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Cuomo's Left Flank- Ken Lovett & Gov Cand. Howie Hawkins

Apr 13, 2014|

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It's time to talk. Takes its hard line on news radio nine. And what a week it is to talk politics coming up before the end of the program well here's some of the remarks that governor Andrew Cuomo had -- hampers earlier this week. Basically he threw down the gauntlet he told local government as has been saying across the entire state as he has been saying as a result of his budget plan. That they need to cut back and as part of his property tax control program. They need to show savings. In order to get some aid from the state government will hear his remarks and hammers at least a portion of that relevance of that to that particular part of it. And then we'll also kicking around with Amherst town supervisor doctor Barry Weinstein that's coming up the back in the program between now and then. I wanna look at the governor's left flank specifically some of the threats that he might have in an election year. This is the week where Howie Hawkins on the Green Party once again. As he did four years ago announced that he is running for governor stay with us how we Hawkins will be taking your calls this hour. But I wanna set the stage a little bit with -- market. -- is the Albany bureau chief for the New York Daily News. Dan thanks for joining us good. You wrote recently and -- I've read the first two paragraphs of one of your stories are really think it crystallizes the entire. Discussion here. A wealthy democratic activist commissioned a poll that shows third party leftist candidates could eat into what Governor Cuomo. Is hoping will be a commanding victory this year. He then go on say that the fact the pole with -- good commission is another sign of Cuomo's biggest troubles in his reelection year. Could be from the progressive base of his own Democratic Party. -- Well the reality is you know the governor right now has a huge lead over Republican rob -- and -- The feeling is unless there's a major stumble are major scandal involving the governor that he is likely going to win now obviously we'll have to say. But the left is very unhappy with the governor over a host of issues. You know there I'm happy that he wasn't able to deliver statewide. Public financing system for campaigning there aren't happy. That. He couldn't deliver what's known as the DREAM Act which would provide state financial assistance. To. To -- kids to college kids of undocumented immigrants illegal immigrants. They're unhappy -- his budget that it provides tax cuts to corporations. And and die another day and others room that they -- wealthiest did favors the wealthy. Over the -- -- an unhappy even though there. The state budget gives one point one billion more in school -- they feel to too much money is being diverted to charter schools so there's a whole host of issues. That there are unhappy with the governor live and part of it is. Not only that he couldn't deliver it but even though he promised David proposed debt they feel he didn't push hard for. So against the backdrop of those issues talk about the poll group called effective New York. Basically went out there and tried to gauge how deep the dissent is. Yeah and so the Bill Campbell who has good up and an activist his father. Ran for governor with Mario Cuomo ironically it was lieutenant governor candidate back in 1974. A lot. -- they lost in the primary but. You know. This poll showed that -- A progressive third party candidate I'm working families party. Could get anywhere between six and 13% of the vote now at thirteen may be higher than those -- -- It was astonishing that and then you know you think well even say let's take below and 6%. If the governor is hoping for a 60% margin you know did -- up 60% of the vote more. Sixty bring them down to the mid. The mid to low fifties depending Koreans out. And that that would be an embarrassment for similar national interest because don't forget if you wanna win a national primary democratic primary you need to progress since. And that the progressives are fighting viewing room stayed at doesn't bode well for your national future. So what does it mean then that this week Howie Hawkins who by the way placed third after Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo for years ago. What does it mean that Howie Hawkins with the Green Party has now thrown his hat in the ring once again. Well again that's the same argument -- -- -- you know we've heard it from the working families party that there can which is union backed they're considering. A third apart a different that's different candidate for the mind. Then Cuomo they they did endorse -- forty years ago he was on the line. If -- Hawkins is there and someone else's the working families party you know -- can drain votes from the governor and and be an embarrassment in that regard. You know the governor argues then you know that he is a victim of the quote unquote -- left. He says everyone is coming out we are all these people we're basically. Obviously in and give people being paid for their views. And he points to polls that show that. You know it is -- popularity among the liberals in New York is over 60%. And that he's actually as popular with the liberals and New York City where most of them are. Then. Mayor to audio who has embraced by the left. I love inside baseball as much as the next guy but if the operating theory here is that Hillary Clinton runs and Andrew Cuomo doesn't. Why does any of this matter on the national stage. All that matters the submarines and blunt. We don't know if Hillary is running -- a lot of people suspect she had been a lot can happen between now 26 team. If she doesn't run people feel that the