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4-11 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Apr 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm not a financial officer I -- -- think he sticks around your receipt. Only -- -- -- -- -- -- late Hubert got to get a aren't over night. As via they artistic director of the -- theater I think -- him yeah. As a way that say sounds remarkably young for 93 years old. That's right Mickey Rooney and it reminded east so much. Late 1997. Where when you came up to the Houston -- Let's put out of -- shot about movies we did the first broadcast from and old barn. Mickey -- I mean. People. I have enormous enormous. Respect for the career of Mickey Rooney you wanna talk about somebody who's -- jurist. Encapsulated. Sell much of what showbiz was in the last century. I mean he started out in silent movies at seven years old he starred in the Mickey Maguire. Silent movie series which was based on character from the tuner built trolleys comic strip. His parents legally changed his name to Mickey -- early in hopes that. I'll keep doing it even if the comic strip holed out he did 78 of those films he went from silent to sound they're very similar to the little -- schools. Shorts. And by the time he was fifteen. He was washed up. Couldn't find work Louis B Mayer. Agreed to hire him. And MG -- that only he changed his name to -- two Mickey Rooney he said Europe has been Mickey Maguire isn't saying that's an old brand nobody wants to see that you're finished with that name. If you're gonna come here you gotta start over with a brand new -- he was fifteen years old round -- already working on its first of about forty to come back on hand is just remarkable remarkable. -- have passed away at the age of 93 that says the movie shows that Obama -- sandy beach should do you have any big box office knows where are you ask Captain America. The winter soldier in the beginning of the summer movie season -- while we still had some snow on the ground. I 95 million dollars this nearly twice as much. As the first Captain America the reviews from this film were just terrific and the audience polling results. Were even better so everybody who saw this -- it it should do extremely. Well. When the first Captain America movie came out there there with some. Wonderment as to whether. A movie called Captain America would do well -- or whether it begins on an American you know that just wouldn't play as well received. This will be has already made. 207. Million dollars over the -- overseas so it's already tremendous tremendous -- At number you know. Dropped nearly 70%. In its second weekend. Elected seventy million dollars is now at 72 million. This is also doing very well overseas where it's playing in 3-D not playing in 3-D here it's done -- 106 million overseas. I don't know fell to a sequel. On. I read the book entitled the -- lol why should I hear I've heard such good things about the book I think I don't know lags well yes yes you never know with those movies targeted list. Number three divergent. The new young adult series -- -- still think sounds like. But for urgent ya don't have diligently out of a stain busting enzymes. Thirteen million dollars it is now 114. Million. A number 401. Of the biggest success stories of the whispering. God not dad. Another eight million dollars they added another 600 screens for this film it's now down 33 million with no big advertising campaigns know. TV commercials this thing it's basically ban -- -- social media. Phenomenon. The audience for a faith based films. Wallet may not be the size of say a marvel superhero. Film it's certainly is an audience that is coming out and making money settlement. And number five the Muppets most wanted to another six million dollars is now at 42. Million. Why don't you -- test our movie I -- Mickey Rooney had an incredibly successful career in film stage and television. Norman Lear. Offered him a leading role in one of these TV sitcoms but Mickey turned it down. Name the show was it any different strokes be Sanford and Son or seat all in the family. -- So money. At a very good clips there. Probably added. That the model -- and I Nickelodeon on just a little bit -- worked prize calls home or 9875. And understand and they moved the grassroots are dips and -- ballot through May 261 important work really hard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nor expiration date total body of 43 dollars general on this rules apply. Big exit in the base rate a movie that at one time they thought there were shooting but they didn't call draft day. -- these projects that almost happened and -- me TV show WK RP and since it was almost WK RP ultimate go with -- and cool. Let this one to decide to go with Cleveland. Rather than buffalo they they couldn't decide which city was more -- that are and I guess they went with Cleveland. This is one of your fraud front office sports films Kevin Costner is the GM. For the Cleveland Browns in this covers the twelve hour span proceeding the NFL draft. -- the owner of the team wanted to do a big game changing deal that's played by Franklin Angela. Denis Leary plays the coach -- extraordinarily -- because well. That's what Denis Leary -- does that. Jennifer Garner. Plays. And Kevin -- number cruncher. For the