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4-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And the. It would. Benefit. Hold movement. That. -- The few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you so much. Not al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling ask for the foreign policy that. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to -- -- -- Destroy -- silent. That was an amendment. Tom hourly. Even though it -- I think it right back Barry it's -- -- local girl is. It's Tom hourly and -- throws a shoe honestly onions radeon 930. I have the best crew ever. I love you you know thank you still -- throws issue honestly. Obviously a reference to Hillary Clinton look folks. Everything is -- -- nobody is ever gonna look at the dictionary under class and see a picture of me. Not protests. Yeah I have to admit that in some areas of life. I have some degree of respect and class. -- as much as -- politically. Oppose Hillary Clinton. I would never. Throw a shoe at I wouldn't shoot her. I wouldn't throw a issue at her I would do nothing violent to over. Can we please leave that kind of nonsense for the so called progressives. Because it is open. For those of us who don't like Hillary Clinton and everything she stands for when we throw shoes it makes us look like morons and all it does is it backfires -- -- It makes Hillary the victim. Who knows maybe the person that during the issue will turn out to be a Hillary employee. It would be the first time something like this happen but seriously folks. We have got to maintain a higher road. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Behavior in public with people we don't like you know like I might pick up but. Hypocrite but anyway that came out. Exactly on one but seriously guys. I didn't like it when somebody to -- George Bush. And I don't like it when somebody throws issue of Hillary Clinton I don't think that's the way to do things I think it's wrong. If you do that I think you'll be arrested. I don't like Hillary. But you know what violence is violence assault is assault. And throwing a -- itself but he. Is in my opinion an act of violence. And credit this year. Not that there was but seriously as much as deep -- the policies Hillary Clinton would implement. I sure as hell wouldn't wanna see your. I know some of you aren't like that but I have to draw the line somewhere. And I draw the line. At. And use the word gratuitous. Violence sometimes violence is necessary. -- Not -- she would Hillary Clinton right now can we need to be -- Anyway it is. Eleven minutes after five news radio 930 WB the -- so out a couple of things here I started off the show -- is there a period of history. Period of history. Where you think you should have been born. Got a nice response to that kind of died off. But if you just got out of work and -- right -- I remember when you did this is atop the left when he but it's -- show you said you're gonna bring it back and this is good. Talk about that. Also what is it that you do for a living and would you recommend -- your career to your children I would it not. Never have never would recommend broadcasting to anybody. I knew I was gonna be doing this when I was two or three years old or something akin to -- when I was two or three years old this was my best. For good or for -- it was my best and the things that worked out okay. Com. They don't three on my theory is people number 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB ENN. I don't know if everything's happening with traffic. And and you need to pass information on -- newsroom or traffic here report. -- you can -- WB in traffic command at 80303218030321. That's 8030321. WB and traffic command and we always appreciate it would help us out with breaking news stories. You hear something you felt something. Whatever we -- and all we liked how let's go to jet into a one on WB and hello. -- I think our tight will corporate. Longer street look written about what happened in the task. It's like it's like maybe up. Go to our for a few minutes here and there from Cubans who listen to the workers say. I would love it I would love it if you would do that but I need to pass some information on -- some people in Lewiston -- been calling up our radio station because that people heard something blow up in Lewiston. It was an electrical transformer that's what I'm told that's the only information I have. An electrical transformer. John -- -- on the spot I don't know if it's National Grid. Or nice tag but whomever is we'll have a spokesman we need to get that spokesman on. I know what's not a happy endings that but we also need to give people information on any breaking news stories so if you heard something blow up in Lewiston it was an al-Qaeda. It was a trades well fortunately -- it was a transformer big statement note to blow up before I remember once he squirrel causing a transformer to blow up. Anyway yes -- actively Jim and Connell -- some of York in special areas of interest. OK that I actually in the past -- really know what what what some are focused what I would really light. I would love to beat twice a year older -- and the reason they have right now first time. Because I hardly the word or strange under a lot so much going on people going up -- -- awful lot of -- that the yet been sort of Madison and space. Over the next what -- -- your practice sixty year I look. So they're being part of that -- good at it political and sort told -- -- good out there and I'd really I would like you know just to learn the stuff I mean. I could go back and