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4-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You with. That. -- And welcome to the New York City that they ought to be extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one pond with an assault rifle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom hourly. Colin. Powell went -- to. Now what about how -- and I've got covered up right welcome. It's live it's local -- to look at the start. We'll. It looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. And -- WW. -- -- -- Oh. That's available only if only I had no idea that was coming Mel ideal is that whoever pitches. Relatives. I got -- -- -- well well that -- that was a good. Do you find that I don't voted until we were you on that I don't want that that's it that's the part of the Internet that you somehow stumble for the that you don't you got there. And you don't know how you're gonna get out and you wonder what the Interpol is doing outside your house. All right it is up for a ten that news radio 930 WBE and all variety of them the -- Boy talk about -- distracted by one's own show. Its hourly thanks for making me apart your life kisses hugs love. Maybe the occasional French -- who knows. But were whipped you on the radio and so seriously. -- trying to do here. Is trying to do a whole day of stuff that I think is interest thing but it's not end of the world apocalypse stuff. I'm keeping one eye peeled -- Nevada ranch. But until something happens unless something happens I'm just keeping an eye -- that at all keeping -- -- Just I don't wanna be like you know the -- Asian playing channel any more than I wanna be the gun show. Every. Just I can't do it I won't do I can't. Told you -- if I didn't do heavy issues and politics every day my resignation will be turned and I would be digging ditches in the -- -- winter is that -- talk radio. Could you got to have fun. You have the people don't want. Other idea. You can try to stop yourself someday. Tonight if you're gonna be socializing with people. Ask one group of people pay. -- thank you Kathleen civilians. Ask another group of people. -- decades you'd rather would have lived in and see which group gets more action. I guarantees the group will get more action when you say is there a decade in which you would have preferred to -- Or an era in which you would I prefer to live now. This -- as a happy ending over the wintertime. And this is one of the topics and doing today -- -- others because I -- do this for four hours because then that would be like a little too much of it but. Is there an air. In which you think you would have been at all and if you're just joining us when I called it a few airports the civil war. What else to these the 1940s was at the same guy somebody else wishes he had that alive and thriving in the fifties because of the transformation in. Music. Well -- by the way. -- and bill Haley and the -- and but -- remember happy days the theme the opening Rocco on the clock. 123 o'clock not -- our -- a whole bunch other songs like that and he really was a great stepping stone. Between. Rhythm and blues and what we now call rock and roll rhythm and blues bit more black -- rock and roll big white thing. And then of course the fusion between the two which was a beautiful beautiful thing in great for music now Bobby Darren. Again folks. I'm just going off on this -- just to show you that -- little bit of something about everything but Bobby Darren. You know I love about him he always told people he was going to be famous by the time he was thirty or 25. That he was gonna make it in show business people used. Now this song that was his big breakthrough I mean it's huge -- -- caliber. Was Mack the knife. Which everybody can sing karaoke. But here's the thing about Mack the -- The original. The knife. Was eight Germans song. In something called a three penny opera. And it was originally done in the movie by a lot he -- Whose name Bobby -- mentions when he's kind of free form yet at the end of his version of Mac the night that I just think free forming -- One how do I sound eighties -- yep may -- -- little white Grandmaster Flash so anyway. Bobby Darren I -- it for him about a song with an old German songs one at a high -- -- I had saved up. A -- fish is German for a shark saint is that -- And I don't feel like Richard arrested -- because it would work Elena you and I would find it very exciting bit. I have to think of you guys so why Eric is the 1920s. I I sometimes think that that would have been in the air like I should have been born I should live my grandfather's like I should have been born at eighteen it's. We think about that I should have been yeah I should have been born at 1896. And probably died about 1969. Seriously I think that probably would have been my era where I think I -- on the best. Because I think I'm like fifty years too late to the party. Although let's say you can't say everything's a trade off okay. This -- But how controversial Lenny Bruce Willis. And George Carlin. Once back in the day now if you took my personality type and put it into the 1920s. -- general. Seriously. Have been in prison. I said the Celtics that Jack Johnson. The boxer who got -- -- -- for with a woman. And laughing at that there you actually arrested. -- a white woman and bring your cross state lines of serious a man act violation and it's M -- and -- It's named after a guy not because the guy one's a man. -- -- All right anyway. Jack Johnson by the way you know my dream boxing match would be Mohammed Ali -- Jack Johnson. IA I mean seriously by the time machine maker raids that. I would love to be the book yet that one all right don't thrilled I'm thirty which era do you think it should. Ancient Rome has come up his size is about each hole. The egyptians. Everybody wants to be if -- don't nobody want to be a true. What would you like I think it's -- guys