team but is also his girlfriend who is trying to keep quiet and she's also as it turned out. His pregnant girlfriend she's crunching numbers for sure apparent. Lady and I tell -- number crunching now be the way to go -- Kevin Costner. This big an age difference between now and Jennifer is actually 41. Although she still looks like you about 25 -- and Kevin Costner is 59. Like he's about 68. -- -- -- -- believe him or his dad or grandpa but apparently they're together. -- in this picture. Kevin Costner is going through daddy issues. In this movie apparently his father in the film Jesus died his father was also legendary coach for the browns. And he'd actually hired him. At one point fighters on sun fire is don't -- don't bother fired upon us Akron I know it's like an agency red river. I yes it's that kind of drama there. This is one of those rare football movies that is made has been made in complete one operation would be an act now. So why you see lots of logos lots of sweeping shots of stadiums. -- glamorous -- sure yes we'll be back with more on draft day and some others coming up today after this break on newsreader and -- thirty WB the movie -- -- question. Mickey Rooney had an incredibly successful career in film stage and television normally are offered demo leading role and one of his TV sitcoms. -- turned it down. Name that show. All in the family. I couldn't see him doing that I think maturity would have done a terrific job with -- Archie Bunker but. In 1971. I mean I think Mickey was still so close to. I think he still felt he was so identified with family entertainment. He says he just could not. Picture himself. We'll -- -- GO yeah he wasn't ready to get them in it was a privilege and in the language and all that on show that qatari shocking for the John. I tell -- that there are still. There's still a lot of episodes on them did you watch now and there they still have a lot of so -- -- now draft day you're trying to address their Kevin -- Jennifer Garner. I didn't really should. Have done. Pretty pretty lightweight. Pretty -- -- It doesn't really have the urgency. A movie like Adam money ball and it really doesn't offer any new concepts -- right here is the way that film. Did it's directed by Ivan Reitman. Who you know had a lot of success in ghostbusters your stripes and date but overall many many years ago he hasn't done that well. Lately most their views have complained about it being a bit on the slow side. They've got some actors and here. I'm not familiar with at all. Chris Berman John McDowell Rogers well I'm gruden Roger is our sport -- kite. I'll let you know Skype that would explain that sports on TV and this is a sort of movie that I would be in front of a dispute like who was that in the out the -- -- gloves off. I I think. This movie. Is isn't is basically. Comfort food. Four for the people who like really really means football yeah it was just like Verizon logo always in football are on the big and you -- yeah. Absolutely. And to meet the most entertaining -- I think about the movie. Is the poster if you check out the poster for this online you're you're -- -- rubio look at it from -- It's the most bizarrely Photoshop think it looks to me. Story currency. Think photo shopped. Kevin Costner had from a bull Durham poster from the 1987. When I -- body -- younger and it's like a Kevin Costner Ken doll. It looks. For his age but that's kind of in her daughters everywhere. And movies and commercials and she's everywhere this very moment very busy if you -- wegmans right now she's going out little. Watching of sausage watching -- you know whether it's. True. Yes now. For those of you -- set. Remember Rio kind Radio One real one real. Yeah no room I'd love Roy and I blame an unreal in my favor -- this is this CGI. Animated. Entertains it is very -- This is like the first one. Very very -- the last movie on. Did 100 million dollars worldwide it was a big hit it -- the impact of like you know. Shrek or other films where you know -- to -- in the making a sequel -- -- this came and went but a lot of kids on analog kids liked it. This this is about. -- clause. I law because my fear it would French Fries -- -- -- -- apparently there very rare. In this film Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg. Our our the pair of -- pause here. They are in nature preserve they have three kids now and there arguing over how to raise them. He wants them to stay inside the nature preserve but she thinks the kids would be better off out in the wild sure so it's basically a cartoon about. Parenting issues. -- You. They're very crowded filmed lock wise. Just opens. Things a different characters you've got voice is done by -- acts. John Leguizamo Leslie and Chris change with Andy Garcia Bruno Mars George Lopez -- -- rental. I am amazed at how many reviews said cent while. The plot kinda hard to follow which usually don't hear a lot and kids -- growers of course a lot of conservation talk in the department of rain -- Force stationed. At -- to be fair though. Any movie where the animals -- the stars and look at Bambi you very very big about -- Right so that's an -- -- honor that's kind of what you end up with they of course wanted to put in a lot of musical numbers. Singing and dancing animals yes so they do is I guess a lot of the