get more get -- a lot of study of a patch. Obviously nobody really knows what's gonna happen in the future so that were possible. What the -- into a net. All I you know I love the way effect but I have to tell you bet I feel. I don't know this is -- to all of -- I feel a sense of trepidation. About the future. One of my shows this week and again we got to bring everything together we brought everything together out today. I feel as though the country into which I was born no longer exists that everything I learned about American history an American civics and politics no longer applies the constitution that mean Dick anymore. And that. Everything is a post constitutional republic and we're supposed to grin and bear it and I don't know that looking ahead fifty years from now I have a real warm and Fuzzy feeling about the future of America. Now that being said let's take politics out of it. The idea that may be Branson you know virgin space shuttle could take you up for a trip around the world may be in a sub orbital. Altitude now that is kind of cool. Time and you have a good point should you mentioned and -- But I started the street so I shouldn't in the Roman civilization and other civilizations throughout history urged people -- it at the same feeling. And as you have now. And it goes in cycles and about every country -- -- actually gonna die but I know -- -- -- her Serbian who works. Just like ultimate. Let's. You know it's -- they're all good good because you're always go to available all beat up he would. But you know Jim. If you'll pardon my interruption sir and I do appreciate the intellect of your phone call and the thought you put into it and I have to tell you it's a pleasure to speak with somebody with a brain. And all of my audience by the way my callers this week have been out of this freaking world and and you were just the latest one of them. What concerns me what concerns me Jim is there's. That the United States of America the reason I love. Go to my country. Is what I was taught in school. About our country officially enshrined inning. The natural rights our founding fathers thought were important and recognizing. Those natural rights in our constitution and in our bill of rights and what I see now is one man. One administration. Using the -- of his race so nobody can say anything about him it's bad destroying. Those freedoms for which generation of Americans whites blacks Puerto Ricans. And everybody else have fought and died for it makes me sick. Jim your turn to discourse. And and I don't like to -- -- and in and I do believe that this country electable than in the freedom agenda. Just because. You know all I -- stall out just simply into the church and know it's going to be -- news. But I so you know I shall believe in the core values. And that. You know that -- Newark new and improved sometime in the future but I don't want to I don't want this -- this spear. And wanna be so positive and trying to what I can't accuse the the well. -- as much as I appreciate what you're saying the realist I eat the negative just in me. Recalls of certain period of medieval history known as the -- dark ages. At a time when a once advancing European civilization. Basically. Gave way to ignorance and stupidity. And illiteracy. And morons. And the dark ages prevailed and the only reason. That we have some of our great western literature preserve today is because of the ironically. Is because of the Muslim scholars who took the time the copy western acts in the Arabic and store them at places like Alexandria. -- in Egypt. Of course that predates the the dark ages but throughout libraries in the Middle East. I appreciate -- order a world great. That we can pepper opinion but apart you know -- generally don't want good that people are the ones that don't want people and injuring him. -- we're -- opposite would be quite boring. You know I guess I guess we just have two different perspectives here you are are more positive than IA I hate. I believe that I am more realistic because I understand that historically the nature of power. The nature of the dominant 5%. Of the population which will controlled government and government policy used. The subjugation and control of the other 95%. And of course the limit and the elimination of the 5% of the dominate of the dominant personality type who is Smart enough to call out the other dominant types. -- I you know what I don't. I'd I don't do that for myself I'm just a more concerned about future generations. I'm a Fred thank you great call by the way and I don't just say it is understood -- guys. My callers this week have been I mean out of this world I've heard two voices I've -- all some familiar voices. Caller this week except couple have been just out of the park awesome. And I'm not the kind of guy who says they give yourself a round of applause. Let's find out about traffic right now and ladies and gentlemen I present to you mr. Allen Harris Alan. Put some thought to -- I'd like to know -- a Smart guy and I I would like to know of all errors in human history where you'd think you'd be the best fit. Think about them. Alan by the way he he's or trafford before he also is that exceedingly intelligent as you can't guess at your earliest. AccuWeather for today partly cloudy. Tonight the -- and have a first pitch forecast now the Friday night bash is back happy hour baseball and fireworks. The first pitch 605 against the Pawtucket Red Sox and it'll be. -- Free blue skies over Everest right now hopefully they'll persist over the ballpark. We're looking at 55 degrees the