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4-11 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Macrovision -- -- today is probably the last workday for a lot of people because the next week the kids were off I'm not a big edges of the colleagues there is probably -- spring vacation now spring break. And so -- the kids are awful lot of people coincide their vacation and they don't things and go places and that and whatever. So that's a resorts on him obligation and we found dead. Only. About half its actually 50% but about half. A vote people do not you lose all of their vacation even paid vacation they don't use it all -- leave on the table. Now this is survey does not say whether. A large majority of those that don't use it get paid for -- they just take the money instead. Some companies as we said to allow that and done a dual. But -- 17%. Admit they've logged on to work while they were on vacation because they were having a hard time not thinking about work. I don't have a hard time not thinking about -- but as I said. When when you do -- structure of signals going on in the way to do it is to be a bit NC can listen. Which lets you read the paper differently he listened to news and watch news differently when you're doing it for work when you're doing it. Just for information. So you got to think about that. The highest percentage of employees 38%. Who worked on vacation said they did so. Get this because they were the only ones in their company who could take care of the sure I'd question. Now always that is why I think people tell themselves that. I'm the only one American do this soul. So I'd better do it even when I'm on vacation what they find out is some time now -- the comeback in this twenty people doing the same thing they do so you know don't get yourself take your vacation. The company is gonna still be there when you get back they're not going to crumble because you're not work. A small but still startling. 6%. Said they were driven to work because they were afraid of their boss. Well. How about that this is -- Abbas. That. That's going to be sad when you go to work afraid of boss. Because. You work you know is not meant to be a day at the H but it shouldn't be afraid of the boss but 6% are. The more money and employee makes it more likely they are working on vacation 71% of those making more than a 100000. A year or say they did so. If there if you assume higher salary correlates with a higher position in the company thus the idea that nobody of the company could take care of it except you. That's one thing is thinking about. The quick fix though to this first of all a good advice to the boss stop calling your employees while on vacation. But that's hard to do without putting systems in place consider implementing want the -- good a good company. Should have a plan for. Illnesses. For vacation for any time -- the regular workforce is not in place and different things can happen because -- and if you're good company. You have those systems in place. But to think that indeed they can't run it without you is falling. -- F 51% as we said of the eligible paid vacation time and paid time off. According to a 2300. Workers who receive paid vacation. The survey ago was come I'd come up by Harris Interactive. And so that's where it is -- asking you do you use all of your vacation to be honest -- you. I don't know anybody that doesn't. But it says that about half of you don't do you work while you're on vacation. I think a lot of people do that they sneak off and now especially with computers. With laptops tonight pads and -- a different electronic devices. They slip often Doolittle worked here in there and whatever I I don't know if they feel that if they don't do it. -- come back they're going to be unemployed and starving or not I don't have no idea about it. A lot of people do that do you have any vacation plans do you have any vacation plans what are you gonna go what elected to. -- 030 Montreal 106 on 69 through music star and I'm thirty now and ask my guys. First of all do you use all your vacation yes I do good -- -- -- I think it's crazy not I agree I totally great as a boss. I always ask my employees to take the time off that has come it's coming to them simply because I want them rejuvenated. I don't care how good you are how motivated you are. He shouldn't be working at 52 weeks a year absolutely not now maybe and are ready for a European attitude. But it in America. That work ethic is very important to get things -- so. I'm thinking if you have the vacation you should take the vacation right do you do any work while your vacation. I'm very little very like you might read something about high school sport -- is gone or might see something you are obviously for big story breaks I wanna be. Up to speed on it as well. Do you like listen in morning show Christmas -- wait -- -- that break wasn't a -- visit by where Rivera or do you just get away from I get away from Nevada I like you I do kind of follow things I mean when you do the morning's reversal and you almost. I feel weird I don't know what's what's going on it you know it it's just telecheck in the news anyway and a lot sports to begin with I think. Our job bringing work home was a little different and stuff we kinda do anyway kind of we have to -- and it's part of our lives while working -- as part of our allies -- not but that -- somebody who works at acme flange. It's different you know somebody else is putting the finances together while your on vacations so let them do that you enjoy your vacation and then you come back. And that is something refreshing about it you know I'll say this as long as I've been in this business. I've always. I I think without almost any exception. Am excited about coming back to work and that that's the mark of a job that you enjoy -- Because. -- I can think of some people that I know that work for me whatever they hated coming back after vacation. So that's that's tough he got to get back in the groove. Let -- if you like your job and you