governor will still give it -- look. I'm so you know what you wanna go in to the presidential cycle which really will begin after trying to fourteen. You wanna get go away in the wind momentum and that you know if you wanna be considered a possibility in the in the mix. You've got to do well in your home state. Do you think that how we Hawkins can have an impact. Again you know and even Sally Hawkins said to me I interviewed him earlier in the week he said well you know when I go to him. His hope -- to quadruple what they did the last program. He'd like to draw. Something like yeah I think he came in about 60000 votes just under that. He'd like to come -- and about 250000. Votes and he'd like to raise about 250000. Dollars in I think they raised about 45000 less kind. And we have to him because if we can do that that success. Move that positions are resonating and it means that there is unrest on the left to for the governor. So as Carl Paladino once suggested and it turns out he's probably not going to do this. But as he once suggested they run this year on the conservative line for the sake of moving the Republican Party to the right. For the sake of moving the Conservative Party up on the ballot line. It sounds as if there is a corollary on the left with Hopkins doing for the sake of the party not necessarily doing it. Four for the win but to raise the issues to raise the profile to raise the ballot line. Quite broad although they gonna fight for the soul of the party and we see that actually we've seen it. You know that's who the Republicans and Democrats as well don't forget Hillary Clinton. Was. Really the front runner you know when she ran. For president the last time and that was the last that got the -- Barack Obama because they felt that she didn't represent their values are core values enough. Using that play out similarly here in New York. Where the left is coming out and and pressuring. Cuomo now if the Republican had a better chance I think Gasparino is a real candidate and a qualified candidate equality candidate. But you know he doesn't have a lot of money and he's done known -- poll numbers allow. If it. He has more of the chancellor people viewed that he had more of a chance maybe you would see some of the criticism of the governor tempered. Because that would be fear that well we'd rather have the governor obviously pure left Dem elected Democrats then they Republicans. But right now I think with a feeling that you'll Cuomo wants to sailed to victory and probably will. The leftist trying to send a message to -- very strongly and very persistently. But you do not see -- Hawkins candidacy. As something that would anyway help and asked to Reno effort deal. Now I I don't think you know and someone who's gonna vote for Howard Hawkins is not voting for it yet. And without talking to look him in the race those people who vote for him are voting for actually. Don't know why I realized that I just. I'm wondering if if you see him having enough power. To get injured Cuomo yes I -- Cuomo in ways that will help -- arena. Again I think in the way it will. You'll have you know actually you know hitting them from the right you'll have Hawkins you know depending on how much traction they get good base to third party candidates don't get a lot of interest. Or are or TV time in many can't raise money for ads but. Theoretically if you make some inroads on the left or sending a message in the governor -- do you don't watch that while playing his Republican opponent. And then it all comes down to margin of victory for the governor. Assuming he wins you know he'd like to win 60% or more and he -- -- low fifties even mid fifties it'll be a disappointment. All right -- great stuff thanks for joining us this morning. At YouTube that's Ken -- the Albany bureau chief of the New York Daily News. Let's bring in how we Hawkins now Green Party candidate once again for governor he announced his intention this week to go ahead and run one more time. Mr. Hawkins thanks for joining us. Right not bad let me ask the same questions sort of that that I raised with -- there. Why are you running do you look at this is a chance to win or do you look at this is a chance to us speak up for the party speak up for the left half of the party. And -- may be in the process. Bring Governor Cuomo a little bit more in your direction. Well our first objective is to get -- -- -- that takes 50000 votes were confident we will do that. That will enable our local candidates to run for. Mayors of towns and villages and cities school boards tabloids city councils we have a couple of mayors and town board members of the school board members around the state. And we want to give the opportunity for more people running win in the next four years so 50000 votes is our first objective. But we think within our reach is maybe four times that toward the 2000 votes 5%. That would be as much as any independent -- party has received in New York history. And that they can we achieve that we would have an argument with the media and certainly for the public mind it when they wanna talk to the left they don't go between liberal Democrat. Or the working families party which is another -- for Democrats. But to the independent left for working people speaking and acting for ourselves. Instead of trying to speak to. The Democratic Party which is funded mainly by the 1%. So that's a second objected to really change the political dynamic discussion. You know winning -- actually becoming governor. -- is a real stretch mean anything's possible -- adventurous surprise everybody in Minnesota we while rejected is that the outcome but I think our. You know the top go really addresses within reach is to get to that level where the left in this state is an independent left. Independent of the two major