you think that's a little over the top just a little. Yeah look at I love the I love the look of the studios look really good and yes thank you very nice guys that are. I never got too rough tough guys like you would be so artistic. But -- -- still it was decorated in an. In Avant guard manner like I've never seen -- Albright Knox -- material well that's the -- this is how we're -- -- studio and you should be allowed to decorate the way you want and I would not have come up with a grand design looks really good at what I like is when I look Americans see it right between two guys -- nice job and we plan and I keep in every day. Good god that's very good. Hey. Out of Manny park you know at least it's that I'd like hockey I'd do I love Pacquiao we're hoping that at one time hopefully. When he was at its peak he would fight that punk Mayweather. But that doesn't look like it's gonna happen but Pacquiao beat the guy that beat him Timothy Bradley. Came back and them and scored a unanimous. A decision now I've did not see the fight it was paper view. But I'll see -- the next weekend they usually show on the weekend after his surprise track you don't want. No I wasn't in fact Leo because I don't get the fight so the next morning I go on Twitter and -- the way -- design. People give you round by round schools so I got to experience the fight without seeing it in a matter of five minutes. In it sounded but by the tweets that. Bradley came out in he was on top early that he won the first few rounds and then. I'm Manny got tied him and -- and then by the sixth round it judge -- -- turn eating they have Bradley was running out of gas in that Pacquiao took it to him the rest of. Win a beautiful we love that not that will say -- but I wouldn't mind seeing a Mayweather Pacquiao fight but what Mayweather 'cause Mayweather is undefeated. Rocky Marciano good retired 49 and nobody thought everybody he fought everybody that was there to fight them. Pacquiao is undefeated not ideal but. Miller is undefeated but he won't he doesn't seem to have an interest in fighting -- Yelp despite the fact could be a huge day. Just a huge day you know why you know hollow light bulb went -- it burns right it's just before it goes away. Right OK I think he's afraid of that I think he's afraid that he'll catch Pacquiao on the night where Pacquiao reverts the form and puts it all out there -- beats. How can I like -- and I told you before we show the one Sugar Ray fought Hagler. In Vegas and dot. Nobody gave Sugar Ray. While the biggest the beast slide I think was a Mohammed Ali fighting some analysts. Lesson was a machine he was a tank. And then and he got beat boom just like that. Some people questioned how are going to be but he did and it was it was down your -- -- and yeah like Camelot and I mean there's shame that it -- dollars a -- flight between him Mayweather should happen what 34 years we -- windy out exactly a bowl rolling in the money would have been astronomical. Too but that's what I think I think it's Mayweather. I don't like Mayweather at all despite the fact he has a cool car collection -- in a super cool car collection if I want my car books. Did they hold formal way out of his car collection cause he's he's got a -- like three different cities. Vegas and couple of other cities and he's got magnet -- he could do an auto show at his driveway. In all three houses so I'd like that but I like him these park. And I would love to see somebody's this problem. Although we come back a member of the 49ers. Is in trouble and you don't something that perhaps is not the smartest thing to do. We'll talk about that and more when we return on newsreader and I'm thirty that Libya so it's. And yesterday going through the cars getting the winter mats out vacuuming them putting -- of the regular. Some formats and taking all of the winners supplies saudis in the pop -- which would put -- last fall doing all the things you have to do to get ready for. A nice weather and then then we find out there's going to be some snow. It won't be much but I have my brushes are way everything's filed alphabetically. And now we got to deal with that a by the way thanks for your comments. -- regarding their pictures. That we've posted a my cat -- Lucy and Ethel. Our Greg Katz. -- does more stuff that you say quick get -- get the phone get the camera whatever you have Randy. And yesterday. The people that that have these Ding this day parade. Okay they and it's a promotional stuff and one of the things that they have. Is believe it or not a cabinet. Filled Perot be pumped -- It actually has cat that Bennett now now -- have a gazillion things. That have to have been them and what they do they're all the same. They lay on their back they toss it up in the air they -- their -- they love cat that they really don't -- the -- is is great for them. And I haven't in mice I have it in all kinds a little toys or whatever. But the cabinet filled parole he really turned -- on I think she's polish Irish is that angle I know I think she's a polish angle. And next though week from today is the things they've read and so when she was about playing with the Perot gave filled. I mean it would via -- -- beat. And I got a couple pictures and a their posted. And you're single like them and then the other is of those fan shares. And at -- sitting up -- it like she was the queen. And a big caption is it's -- to be equating. And you saw those pictures don't adorable I think you'll amazing loss of people like them -- and you're darned right we have three cats and a -- I did show my wife depictions. You're cancer articles -- -- -- -- As we have three cats and a -- they get along like cats and dogs. They -- we got the dog recently it's a rescue dog and -- basically just ignoring it's good sometimes they glance and reach out there and Mike Reid nor are there I've seen by. I -- you know if you watch these wildlife shows and stuff or the. Oddities in the life -- times its average with. You see companions that shouldn't be companions like dogs and cats. I've seen a lie and and something that were raised together a -- I think a