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4-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Radio is radio is just a big kindergarten. It's a kindergarten for big people I've got to the urgent or little people as the case may be. It is our -- ready and I birdied WB yen -- and that other wait -- serious this week. I haven't -- serious. Too many headaches this week. I mean talking a figurative not literal. I'm talking and just too much -- nonsense don't wanna. It's Friday. This was out earlier well expect -- a glimpse of the sounding out earlier. At the -- was out yesterday we have seven degrees yesterday for the first in the history. And not the first month of October the first time in world history. The area actually clocked in at seventy degrees so all my goodness it is. There's just that I've. Feel like concerns. That there. Well you know everything that I just say it is subject to change it. Events were -- there isn't that breaking news if in fact something happens on that ranch in the bottom. I don't expect anything to happen but if it does we will be keeping our eyes on it for you. And we just a number of things -- have been trying to do. And -- seconds -- waited for the last few minutes of the show and say hey I'm gonna get the happy ending at one minute for a happy ending be able to make three calls that say well if you're happy ending. Because much of a happy ending. Happy and it should take a little longer than just three minutes but if you can't have more than a three -- happy ending that's really much of a happy ending. You know that's just kind of a lamp and happy ending. Of course I'm talking here -- -- radio talk show terror. Anyway. We are with you and it is Friday and have a couple things went well right of the bat right here right now for you. Because. -- if I. You know what and it's it's good -- Limbaugh talking about -- through sometimes via a so called stick to the issues throughout all my god. -- amen amen amen amen amen amen. It's like every day seriously if you think about the -- you like the best. About the food you like the best what is it about what is a snake uses. Lobster or is I called laughter the spider of this isn't what is it exactly object that you're. Are now -- about having that meal every single day I -- play is something that you will be sick of it after two weeks. -- because too much of a good thing it will make -- little speck of it what you had not logged into my computer. I'm dread a multitask. That's why I need to login otherwise I can't think everything's at a script in front of him like Obama. Yes everything has to be written down are gonna screw it up. But bottom line is I don't care how much a lot of something much likes. You know coconut cream pot. If yeah every day it would lose it's appeal feel -- thing we have a talk radio topics. After awhile certain things just lose their appeal and I just think it's time to have some fun especially on a Friday now I don't I will not be doing. And I will not be doing. I will not be doing -- or land. Date no that would not be -- show ever on the buy -- show -- land will never be done. I will not be doing your favorite Freddie -- right. I've done that before I I can't do it again I NNS -- a selfish reason why I can't do it again. And the reason is because. The mere thought at this point a fried food is starting to make my stomach sure. And there's another reason altogether I'd like to stay away to the greatest degree possible from food. Folks like clockwork I can't believe this actually happened all right have you ever noticed. If you are on the couch were on the bed sleeping yourself to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night and he got a two things that ever happening you. It never happened until last night. But five or -- woke up like. That well and. Yeah. Will it cost and. Eight -- I took some pain reliever and -- pain stopped and went back. So and it worked out at five minutes before air time eating. Because I don't eat before air time because you can always tell if you're careful radio listener when somebody has been eating on the year if I -- every time. Certain people who work here have just had something to eat before eagle on the year. Because there's like out. There's like a heavy this in their voice there's almost like eight hyper abundance of saliva. As you can hear. But then again I've you know I've been doing this long enough I mean I can tell when somebody has a nose hair hanging at a ninety degree angle and left -- so. What -- the short of it is five minutes before air time I realized. That there is a giant crack. In one of my mall owners. So my goal today is to get Joseph -- and John -- both so pissed off that made by the end of today the people -- me on the rights out of my face as it is -- -- to dislodge the tooth so it is no longer a problem. About your genetics in your -- how could you have ensured them with me you haven't shared your genetics with me but I gotta tell you something. My family all of my grandparents not one of them had a single to to their -- after they were for not want. How to say that again my grandparents. All of them were two -- eggs in their forties grandma grandpa Amma grew up not one good to. With -- all of them. Now granted de industry's come a long way and they didn't have the buffalo general group waved at them to go to. But man oh man oh man. You wanna talk about it's one of Iceland it was eating popcorn I was eating and eating -- Just dotted. Went across the economy so -- Bieber. To pretend that I like Paris you're here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay and my -- but that is committed to a on the year fixed because it it is good it would just be a bit brutally and fear even though I think for good care of him as he Pittsburgh derby. Now as far as topics. Our