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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>The Masters Preview - Steve Futterman

The Masters Preview - Steve Futterman

Apr 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's tell the Augusta Georgia receive BS's Steve probable -- alive. Cover in the greatest golf tournament -- ball the masters Steve good morning and thank you for joining us. Great to be what it is one of the best term and obviously got. Think the British might say the open as they call it might be -- -- of the masters but I think here in the U actually about the masters the most. You know we understand play is already under way began about a half hour ago how's the weather. What there has been just superb at the that's what I've covered around twelve of these now that's what they're on their personal. They have some problems on Monday some. Very very violent storms that actually shut down the course but that's sort of that's cleaned everything up they have lots of allergy problems usually not much -- in the air right now. Whether -- buying. Temperatures probably gonna be in the high seventies today and it's in the next few days just perfect for -- Is Steve a major piece of the masters landscape is not there this year the Eisenhower -- what happened and is a defect in the tournament. Not at the -- and that's what can serve the nostalgia aspect of the tournament but that. It it was destroyed by a very violent storm that Phil went through gusto they tried to save at the end. It was not able to be say so they had to Eric down may actually I remember when they get dealt that they had a press release the Itar retreat very well known. You are many things that gut these these mean. Amen corner so the convergence of -- -- 1112 and thirteen we -- funny -- quarter we know about that. He pulled out -- that Giuliani can poll we know about the Eisenhower tree just actually landmarks because of of the traditional -- One of the best known players in the world probably the best known player Tiger Woods not playing this year have you noticed any difference in the buzz around a tournament this year and I don't there. Definitely am -- I I don't think the golfing world watch people who feel that way but there is definitely a difference when Tiger Woods does not at this nature. Much less. By as much less excitement right now local -- they control everything and so they were only talking about what it was like on day one. What ever hiker is wherever tiger goes on the course there's excitement there's -- Just didn't happen yesterday -- -- Mickelson has a bit of that Rory McIlroy has been that the north has that. The same amount of buzz or excitement that Tiger -- springs like it definitely -- from different noticed that some difference yesterday. Yeah I guess Amanda didn't carry a lot of buzz with me personally -- I follow golf on a limited basis but. Tell us about Bill Haas who was carrying a one shot lead heading into the second round and who is -- Well -- someone who has a great pedigree is his father was a guy named -- -- Who finished third in the masters one year. -- its own collectively which is recorded a guy by the name of Bob Colby who actually won the masters. Many years ago back and I think the late 1960s. Or at least seventy. Good record golfing pedigree is in first place right now after the first round by the way that they are very good at the end. Historically. Because only quiet since 1984. As the leader after being -- actually one of the masters so what historically things going against bill -- -- that -- -- creeping things can change. In second place with a real golfers. Including the Leicester where Adam Scott from from Australia and the 2012 winner bubble walker though it's -- It's pretty nice set top of the leaderboard right now. DC are you gonna be able to go home soon we've been following your coverage we know you've been in Malaysia even at the NCAA tournament and in Arlington Texas now you're in Augusta. Thank you -- hearing by the way I have to be honest. -- -- -- allowed me not to cover the final four and it got I didn't want to -- -- sort of something like that what started. I decided I'd like to cover it but I will be home -- to be home on Tuesday. Okay what you're doing a great job you always have Stephen thanks for joining us. My -- Arctic air is CBS's Steve Lotta them live from Augusta Georgia content in the masters.

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