overnight low weight overnight is gonna be 38. Tomorrow it will be cloudy and mild may be a shower late in fifty. And Sunday allegedly seventy degrees page out of drive by my house last Sunday if you don't stop by. And help make me in my garage on the topic Greg and Tim and an Odyssey to it that you were unemployed. I don't mean to put pressure on you John but you know it's the neighborly thing to do. You know your old neighbor with the heart condition. You know with a brain issue you know. You're young strapping man I'm just saying don't still guilty really I mean if I have a heart attack and -- -- -- I don't want to feel guilty. And worst of the Jewish grandmother watched. All right anyway. And I say that it affectionately I hope you realize that there's no anti semitism in my body not a single ounce of it. 55 degrees at their WB yeah now it is up 523. Folks. I have an update and information and I and those of the even though I promise you that they would be a day of a happy ending show. We keep our eyes open for breaking news. And here's a great example again of teamwork on the buy -- show and why I can't do what I do without Joseph -- -- master control and John Sherman as Mike Walsh greater. Here's what you don't know off the year just a few minutes ago we took the call from a woman who sent. Hey did anybody report an explosion in Lewiston. Now the last thing to do is go on the air and say we've -- -- it's urgent that. But immediately. John Sherman was on the phone with the police and Tom pocket in our newsroom. And we established the fact that it was an electrical transformer. That had blown up were exploded. Made a big paying in Lewiston fewer than five people. Are without power that's according the National Grid so hey thanks to the lady who called us. And -- thanks for the great crew I have here. On the -- leisure. Who go they go above and beyond the call of duty each and every day and I want -- understand that that is not just the -- show it's the beavers showed German show. And register -- remember though that if anything screws up it'll be their fault all the good stuff is me. Anything the screws up that will be Georgia current got to make sure that we ever priorities straight. And 2:3 o'clock O clock rock. 6:7 o'clock 8 o'clock rocked the. But yeah -- Now he went to his grave. Feeling like you've never truly we're here. As the great innovators yeah. But somewhere at the spirit of bill Haley. Is conscious of the -- really shows -- -- thank you. For really being a pioneer. In the early movement of well. Stealing. -- it's it's always politically correct to. Go after white people you know white man stole -- black man's music. Well you know what. Does that mean that if a black guy plays classical piano he stealing a white -- music. How about we all learn from each other. Mean I've learned a lot of stuff from black English and I'm sure black English is -- a lot of stuff from white English. You know we hopefully complement. Each other. Now in the cases were black artists were ripped off financial. By unscrupulous white guys and signed contracts they should assign. That's wrong but guess what that capital white performers to. You know the record labels the promoters the managers they got rich and the performers basically we're left eat rats. But I don't put it. Correct. You know to just want to say it all out the white just all the black music called rock and roll is not quite that -- You know how do you account for Jimi Hendrix. To -- Jimi Hendrix but did Jimmy Hendrix steal the white man's guitar. Now Jimmy Hendricks took what bill Haley had done what Bo Diddley had done would be BK had done. Heat merged white and black and everything it was owns the hail of acid rock guitar. You know he learned from everybody and Jimi -- by the way it was a mix of more races that you can jackets but yet. -- use like I know who obviously was part black part Indian ethnic part why you like everybody. And but again these are from you know the these lessons these politically correct people. Sadly I think. They're real agenda. Is love understanding. Kindness and bringing people together I think their real agenda is. Did biting us music should be something that is. And -- -- we can all enjoy. And you know what. If a black performer is able to emerge let's say a traditional. All white style like country music where folk music. No not not the slave plantation music or or beat the work songs but. If they black performer takes elements of traditional white music. And makes those elements is all -- ads in some some black stuff and maybe some things from other our cultures as well. I think we should appreciate as long as everybody's getting their fair square deal out of but again. Forgive me for trying to be. Forgive me for trying to be the person bringing people together. Forgive me for not being -- divider I just I'd I'd get the biggest kick out of the fact. And it's not a happy kick bad. The guy in the White House. We're supposed to be a great healer. Of America and race. Has proven to be the biggest divider. And I expected in my own little way. In my own little community. In Buffalo, New York in Western New York. I think that I've done more to genuinely bring together and respect. Everybody of every race every color every creed. And to count you all my Brothers and sisters. Than the man in the White House who gets the Nobel Prize. I find delicious irony in that. And I like when I I like what I see in the mirror not in terms of you know physical appearance necessarily but the guy. Who is genuinely trying. To bring the point across