lion dog. So you see these unusual combinations. And you wonder course anymore any mourning the dog could be missing yeah -- -- you have your own lion. If if why were domesticated. Or legal to have one I have a -- Our ethical or any of the big cat yeah you know lion or tiger tiger tiger. Surges in the docile lots of how about the isn't who a cat at the -- at the buffalo zoo I think it's is that -- hostile but baby just beautiful. Out of those big cancer or something else. Policy what else is going on all -- and Smith plays for the 49ers. And it was at the airport and it's something dumb come down. He was asked for a secondary screening every once -- -- they just pick people at random might be the -- like we take the ninth caller. At the eighth person going -- so they said it would like to have you step over there and he didn't really wanna step over there. He told the TSA agent that he had a bomb. Before walking to -- now. That's perhaps not the smartest thing to do you know that you go to jail for a year if they want to prosecute this. When airport police officers caught up on them they said he was uncooperative. He was taken into custody. A video shows -- Smith exchanging words with a pompous or as he was being handcuffed. What is what these people don't don't read the paper. Watch TV knows of analysts and the radio though they know you can't say have a bomb at the airport about ending up in big trouble it's not that this -- me feel that they are all of everywhere don't have to go through the same procedure everybody else -- don't you know who -- the -- more likely area are carrying something. Else. -- fortunately none of it's in their head no I'd though we go to another story here this is cool and I think that this. If they do the right way this could be interest thing. Robots designed built and programmed by students are scheduled to compete in a basketball shooting contest. At the University of Nebraska on Tuesday. Okay why is that players. Sometimes make the shot and sometimes missed the shot. It's because the motion the strength behind it all of that stuff changes from shot shot. If you programmed robot one time to make a -- from a certain place -- make it every time. Because it's the exact same motion nothing else is very -- the backboard -- -- the baskets not a remote. And so you you have to get the first basket and right. And -- program exactly emotion they can be their first year making hopes. That's kind of cool yes all muscle memory I'd be fun to poke fun too so is much anymore important and that it forgot when it was supposed to remember but the point as this is pretty call aunt of mine went to Rochester a couple of weeks ago. There is and some local schools were involved at their college it was a big. I don't know what the college seminar on robotics. And they don't build their own robots and they have the robots have to do. Different things different shores and there's different categories. And the I guess the the place it was while ecologists in Rochester -- was all right your way one other colleges there. And they had teams from all over New York's -- including some here from western new York and that's cool. It's not a -- thing at all I think that's really cool and I have my own robot medical it would be nice if you don't programmed to do outside. Towards you know I think we could use it here we already -- once general manager. But if you don't it's -- would be really cool to do something for her. But I love to see them program on some sports show. Program that Roebuck okay miss miss miss it's okay what was the most. Replicate the motion at every single shot. -- in what will take a break Shaquille O'Neal doing those commercials did you Shaquille is so sensitive about how he takes care of his skin and I mean all these commercials. And it's funny to see what was he seven -- one point 71 big moss server dialog Shaquille always that. It's still a deputy sheriff he was a deputy share for awhile I know he was I don't know if he's still I would like to be pulled over by a guy that side's opening 741. Yeah I oh aren't cops last night they stopped a woman riding a bicycle. And pat with a backpack. They search your backpack and found drugs she says she didn't know they were there and they weren't hers I'd love that was good or bad. What an -- was -- -- She's not even herself I should not on the roads -- he said take it and she's moving the backpack or somebody or cousin who gave it to me here it's amazing. It's so fun to watch how dumb people can be it's not that fun actually scary I. After that we will get to our subject of the day under threat and I'm 37 Libya. WB and wherever you go with a WBS iPhone app. Powered by the final out let the best in fence railings index. Backward -- governor one thing I've noticed about Western New York in the last several years is forget fall we don't have fall. And forget -- we don't have -- we have summer -- winter and how many how many changes of seasons as this happened to you you go from the furnace one day. To the air conditioning the next Tuesday. Who could not that this weekend in fact I uncovered my air conditioner. And decided no I gotta be stronger than us and didn't I'm -- up because house was uncomfortably warm. And the day before the sun and it's gonna happen again I think Tuesday and a win is a real like fifteen. Or something like as ridiculous. And so -- that's what happens. But I didn't I was strong I didn't cover them just in case. And I'm ready they're ready to go on but I did not on the money answer but I found a great yields. For that reach your stick that I got from home medical equipment. They set the richest economies that here -- uses this is fun and on. And the reach -- stickers that big hole that has a handle on the end of it and kidnappers in the front. That's not a rude and certainly a hand on the back in the emperor's in the front for good countries on its -- city. But anyway here's what it was used for yesterday picking up all of the small twigs and branches in the yard. And putting them in the cart to to collect them. As really -- of the bend over 5000 times. So