that you know what is there an error in which you would like to have -- I mean I certainly wouldn't have won a -- did you end -- Egypt anymore that I would -- Again like this attract top pros and happens and the word of the week that I've been trying to stress those who listen carefully circuits action. In other words taking a look for every possible angle at something. All right so you can -- a case and that and I use that something later all part of master plan. It 030930. Here's Mike in buffalo on WBM might welcome to the buy -- show and you're on with the of the legend hello. Topic itself. I would like to be alive during the American revolution. And what is there about that era that. Gets it because you know so people have this thing for the civil war which I understand but revolutions seems to me to be the forgotten war of American history even more so than Korea. Yes sadly I think you're right. That thing that makes it attractive to me is I'm alive I'm very patriotic for the country is it just runs so deep house. Probably capital and ancestors who fought in the war. Another ancestor by the name Robert treat pain signed a declaration in the past. You're out of town. Is -- close they're just there. -- I'm actually not a direct descendant he's. It's. We have to go back a couple of. -- -- just leave that he's not injured direct line to be some kind of a cousin once or twice removed -- ticket. All school. -- uncle to my fifth great grandfather. Committed to treat family. Our oh OK well let's look closer than I am although I believe the all cousins black white Asian Jew Gentile I think we're all cousins were all related in some way but please go on. Of obviously about five or six ancestors who fought the revolution. That's on the -- -- my mother -- restroom father's side. Anyway here's the question did they all fight for the United States there was some of them Torre's. The ones that -- fought on our site fortunately for us album. And at the right hand full in down in my ancestry that packed up either for Halifax or sail back to England. Sure because they did not wanna rebel against the crown and you said something like at the beginning your phone call I do it may I ask how old you are such an intelligent man may I ask. Or during or -- or a game that -- going on fourteen thank you like I caught that aren't well first of all thank you mean the callers today have been great and I've been blessed with great callers almost every caller this week has been just astonishingly. Good. But when you talk about your deep love for the country and this is where I get into trouble sometimes because. Remember something people. In the revolutionary war era America. Dude you would have been considered a trader by more than half of the country. More than half of the citizens of the colonies would have considered you. Eight Tim McVeigh like trader by going against king George and the and the Colin you know that this was not an easy decision member how I said yesterday and again an illustration of how we're winding everything together this week it was a brilliant plan. I said yesterday one man's freedom fighter courses and another man's terrorist we've heard that before. The only. That I have that in the back in my mind actually. But that's great grandfather who fought in the militia in Massachusetts he served for about twenty years in the fourth in Boston Harbor this step father. And his future father in law actually signed the 1767. Non importation agreement. Where they agreed to not use any items imported from England. So obviously that -- -- OK so the point is you wish that you could have shared a the birth. Of this country the United States of America and it's divorce from the from England to. Back with your ancestors and that is why that -- of history appeals to you. -- have you thought about the bad stuff like hey if you were captured by the British they would change it. In that or bombed probably had a better chance of dying of dysentery in camp that's -- Getting killed in action in the pilot that's what happened here I -- In front of Canada actually -- ourselves. Now now valued your diet the -- Yeah now now. Well exactly and and unfortunately and then again. You're very intelligent men might calm because what most people don't realize in the revolution the civil war and even the Spanish American war. Most of the casualties. Were bad sanitation. And bad hygiene. And these days they'd put the drink of water right next to the latrines and that doesn't work out two dogs -- -- or. Well yeah I'd like to say -- Italian but -- trouble. -- -- to edit myself radio to India. Mike Brey called in great call thank you so much effect until you know what -- -- And by the way folks those of you fantasize about the civil war we mentioned Gettysburg -- there is a dire real theory of Gettysburg. You've never even heard before but I'm -- share with you. Because I'm tied everything together this week that we've done. This has been one of the most brilliantly pre planned weeks I've ever done in a radio those who listen -- all week are gonna see a synchronicity in today's show with every other show we've done that borders on the magnificent but first. A man who enters into the magnificent he doesn't just sit on the -- he's right in the middle of it here's Alan Paris with traffic. And heck -- weather for today it'll be well partly cloudy the overnight low 38. -- and have their Friday night bash tonight the weather to be really nice for all things being equal and it's still April all. Tomorrow will be Saturday partly sunny and mild 66 and then Sunday. -- allegedly seventy degrees. Can I tell you how skeptical I am of seventy degrees I'm going to do I know I shouldn't believe what I see it. And you'll -- I believe it when used to be squirting out -- grudge. Hosing out my drive most would say but why NASA -- opportunity. Right now it is that's still 55 degrees at -- the