concern I wanna keep that I wanna have some fun. I I was I was almost gonna ask you. Cool you know which parent hasn't put their -- out in the street and videotape in neighborhood fight and put it up on YouTube but it who hasn't done. I mean we've seen that in in you know. Might -- constantly. And a -- Gerstner who. I -- -- that's not the plot to get a pair of course is getting your kids to fight somebody than putting the video up on YouTube has nothing says responsibility. Although clearly Romney voters. I think that they had to be roundly. I've seen the video because I really don't get often watching kids fight. -- watch somebody fight ought to watch now how much Sugar Ray flight. I totally sure array as in every important and there's a -- AK not and that that's not bad sugary but the other sugar Sugar Ray Leonard. Sure right Robbins I'll thank him to. But. Let us get into some interesting things here that I wish to get in to today. And -- start off with about something that I gave you guys like forty minutes on over the winter and I said we were -- visited on a Friday. You know it's not ghosts no we're not -- ghost today people think it's ghost. No I -- -- seriously goes through the mail and while public enemy. No no not plop -- it. But. If you had your choice debt let's put on our little imaginations. It if if you read your choice which. Decade. Or which time period would you most like to have lived -- Which time period would you most like to have lived in. Because I think and this is just me. But the people with whom I have engaged in intercourse. Social intercourse as opposed to be more intimate intercourse. But everybody's got a decade that for whatever reason. There in two. What are your recent examples -- folks the guys in the ladies who dress up an old fort Niagara every year clearly there in to the war of 1812. That's there period. -- with which they feel a special championship. -- dress up in those wool uniforms. And those bear a heavy cats. And and the women weirder cotton. Or were you know -- -- dresses. And they just have this identification with that period of American history. The civil war in actors god bless the civil war arena actors because they take this year. They pick their re creations so seriously. I don't know if you're aware this folks. But I gonna play and I'm not a civil war re an actor but I know quite a few of them -- talked with quite a few of them. -- out into a full battlefield. In July even at the -- museum and Smith wrote. Even when they do that. I don't know if you're aware this they are wearing the exact same material. The exact same thickness as the federal soldiers -- back during the civil war. Now I -- tell you that the civil war clothing industry was not exactly known for its comfort it was not exactly known for its -- the ability. In humid hot weather okay. And it is me. That's the talking about it is. All. Is just. As far as that your your ability to shed heat traps heat. And one thing I've never had the courage to ask a civil war reenact -- I just want you mentioned something 85 degrees. 95%. Humidity. You're wearing a genuine civil war you know it's not over 100 years old but it's made of the same stuff that the originals. Were. What deodorant. If you're -- civil war -- actor do you get to Wear deodorant. Because I think -- really enjoy the full flavor sensation of having been a civil war era soldier. Deal it's a cop out. Because you know most guys state the high -- right. See we always glorify the past but we've got one call yesterday who try to get me off my game. And with irrelevant -- but he didn't have a point about our idealize the days of York. Folks let's face it these civil war let's just take your. The let's take Clarence New York. Let's take the village -- -- that the -- or to I want. -- Boards and it north Ottawa that would agree to respect others because I want to imagine. A Dynegy and nail. Known as the Erie Canal covered it with that green it -- the crap that clings to the top of water in the summertime. I want you to imagine the smell of that skull. That was what the north I don't want that area was -- and -- In the 1860s. Not to mention the -- hole of a civil war uniform at a civil war soldier. So yes we do so. Overly idealize the past and let's face it -- Horses were the primary mode of transportation. And what we know about horses. I don't -- our beautiful -- they're very proud. Sometimes when you meet a horseshoe like this right why the long face. But -- other horses. Shall we say excrete. A lot of but dude do. And it's thinks. It would it's underneath the July sun. It's pungent. How many -- you drive in the country. In the summertime. You go by where cattle are columns Gary pars. And it's like. It is absolutely. By mail to the nth degree you know you roll up your windows. That is a big -- the I'll let you sit back using Buffalo News word all our got its gentrification. Yes I worry constantly about gentrification Joseph and John that I. I often go to sleep at night with -- in my heart over gentrification. But a lot of farmers are under -- very pissed off at the yuppies who bought property in the country. And then the companies complain that the country smells like -- What were you expecting exactly. I could never understand that myself and of the reform debate in my life unless growing beans and tomatoes in my backyard count for anything. So I have to ask you guys if I did not have the chance to do this topic just this. Is there a decade. -- a decade is there a period of American history. The mystery. Where you don't think you would have had an absolute blast but one of these circumspect. Because for every positive. There is an addictive. And the overriding theme of the -- program this week has been everything is a tradeoff. Remember we talked about moving vs stay. Going for