enjoy your job and your fulfilled by your job look forward to who has yet we go back to structure. I mean -- vacation is you go from total structure. To -- structure. Okay you get up at a certain time every day you're shower at the same time you have records intact brush teeth of the same time. And then you go here you have once had that same time -- same place right now you're on vacation. What are you what though it's up to go go get up when you wanna get up or whatever so the structure changes. You find on vacation that is totally different in a structured real life. I think I have a different structure when I'm on vacation because I'm taking care of the kids. When I'm on vacation or -- takes time off. That is -- frost to save money from sending the kids to daycare so well with them at home. And you know I like to serious schedule changes that he's got my schedule changes and thinking -- Abdullah's help with the kids and I'm also. Maybe a catching up on yard work -- bottom and doing stuff from how much. Or downloading pictures of food on your foot on your era. Computer that is an all year job I have to keep up Brenda now I know -- true. Are the biggest -- alcoholics I've ever seen you amber and -- I get excited over a picture of food yeah we can talk -- forever I can understand getting excited over its. Loans at a roast in the oven that smells good -- our. This really taste good but. Because noses very important with -- stuff and. On food and guys thanks. But you guys get a little too excited over food a lot of it to lose you see something like how that looks I've never tried that -- I would like to try to stimulate a threesome. While that -- that's -- now Chris. Your schedule because you're in here real early. You sleep and knowing obligation I do sleep -- but the weird thing is I've been doing their morning -- -- -- laws along nicely and shifts as it is in my body's almost used to sleeping in blocks so I all I'll wake up after five hours and I'll just have to get up and do something honestly -- it later it. It debts kind of taken over my life isn't it amazing when you work in early -- How you can set clocks all you want but your body clock is the most accurate of all you know when it's time to get up and I got up out get out even if if I can just Alter a little bit and just let's say is stay up till 3 in the morning when I usually get up. I'll still wake up a five hour amazing it's -- I'll get what my body tells me I need amendments that I kind of start with. But we come back we wanna know if you use all of your vacation and I'd love to hear from people who adults which -- I don't know one single person that doesn't use all aggregation. Do you work while you're on vacation the kind of sneak off and get a -- worked on them pick up the fall or get on your computer whatever. A Yemeni vacation plans occasionally get by the way. It Treo not trio wanted to six -- 696 on I thirty can also go to our FaceBook page will be vacation do you take at all. I know it seems like a dumb question -- we find out only 51%. Of the people so we've rounded it off to fifty. Okay it's actually Leo its actually 51% of -- -- take all the vacation now it turns out that the normal amount of education. In plays use a 51%. The year's survey says that most American workers. Receive about ten paid workdays a year and six federal holidays so that's sixteen days or approximately over two weeks but as you as you acquire seniority. What would you rather do stay home -- vacation time travel that's a good question. It depends on on where I would be going. Sometimes it's nice to be able to just have no responsibilities -- home some as best to travel I think one thing that does kinda. -- vacation time as far as I'm concerned. Is flying isn't fun at all anymore. I mean I'm not afraid to fly I've flown my whole life but I hate the thought flying. That hassle of you know the stuff we have to go -- I know why we have to do it but I hate it I don't like that. I actually like being at the place and won one thing you learn and in radio. Is that when you're on vacation and it's a beautiful setting you know you're at some beautiful tropical place you can never work. Because yes they -- radio but there's not a good radio market with a couple of exceptions maybe Miami or -- that's about it. Usually in the nicer place shore vacation in the less likely are to be element living radio. So -- that long time ago. Let's talked to Don who vacations in Philadelphia I'm sure during the season high gun. I get this morning and Khalil bell. -- doing fantastic. Complain about it now for years you work with a major corporation. Major major corporation and did you use all your vacation time. When I -- bear I did use up a super majority in my vacation time yes. However I had a job for about seventeen years prior to bat. And I never used up all my vacation and never. Why if it was a paid vacation. Well the first -- right I took that job right out of get the army right. It was people way before the advent of the computer and I was inventory control and I had -- I was responsible. For the inventory. And what I was. Spent my two weeks this summer camp. The guy who took my place. I wish he had gotten second never showed up. That things got so bad. That it actually took me the better part of a year to correct the problem. Long and it scared me. From that moment on about taking my vacation. Yeah you what you wanna do know is comeback and make it seamless that everything that you would have done whoever filled in for you did that and now you just had to prevent the worst thing is the comeback. And have all the war that you didn't do waiting for your when he got back. And and that's that's always been the case wherever Y are I've I've worked as as far as my regular job was concerned and when I worked at a major cooperation I actually got to worry at 27 days of vacation not counting holidays and all all the other days. And I pretty much took those days but I also had a part time job for like seventeen of those years and at least at that