united thirty WB the end. All right my topic for right now. Is something that I introduced as a happy ending over the where apparently was able to do it for 45 minutes and I told you guys wanna bring it back to Friday I wanna do more this. Which era of history. Do you fantasize about having been a part. I mean -- some people are just out of place in time. Some people are walking anachronisms. John I don't know. Oh my gosh. Ladies and gentlemen your birdie impart his name even this week as the greatest radio talk show host ever the -- John -- despite the fact that he was born in twentieth century America. He spoke a very Elizabethan. Style of English he would have been at whole. In 1560. In England as much as he was in that 1970. In Buffalo, New York. Seriously I think team instead of fondness for that error although maybe that's just my imagination but. And those -- you fantasize about living in the civil war. I had an important note that I I need to pass along because again circumspect should you got to be aware of what things were like in the civil war folks. Folks. More than half. Of the casualties. In the civil war. More than half of the deaths in the civil war north and south. We're not combat. They were kept sickness. Because you got all these people together who would not exposed to a whole bunch of different viruses. An epidemic raged. In camps. And dysentery. Which basically is like the worst case of the track -- every Arab. Killed so many Americans. And there actually is a theory that the reason Robert. Lost the battle of Gettysburg was because he wasn't thinking clearly because. He was basically you act. By this works. He he had the worst case of the arena he'd ever hit in his life. And I don't even wanna think about how short -- he must have been down there because they didn't have. You know baby wipes. He must've been an absolute agony. And I think that's a legitimate -- That he made bad decisions. On day one of the battle because his stomach just wouldn't stop. It was like he spent a week in the Dominican Republic. All right it is up four point five and is ready at 930 WB EM oh by the way somebody wanted to comment on somebody throwing issue Hillary Clinton knowing that a lot of Hillary Clinton fan. Folks I thought it was stupid when somebody threw a -- at George W. Bush I think it's stupid to throw issue Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or anybody. My dear conservatory in France were better than -- We are better than that I have zero respect for Hillary Clinton but I have enough respect for myself and the movement. Not that discredited by throwing a shoe at end of sermons. I'll let you know I've always a fine. Bob -- for that song. Because even though I really don't like Canadians Barenaked Ladies really didn't form a proper time. Understood about -- not like in Canadian banks Nam. Kind of are right it till three all night. Thirty is the opponent restarted third in the cell phone 180616. WBM. Guys always keeping an eye out for breaking news. If it breaks. I'll let you know. But today it's Friday you're driving home. I have been so beat this week it's been like a mortgage every day is as heavy topic that I hate even to something like original it's gonna happen. The minute I get in -- something like this -- we have at 6 o'clock some major just after they won't happen god forbid for everybody involved that it that. Joseph does that not seem to be the way things go and I hit it because I think I would like cars that are doing something like. All right anyway I decided I'd give you a daylong happy and they seem like a -- -- for my listeners. Who I don't feel like doing a lot of heavy lifting with their -- today because I don't I've -- enough heavy lifting with my brain all week long that I would like to a great show but I wanna -- -- to be like a light show today. A light -- -- -- nineties but no not that kind of a light -- I mean like as -- Fun and good contents but just not. -- talk about uranium that the only girl lab -- are right you know thrilled -- thirty is there a period of history. During which you think you should have -- were you born at the wrong time. I gotta tell you. In many ways I think that I should have been my grandfather I should have been born in 1896. And died in in 1969. I would. Two bit. A young man. Or maybe a thirty year old still the program in the 1920s. Seriously. Because from what I've heard about -- -- OMG. If you think the 1960s. Sexual revolution and the summer of love in San Francisco was wild. My understanding of the flapper checks from the 1920s. I use a phrase from the Obama administration easy easy. That's -- -- whatever the but F. Scott Fitzgerald who live for awhile buffalo is no longer alive to tell released. Are right some people said the civil war other people said the revolution. The 1920s and 1940s. Is there a period. Does anybody ever. Fantasize. Or romanticize about being a cave -- How -- that never comes up. Being a cave -- because to me that would be the ultimate for a survivalist. Being a cave man. Worked up about being liked a jungle dweller. And in Africa or South America. You know we think about getting back in nature and living among the various herbs and roots in fruits and -- of nature but it could get a more natural than that. -- -- My ideal time I think would have in the 1920s. But there's always the copy. -- adhere to its. I think any any any time we live obviously you have a better time if you've got money. You've got the dollars you can make -- goal that pretty much anywhere you can make you go over Mogadishu had the money but. My gosh can you imagine having. Good money living in the 1920s. Driving around in your brand new two -- custom -- that -- Your brand new custom it Rolls Royce. It would get any better than that seriously. Now granted again we get back to the hygiene issue. And I don't wanna be real specific year but. Let's just say that