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4-11 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- is region governor and I'm -- B slots they're gonna do today but today is Friday and know what we love about Friday of the movie show what was cinema Bob and that's elevenths in the semi prevent. Also well I guess Dave has been replaced while not literally yet but they've named his replacement. Steven called bear we'll talk about that as well with the guys and Eric's speech and company. Yes yes yes lot a lot of things are going on today didn't take them long to come up with Stephen cold bear and I heard Les Moonves. I'd say as you know corporate heads are such yeah so predictable. When he was asked by is the CBS reporter a one other people were considered well you know. We got a lot of response from people who want the job but. As far as we're concerned there was only one. And it's Stephen called there he was head and shoulders above everybody else that is of course it must they couldn't make your contract deal with a then he would be you know he would be -- they didn't care about about all. But that said let me get the opinion of -- my guys here. What do you think of col -- replacing element. I'm not a big fan of col -- and to tell -- truth -- not a big fan of Letterman I haven't watched a completely show since Johnny Carson. Retired -- Oh it doesn't matter not a DNA does not apply. I've got that how about you -- it matters to me -- like this Comedy Central show and I would much prefer to watch that in the new -- not in character over there because I did make a statement yesterday and it. It's going to be the real him economists are we really know -- that is. At the moment but. Herself as the reasons I don't really like it's because. Is 1130 show was going to be gone and I just I don't know how it's gonna play out and it's going to be weird. You what this reminds me of Osama reminds me almost of Katie cork. Although Katie -- wasn't playing a character she's playing herself when she was The Today Show she was like the hottest thing ever. But all of the things that made her successful on The Today Show. Were easily. Recognizable as not transferable for an anchor. She's perky you you know any perky anchors she's got a great million dollar smile how many times -- even get a chance as well. And I said at that time. When that water as a CBS anchor I mean how will this work the things that made her. Are not going to be transferable also show ought to be some -- somebody else and it pork. It went down in flames I mean they kept drum for a few years trigger option didn't talk show -- that went down in flames so it didn't work and I think with cold air. People like cold -- what do they like they like what he's doing now. OK but I don't think you can do a show in character. That doesn't make sense says to me over a period of time a five night we show on the same character I don't think so. So they've already said he's gonna ditch that character at the end of the Comedy Central show. And it will be hit them. Maybe other people know him and aides say he's got enough talent and it's you know it's a he's got big goods we don't know -- we haven't seen it. But obviously guy has some talent whether he's a one trick pony -- we won't know. Oftentimes things are not transferable that your light plus think about like this. I'll Letterman every once in awhile does political stuff -- there a lot of it was political and that's probably not transferable. There's no reason wanted to drop have her audience every night. I just doesn't make much sense so today I would have picked -- any day over over colder air but well which of the best. You know after last time we talked about this I was thinking and another person I thought would be great for the job Steve Harvey the guy that. Does family if you guys. Good personality people like him. I think that like ability quotient is important yes and even -- much of visit as a curmudgeon as he. Presented himself he had -- ability as a self deprecating thing and you know there was a lot tongue in cheek. But I think you have to like the person especially. Add that at night because they're different there's a different feeling at night than during the day at night. You know you're sitting there at the house is dark and it's you and him. Or UN who over the host might happen to be it's a personal bond that's why some other shows like come. George nor -- for instance -- like George -- or you don't but there's that personal bond. Oh when the sun is is long gone and it's pitch dark and you think it's UN him. So that's that's the thing that makes a successful show -- you know like the person who's gonna be a bond. I don't know no one else he has to offer whether he does stand up how good he is legitimate interview we have no idea but I guess we'll find out. Meanwhile Jimmy Fallon. Season restarting -- pretty good I can spring and I like Ferguson through. But called bear Stewart -- I MA IU SA today there's. A FaceBook page and a Twitter page. Am what they either hated the idea. Or they love -- but they don't like the idea of him going. Two bug to replace -- because they think you'll have to sell out his act. In other words they think you have the compromise now you go from a new age. I keep in mind these late night shows like the real late -- -- don't have huge audiences people forget that today and its and I shall certainly Letterman yeah. But the other ones not not so -- And so. They're worried that he's gonna have to sell out gonna have to be politically correct and ordered a in order to apply to a CBS audience and that happened sometimes. People change. I'm sure here's what. Here's what surprised