better jobs -- day in an area with -- well it's the same thing if we talk about travelling in time. I guess time traveling what it's like your -- you know in the old days but. The folks remember something. You might have a fondness as I'd do for the 1920s. -- right. Often have felt like I should have lived in the 1920s. I should have been -- about 1890s I should have been dead about 1960. I think that would have been the best time for me to live. I yes well obviously because you know Jim Crow and segregation and racism. That's the only reason I would say and why else would guys that because they want because back in those days. I'm sorry I think America was a class here country at. Class as far as snooty plants. May class as far as people do things not because. It was their bland but because people did things because they were the right thing to do. You know like Al -- and legs diamond and Arnold brought up steam in 1990. World Series. -- just illustrated with Huber. The pros and the cons. Seat. I happen to have this thing in this fondness for the 1920s. But for as much as I find elegant about the 1920s like great craftsmanship. People who put pride into everything they do. As much as I appreciate that. I also. Have to recognize the fact that the 1920s. And if you -- a heart attack Jewish. Seriously. Who throws a -- Are right. No three on 930 is the phone number one topic today is on a Friday. I think I should give you -- -- of a champion. Which air out of history do you think would have been at the best for you in which to live. 803 all -- third start at 3180616. WB EEN. Yeah. Cool. Yes Rios wagon initiated it -- right I say that everything we play area speedway and paying for music because of what -- Not so famous buffalo disc jockey once that overnights. I'm at a radio station. Well the -- -- EO speedway should know what she's -- -- speedway. That was unfortunate. -- 334. I've decided to give you an all day happy ending today because I have felt like I have been too serious too much too. Too much 22 lately. He that the curriculum I wanted to do but. Which era do you believe you would have been more at hole and you are in the present air keeping them. Why -- ladies and gentlemen. All of the advances medically technologically. We have -- Since the 1920s which is my fascination era. Seriously. I mean when I watch boardwalk empire it's not just because I like that whole pot meet you or Sean rock. I can use them really queer film school stuff. -- not intended as an insult were -- are targeted toward homosexual urges meaning. Is quicker Bob. But because of the clothes. Because of the cars the style. The the the class. There was something -- I idealize the 1920s you do understand. Just like you idealize whatever decade it is in which you believe you would have been most at home. All right are the same page on this and -- wanted to this topic for a long time and I think today's the day we do it. You know 30930. I've got I've got a lot more championing topics that are designed to get through. 030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EN. Let's go to Chris in the Lancaster Cris you work on the WB yeah. -- -- -- Actually Ebert who has or actor. Years ago enough so much so that those -- China should be cast that is an action that earned for the filming of god. -- Well I've tried built by. One and doing me a bride and fire. Well I'm a bit of trivia for you. There is a photographer in Gettysburg Pennsylvania who was born in buffalo who in the movie Gettysburg actually had a one line role. When Buford was surveying the cavalry battle field the date before the battle and this guy actually uses old time photographic equipment to make ten types in today's era. And he's from buffalo. If you give him that arguably is there. I'm terrible names and you know bullets or actors so much a media history -- and fortunately I don't know too much about -- but now. -- every year about and we don't do Gettysburg. But about and Virginia but -- anyway yeah or talk about the rebel uniform I was actually part of me artillery units we portrayed bad -- like artillery which was. From Virginia and yeah or most of the Richmond graves and Portugal like program like charcoal black pants in the near the -- Jack it's enough yes -- yes. There opt in and out -- CEO. People -- -- heat stroke her. Have a dramatic come -- or something having to go to. Getting air conditioned cars around and not an -- Yeah time period that we would like to and went through them accurate view on the in the forties and and yeah early -- All no way to Technorati and make up your mind which is it is that the civil wars in the 1920s. Don't throw a curveball like directives and and I can be -- equally fluent in either decade of the matter million. Aren't obvious an accurate -- appreciate -- -- like all the skyscrapers and everything is booming. Back when everybody's buried in Austria and they're now working hard in the betterment of the country I -- I like that mentality but personally myself. I would have been a little blunt to a ten. Between eighteen to twenty years old. Back and he didn't wait six. Specifically for that. Actual generation -- ball -- came out second among our era just being alignment that timing just. Just simply serve it while walking hearing all the cars were pinned down the street follows who and it should be. Sir you have a number of decades I don't know how many lives you want now I have to ask you one million dollar question before -- by the some other people look at this as a real popular topic. Editors this and I want to be really honest with. If you had in fact lived in the 1860s. How long do you think you would have lived and would you have all of your children alive today. I would not if I have lived in the nineteen in the 1860s. My daughter would have -- Yeah I I would