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4-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I won't be out of the he would Cory Bennett and then yeah. India the hole looked up to mark the end this month -- They can keep going for it but. It's easy to clean -- But the same publicity. Would listen now -- Tom hourly -- back to spare his life of its local. Landmines if you'd like that it's Tom hourly you may well I'll put this out. -- news radio 930 WBE. I had it in my genetic did chip -- laugh at me naked it's nine minutes after six it is ready at 930 WB IW's Atlanta like five times this week red zone steroid look at the side effects. Anyway it. I've got to find some of breast anyway it is 609 the word would be -- domestically. Anyway thanks for being a part of my life thanks for letting me into your world Portugal asked what you wish you could just throw me out and help. Mister Behar early tactics were -- to the door and please try not to come back again. Now we have that I get a player. I don't know about you. A great time today to this program. Because we've done a lot of things that have been kind of life style idea. And not heavy however. Those have you listened instantly know. That I will try to impart wisdom where I can't and when I am even during a light and after each hole. Does not. All talk radio has to be. Doom and gloom and of the world and a service. A zillion times before. Talk radio cannot change the world. A lot of people going to this business that you can. And which -- but. It. I would like to look at it this -- If despite Rush Limbaugh. Sean Hannity. More Ingram. Michael Savage. Gordon Liddy. And Oliver North. We still elected Obama twice. You'll tell me again how exactly talk radio changes the world and I -- I will say this. What we have done. In the world talk radio is I think we have explored. Different ways of looking at the world that what you're used to getting in most of the other media. Which is -- -- the other media you'll always hate on us. That's why anybody associated with WB yen is likely to find themselves the victim of a hit piece. And an unethical hippies. In Villa in the local. Daily -- It's just it's it's the way the world -- like the fact that their opinion monopoly. Has been challenged by people with brains. Who works. Why and why they're wrong. They objected that they want you to be little worker drones and -- well I'm just a rebel I just don't like playing that game. So we've we've had some fun. Now RIA. And going to contradict myself. Because I would like to do a serious topic and a on happy ending topic. Because they know that many view are keeping an eye on the situation in -- Bob -- which will cover momentarily. However. My a happy ending topic this hour -- try to introduce new stuff along the way today and it's been a riot. Everybody's you know following along following the bouncing ball. What is your deal breaker. In a relationship. What are your deal breakers in a relationship. And you know I was talking about this topic with somebody. And the -- don't let the word relationship. Throw you. Because my relationship. I do not necessarily mean. That it has to be a romantic. Dating -- loving relationship. Don't know no no no no no their are all kinds of relationships. There are relationships you have with coworkers. There are relationships you have with family members. There are relationships you have on social media. And there are I gotta -- is open. You wanna talk about deal breakers with social media. First of all. If I didn't do what I do for a living I would probably have five people on my FaceBook page. That I felt like sharing anything where it's just. One of my rules. I don't see the point. In giving in to -- matches on FaceBook for most of over politics look I do this for a living. And I can't stand and I made the plea -- -- interpret what -- -- the social media aspect. Of what I do. And the social media aspect of your life. Is something that I think adds unnecessary drama. And pressure to it. There have been more fights. Over politics. More on friend. Over politics. In social media. More drama. In social media. Over relationships. I don't even know -- -- again. Social media. It's like anything else it's like you -- it can be used as a positive to all. Or it can be used as a weapon of mass destruction. And for some -- -- on FaceBook or not shall we say. In the public tired you just don't wanna be in the public drive for your political opinions. I kind of asked the question why do you bother. Captured meaning. Individuals on your FaceBook page with whom you have nothing in common. And who was orderly. Reason for being seems to be to try to contradict you everything you say politically based seek to me it's not. It's a waste of time. I just hit the -- friend but. Add stress to your thoughts -- can be stressful enough. That your FaceBook account it's something that I ought to be fun for social network. Yet. People will persist. In engaging in these in the -- the bitter venom spewing political arguments on FaceBook. I just say to myself man I do this for a living