me. Is if they re at CBS really didn't know. That Dave was gonna retire because his contract's up next year so there was probably some kind of sniffing around a C a we're gonna make a deal we not gonna make a deal whatever. I'm surprised how fast that happen aren't there is nothing beneficial for CBS to make it that fast. You wanna keep the excitement you wanna keep that of the chatter up whatever who could have -- going to be so and so what about light it up. And bring in guest host and stuff like they didn't do that they did a real fast. Which makes me believe that this this deal was in the other minority and they just set the -- higher. A once Dave gave the official in fact they may have even said now why don't we go our different ways and there's so they've already working on this because this is way too fast. If they only thought about it right after Dave announced. Could they have been thinking that. That somebody else could've. Jumped in in and taking cold prayers -- -- And that if you're getting into the Conan O'Brien syndrome yeah well you know I don't. Now the network we're talking now I don't think so because NBC it already has already -- replaced had done their replacements okay this is CBS. So there are there are a lot of places ago. I'm thinking that this was a deal waiting for the official announcement from Dave and and and this was way too fast. You know how long it takes to get bottled water here -- -- com. Okay can you imagine signing a replacement for Dave Letterman that fast -- actually. They did it faster than us getting bottled water work or out again by the a we have to bring a cactus -- And Condit likely did -- westerns and and get a few drops here and there I was probably never remembered to fill up a bottle before a lot now we're out again. But it just remembered the number of words of our executive secretary who said just relentless -- excess emissions will take a -- into a bar. -- Beijing company under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB yeah well be rocker hall of fame. Inducted casts a there was a lot of I kiss -- even the newer members of -- to be inducted but they didn't do that they inducted the original four. The rock hall -- emitted a dramatic mistake when they started when they opened the doors. They put too many people in early. There were too many inductees in each year and then they ran out of people so there's a lot of question all bowl they still wanna have a big event every year they still want to have people added. But they really kind of ran out of true rock and roll heroes. And that now now they're kind of it is scratch in a little bit. The original four members of kiss Gene Simmons calls assemblies for early in the Peter -- Where where were eligible for induction fifteen years ago. Okay they finally got voted in because. Whatever reason and kiss was never critics -- according to others are going to that. Back Gene Simmons says we're foreign knuckle heads who got together about our fun you know whether they were hall of fame material I don't -- But they were in their a long -- -- Linda runs that. There were women doing Linda -- so the songbook. Including -- -- nervous Carrie Underwood Emmylou Harris Bonnie Raitt. Sheryl Crow Stevie next that's not a battle known better at all in addition manager Brian Epstein of The Beatles. And manager Andrew move oldham I was love the name Lou -- -- all OJ. The little zones of course as they get the -- and The Beatles. Oh it also were there along with Cat Stevens let's say what you guys that casts of it in there -- -- I think kisses his -- and ludicrous. It's I would say no but they're kind of a larger in light band I know and Arab doubt they'd jump prodigy about Rivera rock and roll hall of fame material I don't know. A live -- that. And the soft rock. Yeah -- Tony and I wanna I don't know enough of potter but. Also also -- know what she had her share of hits and and she's okay. Whether she's and they are not it's okay with me about. Not a outstanding you know I mean is that migrate voice aren't. Legacy of wells here Cat Stevens. Gang can soft rock. You know one hits and have basically you know one it went in and today he does enjoy about it meter and down -- -- cap doesn't -- that's -- is -- now yeah he's been that which for many years. Mosul. A Derek Holland notes all the notes. Reluctantly yes I mean he did have a lot of -- of candidates it's soft rock and a loss of rock and roll -- payment dozens got the hard rock called for and a hard rockers cafe yeah well -- your own wells hall -- are -- gas and it I'm I'm I'm lukewarm all of these that they -- -- and out and yet you know -- people -- -- will warm again and their. Nevada. Yes yeah I think that's and afternoon through the show airs may 31 on HBO. The rock and roll hall of famers show I'd like to watch at -- -- because of those jams. In a way come on RO great. You who is. There are certain musicians that play with everybody and it's really cool that they. That they that they get out of their -- Every once in awhile -- like to see him on a different setting that your class act Clapton's -- employs what everybody Ronnie what plays with a lot of people from the songs. So you got a lot of musicians who just like the play Jeff -- and all the a lot of a lot of guys who. I would just love the play music and and it's fun to watch and now you can see all that stuff. On YouTube he just punch up anybody's name and it's and it's there. And they have stuff you never seen before effect go back and listen to them down when he sent no -- you OK that's great George Harrison is fair and Ringo Starr is there and I'll work and I would problem as it was -- -- right and I