think I would I wouldn't have blasted out past. My -- -- -- -- best the planning on not you know health conditions and things like that though but. And it's and it's about. Yeah I'm I didn't mean to bring it down there but that my daughter has type one diabetes -- did have an artificial insulin back then she would have died at the age of ten. So again pluses and minuses I'm not sure when insulin exactly may not made it to the marketplace as a management agent -- four type one diabetes insulin which is made from pigs analysis synthesized insulin. But again you -- that's one of the reasons -- doing the show because you gotta be circumspect about the pluses and the minuses that's the word of the week if you've been following the show like a series there's always a method to my madness circumspect action is the word this week that circumcision by the way. That would that that would give the -- rather cutting edge regular much. Our -- about. 03 on -- thirty start -- 3180616. WB ENR which which decade or which era of history at that have to be American history. Do you sometimes fantasize. About living it when your kid did you ever fantasize about being an American Indian. Did you ever fantasize about what it would be -- to be amongst Indian tribe being nomadic going from place to place between buffalo and things like that. If we set the -- when we went to the Erie county are accountable that the Seneca is what about me and become an Indian. And that would we'd like lived you know wearing loin cloths and and chasing down here in the woods and -- -- Seriously. I have only better. Date may help create a four year old. Here's a Pall on WB Ian Paul welcome to the show this is an instant classic in which Ara would you sir have felt most at all. Well I would like to be. In the 1940. And -- it would feel like about the forty's giving us play word association what are the good. -- -- -- -- -- -- In kind of electronic. Technician. So I love all of the way it is for. Or regressed that is the case may be demonstrated by my share but. Radio. Okay. The era of radio the golden age of radio yes the 1940s. Late thirties early 1940s the golden -- radio and of course the old. Everybody always told her when you're brought up that in the old days only listen to radio. -- look at the radio like it was a TV couldn't see any thing but Joseph looked at a major mine did the work. All we have I love you. -- though that all go to watch radio. That. Are right now. I also have to ask you though Paul let's just say that you were the thirty year old man in the 1940s. Let's like about the downside. A little something called world war two and it started -- United States on December 7 1941. You know you -- would have been subject to military service the draft. You would have been subjected to. Various diseases for which then there was no management and much less -- -- me you know in the old days and again. I'm so glad I have the chance to talk about this especially -- after Rush Limbaugh did his fundraisers he does every year there's a time when the word cancer was an automatic death sentence that time would have been the 1940s cancer equaled debt. 95%. Of the time nobody talked about it people would say the big C even Archie Bunker in the early seventies with call answer the big seems like the disease you would not name. Yeah well I hit -- -- blocked it will really here to meet. I would have signed up. And you know what -- they never would have known because they didn't have CT scans back then nobody ever would have no you'd have MS. Now -- -- active it's a matter greatly to what you have to do. Yet by the way -- how hurry Paul. I don't know if you listen to the show lot but. Pretty much everybody I know I think as MS or some autoimmune disease including your humble host. Do you get flare ups that not getting your ass or you pretty much -- to control. Well a little bit of -- mostly under control. Aren't our friend will look you hang in there it's a pain in the -- disease actually is a pain in the brain disease. But that hang in there I hope they do -- -- -- were and I hope they figure out what buffalo has such a high incidence of MS and so many of these other autoimmune disease whether it is the chemicals from Manhattan Project or whether it is -- dearth of sunshine in our failure to adequately supplement with vitamin. And I keep them out of a lifelong ball polonium except for three years is like everybody I know has amassed everybody. Are my friend you had tougher right. All right thanks if you have MS I believe me an idea I think your view on a daily basis I have to do because everybody -- has amassed. All right it's three well not everybody Joe -- sorry I didn't mean to diagnose you on the radio I'm just saying that it's just it's so common and I'm not trying to take away what a pain in the but it is what a devastating diagnosis it can be but you know what game is like any other diagnosis. You've got no control over it. Seriously. It if you use me as an example for anything. All right one thing I think I've been pretty damn good at over the years. Is rolling with the punches. And went bizarre things happen I don't come here and whine and cry. I tell you it's like water off -- -- back. That's me that's just the way I choose to fly. If all upset about something it's going to be something minor never gonna be about a major. And some things. Which by the way I told you we kind of weave in and out of various shows we've done this week some things are just in God's hands. And you just gotta have whatever faith you have or lack there of and know that whatever will be will be case or ops Iraq Doris Day. Who's nine years old I don't even believe. Let's go to Mary in buffalo on WB EN. Mary of all of that decades of all of the error is of history that have taken place on this planet do you think