I don't know why anybody who doesn't do this for a living would even bother. So what are your deal breakers in the gay relationship Ike hit number of people who have contacted it is say. You know Tom I on -- so and so because. They were always mocking my conservative views they were flaming liberals I said a body. So. That is. A deal breaker politics can be deal breaker and that's only what kind of relationship. Now friendship. Is another kind of relationship. A -- -- -- story here to kind of set up this topic a little bit is actually a true story happen to somebody you know. Who had plans. To meet a friend out. At the last minute the friend to cancel. The France said a family emergency head trauma. Well the person. Who had been jolted wet out anyway and guess what. You know they ran into right. Yeah they read it through the person who had this big family emergency hang out with somebody else. It even talk and sex love and romance is talking a friendship. And that was the end of that fringe. -- -- Because the person's outlook. -- -- -- You know what I really wanna see my other friend that I really sorry can understand but instead they lied about this family emergency and I've felt -- trade. That to me that's a valid reason for saying Bob by. Mean not to mention the many potholes in two which a romantic relationship and fall. Whether it's infidelity. Or lying. Growing apart we're just not having anything in common anymore. So what -- the deal breakers in your relationships. -- can be something as simple as smoking. It can be something as simple as. Somebody drinking too much in your -- You know. I wouldn't call that a deal breaker for me -- bit it's. If I see that somebody is in a bottle as a -- every night that does go at the wheel house as danger Will Robinson danger Will Robinson. 8030930. Is meatball you know three all right thirty started thirty is the cellphone number. 180616. WB -- whether it is romance business or personal. What are the deal breakers in a relationship. And may I mention again social media. -- Are you watching this. The situation. In Nevada. How closely. Between the bureau of land management. And this rancher. Sorry guys this is my one serious topic today I was starting to feel guilty. And this rancher. Who basically says he's being bullied. By the federal government. And that his area where he lives in Nevada has been turned into this armed camp now. With law enforcement types movie yen in now to defend the farmer the rancher you got militia types coming yeah. -- To help stand behind this farmer. As he fights off federal intimidation. Or are you follow this story closely. Yes -- no. Do you think it's gonna end up. Peacefully. Where do you think. There will be another Waco. That's my serious topic I'm sorry guys I had to throw something serious and today. I know I was feeling guilty on an awful. 803030. Here's Mike in the tunnel under on a WB -- Mike you've got -- relationship deal breaker and I presume you're talking about the a romantic situation or a -- situation. You always say it's romantic it's to do with my wife and I and I know you're talking about all of our current deal breakers but -- Mike Gilbert wasn't fidelity I I'd I didn't tolerate it and my wife's farm and -- twice. On me and I'm the worker and I don't put up with and I don't know why. Not because I can't get anybody else has inherited this visa cards were locked into career and you know we talk about it and stopping -- emitted when I. Both Carter and -- -- did it again. Mike. Mike. Mike the courage that you're exhibiting just by calling my show news and I'm honored that you that you trust me enough to even -- this kind of stuff with me. I wanna give you more time but can -- get the traffic done in the don't wanna talk to more. All right Mike hey hang in there don't go anywhere let's check in with the traffic right now and ladies and gentlemen here is Allan Harris. And AccuWeather tonight partly cloudy though the overnight low is going to be 39 -- long way from there right now what's the sun goes down and the radiation or cooling takes effect you'll notice bill ultimately outside. As far as tomorrow will be cloudy. It will be mild allegedly fifty degrees M and Sunday they claim will be up to seventy you'll notice ally. Sound very doubtful and skeptical it's my nature don't take it is a slight against AccuWeather it's more my own nature of never believing good things are actually gonna happen at. Are right now -- -- -- 55. It's been a 55 all to obviously conspiracy by the folks -- all. 55 news radio 930 WB RE let's get back to a Mike in that 11. Month might. My lifestyle topic today is -- for the final part of the show anyway what our deal breakers any relationship whether to romantic relationship. Or a social media FaceBook relationship. And how closely are you watching the farmer the rancher in the -- and the militia guys going out there to defend him against the threats how closely how do you think it's gonna end up. But let me get back to my cantata want to know Mike de horning have been married -- curiosity. Nine years I've known. On