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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bubba "Masters" Augusta A Second Time - Brian Koziol

Bubba "Masters" Augusta A Second Time - Brian Koziol

Apr 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When we need to talk about golf we go to -- ago two guys Brian cozy all. Brian as host of the tee to green golf -- her brother in -- radio station WGR Sports Radio 550 K Brian thank you for joining us this morning. Our guys Bubba Watson wins the masters for the second time in three years how impressive was his performance on Sunday. I would say very impressive ballclub is known for being a bit unorthodox and promote the -- yesterday you know he's kind of -- when you -- a wild man he. I hit the ball mile that big pink driver. And amazingly as. On the record saying he's never taken golf -- light which -- -- all but the play golf for a little -- -- he said that but the but. As a matter you have to have great touch and he was Pettitte on full well yesterday around the green. He was the squalor and that was the reason that he really all the way from the rest of the field with a tremendous around the greens -- it with a short in parked in a -- After the tournament he said that he got really lucky the first time when he won the masters but that this one yesterday was just hard work. Talk about the difference between the two games. I think this time around he had more of a plan yet more strategy and it was clearly on the blaze at some of the even you know you'll admit that he said. That the first country wanted if you remember you wanna cup playoff hole he just totally hooked his drive in Saturday. Pine needles in the pine trees. And he had that. Highlight reel shot that will be on his highlight reel them are ever out of the party Eagles are able to. Turn the ball ninety degrees in the air that you know it. One of those want satellite I'm -- freest hope you can do it. Odd bit Chinese that he has now been planned when he comes here that he has kind of a strategy laid out and how he's gonna attack each hole. And he said that other term he got the break and it all worked out for Buddy -- this year that he really deserved it and I think he's right I mean. For the final three days of the tournament he was at the top of the leaderboard the entire time and there was some pressure yesterday from the youngster Jordan. And he was able to keep themselves around close enough to the point where. He would always in contention and -- on the back now he does all the way in a well deserved indefinitely for well. Twenty year old Jordan speeds was a big story yesterday had the -- for a short time -- they -- of -- second place but still very strong -- -- looking at golf next superstar. He's definitely got all the qualifications I mean he's he has got such a fundamental game for somebody at only twenty year old army. He's got such great picked up -- record you wouldn't think it I mean. These guys that have been playing at a property -- golfer for years and years and years. I mean they study the greens they have that you all the homework Jordan beat. -- -- open it -- and -- -- play and turn for the first time this year. And at one point yesterday there was a good thought this guy's going to win and be the youngest I ever. To win the masters I mean you talk about playing experience on these courses on the PGA tour. See last year let BitTorrent -- And what playing every single permit for the first time I mean you show up at a court every week and it's a brand new court that you've never seen. And your putting better than any professional in the golf world very impressive I think this guy. He made the presidents cup team last year already in the captain's -- it was tremendous well. I think we're gonna see a lot this kid's name in the years to come and he handled -- well well well. -- might 120. Handled himself the way that Jordan be 120 albeit very proud that. At times for one more quick good question for you Brian tiger Williams of the story before the tournament. By the time Sunday rolled around Mosul have forgotten. Yeah I think so now maybe the TV ratings come out today -- yet they say that with Donald that there wasn't -- but. I was. You know keeping a call buying yesterday and I didn't -- really at any point think all the good. You know I'm missing tiger would have been more exciting -- in there it always is but. I think there was -- -- storyline -- in the golf I think spoke where well the point where maybe you got -- into it enough that you didn't realize that he was there. Brian nice chatting with you thank you. Back to our golf expert O'Brien -- she'll host to the tee to green golf showing our sister station WGR Sports Radio 550.

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