parties which are funded by the very wealthy. Up until I heard you just say that I was sort of operating under the premise that you'd like to try and bring Governor Cuomo and the mainstream Democrats a little more left. But it sounds as if one of your opponents is also then the working families party. Well that's the first question I've got this time because their rank and file members are very upset with Cuomo. Their leadership as you know their whole game has to work within the Democratic Party. So they're facing that dilemma. And so people are saying well what if they run their own candidate against Cuomo I don't think they will but I -- they should. In effect they should nominate me. And we should have the united right from the left. It is the conservatives economic policies -- instituted. I would common enemy I'd say they have the wrong strategy. They're strategy of having people vote for the Democrat on the airlines say that since the democratic message that they should be more progressive. I think the real messes the Democrat gets as we can take their vote program because -- vote for us anyway. Our strategy is to offer a third choice on the ballot a third candidate. Mean we have 56 ballot parties with the other ones just cross endorse and ride the coattails of major party candidates we run our candidates give -- the third choice. And we're competing for votes in the people like our policies and -- for -- if the Democrats don't pick up some of those policies that we're gonna start getting more votes and replaced them. So that's our strategy. All right coming up after the break we'll talk more about those policies local but -- your platform and a what you have in mind there how we Hawkins is with us. He announced this week he's running for governor once again. On the Green Party heard him just say he wouldn't mind also sort of merging in with a working families party as part of an effort to bring forward the progressive voice in the Democratic Party. More about all of that still to come it's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and this is -- evo. Coming up after the news break at the bottom of the hour we will open the phone lines we will take some calls for Howie Hawkins he announced this week he is running for governor. As a member as basically a leader of the Green Party he is up founder of the Green Party in the United States and he did run. On that line for years ago against Andrew Cuomo he is doing it again we gonna talk a little bit about some of the issues he brings the table. Now there are those out there that have been arguing for awhile. That Andrew Cuomo in fact I I heard a legislator actually told me this I will not mention his name. But he said you know there there's so much analysis out there that says governor Andrew Cuomo. Is. It is a moderate that he has positions over on this side and that he has positions on over that side the -- this person was putting forth the idea that he's actually. In extremist instead he has some positions that are extreme right and he'll throw bones in that direction -- sound. Some. -- leanings that are extreme left and he'll throw bones in that direction in the process I think you can certainly agree that there are a lot of those on the left. That are not pleased with the governor Howie Hawkins is one of them were talking with him this hour may be your local progressive Islamic your Democrat. And you have something to say about the the the platform of the working families party. As some of the things that -- is raised about the Green Party and how the two of them. Would perhaps but don't work together we'd love to have you aboard 8030930. And we'll start to go to the phone calls right after the news break. How -- for those who are just catching up here give me the 32 bio who is how we Hawkins. Well look former marine who are affected and -- Vietnam War movement I've been active in politics since the late sixties. Civil rights really inspired me. Back -- and knew we needed an independent party for working people couldn't two major parties or speaking for me in my concern and so that's what I've been doing the last 45 years. I'm working seems certain. So a little trucks that night into politics during the day. So politics is not your full time gig you do something else. Yeah I actually have a regular job. A month on voter at UPS. And why is it and then you touched on this before the break why is it that you're doing this so what what move you in that regard. Well I think there are certain basic. Economic rights people ought to have Franklin Roosevelt articulated them in his 1944 State of the Union Address because of the second economic bill of rights. They were articulated in 1963. In the march on Washington for jobs and freedom. Because they saw once we got the civil rights how -- we enjoy the blessings of liberty if we don't have the economic means to do so. So I'm campaigning for a green new deal for New York which involves full employment and government as the employer of last resort. Is living wage for a minimum wage of fifteen dollars an hour which by the way is a little bit less in the past where in 1960 -- -- march. Which was two dollars today that's -- 1529. Publicly funded single Payer health care program everybody in nobody out when -- show up you give your card. And you just get health -- no co pays and deductibles. And all medically -- necessary services covered. Fully funded public schools we got to stop bouncing state budget on the backs of school children in school systems with the so called gap elimination adjustments we should eliminate the gap elimination adjustments. Come back to a full foundation -- So that the schools have the resources they need and then also opt out of this high stakes testing regime which is about punishing disadvantaged