always you know I knew Carl Perkins row blows when issue was and I know he was bigger rockabilly. But when you see them in this concert you as good you know who else's underestimated. Bobby Darren. If you've ever seen Bobby -- in concert. It's fabulous. United cinema movies object and the ads which flash but -- a lot of hits. I -- him in concert he was spectacular. And I've got a couple of dvds -- Darren and whistled the ball game. Meanwhile in hole by eight. A police officer. Delivered his own baby as likes -- but it's his baby but she's carrying around in his patrol car. On the side of highway 190s there were ten miles from the hospital and she said. We're not going to get to be nine miles that's all I gotta have it now. And so -- delivered it obviously when they call came mini portrait -- cruiser he didn't need a police escort. By the way ABC Jennifer's been on a slightly -- so lovely lady does a good job -- She's expecting twins. And she is like look there's got a couple months how out there -- just tell you this. They were they did a profile shot she was in front of the map. They their profile shot ever -- to push was a Cape Cod. And her tummy was in the Rockies an enemy and there's not further goes communal YE pretty soon be a -- -- -- haven't. I will take a break it will be back what -- are not that I was noticing her tush by. I'd just do it for cheap joke will be backward or beach company under is ready at 930 WB yet. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free -- -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. We're back quit the Beijing government of sandy beach sabres played their final game of the season thank god. Let's see Sunday afternoon five -- -- It's like a toothache that hasn't gone away finally got a little relief. What do you guys think government next year -- having -- line besides maybe the coaching staff being more. You know cohesive because of the the season we're having this season with -- all the changes will have a better chance to do better next year. I hope so. I think in my depend. And the long term plan if they if they think they might how big a step Ford did is they they'll be able to take next year. Or if they're going to be awful again and again another topic before they move forward sometimes it takes a year or two before you finally breaks out results. The problem I think in today's. -- sports. Arenas. Unless you make the playoffs no matter what -- and you've had -- -- a bad season. So is there any chance in going from horrendous season to -- in the playoffs and won here what if I. Absolutely think there is -- the Colorado. Avalanche were horrific I think they might have had the topic they they were certainly in that in -- top five during a lottery and drafted. Made MacKinnon our top prospect and made just past the saint Louis blues from -- lead in the division so they will make the Playhouse it's certainly possible possible. And now with the GM we have he's so much more aggressive in their history here has -- and he was really aggressive at the trade that lies -- wouldn't be complete shock. If he decided to go out and gets a big time players and commented I'm I'm a little La. Could not confused is he selling new and this is such a new situation for hours I'd. Really kinda just seeing how they play out I don't know what to expect the well he's got to be aggressive to Wear those glasses -- that yes well. My question to Chris is you know they're gonna have a we're -- first -- maybe first overall pick wills draft as somebody that high. Make an impact. That's that your he situation you get you got to Sidney Crosby's who sometimes you draft first overall and they do have a big impact going -- -- -- McCain -- his playing for the avalanche. Other times it takes a little while longer to think about the NHL draft isn't it's a lot like baseball you draft these guys. And their top prospects but you expected to be like football when he drafting him right away right away and him right now I doesn't always work the way it -- for Salina was the sabres top pick this year. And it played. But he made a lot of mistakes and he basically look like a nineteen year old kid that's -- thing to. Mean some of these guys he addressed in the first round 1819 years old it's not like the NFL but in my speech when he won 22 more of build and their body ready to step in American campus. On the good wanna go to Rochester when I wanna sentiment that was kind of held Gregory roller -- and I think if I'm not mistaken he is there and I did NW -- in my GPS he found me god knows we don't lock eyes and unblock I'm going to happen. What about the girls. I think the bills are headed in the right direction arguably optimist always -- I am you are you are the problem is the bills every year hope springs and go OK yeah I and if they hit on this draft there's a reason that the that they can make the playoffs and -- I'm I'm honest sign -- and the bills -- go. The right direction I'd like what they did last year I'd like Doug morrow and and they seem to for the first time in recent -- ten years to actually have a plan and a direction. And the guy's -- bringing in one of the things that sold me was when these these lose or defense of coordinator -- -- the Cleveland Browns coaching jobs -- and it brought a gym shorts immediately and -- source to me is a big name. He was alliance a coach who was -- -- Or see something you know -- what it's it's -- it's always great at the beginning of the season while your hopes are up let me ask you this with the special one. Committee formed to oversee very future sale of the bills and maybe stadium prospects or whatever. You think it's a good idea what's happening so far