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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Looking Beneath the Waves For FL370 - Shannon Van Sant

Looking Beneath the Waves For FL370 - Shannon Van Sant

Apr 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Off to Beijing now the latest in the search for that missing Malaysian jetliner. CBS correspondent Shannon van Zandt is with us now on the WB and live on good morning Shannon. Tell me instead of just trolling for pairings. There are now about to use a submarine does that mean that they've sort of concentrated the search area and that they're looking a smaller chunk of the ocean now. What do you think they've been looking at for the last few days that based on the court seeing that they've heard that they believed a -- a black box. I they have nearly bit parent you're up -- -- 500 square and Terry -- pretty -- square mile area that a deal and floor. And -- against it built high resolution not to seek cooler area announced it. Church retreat. Shannon how deep is the -- mile in the area that the concentrate right now. We're talking about an area on the feet my feet in some parts of diet and import could be even deeper. Right -- are confident that these submersible I have a copper and 21 church are a on the -- -- -- -- And will be attention for being poor men of the church they admitted it it looks like the wreckage from. To a deeper level of this sort of have to look at other options. Are they moving to the sub because they just haven't heard any more things. That's right because I haven't heard me working me in strongly suspect that the -- black -- May have died and it and sixties more than it needs -- key card and he signaled that can possibly can -- to the black box. Still they want to go ahead and Mac and I kind and go with what they used their strongest heat so are. Which are at their signal and we -- -- -- Mary parent this -- if he's our mile area or. Most of the people who were on the missing flight 37 you were Chinese people. Shannon you know we've we've known that how are they holding up to all -- While. -- are -- they believe anything until they they have some contribution. Green went down and -- keep -- -- -- army that it won't be any theory any idea what happened the queen. I heard that point with -- the -- you're aware of their meetings daily but he's an official compares to about 250. You're remembered in -- hotel. And they are bound to -- even a K let me Mark Martin and that's -- until -- the -- that they need from the government think that. We need to keep in my case law that I am I can -- the people here in China are confident. Confident we look to expand in government in general to provide them the answers I think they fear that if it they weighed on our. Beating that are more likely to get answers to the investigation. Early on a lot of the skepticism I know was focused on the Malaysian officials. It seems that the pace of the search is an Australian has that changed the mood. Well I think that he is that I that the investigation has said that whoever regular page now that the information perhaps might be I think more reliable. And I think that their mood -- -- numbers here. Are determined to -- and change because they're still very lucky. Look what happened at the beginning of the investigation and and they gave call -- to -- that they believe mistakes are made and that an investigation into the investigation should be carried out. To find out why is this extra made into who should be punished because I. Don't believe there's already impacting its own internal investigation at its respondents and I remembered here are eager to Hebert also. And were almost out of time real briefly tell me. If the families are skeptical one of the searchers saying they optimistic. I think they're very -- at that point. I got to do whenever anybody help and Australian authorities -- as possible that we may never find a spot spot because we're talking -- -- that into the -- Courses that the oceans globally. And the bottom package and it's connect action that he -- filled with bill. In there and and it's going to be very difficult to find your brackets that are in need to -- armed flight recorder. So this does not an easy task. Right -- that they say that they are out. Searching a basic. Shannon thanks for your time. CBS correspondent Shannon Van Sant in Beijing WV and there's times 657. The market is hoping to bounce back this week the -- begins today at 161026. Following a 143. Point loss on Friday. The NASDAQ dipped below 4000 it lost 54 points and the S&P 500 was down seventeen for the Dow. The 2% loss last week the NASDAQ fell more than 3%. It's a big week for quarterly earnings data we will hear from financial institutions like Bank of America and Citigroup. Other heavy hitters reporting this week concluded tell Google -- and -- favorite General Electric. At a new study reveals which states have the most complex and burdensome employment tax laws. A lot of this has to do with states that require employers to withhold state and local income tax plus the payroll departments to sift through individual was based.

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