you most would have been a hole. I always wanted to -- -- would we're live with the proper way to -- -- and they're beginning to come out and not by your. Or when people can't get her home they gave them still. Yale or accessing cowboys. But I about the -- and that would make their clout. Beautiful. But to let -- What it. Well what what I'm thinking is that Alfred packer made -- But I don't know that it's the kind of -- with the most of us -- really had a big shock over edict. I want I want again having made it. Well I don't how he made it he made it out of people. He was the original soil -- greens. And the big guys like yeah. Don't know you don't -- -- other people that's bad form but. -- ice the covered wagon -- like west word hole and I did not just insult you. Okay all my gosh that is awesome you know what I never would've thought the lady would have called in to say the covered wagon. -- and of course we had in an hour part of the world week and a stoked up -- This the prairie scooters. All right well let you know what that's centrist think pitch curiosity do you ever think about the bad things about living in that era because I. I guarantee five miles in a covered wagon with the kind of springs and shock absorbers they had back -- your lower back you wouldn't need the chiropractor which they didn't have them. Well. I don't know about the fact that in preparation each I think people were very strong. And then. And it made me. You know what. I that's why I'm glad you called us and let them do the show because we all of these errors which fascinate us for whatever reason. Merriam ledger called that's a new one on me I'd never had anybody say the covered wagon error thank you so much. Now -- of course we we have been here you know at one point eight folks why do you think they call this the Niagara frontier -- Because at one point Niagara was the front here at one point. This region was like the western limit of the United States yes there was the Ohio reserve I get that but at one point this really was frontier. There's a McDonald's in the the lowest -- actually the frontier house McDonald's why do you think they call -- the frontier house McDonald's is Ronald needed to brand Brett. All right and so we were branding and twice already I talked to this show connects every other show we've done this week is genius I tell you genius. All right 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WBM folks I've got this thing for the twenties I love the way people dressed. Idea I love the way people. Comported themselves in that polite and decent society. I realize that -- idealize and I realize people still dropped F bombs realized that there was no violence and bloodshed may and the disrespect. -- get that but at least twenties if you killed somebody -- with a nice custom suit and respect the murderer with good fashion sense. All right Allen and at my lawyer Alan. Allen is either really really busy or really really really not busy but if you see any major issues happening and -- call -- traffic command -- we always love when you help here's. You know we like that bond we have with you guys and we like when you help us out -- stuff so our traffic hotline number is 80303218030321. AccuWeather another -- -- have a game the first pitch forecast for the Friday night bash happy hour baseball and fireworks 605 against the protect Red Sox. Well -- be partly cloudy but the overnight low thirty right now would still not a war of temperature wise. 55 degrees at news radio 930 WP GM. All right I was gonna be a great show what I heard sandy with obstacles and that I had me in stitches from -- eleven until noon. And that you wanna hear great radio go to the WBM. Audio vault. And check out the sandy beach showed check out the movie show some of -- -- and everything's said he has done this week if you don't get a chance to listen to sanity check out online if you don't usually get a chance to listen to me check me out online if you look really hard online there are nude pictures of me from late -- gay porn actor let's go to Gilbert in buffalo WB EMI Gilbert. You know -- game. Or wild guess this. -- -- -- Country. Why it was it was a -- -- user interrupt you because you mentioned some. Absolutely incredible people Elvis Presley the big Butler JP Rick. No David Chantilly lace right I did pick you have written a bomb all right just don't fly with pared big proper ever. -- too soon. But anyway. These guys. -- -- never got their do you mentioned bill Haley and the comets. You know that bill Haley and the comets basically died never understanding. The lasting impact he had and never feeling is that we got proper recognition. For the lasting impact he had on the world of rock and roll bill paley was this white guy with that little thing over his forehead who basically took the blacks owned. And turned it into a rock and roll palatable to white people and transform. Music with some of his early hits. There can be better in the security or Iraq we -- -- All that we're told you not to pick out if literate -- preparation to -- -- the -- war to a country. It is called -- -- ought to block is. Well up all the up -- my gosh Gilbert for great call I gotta I gotta break produce awesome awesome call thank you very much. Bobby Darren. Now anybody who does not understand Bobby -- impact. I just want to look at the charts for 1959. And one song in particular Mack the knife. If I get -- -- I get a break. The show -- my Alley in which decade with her car which -- of history would you most like to -- 8030930. Start by 3180616. WB and I've got some other happy ending things to -- going to be weapon out along the way I promise you fund today fun frivolity mirth merriment and maybe one or two. Uses of the word to start would be.

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