time. Of those 27 days I would work my other job on that particular day so that I can invest that money. And now I can live comfortably. Well you always say yeah you always had a good work ethic guy novatel lots of times you'll be working on yard projects and things like that when you're when we're all in school together. And you always you always support seriously. I you know what's amazing I mean I've known you since the third grade the year my best friend. But because I went off the radio school and you went out to the service and and I really don't know what kind of vacations did you like did you like going to the beach in July driving vacation enjoyed flying somewhere what kind of vacations that you enjoy. I'm one of those audible I honestly. It liked traveling. You don't like the -- I don't like the hassle traveling I like being at a location one of them there. I enjoyed being around my house I enjoy being around. What Laura Brown met a very complacent now -- if I was to -- -- to new England's first report -- -- By the time it's time to come back home I don't wanna come back home I want -- You know what's funny is we were born and raised in new England and now I appreciate knowing when more than I did when we're living there 'cause I love Vermont love Maine. Massachusetts is -- to where we grew up with I'm just saying I'm going with a great place to go on vacation. And northern -- England southern -- totally different so you can do all kinds of stuff. Always fans or but about it has been -- -- is it it is a nice place to go visit. Question Michael -- as a family and so forth and so on because let's face it the people let you do back and we let there than -- not. They're not there anymore but I'll tell you -- on this study is occasion I was surprised or show Pritchard door and stay there for full weeks. I think that there are device I work for a major corporation appears he went off the service or the radio school and we're we're best friends but obviously I don't know everything should now I think the great vacation day would be to spend a day with you when done at the racetrack all -- horses he's the man -- he is the man. -- is the man I mean what were in high school years ago you -- how we got away with it -- her high school -- on the racetrack. What the Suffolk downs on the Narragansett went to Rockingham how are you able to place that's a good question but we did we did all the time. Yeah what he used to know him Don I just -- He used to see with the trainers work. Off for the various horses because sometimes. Trade Orleans or horse as a tune up for another race OK it's still up so the trainer doesn't really expect him to win if they do that's fine. But just to get him toned up OK so he used to follow. The the trainer. And that if the trainer made a last minute bet just before the -- where they -- -- with a windows closed. On his -- a Dennehy you knew that he thought that post was -- have a chance to win and so he would quit you would be right back to make the same bet. It's a -- pretty Smart guy when it came of that thing and we love strangely enough when you aren't even chasing women that we played poker. And basketball. And we went gambling to the racetrack that's that was our lives on -- -- me pathetic now. Will be backward -- BG governor hang in there. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine journey -- our toll free line is 1806169236. Yeah occasion BAC ATI. All and no we find other 51%. Of the population according to one survey. Does not take all of the medication they leave it on the table. That's hard to believe according to will be statistics here it's about sixteen days vacation. A year for most people I guess as you accrue seniority get more. But the bottom line -- couple weeks and the people take -- all my suggestion take your vacation. Enjoy your vacation lying down on the job will be there are and and functioning fine when you get back. A whether indeed. They'll have everything done that you would have done -- not what you face a lot of work when you do get back enjoy your vacation. And do you warp while you're on vacation especially now with computers and now and a satellites and things like that. The things that can be done on vacation it couldn't have been on before. But some people feel that nobody else can do the job I think that's ridiculous. And indeed just enjoy your vacation don't work lawyer vacation you have any vacation plans a much -- do you get let's go to our FaceBook page -- Chris what do we have. This comes from Johnny says it depends on the job someplace as I've worked let me cash out -- week's vacation for some extra money so I have done that. My president visits -- requires me to use all my vacations so yes I do use it. I yeah I think it's a good idea a way ever use of their lows at no point. Guys here who have -- right you have to use an up or it doesn't Arnold goes away and we have to use it. Before at the end of the year yeah so we going to go Monday via well we would be off on the first but say we come back on the second. We can't use last year's vacation we used to -- we use of a change that. As so that there but I take mine to take yours and Chris takes his and I think that people should should take theirs. Give me another please this is from Ricky says I get six weeks of vacation but I only use two weeks of it. And when I am gone I'm always I'm -- -- checking out work stuff I keep up with work email to policy. He's now that there's an example of what the survey says. So he gets six weeks the only takes so. That's a third of what he is still see. I think that when your -- new recharge your batteries. And you re re prioritize and relax that's good and that was six weeks you've got plenty of time. -- you don't at all -- certainly to roll up and get back into work mode so while an end. In the two weeks he takes is computer -- of them. That's a really vacation if you -- -- people it's funny. About -- of people when they walked by your office okay say you're reading some thing which we have to do all