schools and teachers and children. And provide them the resources they need to get up there educational levels and finally we coded green new deal -- we want a safe climate. And clean environment so we'll talk for a commitment to our percent -- is about 2030. Which is also full employment program because the studies showed great. Born happening in doubt to build out that clean energy system of wind solar and Smart greeted -- that in Minnesota program. Are you put a lot on the table there after the break I wanna touch on a common core because. That strikes me as an interesting area where refer her perhaps those who are much closer to the Tea Party than you. And -- -- some of the same views you have while to get into the green deal for New York. More about governor Andrew Cuomo is well Howie Hawkins is here this is the week that he announced once again he's running for governor. On the Green Party 8030930s. That number phone lines start and fill up we'll get to them right after the news break here on news radio 930 WP yeah. It's hard line on news radio 9:30 WP and good morning this Davie -- We are talking today for about the next ten minutes or so with Howie Hawkins. He announced this week he is running for governor against Governor Cuomo against Republican candidate rob -- now. On the Green Party line coming up by the way in about fifteen minutes worth here's some what the governor said this week in Amherst. About his property tax cut plan will also get a rebuttal from doctor Barry Weinstein the Amherst town supervisor. But let's go right back to the Albany area and how we Hopkins let's bring in some phone calls to. 8030930s. And number if you were listening before the break you heard how we say that he's running basically to have a -- up progressive alternative out there. To some of the things that the Democratic Party is doing and also probably bring up that battle line as well. 8030930. Jon and buffalo thanks for joining us glad -- called. They that great program and you should make -- two hours just changed too short. To just -- limited viewpoint on the table border that would vote. For obvious to -- and I both agreed with. Everything he just sentimental speeches that are affecting -- or the voter here. If you can get on the ticket. And I think most people who think like us. And are a little sick of the Democratic Party and that we we I personally look at them credit party. Is what the Republican Party used to be a conservative reasonable party. And I think one of the big issues when we're talking bringing politics in New York State is obviously -- before acting. And I was wonder what his thoughts. Correcting where in the I think a lot of people like me will. Always. -- for the party let's say Green Party that we like and we really represented the -- because we're worried. Someone like -- Carl Paladino could possibly win. But in to a step would be prepared to sell finger at someone like Colin Powell who is basically a mills wrote conservative. Or like can help is better than the far right wing candidate. Like Paladino. We will get your comments from him on fracking a second before -- let you -- I wanna make sure we understand. It sounds if you say the Republicans have moved too far right the Democrats have therefore moved in that direction to fill the void and that leaves you as a voter for how. I believe associated with the case you can pick really -- stark example -- that look at what happened -- Hillary Clinton. I think progressive in this country we're looking for someone who was -- Basically. A Republican. -- Thirty years ago I mean a lot of the policies really seeing the same. All right telling. What come on in your what do you say. Well we compensated. The Democrats want to repeal the new deal we don't have new deal Democrats anymore we just got new democrats' court for Democrats Clinton and Cuomo primary examples. But we don't say that Republicans and Democrats of the saints of the Democrats want to repeal the new deal seemed like the Republicans a lot of repealing enlightenment. Because -- -- in the matter for them you know we know about them reject an evolution and climate science. And then -- after you know running around saying everybody's -- mistake that I taxes. Well that's not true to state gained 75000 people. According to US census between 2012 point 113. So at least let's start from the facts in as far as the lesser evil thing. Yep that's to that the dynamic and that's why. We propose having proportional representation in the legislature. In instant ranked choice to run offs for. Individual offices like governor so you rank -- choices 123 so you can vote like this -- to bring me one. Ranked Cuomo who is the second choice so that the conservative Republican would be as spiritual it. In an abiding get the majority in the first second and third my ballot to be transferred to second choices which would likely be that the Democrats. So people to -- for what they want without warning about the lesser evil. All right now now I almost hesitate to ask this because it would be. Pretty apparent right on its face member of the Green Party don't sport -- Oh yes I've ran on a ban on fracking and twenty cents. And we rattled for I don't have mostly environmental movement that -- withstand natural gas is the bridge that renewable future or at best car for a moratorium. After that election I -- so much traction all the groups came out for a band and that's what we got the movement calls for a -- them. Along those lines you've said you want a green new deal for New York the idea that green jobs can fuel full employment. Here in the -- -- governor -- committed. About 225. Million dollars of state money. To build a manufacturing facility for -- two companies -- of a company that makes LED lights basically. And silk -- a company