animals are trying out for current call. In real. So they do these American Idol type quick musical numbers where people are auditioning. One warning for parents though. It is really. Really boldly. Wildly colorful you may want to consider sunglasses I mean this movie is like. That's seen in 2001 a space Odyssey where they're zooming and all the lights and special effects. Like. Like that better than my -- Batman stuff dreary dark benefitting water is a very bright very colorful. This is one I think the -- have a good time. But I wouldn't say this is gonna be something like. Toy Story 3 years and Pixar stuff -- -- And joy just as much as -- and the like frozen where you're just as many adult fans this this one's more for the. Well I don't think they'll be much many people saying should receive draft day or re owed to him probably not next I don't know if this guy was an area a Roman emperor or not but populists. Populace audience. It sounds. Somebody you're hurt it's not -- my heart goes to the creature with one line you know. This is a demographic ritual on IE I haven't I've been fortunate in my weekly column populist yes indeed. Back don't just want to take -- was flawed. So related I don't know well you know. This I think is is is is a different a different from witnesses today scary scary film. This is. -- horror movie that is that kind of like the conjuring and that this is this works a lot more towards Moody's suspense and blood guts it's not one of those big chop them up thing you've got basically -- young brother and sister are living in house. And one day. The father. Is seen choking the mother to death this is upsetting picture to the kids -- all of -- bully the young boy takes a night. And -- -- to stop him from choking -- -- that the mom still dead the kid has killed the dead within nine. And the boy goes in an asylum. So they both grow up and now there in the early twenty years later thus mr. Has realized. It wasn't dad's fault. -- was possessed by that -- Her on the well. -- -- She figures out that Miller on the Walter. Is responsible for forty -- index over the years I 400 year old mirror line. I don't come here last forty years without breaking but this is the deal so all. Of course you would think at first I think -- -- overlooked in the U I -- IQ. And you would think hey. Hey you've just got. Break the mirror and then the -- won't be able to get anybody to kill anyone else throw -- -- daughters as old you can't do that because. Once we proof that this -- possessions people and forces them to kill the people will be acquitted -- it quit my brother and exonerate our follow everybody in my mother's death now. -- I've never been in a courtroom. Where they've said your honor I now bring to the witness stand a -- error that doesn't happen that often. But that's kinda the situation you're the movie goes back and forth from these kids to. These -- here it's more mood and atmosphere and flat out scared. Okay review. There we got more big nobody's hitting the big screen some New London overly shelf titles coming up on the move Asia with cinema -- still -- and EB. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listen. Tonight ten to one on WBE. And and. Wow feels sorry for Kathleen Sebelius now she's out of a job and she's gonna sign up for obamacare. I did some showers -- -- above cells that remain waiters who tries during that. Big sandy beach big movies hitting the big -- draft day -- to knock it was next to the best offer with Geoffrey Rush yes this. Is. A film by -- happy at all. Oh really yes yes he did -- a parity self which is one of my favorite Williams one of my favorite movies of all time. Think very very peculiar movie for those people that are thinking. Good move. He's about an auctioneer. And that art dealer movies out there Geoffrey Rush. Plays a very -- Jerry mannered. Our dealer and auctioneer he's German follow yours wears gloves. And what he does is he collects fine art. By miss calculating. The value of having fun. By the pieces. At a low price that he puts out and then he gets it back from offered his -- ever the here is there's this wonderful. Collection of his and he gets involved -- Mysterious. Woman she's and the gore for a powerful. She's -- -- yes you can't Wear or sweaters and all all authority will not clear how she does not want you look at her she's always behind a screen. And he falls in love with or even though he's never seen her -- beyond his race and she's behind and so zero drove. I don't think he has a -- okay. But he just like shadow puppets com. So he's ignoring all of her art and each -- these little pieces. What turns out to be a mechanical man. Which you start putting together and then from there things get -- That from Barry -- -- on few. There isn't very kind of ranging from not so good view. I'm. Not one of Jennifer -- stronger pieces like I said if you're thinking I gotta go movies -- -- the auctioneer at that this is your only. This week addresses territory earlier we had Rio true and now we have the raid true. Please. I beg of you if you are going to take your kids to -- to. To not accidentally killed in the rated two. The first film the raid. Was. And an action martial arts thriller from Indonesia. That. Got a quick. Quick ago audience. For martial arts fans and really big big