every single week not every single show but every single week. That we are in fact all in this together that all played in a different battles together and that we mustn't let. Stupid. Racists. No matter what they look like even if they look as we look. Divide us from each other. We're gonna agree 100%. On anything not even people who were mayor -- -- But let's all be aware. Much better we are. When we at least appreciate. From where the other person is coming. And no I'm not a flaming liberal. This is basic conservative area in the 101. My basic rule of being a conservative area and I know as I want to be really light and fluffy today but sometimes thoughts occur to me that I think need to be vocalize that expressed. My basic conservatory and principles and the ones have been trying to promote -- my program. Are that if you love America. If you love the constitution. I don't hear what you look like. I don't care what your ancestry is because I believe that fundamentally we are all cousins some of -- more distant than others but we are all related we all share a common male ancestor. I don't know if you do that but we do at least that's according to the latest science. And one of the things about living in a society that is diverse and America is diverse ears. And I brought this up we did via the homosexual marriage there. The if you're gonna live among people who are vastly different the new. You gotta learn to cut him slack. You have to learn we all have to learn to cut each other's slack. On a daily basis and not always necessarily leap to conclusions. Or jump to judgments. Which may be founded on nothing more than. Believe me I've been there. So I just want to share that with if you love the country if you love freedom if you believe in liberty. Anything else to me is a side issue. Because America. That's what I believe America ought to be like. -- I don't know maybe it just one voice shouting like a -- we'd in the wilderness and nobody hears me. It is up five -- ready at 930 WB yet. All right get -- I told you I'd I've got to bring it to be bringing out a whole bunch of things here all it took place. The topic of which are you most would like to have lived in. I enjoyed that one. Very much I'm surprised. Me a little bit disappointed but I'm surprised I did not get more action. On my grass always looks greener subject. Because. I went into the thing about receiving an email and this happens to meet frequently not every day but frequently where somebody says hey -- elegant and a radio would you recommend. And you know how I feel about that I would not recommend this profession to anybody. Are right it's it's so stacked against you it's so stacked against your success that it is not for the faint of heart. Would you recommend whatever it is you do for a living. Would you recommend that to your kids -- if you're not recommending that to your kids. Let me ask you what are you recommending to your -- it's. I think that is a great question because at some point folks. You've got a kid in ninth grade tenth grade may be wrapping up high school. And if you have -- open channel of communication with your children whatsoever and by the way I love this this -- topic that can be thought this is a topic that can be fun. But also serious. When your kid says to you mom dad. I respect your intelligence. First of all you'll probably face it it's -- second because they know everything of course but. When they ask you for guidance. As to how they might wish to invest their professional lives. What do you offered them what drew you to tell them. See I happen to believe all the -- the phone number 8030930. 8030930. Is the phone number star 930 on the cellphone. 1800. At 616 WB -- it's 803 Oda thirty start I had thirty. And 180616. WBP end. One of the things that I think is very important in this conversation and I had this conversation with my children and I hope you that it reviewers is. You'll need to ask your children hey what do you think you'd like to do. It's such a basic question. But it is so important. Because. What you think you would like to do. And what you imagine doing. Often times. Your gut is telling yourself. York in the internal polling if you will is telling you something. Now there is. Attest. That I have brought up. And I know this isn't happy ending but it is an important test to mention. And I just showed mine to my daughter just a couple of days ago which is why bring this up now because it fits so well into this topic. The strong and a vocational. Interest black. You know I went over my results. With my daughter. Last weekend. Ladies and gentlemen that tests. Knew me better than I newbie. There are some things in the test that I had looked at it quite some time I've told you before. Lawyer. Political figure radio personality. All I scored off the charts. Do you know what else actually came in very high that I never even realized before. Interior decorating. Interior. Decorating and design. I assure you when I took that test at the age of 23. Interior decorating and design was nowhere on my horizon. Only after I've bought a house and had a chance to create myself. That I understand that I actually had eight ballots. For interior directory. That I actually had a great artistic. -- interior decorating and frankly for landscape. I mean seriously I get the advantage of almost being gay without ever without -- for a living so what's it. Little humor there I hope my friends in the gay community laughed. 