laser hair removal was not real big back in the 1920s that's always going to be an issue. All right now there are some other topics about what you wanna get in on this 18030930. Is the phone number. An interview about the bad as well as the good of living in a certain. Generation. What are the things and I must -- a -- a -- -- monologue about the 1920s here as as more Paul's commitment and as I get. In two other topics as well but what are things that I respect about the 1920s folks is that. It is -- Belief and opinion based on personal experience that people put. More pride in to what they did in the 1920s. That they do in 2014. I believe that we entered the era in post World War II America a built in obsolescence. Certainly not a new concept where manufacturers understood that to keep people buying and stuff yet to make sure to be limited shelf like you didn't build it for forever -- built for seven years hoping that that would be the standard by which quality was measured in at seven warriors somebody would buy another product from. But back in the 1920s. And this was very important to me when I was looking for -- Folks what I would walk into a 1970s. Or 1980s build it didn't feel right to me. It -- hollow. It felt empty. It felt like it was just put up overnight. My home that I live in now was built in 1927. There is east thirty -- about their house. And I don't do me any good. But in 100 years my home will still be standing -- -- Barring a nuclear war something it will still be -- Because it was built with pride. By people who were craftsmen. And everything they did everything they built they built for the future and it looked at the beautiful work done by the Italian the other European stone masons of some of the gorgeous Catholic places around buffalo and elsewhere. We were talking about masters stone masons. Just build for seven years they've built because they wanted their work to -- to work for centuries. They wanted to recreate those European masterpieces here in the United States. -- long lasting durability and beauty they put a personal pride in what they did. And I have to tell your that was one of the big reasons I bought a house was built in 1927. And not a house that was built in 2007. Because that to me that's about that's that's quality all right. Now. I realize at the same time that the 1920s. Let's face it. I mean let's let's be very for a year in the 1920s. If -- were at this. Age in the 1920s. In my life expectancy. Would be exceedingly. Like I might be over my life expectancy right now arguments over the health issues. I may very well check out pit earlier. So you gotta consider. I mean how -- they had present zone in the 1920s. Which I have to take to keep my brain for squirting out of my ears. Which would be fun and it will be at some point. I'll wait until they re do the exercise that I'm gonna go to the movie without taking pride Mazzone. And -- -- to try to elect is all my nose at the exact moment and have my brain discussion -- the person next to me. Just make national news job if I do that will be awesome we -- -- a lot with where I need to -- with style I need to go out in the unique cowardly way. But getting back on topic here. You have to remember the bad stuff of the -- in which you wanna live as well like the diarrhea for which there was no cure. White the personal hygiene products that we're not exactly cotton -- each move. Like the fact that people didn't -- every day like the fact that body lice and crabs. Were. Really prevalent and bed bugs to be they bed bugs are bad now. Back in the nineteen twice they ran the bed bugs there. So it was always considered a negatives and the and the positives what's that word again starts with say it's the word of the week and abuse and every single show I think circumspect -- Looking at something for every possible angle to achieve the best possible analysis of the issue. See I know that this is a happy ending show. But I'm also using the other things -- about this week as an example of how to blend things together. Yes we operate this program on several levels so it is there an era in history where you think you missed the boat. You should have been born in the blank. How come nobody wants to be a Roman legion here how come nobody wants to be living under Henry the eight. How come nobody wants to be appalling. I wonder if anybody out there wanna be Cleopatra you wish you lived -- -- was -- surely you -- -- be Cleopatra. -- we'll talk after the show I've got to make up and -- box. Anyway itself or forty through. WB yet now. I wanna bring out another topic because. I get happy ending Friday it. Means I get a chance to go back and cover stuff that I do not have a chance to do as much as I wanted to do earlier in the week end. Here is my second top. All right if if the which decade would most do it for you doesn't do it for you topic. 88 go to -- here's one for. I mentioned this earlier this weekend -- the biggest set of water or what I tell my guys is water actually it's. -- It's war. Every week. Every month maybe periodically. I received emails from people saying it's. -- publicity the already LLL probably or radio talk show hosts like -- -- -- cure all it's quite it's a good career. And I know that some people are gonna thank Allah -- just doesn't want competition. Folks I would not recommend this to end the -- -- I would not recommend this to my own children why would recommend it to you. I went in and and by the way my question is going to be. Would you recommend -- your job or your career. To your -- If you will remember earlier this week I made reference to the fact that not one doctor I know. Has recommended a career in medicine to their children I think that speaks volumes. Folks I would not recommend this for so many reasons. Number one. Use most people are not success stories. Most people make crappy money doing this. Most people have a very short