the time. A we will read all the time they don't think you're working. For summaries and they think it's his leisure to read one indeed reading is part of our job. Because most people associate -- with vacation is. Not doing physical work through your mind is. Is you may want to -- your mind lucky I used to make -- -- -- my body and I gave that up because it's just wasn't up to par you know people were willing I was I was professional -- -- movement that they can bump into the street and -- not an option options. I can walling off the -- I. Heard it. And yet I should've I should put lags grows in Google because it wasn't meant to hole 400. In Singapore underground guy whip -- around -- pole. If you could go pretty much as I gonna end well like. Ultimate port geez -- was fun and on and -- that -- go home might unfold those dollar bills that were you know -- -- demise of my costume. And sometimes bank. -- and yet another four. Ways this one comes from a Christine -- -- I think there's a perception out there and it if you take your vacations you might be replaced your job to be in jeopardy. And some people think you might be viewed as disloyal or not dedicated if you use off. How's that that is -- now I don't disagree with her perception but how sad that we got that point. I mean you're there you're doing the job you're doing your part the deal is -- help them make money and then you get paid for that. And you shouldn't think that they're a don't think they're doing a favor. All right you're earning the money or not hearing that worth it or not that I'm doing you a favor because nobody's gonna do you a favor by hiring new. They're hiring you for one reason because you can help them make money just remember that as long as you remember that -- all right. But the head of the mindset of gee. I and so grateful that they hired me what are what are wonderful favour of it now don't. Because that means you have you put no value on your work. And if you place no value on your work the -- sure as hell won't put any value on it. You can either do the job or not he read a contributing to the bottom line or not and if you are and you go on vacation enjoy your vacation. Don't don't think like that that's that there really -- I was talking before about in radio it's so different. -- than most businesses because that nicer place you go all the more exotic place Chicago. The less chance that you could make a living there I mean my favorite -- the world's Lake Tahoe right and it's how many times. But. It's our radio pays nothing if there is even radio and like now. And that's the kind of that's what happens you go to these islands is there's no there's no radio job there itself. You have to get back to the real world but you can never make a living in the -- -- on vacation. No we been talking and it seems that. Four weeks is the most common amount of vacation on the people give you got some time economic company but in today's day and age it's not because the pain actually have more they use in -- sick days as vacation days how many times we hear stories about. People colony and feel like common in today's Joan Collins sick and that around on the golf course or out on the ball to what. That's not right has sick days are sick days I don't think you should be able to use them if if for my company okay. And I was negotiating a contract. I think sick days are fine and if you need them use them but I don't think they should be -- saved up to use -- vacation. Because it's not like the company promised to pay you for this amount of days they promise to pay you for this amount of days if you're ill. But if you're not so why should they pay and his is the worst of all worlds -- -- because you're gonna get people who come into work sick. You got that they're gonna come I don't work sick. And as -- other employees every second -- gonna miss time. They're gonna come insect. And work when they shouldn't work instead instead they take time off they they use that as their vacation. Not good not good because they'd rather come into work sick and then use that day that they should've taken on their vacation schedule not a good idea. That's why I follow people around -- vacation and I hire a private guy so look out will be back he. And let's go to Joseph in buffalo -- you're on WB yen. -- got -- regarding vacation. Well I used to work for medical practice all I was. Recently retired and current. When -- first there. The positions that would you know we want to take your vacation. All either been. In the springtime -- in the -- because -- this summer you know we don't have cheered and you know we want an education with that. And it -- I was older like my kids are grown so it's okay fine so I would take the same two weeks in September. Every year and I sort of got. About two before it was getting ready eagle on my vacation the block -- yeah. Adapt that likely postpone. Or cancel my vacation because of the workflow. And which are never -- And handle what I would come back from my two week vacation. I would get the -- or go while you're on outward Janet officially we're down here working like you know Hebrew -- -- man. So are you can't even enjoy that knowing your boss is -- grudging you know he's in his company is giving you the vacation you'll burn that. And now he's begrudgingly you know using it that's ridiculous. Oh yeah and you know hey it's scary it was just Lowber. And I -- I recently retired and I'm on vacation all the. Well good vacation ever retirement is a good plan so. We're glad to chew up a bit you stay the course and didn't give up your vacation time ago. We're talking about the when your boss -- grudges unification was that Obama. Now we talked about vacation being different in Europe here's an example you ready. Keep remind them Americans as we said get about sixteen days a year. So we have rounded and often too. Now if you've been there longer you might get more I don't know many companies that give more than four weeks that's that's our -- -- at four weeks forwards reports there. OK here is the reason some of European companies Erica countries may have some economic problems. France. Per year thirty weeks vacation. -- That is for those of you can't figure -- map as seven and a half months of vacation. You wonder why day they have an outrageous and sex addict can't build a card to save them. I'm in -- was less than a -- of French car. They make a good engine and in Formula One Racing that's -- UK. 26 weeks vacation. Portugal. 