my wife horror. I'm between one year before that. So it's a little good calls aren't. I never heard that she can -- that -- be that I propose that you ordinary before it was a -- -- -- -- -- -- and. -- she says it. She's cheated on you come. With two different guys or with the same guy and two different occasions. Also the same the same man. Just -- majors twice and are we talking about two nights of sex are we talking about two separate appears with multiple incidents. On you know -- separate night on bald facts that thing alliances it's a partner follows so it's not like I don't know who wouldn't. -- he has a history eating infected him and his wife got a divorce because each year rather well it was so ironic it is it was like. I didn't mean to -- ironic I know you hate that word -- An iconic Disney when I don't like. All it is ironic I'm rather fond of that. Experts are split I do Auburn and we have a we have a child the governor and under -- you know or an act it's you know a lot of my friends -- mostly everybody true loser the loser. But hey it's not that easy might it be you know if anybody's got experience -- there before it's not that you just can't. You know -- I don't know maybe go to counseling or don't let me be. Well you're and you want -- okay we're okay. I hope you don't mind my asking questions now before I get into this you know that I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist or counselor right I'm just a guy. And I know people. Our Larry I don't wanna play something that I'm not on the radio Joseph delighted to 24 break. 25 break is when -- okay. You've been married for nine years how long after he got married was it before she the slept with this guy for the first time. Just -- that within the past six months. OK and that she did it again. And she did it again and I probably won a phone now if I. Didn't -- around. That's the important thing right because some people usually they are now in or some people -- inquisitive and it in and ask around stop and it just it was basically. I didn't -- that it. So. Why -- -- -- -- -- -- a tough act to follow like I have to be honest with you but. I'm Mike sorry after the guys the next rumor laughing. And their two guys loading guns anyway but what I was gonna say is. I need to talk to you further about theirs. That is gonna have to be after the news -- is if I ask you question now it's not -- to you because you're gonna have like two seconds to answer it. Because here's here's what I want you to think about. It is gonna be a hard thought process. But a guy and I know you love this woman but do you believe -- don't answer me now. Do you really believe that this is the first time she has ever strayed in nine years of marriage. Ponder that and we'll get back with you after the break a promise I will treat you with respect you're not to be an object of ridicule. I'm gonna respect you and I'm gonna offer the best ideas I possibly can as a fair enough. Our -- thank you very much yes I don't have a await your work don't go oh go anywhere don't go anywhere WB. This -- This movie huh. Yeah. -- Paying real. -- -- It's 633 administrative 930 WB EL I'm sure that's exactly this on Mike wanna be here just as we regularly go back to is a phone call rather emotional heart wrenching song. Com we are talking just joining us this has been kind of an unusual show for it because. I've got a whole bunch of different happy ending topics that I was unable to devote enough time to when I initially with them out. And my happy ending topic now use. What is your deal breaker what are you would deal breakers in a relationship. -- romantic relationship can be a friendship it can be a working relationship. A partnership it can be a a FaceBook relationship brought social media relationship and you know social media for -- awesome as a Camby has also been a the Genesis of so much drama. And and and so many bad feelings that I kind of wonder in balance whether or not it's a net positive or net minus but. I guess it'll just remain to be seen also how closely are you watch in the situation in the -- with that rancher who's under siege by the fence. And how do you think it's gonna end up those who want the serious stuff. Which have been trying to deflect -- long. Our let me get back to Mike in -- wonder now Michael you been married to a woman for nine years you've -- for 21 years. And day you found out that she cheated on you were she admitted to cheating on you. Twice with the same guy in the last half the year respect correct. It do you believe. That number one minute he is the first and number two that it really only just start. I actually I do believe he is preferred. And as our own interpret conservative Republicans aren't marketed it got -- -- -- I I think the most important thing to remember that I have a Wal-Mart all right but still they would my wife. And -- that's how much I'd walk. And calm. And I will get hurt you got their forgiveness because if you don't have that I'm -- you're not gonna have marched. And I I think it's a shame that it -- it went as far as that and it wasn't