803 on 930 at news radio 930 WB -- what do you tell your kids about what they ought to do for a living should they follow your footprints were not now. -- in buffalo WB and has been keeping tabs on us on a regular basis. -- -- left his job as a local driver and without mentioning the name of any companies he went off to Indiana is that call to train for eight big national over the road -- Of a trucking company things did not work out and -- I need the update from you my friend because you probably should give it to Lewis. Yes. All mom that been trying to call. All of our mutual read. And with a -- right on logic and believe my trading. A home. The -- and the amount of medicine. There name com. -- good guys and trading now at Richmond. But the actual -- -- these with the marriage or is completely different. Are marketed our commitment. Application what another -- company all right now I'm basically waited for their Gigabeat. So you still you still -- want to be an over the road trucker you wanna do the coast to coast and and things. Hello World right now our home. It at the time it's submitted that. Are they have -- it's not did put out that wanna do. Our dedicated. But again. These position was simply the farce. Am sorry -- that dude. You know it broke my heart because I know how excited you were -- -- we're not gonna name names but. You were so excited and are going to Indiana to receive you were basically refresher course on driving a big rig. Actually tandem trailers -- I were called and basically what happened was. In your opinion they sold to a bill of goods you quit your job in buffalo and you basically were left out there hang in your you know what the win. -- at all but you don't they did but -- did our own little compact. All we know these -- healthy you know you don't order partner prisoners. And -- -- that I don't work well immediate -- want to -- it. Wrong that would -- their. Right now on. Development back. Home. I had to -- a coffee. Values -- On very -- so -- -- papers or eight -- papers. All because that is what I have IPO -- physical. On -- it told me. That. -- you have high blood pressure. What -- I didn't know it put you on I do know that it quick poll in all of our mother retract it is bad for the longest. Home. Now old. Where -- comedy. -- at home. -- word wrong though it might not physicals. They're. The company here and have their -- all of them have their -- on doctors. They're cute remarks. -- -- -- Get out of it because I I want around her story but I need to break but I wanna get the rest of it before I have to break for the news at 6 o'clock because you can become a character on my show. And -- in addition to being human being I don't know this but you've become a -- -- You become a character Andy bland but I hate that expression. But I wanna get back to you because that lets round this out after the break when it got a little more time McCarrick. 549 at news -- 930 WBE and it is -- hourly with view. And it's that time of the year buffalo guys and have a real nice night for the Friday night bash -- back happy hour baseball fireworks first -- 6 o'clock when the weather's -- -- as it is right now we've got some like blue skies over -- hopefully over the ballpark is well it's 55 degrees outside now the overnight low of 38 we won't get that until well -- overnight. Then tomorrow we should be up to fifty degrees maybe a shower later on Sunday they claim it'll be seventy. Wrong. I'm always skeptical. What do you want me this if it is seventy John Sherman is now bound and committed to come over and help me your clean out my garage. It's a condition of employment nobody were told John that is just the way it goes. I'll listen to drive by Austin accelerated greater speed. -- let me get back to let Darrel in buffalo -- -- As you well know with a high blood pressure sometimes even having your blood pressure taken can elevate your blood pressure but. Obviously if that's the situation that you need to get under control you'll listen to your doctors to control it. You know that you will quit smoking in one way or another everybody does. I'm I'm not a doctor but have you looked into nick -- lozenge is not the dumb but the lots and Jews. It would help put my push button. -- have you looked in two -- correct las engines. Miles stayed -- that rout of the Democrats sit up there. Albeit almost all services out in my early -- on to football and are -- -- I like about the lots and just see the gum you chew the -- the nicotine's go on and a second you know it's like it's like fruit strike got a taste like cheery for about a second that it's gone. But a lot hinges as long as you just let them slowly dissolving your mouth you'll get that nicotine release which should allow you to a better chance of being able to quit. Smoking. As you've been doing because there'll watcher around here for a long time and and your family goes to. Yes very little about as realistic -- I don't. We'll look -- you about you've got my private cell phone number. -- Not all. Are all -- now all. Hours ago industrial forum. -- or they are -- from -- On better rates. All of northeast. Well well lobby. Or northeast of or 48. Well my friend you need to keep me updated on your career because it's fascinating following America's we've been talking for a few years and I'm magical back thank you. -- -- All right there's that Darrell and Gary does semi private phone number because I like to stay in touch with him because he's just uninteresting guy he's a typical hard working buffalo it. If he drives truck I got a lot of truck drivers listening to the show. 555 news radio 930 WBE and it is the hourly.

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