that's a good use for your -- you -- -- -- or. -- started on the front yesterday -- -- nick -- they're raking in bagging. Got that done the backyard still too much of a swap to even think about it it's. Old vampire like you Chris doing yard work and I he rants on my cousins take your ball that he didn't do any of it though but I did see a lot of people during the -- the other Smart guy I would sit on the front porch and watch your cousin do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I did that the left yesterday I was a walk around and saw somebody taking their Christmas lights and -- it's about time this typical of -- putting him up early. This that is bad is what -- still as Halloween stuff on the on their eyes hurt real seriously. I'm not -- fussy neighbors but I don't have that -- yeah you gotta take pissed -- down immediately well hello one of my neighbors had -- a little thing around the via. The mailbox which is nice because. She plants -- puts next flowers in there at all. And they've got the nice little wall around very professionally done looks -- looks like out of homes and gardens. And I yelled over what happens if I run real all of my nice car you can scratch my tanks and why are buried I -- I should consider my thoughts even vote. Their mailboxes that are are right angle to my driveway however. Two years ago I managed through -- drive right over -- called. Because -- I put those reflectors and -- And the best way is what music embarrass my father was an over the road driver exit usually errors usually -- is a short time. So when I would back out of my driveway. I would lie not the members of the reflectors in the front with the reflectors in the back. And that's easy as long as you keep them like that you're gonna go on them not to be a problem right. But it was blinding snow. And it was so there was so much snow in the art I didn't wanna walk out of and embarked so I'll drive out there get the mail drive back right. So I put a grudge it's a -- wideout. And I see okay my reflectors here there it is there's -- reflected there. And I'll just line them up and -- back out. What I didn't know is the second reflect -- wasn't mine it was my neighbors reflector. And drove right over his mailbox. That was fun that was. All mad. At -- -- good neighbors who aren't quite -- job pool. So now when I do as I have true reflectors. On that side side by side. So he only has one on his so if I see them doing all reflectors. I know that's it so that that they. What else is going on here Arum well the Republicans I think are in a -- And here. Is the reason I think they're between a rock and a hard place. The the deal is the first of all is a question -- whether Jeb Bush is going to run. The president I hope he doesn't and I'll tell you what they say Jeb Bush. Maybe the most accomplished of all of them as far as. The ability to do a good job as president that would include his father and his brother. However here's the problem first I don't think. He should run because we don't need tying him. To his brother and in some ways to his father by the Democrats which they were doing anything you didn't like about. The visit to prior bush presidents they -- bring operatives you know you gotta you go address them as the idea as they show up. But the point as he is so soft on immigration reform. -- -- it's amazing a first at all I think the word reform as a misnomer and I'll tell you why when people target and it and let's get our points of view out here clearly. For those who are listening to show for the first time. I'm very much in favor of immigration. My grandparents were immigrants from other countries. And made a good life for themselves into good like for my mother and father admitted he would like for me and hopefully it goes down maligned so. I'm very much in favor of the pegged -- at the right way they did at the legal way. Took longer. Then any other way. It's more time consuming cost more money but it's the right way it's the legal way. I wish you were more streamline it was more efficient we'll get that out later but they did at the right way when they talk about reform now they're talking about real reform. Reform if you think about it would be the liberals look at our immigration laws as they stand now. What is keeping people. Off from going through the channels that traditionally this country has always offered. Well I just gave us some examples it's very time consuming it can be costly if can be cumbersome. I and so it's just. Easier to sneak in the country and what we have now are politicians. So rewards you. As you're here illegally be shorter check in with City Hall in New York -- New York City. Because the mayor to Bosnia is already set he wants special ID cards. For people who are here illegally. And this just sticks in my craw. Because then they can get their benefits sonar. Off. So he wants those cards so illegals can get the benefit tests owner how wrong is that whole thought process. That it says that the only reason they're here are for the benefits. They're not here to enrich our country they're here to enrich themselves from wherever they came from. I say get behind do with the right way -- most welcome sneak in and you're not as far as I'm concerned but the politicians can hardly wait. They can hardly wait because what they see is a via a target rich environment for votes. And we'll get back to that when we return on news radio 930 we are WB -- his -- company. Yes when people are talking about immigration reform when politicians are talking about it they're not talking about reform. It's not really reform it's. Let's find a way to keep the people already broken the law. Let's just find a way to keep them here that's their idea of reform. Real reform would be this we have an immigration system that's been in place since the country was founded and well as things changed the business and should change to what can be more efficient. With the machinery we have with the Electronica. And information so readily at hand there's no reason it campy. Can be more efficient. Then it is but they talk about that that's even an