anything with Anthony's the whip my wife or anything like that. It's it was one thing I think guys well. That. I would get a banjo. For like China. And and -- nicely. And I've done everything -- spoke to bill. And gone is it just happened and ill obviously I'd never quite -- over that incident I didn't. And our I know one thing -- it in the future if that ever happen again because you can only put up on what stopped. Is it that ever happen again I would never date again I will become elbit and I will see about myself because you know what. -- you can't keep going through this you know emotionally I don't think you know that's something we can but. Well you know -- Every every day I and the show with two words and some people get mystified. You know buy it by the words are used in their very simple words no yourself those -- the two were. Now the the woman your wife. From did you guys talk about this kind of stuff before. You got married to -- did you have real genuine sincere heart to hearts about a the fact that you expected absolute one on one monogamy. You know including a mean up to and including intercourse or anything between French kissing -- you know want to you know what all the way to intercourse. Did you have explicit conversations about that. Sure -- I think that would put writing -- -- -- more unusual we gave each other our proud because bomb you know we have two different guy. And my god and oh god. But they're not as saying you know and and got all forgiving. And -- is it you know or put them that do something like that they think they're gonna be forgiven if not I immediately by someone else. -- Mike here's here's my concern and again. I should do the disclaimer that I have no special training in this other than I know people and I'm generally pretty good with relationships even though my owner for and train wrecks. You just ahead. But. Here here's the thing. I I would suggest a year. And you're not collecting your orders that that. Your wife it's more than a sexual attraction. That your wife has for this guy who is your friend okay. Com. Because. Most women. And not all but most women before -- on a be with somebody like that. They need to feel at least some kind of an emotional. Connection. Unless it's a high school reunion and there really drunk in the band in the limo are really big and things take a turn. About the -- excuses -- but. It sounds to me like we're not just talking about somebody who. You know had sex with this other guy. But I think she may have feelings for this other guy have you talked to her about this. Yes she did actually -- that they she had feelings are import them many many many many years -- golf. You know and everybody moved on in her life turns down. You know we did wrong things up and I think it was more opportunities kinda brings. Is she -- XP is he an ex boyfriend to her. So. -- right now. What is your wife. Because you talk about forgiveness and forgiveness is very noble thing. But. But your wife mean again. I'm not telling you anything you don't know. But I don't think your wife has an on off switch. Four with respect her emotional feelings for this other guy it's not something she can say cut off I no longer have feelings for him. There's something about this other guy. That is. Attractive to her and it doesn't mean. That she doesn't love you do you get the sense do you know that she loves you. Yeah it helped me all the time and she asked for my forgiveness. And it's not a bomb. Apocalyptic is it like it I couldn't straighten out there's nothing in -- -- that I think that I conflict it long and I am not gonna -- wanna be myself off. And I in my emotionally connected -- not what irked because of quite is that I I would lose my land mine. You say the guy is a friend I mean and have you had a chance to talk to the guy about it. I debt and actually he doesn't want -- talking anymore or is. Weird because it wasn't that -- being these things back and -- and if you're an. Well number one here's C that's an alarm for me because when number one he's embarrassed because he knows that he trade view as a friend okay. Number two what I suspect and I hope I'm wrong but something I think you need to keep your eyes open for is that it may still be going on. I think that he is jealous of the fact that. She is your wife and she will not leave you vote for him I think she I think he lobster. And I think it's difficult for him to talk to you because you know it just think about something weird you're the other guy to him. And I think he's embarrassed and I think he also. May be doesn't want to let something slip if there's still something going on or he wants her to be something going on in the future. Have you and your wife go along to a therapist and have you been totally honest with the therapist. We didn't we went for a two month and that along that -- that or. Because after awhile it just it got old well early really ask. And then -- -- walk out the last time we walk -- -- but you know what we thought everything was fine and and I'm sorry you cannot wolf you know what -- as -- do this and