underground following on it. Enormously. Crazy crazy. Fight choreography. And very little CGI. First -- was like ninety minutes this one's two and a half hours. This one apparently a lot of people seem to feel there there's quite a bit of pad and the only survivor from the first film. Is going undercover in prison which I'm -- goes well for him. And. The first hour kinda slowly. But then once the action starts. The five reminding me -- Many viewers. Said they were just an east that they were able to get an. Fight scenes. To give you an idea here today institute of the characters in the event of your major characters. Based. All batboy Kirk. And claw -- girl. -- Yeah this is movie where you get -- bones break. Throats were slit heads are cracked wide open and and people certain complete. There's a lot of rapid standings the old face. Little -- and blah blah blah -- dislocated jaws and I course. Something for the whole family I just involvement on us and asked. At one point. The flight. Moves out into an -- And they show you and I shot of the -- Before the fight breaks out into it. And discovered. Freshly fallen snow. So why he didn't peaceful. And of course within a few minutes. It is just a suit be laden laden Brad -- -- yes and there's also a very exciting car crash a car chase in here. If you like your martial arts really. Really intense and you think a lot of bones snapping and blood spurting makes for good entertainment. The read too is the one for you. Not if you wanna see an auctioneer for that. You go to the best bird or the bone breaking you go to the ring very true. Next up Robin Williams Annette -- in the face a -- yeah. Blood in this one. This is. This is a very. A film that takes its place until very very seriously it's like -- Robin Williams yes this is this is very much drama Annette -- Wednesday woman. I hope so yes -- last -- I saw him -- room very good in that sort of especially in the grip she's great chuckling that kind of rolled to rip that collectors. On it and she is Mary -- to Ed Harris and their very very happy. And then he well. Guys which makes her window which is very key to the story so she's. Oh she's a widow and our Robin Williams is next door neighbor who's who's just lovesick over he he adores her. And and she still likes this in about. Although there is no spark there even though he just kind of sits there and as that Mooney -- Droopy eyes William Z type thing looking at her. But then she's an an art museum. Happens. She sees. A guy who looks just like Ed Harris. It played by Ed Harris this guy looks eggs sugar and -- -- -- So. She meets up with a he's an artist she starts taking art classes problems so they can now kind of be together. And they start dating she hides all the pictures in the house. Our husbands. This guy doesn't see it when her daughter. First sees this new guy that -- like are you kidding the when they go to certain restaurants that -- to go to with her husband major he's like oh I think it's the husband I don't know the guy died. On. I have no idea whether he finds out or not. I'm thinking probably. So that leads you to hear this is. A movie if you go along with the premise. He them. Agent kind of you know like it if you find the premise kind of really contrived and ridiculous. It's probably not -- work. Will be back tomorrow we show on -- and I'm thirty WBN. And we are we have the movie shelf book design this building. The bill. Has been designed so that it's designed never have to go to the restroom I'm just telling you yes it's up fourteen minute trip to rest room. Yeah there's not much -- yeah it is pretty much before we get to the rest of the new movies yes -- I shout out you wanna give a shout out to any listener. My father in law. Jim Myers. He's in Rochester listening to the show today just celebrated -- 88 or every invasion -- not that long ago all and he's movie -- a lot like mine he -- black and white. He liked it easier interface very much turner classic movie activities and I estimate -- and events and Michael and myself. World visiting him over the weekend and we of course all sat down. And watched -- this year with Humphrey are -- and good. Great movie so -- he's listening and going oh that that Jimmy is out there building -- -- leadership righteous. -- that plus one big movies hitting the big screen today Elaine stretch showed me. Yes should -- stretch. The closer you get to Broadway tomorrow where you are -- Lane stretch. And she's ban on Broadway star along or 68 year that's a long time. 68 years ago she was in her first Broadway Show she has won five Tony Awards. Three Emmys. On she does a one woman cabaret show in which she sings about her career she's. Big friend. Stephen sondheim's does a lot of his music. Most people might be familiar with her they watched 30 Rock she -- Alec Baldwin's. Very domineering. Hard to hard living hard drinking Catholic mother on that she was extraordinarily. Funny on that show. This documentary this entry is similar to Juan. Recent ones like -- Joan Rivers a piece of word or Carol Channing larger than life where there. They're examining. A female performer. -- your career she is 89 years old now and he's still going out there steel performing. And she has recently. Retired from performing at the time they did this extra -- stretch she was still out there she is a gutsy. Hard drinking tough talking broad. Had a fling with JFK. Once upon a long ago and she does not suffer fools glad Hillary at all there there is even one section in the film. Where she talks about her experience working with Woody Allen she did one of his dramas in 80s September. With Woody Allen and she reads a letter. Given tours by woody Allen's people explaining. All the rules he has on the set. And pretty much goes would need to be about the most demanding control freak you could imagine a dramatic three. 