issue. When they're talking about reform. All they wanna do. Is is grants eventually the final the big final piece of the puzzle would be grant amnesty or some form of amnesty. Two people who have been here. Illegally does not matter or are here illegally that's their idea of reform -- they wanna do that it's very simple. Because they believe that if they can do this. That they will have those votes for ever. Because they'll find a way down on the line to be able to make sure that they can vote record now. You have to be a citizen vote. But this is the first step let's count the people who are here that's OK no harm no -- you came end of those at the wrong way. I'd makes you full of people who did have the right way but we don't care about them because there's more -- -- that's not again. OK so let's get you in here because you will for ever be grateful to the party that made this possible. Annual vote for us for ever we will have the perfect storm. Of the more people we -- an illegally the more votes we get. And more votes we get the more representational we have more representation we have it will never end and now here's the problem the winds howling reform the most have always been the Democrats. But that now the Republicans even. -- have said you know it might be onto something. You know if we could get reform maybe we could convince the Hispanic population especially. That's an Arab a party that favors them we'd like them. And they'll vote for us. So Republicans are now playing the same game as the Democrats and the latest want to do it is Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush -- so I don't think as I said Jeb Bush a run period or even if he wouldn't be the most accomplished of of the U a bush presidents -- which should be dead and the brother. Because I don't we don't need that hassle again using the name and bringing up everything you know like about the name bush would be attached to him. But I also don't think so because. Keep in mind now George Bush who did win before the first campaign for president suggested something very close and the study. But. As does he became the nominee. Instead of just a candidate to become the nominee. I kind of walked away from map because I I think he sensed the -- The feeling of the American public was not that we'd like that idea. So now what you have is his brother saying. Yes this is a quote. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's an act of love. He actually said that. -- next time somebody wants to commit a crime. Next time somebody wants to break a rule. Just say you did it because. It's an act of love. What do you you're going to. Fast on the highway while I was trying to get home to my wife because I've been working all day that's what I was doing a hundred miles an hour but. I didn't do it because I wanted to speed I didn't because. It's an act of yes I held a 7-Eleven. Why I'd like not because I'm always loved that didn't wanna work so I just put a mask on and hoodie and a gun and I held my I didn't. Put that -- it for any reason except for the fact that I -- provide for my family. I held up a 7-Eleven because. It's an act the law. Yes I had to abort the nail on that because I only had more money in his wallet that I haven't mine. But I didn't do it because I didn't wanna work for it. Didn't want actually have to put out any effort is pretty easy to get them to mail and and I did it because I have children at home. I think there at home several different locations a bug -- because. It's an act of love I love my children. Yes all seventeen of them 03 wives. I think there might have been a fourth we're not really sure yes it's an. So -- Bush is going hey nice. Maybe even going good smile but aren't going that -- a title why they broke the damn law. If you're not going to enforce the law which seems to be the Elmo right now. Special -- -- immigration and President Obama he doesn't care to enforce it if you're not going to enforce the law don't -- -- the law at all. I just you know a take off -- to take all the Border Patrol agents sent them home in my retirement plans something like that there's no sense -- Border Patrol agents risking their lives to keep people out of the country aren't supposed to be here because they're not they don't have the legal. Authority to be here if that if they politicians don't care. And the people wanna be president don't care why should the Border Patrol care but I care and you know why I care I care because they don't come here for an opera it's an eight. They're coming here for what we have to offer and it is so obvious when you see mayor of Lazio in New York saying. -- These cards made up so that we can give cards get this hard to illegals. So they can get their benefits faster. Now here I I wanna know. In this crazy upside down world. How do you prove your real legal. Nominee that you know imagine somebody going into the bush says is I pay. I'd like to provide just held up the 7-Eleven I got a video of it wanna see -- now that's Maine took the mask off right there people recognize me yeah -- -- a -- -- The other bets me I did it. Can you imagine proving your real legal. In order to get benefits is says something sick. It's just like the same with -- illegals getting in state tuition. If you from Pennsylvania. And you want to love you wanna go to UB yet -- and UB about a cautioned -- -- because -- live in New York. If you are illegal. You can get the state shouldn't. It's insane. It is insane where citizens have to go to the back -- -- and guess who's paying for all of it thus able to have -- the back. And so are asked to shut up and pony up the money so that we can entice people to come here illegally. So that our party the Democrats can stay in power and we can do this in the future. All the attention down movie that's what's going on in politics today so my question is this. Regarding immigration reform are the Republicans damned if they do and damned if they don't. And what do you suggest we'll take your calls after the break under his right here I'm thirty WB yeah.

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