you know do this and -- and find that. It didn't it didn't really do it didn't do anything because I don't think that they're as rarely truly deeply inside. Knew what was going to -- taxes it's even -- are there aren't they. Is it possible. That your wife. Is just not capable of being in a sexually. And emotionally. Monogamous relationship. It's unfortunate because I -- myself I would never marry a woman that was very previously before. I told myself that I was -- -- can -- the right first time for everybody around and because I've known work so well. And you know a great personality and I'm I'm not taken anything bad about I would never bet talk her. It took just hit -- just saying that she cheated on his back and bad doctor but does that that the but they explain. -- -- I you know I wouldn't record in the moderate thing like that and dom. Brett I understand that but let's let me but I need to get back to the question because I think this is really important and it is do you believe that she is capable of being in a monogamous. Relationship and I I only asked that speakers. You know sometimes people get off on strange. You know something that is new sometimes people actually get off on sneaking around you know the excitement the adrenaline of sneaking around and you're doing something they know they ought and do. And then sometimes sir tragically and -- what might be tragic in your case. The two of them despite protestations to the contrary may actually. You know have. The relationship between the two of them. And her heart may be divided down the middle. Honestly I don't think she could be in a monogamous relationship it it took me awhile. A few years to realize it just because just the -- which is by no. She's Smart about one. In and no I know policy and I'm like. I don't Burkle I don't think she should've gotten married ever again to anybody I think of the final that was not you know sit back and -- -- while and so people -- the next morning you're -- and and and you know when you get or your repeat. But now I don't I don't we just -- more like the right now. But are okay and do you believe what you believe she earned her motivation is visit the fact that she has feelings for this other guy. Is that the fact that she gets the adrenaline rush out of sneaking around or is that the fact that she enjoys. The attentions of different men. Always apple media attention a man I type it in our eyes you know and she's not gonna do anything. And -- meat that's gonna hurt my feelings or anything but I Appalachia and attention getter. Like per cent and I think she really liked this guy a long time at all I I get that usually. You know export -- without the -- she's gonna wipe them but I didn't think that you can't take it as far as soon. Oh well I guess you know here's here's the situation and again you know I don't I'm not qualified. As a therapist psychologist but I know people are right. It may just be in her nature. Now the question is. And I people are gonna get all over me for this one but two but to keep your marriage together. Is it possible where you could have an arrangement. Where you say to her look I know you can't be monogamous but. But would you at least do me the courtesy of letting me know where you're going to be and when you're going to be doing it. Absolutely and in in hand ivory said that on. It belongs and I do it to bet that saying -- -- -- burden now is that he doesn't I don't even think she -- or call. And it's it's when -- thank you -- the I don't think she -- I think she's the bigger and -- Cooper and apparently. I. Think that's what attracted me to work. Was because she's very very secure even about how. Well let me give you a little secret -- a gentleman whose stated nines and -- Every woman that is insecure. About something and every man is insecure about something. If every no man was not insecure about something Porsche would be out of business. -- never. Got a point there I would never I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not giving up. That's my support and prayer. Okay but here's here's what I'm getting in again this is what people are gonna yell at me over. You love this woman she obviously has some level of love for you. I mean can you deal hole and I guess what I'm saying is can you work out an arrangement where you'll understand that the the -- the nature of the marriage is such that you stay to -- But she is allowed to do certain things as long as she doesn't lie and cheat about it. Yeah I know I'm I'm gonna do that I'm I'm going to be typical person -- have -- have been in the past six months. Maybe a little longer and out and -- Yet that that that's fine for me I I'm cool with that. I mean it's I mean if you can deal with that. I mean I'll tell you one thing today it's a -- -- a lot better -- -- how much cheaper than divorce. And you said you had a kid how old -- -- -- -- Yeah mom and a lot and don't even know they can go because we're we're not one crappy parent I don't -- -- Our kids are. Out a way. To get out on court I felt so bad. I'm going to be like I'm you know on and -- -- -- power and -- you do changes. I'll tell you one thing is that would now your life your -- if I ordered that. I would have been should chewed up in that now. My -- carried by the way I thought it would have been shocked. Com really a lot of bad things what happened yet it gets the flip side. But what if you have the conversation. And I understand my more conservative people are going to be just all over me on -- or carry. But what if you have a conversation that says look I know who you are I knew you have some feelings for this guy. Just do me the honesty and the kindness and courtesy of not lying about what you know where you were going and what you're going to be doing. And I would expect the same in return if I wish to pursue. On the outside. It is that something that you could live with to keep the marriage together at least. Absolutely does this what all the bustle of earth and my wife she is -- -- -- war. And anybody whoever thought man my wife and her the only member expense and remember. Who agree with I mean are not agree with that but they don't -- they dislike what what she did. But yet you know they're trying to -- develop their own feeling. None of their business it's none of their business. -- is none of their business but it has some in some sort of way affected. Our -- about how we function now all. Do you favor would you like. First of all. I'm I have to let you go here -- second because you've got other callers and got some business I have to take Europe. Would you if if you need to would you feel free to drop me an email personal email Tom at WB EN dot com. There's a wanna be. Listener viewer and and I hit a lot of things that Coleman in agreement on everything. Actually my -- your strategy to -- phone number I didn't -- Now I I don't. I'm sorry but. Now if if you if you wanna send me an email I can certainly tell you about some people I know work trained in this kind of thing who might be of help to you. But it it sounds like you're taking Avery rational approach to this some people are gonna say that your totally being cock folded and totally being made into a worse by this. But human -- a lot more complicated than. And I'm honored sir I am I must tell you. I'm honored that you trust me enough to -- such intimate things with me and I I don't even hull. If I was trying to develop that kind of bond with my audience is it wouldn't developers just happened naturally. But my email is Tom at WB EN dot com Tom at WBBM dot. -- you know it's going to be in the next couple minutes but I promise you at some point I might well let's figure out I think tenure Burton -- and all -- that it's. Well look I'm not I'm not an expert I've done the best they can and I'll be thinking about -- this weekend okay. Our Mike thanks very much folks. I I don't know what to say that the trust you put in me I. I wouldn't trade that for billion dollars. You do know elected to a whole show on that last phone call had that call come in earlier and I may in the future because I think it's a very very important phone call I hope that he does I didn't touch -- Thomas WB EN dot com. Wrote in the south towns Ruth is going to talk about the situation in bottom dollar -- I've got a minute how closely following. -- -- Something came up and it's really -- -- Harry Reid's fingerprints are all Allred that's yes and -- is involved with the Chinese energy giant he can and and they're going to build eight -- -- -- with indeed. -- older firm and panel manufacturing plant in the southern desert I met. Do you mean to say that they decided that it was that too dangerous for cattle because of this endangered tortoise but they're gonna put some panels up because Harry Reid's son might stand a chance of making a fortune. -- same area that we re at did this -- -- and a trip to China and twenty allotment. -- this system is broken wide open today and it's really disrupting by and by the way they were you NIC knows that's her supporters are so. And it's so the whole thing has been Colleen and for quite a few years. And it's evidently didn't rather -- and oh dirty air -- again. See I I heard that element of the story earlier. I know Alex Jones has been covering it I put links up to Alex's site I also. Have been monitoring Drudge on this site and we've -- have to spend some more time on that next week depending on what happens over the weekend but. If Harry Reid has engineered this and if his fingerprints can be proven to be on this and if it is a conflict of interest. Well I was gonna say the other end up in prison but you -- no -- not a damn thing's gonna happen. Are you and me are you kidding me Tim. -- -- And my love I'm so glad to hear from you and I'm probably gonna do were showing that next week depending on how things this week and cool. Yeah you -- later thank you. Folks I -- you know I'll pass that -- went by for you -- -- -- -- -- got in the year so anyway thanks to -- -- that master control. Thanks to John Sherman Michael screener. And folks wanna use these words every day I live. No yourself.

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