like it it's out now that they're one of the things they talked about is is Niagara Falls. Now everybody gets -- could be Niagara Falls -- -- that was well what about does that about that if it's just better to keep it buttoned down and when they're finally done then release everything or toward players like a Yo-Yo cause are going to be some things release we're gonna alike. Something's not at all like. And it's going to be a long process so -- -- leaking about not leaking about announcing them dribble and gravel here and there they kind of make you like your deal. Yeah it was good for debate is good enough for people alive about and keep that line exactly. I would think I candidate none to a primary a lot of -- really terrorists that the team is gonna potentially move now. I don't know if I really am I think all of that they're all those emotions have been have been gone for you know the last ten years from almost -- to -- Love they moved to a different city that's different except that they moved to the falls that's not really moving so it wouldn't really affect people that much except that you had to. Business down around the stadium now. -- basically says -- Google falls as it is the Orchard Park. But whether wrote -- whether they would do that and I don't know but right now there exploring everything aside -- there on their bug bit anger and typical politician as you'd expect him to be. He just wants the best location for the team laws and denies the false fronts they either exit it's up. George they'd be on as yes you know come on the rest of these sites it's argue about all of this is where they should be it should be -- files absolutely remember how exciting are turtle project went. Bunker. Hoping to win the falls this -- to charge more -- sixty bucks the market might I'm. I like that you -- event as it's funny so it depends you know it kind of makes arms as some kind of sense. To be in Niagara Falls simply because it's night falls -- a ball seems a screw up anything a winning lottery ticket falling from the sky they would screw up. So Beatrice -- if an NFL team. The bills actually end up there if they can make that work as they don't have a golden Hamdan making these projects -- like -- -- like maestro and why David -- barker. When we come back we're gonna talk about. VA. CI ATV. -- -- All Adam as Robert -- vacation. And. Out of school. Wouldn't go home. -- case. Him. Having lots of fun that's -- -- tell you know we come back. Tony gets all excited about that some of these two owners that take on projects they get a great publicity about -- in the real world doesn't make much sense. You said Hennessey which is a tumor and they they have a very high strung very fast vehicles that they convert. Yet this is any it's F 150 raptor with the Ford Excursion creating a mammoth. Of an SUV starts with six point two liter. 411. No brake horsepower Ford V8 which you can upgraded to a super charge 600. It's an excursion and only make excursions anymore is is that an F 150 or an expert looks like you that she needed me that's an excursion the F 150 is the best selling pickup truck forever and ever. But either one I had an excursion and I've had 150s and I've had 250s and 350s. But either one why would you put its owner -- on it when there they sit higher off the ground. It doesn't make much as I'm not an aeronautical engineer but I can tell you when you got a lot of power you wanna keep it as close to the ground as you can. And those things are designed to be high so it doesn't that would not a good combination. You know super fast -- a killer motor and sitting high off the ground how would you are on a corner. Yeah he wouldn't will be good for quarters now you get around that's him you know we average like those shows where they turn you know they'll take a we're taking -- Corvette or making and -- an -- at all it does. Well -- I used to watch monster garage I had and they never made anything that make any sense now that's the point it doesn't make any sense. You want power put in a viper. Put it in a Corvette. Put an -- TR. But you know you don't put an arm and a pickup truck doesn't cool. Don't start with me with fields do not start -- me. Given the whales slow our vehicles and it's not as easy as you think because as a gazillion variants but anyway. Let's get out our show shall way it's about vacation. As you know that next week is a big vacation wait for a lot of schools used to be called Easter vacation. But I have a feeling that they don't all of that much anymore. Because of the yeah the word Easter now I think it's spring break or something like that. Although my idea of spring break isn't perhaps what most people would think once I'm thinking yeah. Last spring break that's the spring break you want but regarding vacation. There was a cut -- studies that came out only go like last week or the week before. That I have moved from -- here that. Are perplexing enemy. Vacation is important OK it's not the most important thing. But it's very important. -- in other words especially in today's high stress society. Where people are very thankful to have a job and often do things about -- beyond the call of duty to keep the job. And so vacations are important because you have to recharge your batteries. Not as much as the Europeans who do a lot of them do more vacation and work but that's another story so when you have vacation. I think that under most circumstances mean there are always exceptions but. Under most circumstances you should not only ticket. You should enjoy it you should relax. You should -- come back to work after your vacation with the batteries recharged ready for another -- fresh round in the battle