22 weeks' vacation. Germany. Twenty weeks vacation and he'll take cash out they know sands or -- Mine which is five months. Approximately. Australia. Twenty -- Canada awful command and ten weeks I don't care -- took that much job but that's Thursday. Japan. And waits so when you look at America even ever even at its most generous. Which before -- compared to France. Thirty weeks help you there. How would take the tiger went to all that what are they do in France that allows them to two offers thirty weeks of vacation. So that's little survey that I have here is part of the fighting and Greece is closing the gap while I don't want a guy in Greece and you know it's funny is Greece's new analyst -- in this. -- the first two wars at the top seven here. I'll buy you don't wanna give up the things that they've gotten and because they can't sustain financially things they've gotten. It's that he rarely lose lose situation. Once again he can get back. That's the problem. If your company and you've given your employees thirty weeks off. And you say well I have a rough time. We've got a touchdown a 28 weeks vacation. A and taking us. -- our rocket somebody. And he eight weeks vacation why that's ridiculous. Can't work like this anymore that's what happens. You set the bar like that. Come and get reasonable how would you like to have France is suddenly have to adopt US standards. Can you imagine telling an employee well. France walked. -- get those thirty weeks vacation we're going to give you two weeks. I mean see how that applies Aqua -- -- that is out -- just Siam dry in my red -- I am heading it would my glove. Due to a new wealth I don't want it like Jerry Lewis an announcement there. Is it a prominent in the vineyards drinking -- thirty weeks vacation -- Kevin Coble RUS steel. Our Chris and other ways. This one comes from Kevin he says I take all of my vacation music awards to ski out west. I also have mandatory weeks off for the fourth of July and Christmas I can't imagine not taking it. Are you should take first of all here's one thing to remember you earned it. It is not for me. If they didn't give it to you you earned. And take it because recharge your batteries you'll be more valuable employee when you come back. Then you would by not going on vacation. I don't know if you're sick take this Tuesday if you're not go to work. I mean it's pretty fundamental stuff but I'm saying -- the vacation is there for you it's good it's good for you and the company. And my installation through ticket. I remember you were talking about being on vacation and not being able to make a living wherever you go on vacation and radio -- The -- I don't know -- I got married we honeymoon in in England. And we're in London and I got a picture me standing in the doorway of the BBC can you imagine me working at the BBC. No neither cannot however at that time they had something why is interested in checking out but my wife so what do you crazy. I our check -- pirate radio pirate radio was alive and well broadcasting off the shores of England. And I thought he kind of -- of the empire radio but she said no you know regulations say I was a little whip Tony I was a I was a preview of what you become years later. Think count. I think how do -- do 00 yeah. But anyway so where where -- discussing vacations. And I think that if you're an employer if you are good employer. It's a progressive thinkers you're somebody that thinks long term this is the problem a lot of businesses don't think long term anymore. And because of that they end up being short term but the ones that do think long term -- -- the vacation is -- good -- of the company. As it is for of the employee. Because then when you do come back for so you'll appreciate the fact you have a job come back though to come back to the job. And you're refreshed. Invigorated and you can hardly wait to to. Come back to work doing the job and go on vacation -- later -- If you yourself down in Serbia into the ground. Pretty zone it's it's tougher work atmosphere you're not happy you don't appreciate the job your bitching moaning your whole life. It's better to enjoy the job by taking the allotted vacation. And if you have a boss like the one I was just described enemy. Who said I'd and boy taking vacation I mean he can't they give it and take of the way he's not the lord. He's the boss and if you -- the vacation short of an emergency. You should be Atlantic. Go to Marie Marie inject the log you're on WB hammering. Yeah I'm empathetic to them work. I was them and I think I'm in England to you -- and then. -- him but ignite. And we used to say to least elements at least off but number no more work. Really good during the war I assume the rest and a. Them a sentiment on a one night that was the twelfth if and then I had a three hour as we ride him to back train him and battle. Got some flexible hours as though you're saying you had a of flex time kind of deal. Well I'll let you know about that that Alabama and then two days two weeks on into leaked out. And I love -- that can night and the thing is. And but at the near the end of law. As they did studded send -- -- the yen. And see them. Volunteer. That that they. I bombed them and. Okay the bus lines. Throughout the land not to and then noise it is going to be the fly the other called flying bombs that were launching them from Germany while thank you -- are glad that when you're up you were off. CUK is wasn't near as 26. Weeks of vacation that's good deal thank you thank you got -- will be back after his.

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