that works on solar panels he says that the net gain here will be about 850. Jobs. Is he proving your point about green jobs or is this a plan you have some trouble -- No I think that's where the jobs of the future are we're on the verge of the third industrial revolution. From serve a mechanical the digital grid and from oil based centralized production of power. -- gas and oil and coal to decentralize generation distributed generation from wind. And and the sun primarily which the wind blows everywhere disincentive to where. And building that out is gonna create according to a study by the source in the scientists and engineers led by a guy at Stanford and including some people at Cornell and -- here in New York. In New York would create born half million jobs. Building that out over the next seventeen years by. And should we do it by giving money to corporate interest so layouts. So avail -- There's the argument at least on the national level that we're picking winners and losers what do you say there. I think we need a combination of things we need to coordinate the municipal. I utilities we have we have over fifty in the state a with not asserted in New York Power Authority and that can have a lot of influence. And then we should let out contracts from the state the state should finance. I think I'd like to green bank to -- proposals which guarantees loans that Wall Street banks put out which raises the cost. Our green bank should do the loans themselves in the interest goes back to the states rather than in the Wall Street will be cheaper to us. To build out more at this green infrastructure. All right. David in -- is very is that you let's bring you on and high. I they cute. The first city information used to compete gratitude for bringing on other voices like this letter treat president. In our country about how -- -- is an easy candidate. -- And aren't wearing -- person -- probably got from the secret in the nuclear war -- that thing. And that there tartan he got -- We got it certainly everybody talked about we need a viable third party well Green Party is a viable third party who -- party isn't. And you don't see them as a niche third party you think he's broad based and -- Absolutely if you look at the green you can pick and keep which always government should -- All -- -- going to bring everybody ecological. But since since since the and I went the most recent offer grassroots democracy. For nonviolence. For social and economic justice over the four pillars of the Green Party. We now around twenty years how is they're beginning. And it's inspiring and vision and the people in resonate with them I mean real catering -- down rain. Deep and for president. Just. Just actual people and and people are and they're they're there's a straight and realize it's it's. To what degree in America with that -- the corporate of 1% think it'll actually year looking to do. We can do so much better wrote later Clinton. We we we have more solutions than you. And Howard is needed brilliant clincher about the new economy this coming week could be at the forefront of that. But -- to. Lest it become a complete love fest -- what you don't like about America or bring forth the question form. Okay well I would failure is -- I don't like about it you -- He's he's he speaks very clearly to the common and and and I would just say that. What in my country and it's sort of crashed into the -- coverage you heard the exception and I appreciate deeply in the it was duke. -- -- Deep that's right this doesn't give these voices -- -- of clear thinking and critical thinking Charlie definitely. So that he is is so good about the -- -- -- how are. All right how -- Respond to that the idea that you just OK yet the media might not cover you -- just a third party guy anyway were too busy covering. The Republican and the Democrat because they're the ones that get the votes isn't that a logical progression isn't that what the media should be doing do you think they've given you a fair shake. Or do you buy into the idea that this caller says that that you just ignored because -- your third party. I think his combination whatever Lance when he and I got police coverage we have novelty candidate. You know Carl Paladino -- he is gonna take out this statement there prominent but a reporter Fred -- you know when he got went viral -- Kristin Davis the the prostitute from New York City. And as the same guy Roger Stone the dirty trickster for Republicans won't back in Nixon Jimmy McMillan is too damn high. And Roger Stone started working with him and got to make it through online gambling to structures don't work for Donald Trump. When he's not doing political dirty tricks. So I got you know decent coach from people like you and others upstate. Small town newspapers I got 50000 -- 60000 both north of Westchester County it was New York City and I think that was a prejudice against staters. And particularly maybe you know working person we're gonna night shift unloading trucks they said he's gonna come and less like beat all those third party candidates. I think that our program with serious or campaign with serious and it resonated with people. I'm hoping I'm about to do a news conference down in New York that this time. We'll get some coverage you -- Tim -- on he did to a blog about media today I was on inside city policy it was Friday night. So we're ahead of the game where we weren't going to -- but it's a bad idea that that it opening do we get 5% of the vote. I think need to have a heart and ignoring us and we'll have a independent -- voice in the politics and I think it'll shift the whole dynamic New York. All right interesting stuff glad you're able spent some time to talk about this morning Howie Hawkins thank you. Thank you as the Green Party candidate for governor.