of of your job against everybody else but the bottom line is it takes a little wild. Two on one -- forget this so one year when I was that they KV. As a disc jockey. -- week that after you're there awhile a month's vacation and ice that girl wants -- whole month. Which was almost unheard of in rock and -- radio that I like to take the motor home to a California. And different roads and and whatever but my wife said to -- something's always that would mean she says you don't even realize it. But it takes you at least two days to online. After you've come off the air and then a couple of days before you're going back you start getting into that mode again I didn't realize but I think we all do that -- We will all do that were all tied up what our job our job is all consuming. Our era are we going to be here there are we gonna do this we're gonna do that and then suddenly not working next week we're off were on vacation. So it's important to get away from your job. And it's important to usual vacation at what -- I find. In these. I found that. A lot of people don't even take all their vacation. Paid vacation and they don't even call okay. Big mistake big mistake. And -- a lot of people whether on occasion aren't really on vacation. They bring their laptop -- them they bring their iPad with them -- all of their electronic -- -- them. And every -- that -- you see them sneaking little bits and pieces of work Wear them while they're on vacation is a mistake. First of all if your egotistical enough to believe that the New -- company can't run without you. Reassess that bought your company can and will run without you there is there's no question. It's nice that -- valued employee but the bottom line cobra somebody else and probably for dollar -- us. And considerate success. But -- take your vacation. And also enjoy your vacation and don't work on occasion. I mean short of an emergency emergency comes up you know but by and large shouldn't have to. Here is here's what I'm talking about here from this article. Even on -- when they take vacation time your employees might not be getting away from their work. About them. It probably comes as little surprise to hear your employees are using all their vacation time. Studies saying. Six -- Round regularly pretty consistently show that employees are leaving some -- take time off on the table. By the end of the year so. Here say you had to have three weeks you're using to awaits him leaving a week or you have four weeks you're using a week. The -- three -- who knows -- but leaving vacation time on the table. A new survey from career side glass door shows that to be true estimating that an average Americans only used watch my lips. 51%. Of their available vacation time in the last twelve months so if you have a month and you only took two weeks. Now we'll see further on May be they cashed in for money some companies allow that some companies don't. But -- that's not a good idea either because it seems easy right. -- -- well I'll just take two and I'll get paid for true to mark but don't give it up but it really is is very important. While might be more alarming a more surprising is what's happening when employees to take that time in short they work. The survey found that 61%. Of employees admitted to doing some kinda work. On vacation and I'm I'm telling you that's wrong -- -- our manager Gregory. I mean he doesn't even -- 61% of his time when he's so I mean I'm thinking that that's that's our that's leagues I wanna follow. I want to follow that example. In the highest percentage of employees who admitted to working vacation 24%. Say they were contacted by colleagues about work related matters that would be like leaving abdication. And -- are coming -- please see what's happening in Las Vegas, Nevada outside a Las Vegas -- cattle to do that. Don't do that now when I'm on vacation because -- do a talk show I'm not marketing but I am working. Because I go through the papers just as I do -- -- more thing and I do clip any future shows or information that I need to be aware of even when I'm on vacation because if you don't you're so far behind when you come back. That if you're gone for two -- by the time you come back. Your hopelessly outdated you can't do you gotta be up to speed. But I'm not thinking of like I'm working that day but I'm going through him gathering some information you think I'm working. Yeah how can -- not do that you can't you can't. Chris is anyway not to do that. Yeah -- it's impossible yeah I use guerrilla camp so I yup I have my stuff clip like is it from coming and work everyday. 20% say they were contacted by their boss. I won't tell you a story. About a boss site. In buffalo OK. I was at my mother's. Funeral. I was actually in Massachusetts my mother Cheryl. And -- okay men while we're at the house the funeral had just finished we're gathered at the house. And it was my boss. And they said does so and so is on the phone for you and I knew that to be my boss I think what kind of care catastrophe happened and he's calling me in my mother's funeral. He's that I know you're planning to be out till Monday. But we just got an order from people who will put company. End -- we'd like you to voice it like you -- would do the voice for it can you come back early. I was asked to come back early from my mother's funeral my reaction. I hung up on them. And about two years later I told them to do something that you you really can't do it. No matter how gifted you are it's impossible for a human being could do this to himself. And needless to say we did not have a warm. Cordial relationship will be back after this.

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