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No Texting While Driving - Sgt Daniel Dytchkowskyj

Apr 11, 2014|

Part I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome our studio guest sergeant Daniel -- golf -- easily Erie county sheriff's office divisional police services commander. And is a frequent guest on a morning show when we talk about two police issues. Dan thank you for coming in this morning let me ask you this sort of the bat really and honestly. Are we making any progress. When it comes to distracted driving because it doesn't seem like we are. When you look at last year's numbers. 2012 numbers. Compared to 2011. Numbers we have seen a decrease. Of of deaths. Mine. Very minor -- this thing. 2011 you know three 3360. People died and 20123320. Why idol do you still see it everyday -- I mean it in drive time but I still -- -- -- Away. -- -- people do it lately. -- They're addicted to their phones they're addicted to their devices. And and the vast majority of people that are using. Hand held electronic devices and that's for for quality does. Only they. Looking at there on the phone for texting the offseason now for the GPS. As opposed to having GPS. Tax the window. -- separately were teens free. Com. That I think because they're constantly using an all day there's this expectation. Of a response once somebody central message that they want something sent back right away. And I think because kids who have grown up with with cellphones. Which is part there -- We were notified earlier this week. That state local police all across New York State are going to be involved in this huge crackdown that's underway right now through the weekend. Do people pay attention. -- these things. No I you know I I would hope so what bomb do we see a decrease. Will we do mobilization. What we do is is in the state in York is typically a lot of mobilization are gone in the spring. And that's because. Now the snow is gone people are started travel more going on vacation. And their own about war. So we'll have our seat belt mobilization the -- We're doing the the the portable electronic device mobilization right now. And it is trying to set the tone for the you know all the the summer spring summer fall that we're going to be out there. -- do IC reduction now. Personally know. They're always on the foot hole. Com and now -- you know law enforcement is going to or are moving towards. Unmarked cars. Because people are pretty savvy also only -- mark -- So nowadays. He can't he never knows pull up next to driving habits change seasonally. To notice that. Yes. Actually. I was -- and report to the governor's traffic safety committee. Earlier just a few weeks ago on they're looking for statistics from. October 1 tool the end of march. And they wanted to know the year before statistics on deaths and fatal crashes. From October. 1 20112. 2012. I should say 20122013. That period we had seven fatal crashes that. The county sheriff's office investigated and that does include everybody else -- the police agencies that just offs. From 2013. To this year and of march -- -- who. And and the reason why but we had an increase in injury crashes. And on property damage crash it's the reason why is because people are driving slower because of the heart winner we did. But they were still driving too fast. Because there were still crashing. And -- been having property damage crashes and injury corrections but we had a rate reduction. In fatal knowing that you think it was because it was because it was a winner people is for slower.