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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Unionization of College Athletes - Paul Peck

Unionization of College Athletes - Paul Peck

Apr 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go in depth on this now Paul Pak is with us on the WBM live line. He knows the sport side of the issue because as a UB football announcer but there's also money involved here. And his day job -- a financial advisor with access advisors Paul thanks for joining us this morning. Oh my pleasure -- to -- all of you thank you very much or haven't. What do you think about all this should athletes unionized request a salary. What you originally it should it's and it's a little interest in -- and I thought he Parker to flip that you know summed it up a lot of ways. I'm on one hand you don't you can argue they're getting a scholarship they're getting -- education. Or. He. Compensation in itself on the other hand and and I what's good and a lot of this IQ is that. You don't see all the money that the NCAA actually a -- basketball toward peace -- all the lonely that generated by the school themselves or. -- 400000. People that -- add to that end merchandise -- and and certainly when -- if -- Here you're looking at accolade and IIQ. You know Q. Market my own -- -- profit of my own accomplishments and all. You know that there -- not that all the other -- as well you're getting an education opportunity to. We're more alike in professional sports fumble but not all of them obviously sort. It's a really interest and debate particular my personal opinion -- I don't think. -- -- -- There should be intrigued as to make it a little more of an even playing future that the fault that cliche is that that's probably the cage. Let's imagine that -- does eventually happen students wind up getting paid. -- this cause. Students to rush from some college user request transfers to schools that pay. Well in the first thing that happened on -- -- put. Players' union eight and did he then they're gonna have to be accountable for the money that they arrogant and we'll have read in trouble to research and nobody. Didn't -- that. What slide northwestern it's that they aren't unionized they all be considered -- cute it would be considered according than. And they get their take on that amount of money too so I. The player should be played. I'm it's been a lot of talk about you know actually picked up to a walk and chew up to do a couple of the opted or two you don't just. We will be expenses which a lot of weight -- actually restrict restrict their ability. Could give me right now understand -- there's been up what appeared to be equally at. Importantly -- happened and that opens -- a much different. Our situation and we can later -- -- here you know at the university. Where they are politically come up with a bloody. To pay their players even. And compared. To look shops logo -- Ohio State Michigan and Alabama think like. And then left -- I think you you've answered my next question the idea that some schools and Ohio State. Are different then you -- Couldn't glory. I didn't -- -- -- it looked like played out of the universe people. Well I thought I. -- that there. We can't complain that it hit the -- Olympic Games that. Worker and the last three years now Altria. And see correctly under 100000 people about a story about. I expected a couple of years ago but from their football facility that people for the game and in the mix of people and new football facility -- all about fifteen million dollar under construction are. It. And the World Bank should be all and -- if you were not sure that the golf football facility. And good enough anymore for Georgia. -- -- -- Because no other school than their conference. -- facility and you -- The pot culture possible. That a school and -- market shouldn't the Chilean that it -- -- athletic programs that compete for the chilly in the Philippines which they play each other -- while walking through the 88 facility that. So you can -- -- at the property it is quite good enough for George more. All right -- good stuff thanks for joining us we're out of time. That's Paul -- you -- football announcer and a financial advisor with access advisors.

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