lifespan doing this server short career -- doing it. And the chances of failing. Are so much greater than they are of succeeding that only. Like a fraction of a tenth of a percent. Of the talent and the ability to make it doing this for a living. Okay. And there is nothing more tragic and I would never name names but I could. What I look back at some of the people with whom I've worked over the years. Who literally wasted 10151. Guy thirty years of his life. Waiting for that big break -- radio. That never came because they just didn't. So I would not recommend radio I would not recommend being a radio talk show host my best recommendation if you have that -- Is to buy your own time. On a thousand watt radio station on a weekend morning. And try it out bear -- you think if you think you have what it takes to be a talk show host by your own time. Be year old boss and -- that. -- well within four shows you'll know within a month whether or not that's the job for you. So my question to you. In addition to the decade -- the era of history in which you most would like to have lived. Is what do you do for a living and in all honesty could you recommend it for your own children. And I have made it clear. Ever since my kids were of the age of reason. That I did not want band following in my footsteps. Because the chance for heartache is too great. The chance of success is too small. And the chance of one -- Or what this control of misconstrued said that it's costing you everything. Is the kind of pressure that most people cannot handle. So I would absolutely positively say no. To a career in broadcasting it ain't worth it all yet you hear about shall -- rush here about open. You know -- play about the guys I knew who wasted twenty years of their lives working for minimum wage. When they should have been go to law school. Or whether they should have been working at least get a job that have a pension at the end of the day. I can tell you a million stories like that but I won't. Because they're good people they were and they are good people but they just they tried something -- But they didn't see any forward movement in. And they stayed in it too long here's a general rule of life and what I wanna see you guys agree whether it's radio radio -- career. To which you might aspire. If you don't seat that you're making progress after five years don't think it's time to check something else out. That's my rule if you don't see progress after five years you need to consider some other options in your life. And again I can just think I can see the faces now. Five guys that I've known. That wasted considerable portions of their lives for the real radio star. They just didn't have specials. I don't know what it is that. It's -- -- a it's a spark. All right it's a 4498030930. Big gives you all a happy ending its hourly on W via. Already. I don't think -- drug issue mother nature the first phrase that is it would do no good and the second reason is I think it's stupid to throw or shoot anybody. Whether it's George torture Hillary Clinton. Just made me but is popular with people on my FaceBook pages syphilis and -- at a swingers club it we're gonna -- I mean if I'm not thrilled when they did at the George Bush why would I be thrilled when they get it to work Hillary Clinton. Now that I'm a big bush fan anyway but. All right AccuWeather partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 38 degrees tomorrow it will be partly sunny and mild 66 on the allegedly seventy degrees which I will believe when I see it 55 is where we are right now at news radio 930 WB -- -- what at what time do you need me out this this time there. Now you're just joining us. I decided. This is it my best this afternoon as a lot. Every topic I've done this week with the exception of a fifteen minute happy ending one day this week has been -- BB MV. Can I just don't show. Where I don't have to do heavy lifting and where people can have some fun maybe laughed and maybe think about stuff other than auto Kathleen Sebelius. Or obamacare. And that's what I'm doing today so I have a whole bunch of things I'm I'm throwing onto the table. Another first one and I think that seems to have died now was. In which era you would have been most and a whole. Live and for me it would have been in the 1920s. Because you're still talking about eat enough modern conveniences to be at least somewhat clean yet. -- enough class. So that would have been different from living I don't know it's when he worked. So the other thing is. Looking at the economy and again and I don't wanna get too serious today but let's face -- -- We live in a world where the economy. Has changed. Jobs. That used to be around are not around. As. Much as previously thought of for example. Up there there're not many department stores hiring guys to open doors for customers anymore I don't know if -- does that. You watch those old movies from the 1940s and there's a guy dressed in the unit for opening the department store or for customers. Yeah let's -- what the -- in eastern hills I have opened my own door. And I open it for somebody else but she didn't even say thank you should just walk it like it was an entitlement. And I felt like sugar but I realized that end up in jail cell I decided not to open. So what do you do for a living. And would you honestly recommend. That your kids stay away from it as much as possible or follow in your footsteps. Those you know and to hear from those -- you were doctors. Because there was a time even. But it time there's a time when being a doctor being a couple of positions. That was expected. Did that debate. -- don't know anybody who is a position right now who wants their own kids go to medical school. Basically be paid off they think will not equal the investment of time energy and light force. Can't say I would disagree. 8030930. WB.

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