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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Don't Text and Drive - AT&T's Kevin Hanna

Don't Text and Drive - AT&T's Kevin Hanna

Apr 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A huge crackdown is under way to stop distracted driving is called operation hang up and among those working to stop the problem. Is a company that sells the devices Kevin Hanna is with us on -- WB and my plan is the regional director of external affairs for AT&T of Western New York. Kevin good morning. Thanks for the time Governor Cuomo is on our air this morning saying it's a crisis in New York State distracted driving and texting while driving. What do you think. It is it's an epidemic and you know -- look at those statistics texting and driving. You know you you realize pretty quickly just how dangerous it is especially for young drivers but also for business commuters. You know there are over 200000. Crashes a year which it needed to texting and driving. And a very sobering statistic is that texting and driving is being number one cause. A teenage driving fatalities. So when you put it in that perspective. It is so dangerous and especially for teenagers if you think about it. Dangerous combination of driver inexperience. They are high using technology. And their feeling of invincibility. And apparent then and for those that are parents. Sometimes it's as hard cute teacher children. But you're right and they are not and so it's difficult that situation when it comes to -- driving. We'll have them tell us on what exactly is AT&T doing too discouraged texting and using a phone. Without a near trees. I'm well we have yeah. You know distracted driving campaign called it can wait and we've been doing that. Since 2000. I and it's all about education. So for over five years and now we have been working with law enforcement agencies. Which schools. What variation professional organizations. The national State Council -- better. To build awareness so it's about education and that that's what we've been you know like you know eighteen -- is a large company. Without over 200000 employees. Archer of the United States. And all of our own employees. As tragedy. With loved ones -- And I think we take it very seriously. And our -- specifically we have a web site called it can wait dot com. Where we have lots of resources on that web site at the information on that website and anyone can go to Q. And I think the most powerful things I would like to talk about. Our our new documentary videos that are on that website because we can talk about -- -- but when you put it men aged. On the tragedy that happened that really gets people. Yeah you're right on that this it can -- campaign has also involved professional athletes and -- coming to mind and thinking about some members of the sabres. Has is that working well with that young group of drivers. It that it does work well because they get their attention. I'm somewhat recently we we had a contest here in Erie county I -- area high schools are called why I'd much. And we did that. Beginning in late last year and finished up in -- February. And the score at one who won that contest or I am getting the most budget and generating about budget not to text and drive which we call high school. So this week -- ankle hockey team had the chance to go and now. -- in favorite I. And and also. -- -- -- he came to school. Sabres goaltender to speak about the dangers impact in driving choke. When you as an organization like its neighbors and you have professional athletes -- that certainly I grab their attention and then when you have them. Actually paying the message and adds we only saw one of the documentary called last -- Which is very powerful it is about nine minutes long could help some tragic story. And that gets their attention I find that -- I've worked a lot which schools and law enforcement and that's what -- most powerful ways and. Hey thanks for sharing it with us Kevin and that I appreciate the time this morning as we kick this topic off. That's Kevin -- regional director. Of external affairs for AT&T of Western New York.

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