89 years old she's not really worried about offending people. All the -- stretching twenty years old wasn't really worried about offending people at all she's been. Kinda game Saturday night she shouldn't -- about what -- all the little I don't know if I must -- to show Bob I learned. I should never drank a 213 point seven ounce fluid and a bottle of vapor distilled water before the show. They make every throw it back. Out the next is is this a French film that weekend. It is this is that branch film well -- well actually it it takes place. In in in France. A a British couple Lindsay darkened Duncan and Jim Broadbent. There in the sixties and their thirtieth anniversary. And there are going to Paris where they honeymoon. And and. Her at a point where they're feeling a lot of food dissatisfaction. With -- -- palms feeling a lot of dissatisfaction. With himself. And just by being that they honeymoon is actually opening up a lot of old tensions a lot of old wounds. And they have like -- -- under the -- exchange that they have. He's faster one point you know Darlington people don't change. -- which she says yes they do. They get worse object -- it. Hannity Leo happy anniversary honey and a long point he comes the realization shares with her. What he's realized like these places. He says I'm amazed. At just how mediocre right turn out to be OY. Yeah it's very very very heavy stuff they also I'll run into Jeff Goldblum. As a former classmate. Of Jim Broadbent who has had. All the success in life and it's critically and financially and all heard it alluded. Broad band so he's got he's got hit that there is an example of that's what you would -- Very heavy stuff lately handled it got some bid to win these habits of screwball humor. But I'm. If you just finished the -- argument with your wife are both members of the RP. How this is why you wanna go this one I'll have to be real heavy. Outrigger rent something new on the new release -- -- grudge match with the Niro and Stallone. This was advertised sell heavily when it came out at holidays. And did not do particularly good business. I think it's gonna do. Enormous business on and rentals and on and on demand because. It's an easy concept I mean that it. A fight between Robert De Niro -- -- And Sylvester Stallone Rocky Balboa sell you -- you've got an immediate hook there. As far as you're supporting cast you've got Kim Basinger Kevin Hart who's very very hot right now. Alan Arkin and at the commercials. So focused mostly on Kevin Hart and Alan Arkin. More than they did Stallone and Robert -- -- golf. Because they just we're two of the funnier things in that picture lot of Baxter is and the video released. This is one of those films. If if you sit down to wit and expect to see something as good as the first rocky. You're gonna be disappointed. If you sit down -- and hope. -- -- it's at least better than rocky five I think it's just. Well next. We've been desolation of some yes yes -- David Letterman for injury distillation of this. This is the third. On the -- series winner. Peter Jackson has take in the shortest. The Lord of the Rings books it's correctly -- of -- Not even a novel and stretching it into words were singing about love that would mean a nice on paper I like to spread some nova. Some grass -- Oak -- and you figured it. I'm eating celery that's good that's good -- healthy and it's crunch. So you don't feel bad about it. How about the August Osage county movie -- of Merrill straight yeah. This is done street got to an Oscar nomination. For this year. This is very. -- -- Screaming at the top your alarms caricature where southern drama. Once again it's also at the box office about. It's one that I think a lot of people are gonna check out the video after life. Tremendous supporting cast and Chris Cooper and convert -- McGregor Julia Roberts Julia Louis Sam Shepard. -- Martin dale tremendous tremendous support and can't stand this picture. Our case you don't want to -- grudge match you can get him in the bag men. Yeah this is this de Niro in the genre most people like -- -- de Niro is AL legendary crime boss. Who gives John Cusack whose low rent. Eighty simple assignment and -- pick -- package. And easy. -- don't open it all right you don't ask any question. Surprisingly enough. Things be calm -- and something could go wrong. -- Very bad reviews. Didn't think it got to theaters here but even myself having read about it would see this thing on the rental -- and think. I watch anything with the -- on an -- Holding on being rude people. Another quick hello to your father a lot Rochester oh yeah. Bonnie -- today and -- well wrap up and we'll see you were there Monday at nine on newsletter arrived thirty WB yet. -- Wish they never has to needs to be used she.