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4-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN yeah. And he would -- this -- If you're gonna hold to a for a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you so much but al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling ask for the foreign policy back wherever. And whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to it. Gary -- Destroy all silent. It was an amendment. Tom hourly. Even though this. I think it -- back -- it's live it's local -- is the it's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip who lived here. And on news radio 930. The best way to get money out of that's where I forget about the record 65 bucks for -- Phyllis. -- should've said that that if if if if they don't get the money she's gonna move the football team. Because then I mean they'll bend over and say how much you ought. And up for the record. Any new owner of the football team as far as I'm concerned. They don't wanna build their own stadium they want taxpayers on the hook. Don't let the mortgage on the way out I don't give a damn ain't worth that kind of money for eight Sundays a year. I don't want government upon my business. I don't want government upon the pizza joint or a movie palace. Where a strip bar and entertainment. How much money that we saw it Ralph Wilson Stadium. Hunt how hundreds of millions and it's never enough. And I wasn't built in new stadium which. Let the military but he wants to. Get the taxpayers off the hook. Good shot. Bread and circuses. And that I'll get the argument. Just. Chatting. Up probably. And that's just the windows. By the way. I know I've mentioned this earlier but. I did have a chance because he was speaking at the main transit fire hall. Yet nobody ran into today. I I say without comment but Andrew Cuomo was speaking at the main transit -- all. Little -- I had a chance to have an exclusive one on one conversations with the governor Andrew Cuomo and and here it is. -- Governor Cuomo I just want to let you know that because it and why it's safe I think you're the world's biggest huge there are plea deal. I thought you'd like to hear that interview and how that went now it is a twelve minutes after sex so even. Obviously that was taped. That we just did together that didn't really happen this is the magic of radio. Because there's going to be somebody rules -- -- -- Eat eat eat eat -- right is evil are present a fun way is that and above Keeler on land and uncle like laugh when I -- EE EEE is that evil or does that sound like an uncle. Like maybe are crazy uncle who stayed too long at the party. Yep all right so I shouldn't -- that way but if I love the way usually left that laughter sounds. Like I like dudes sell. -- that but just don't -- vacation. It is at twelve minutes after six that news radio 930 WBE end an update you. All right so we have talked about the potholes. Well well. Everybody's talked about models. Because we have I think. Communicated effectively that this is about a single year for pot holes I can remember since the spring of 1977. And what I'm trying to find out is a as you're being hit goal been damaged by a pothole and being did you get reimbursed. I'd love to talk to some Warner. You say it with the tens of thousands of lawyers we haven't Western New York not one of them is listening who can. Bring us up to speed on exactly what the law says. About when a municipality. Must reimburse somebody for damage done by one of its roads. Nobody can fill in the blanks. You've got attorneys in your family do you not I've that they don't specialize in Rhode law. Well I mean there's many other got a call -- every operatives. Call I don't -- used to talking about the first ten amendments to the constitution and crow law but let's talk about municipal law. It just sounds boring to me that's an area of the law other ideas wouldn't be interested in doing. -- law now that would be fun personal injury law not would be even more fun. All I need is just what honors student with a serious injury I -- retire. Alright. Not that that would be fun either because I you know we have this conversation before I don't think I'm alone in Paris. I need regiment stationed in my life I don't like free time I don't do well with free time. The more free time I have the less I do 'cause I always put stuff off and I don't think that that goes against the general run of humanity. I think that most people enjoy. Regiment patient or thrive on regiment stationed shall I say more than they think they do. You know. Even little kids need structure. They need to know what's happening when it's happening and how things are gonna play out. And what does it -- -- -- big here. And I don't know about you. Actually I don't know about you to put the question about it took a few weeks ago. Most of you agree with me that you do better with regiment Asian then when you're left your own devices. So that's why we say I just I can't see retiree. To me that would be like -- if I retired I'd be I would be dead -- within a month. Like so many cops I go to my life how many friends I've had my life. Maybe I hope I can relate to this in -- way but in another way it'll happen but. A lot of my very very very very very best friends from twenty years ago cops. And they retired. And I sweater within six months pulling the pin and retiring they were. Seriously people -- it was exceedingly close. Retired. Boy -- -- You know why they've ever reason anymore. You know it's almost like they waited their whole life to get their twenty and out they put in -- twenty and out and the they've got. Now I think retirement is bad it's not the telltale that school year but. When my when my father retired. I thought it was a stupid they formed there. -- And I know that's what old guys do but it's still not a hobby. That helmet and god forbid there's -- mail all mired in the old days waste. But. Sometimes. Let's put it this -- if you're gonna retire have a plan have something to do have -- action. Not everybody loves their work I loved my work not everybody does. But you gotta have something you're gonna do that is gonna keep your brain active and that will be your reason for living. And sometimes I -- about the solid tool sometimes helping other people as a volunteer. Can actually proved to V. Exactly what the doctor ordered in terms of keeping your mind functioning sometimes when -- help other people you're actually you're helping yourself more than you might think. On the other hand you don't wanna become addicted to volunteering as the lady was who called into the addiction show we did last week. For husband has served with the divorce papers yet. That's I don't know if you're working that Biggio. But the one. It might have been a Joseph day off but this woman basically. Said her addiction was volunteer. And she actually screwed up -- getaway vacation with her husband because she was volunteering. And she just couldn't imagine the place functioning without her as a volunteer and I -- under -- it's -- I guarantee if you don't wanna hang out with your husband. There is another check -- be more than and -- putted so so I hope that she got her priorities straightened out says the guy who was married for four years. Anyway yes that makes me an automatic expert -- yes. Right. All about the damage that was -- your car how much damage was done what they got reimbursed may -- -- too shy to tell me that that's okay. Because. I told you I have a gazillion topics I have been wanting to get through. One of my all time favorites. I had been dying to do this and I. It's been awhile since I have been able to give you -- happy it. Is there anything better than a happy ending. Me give you happy ending but it's happy ending with a purpose. Because. Anybody who's -- my program over the years knows I can't stand. Business consultants. I can't stand a corporate speak. And in the radio business now thank god. We don't have as many consultants as we used to have. Thank god. We don't. Because in the radio business and maybe in your business. We have been through more war. Beat yes nonsensical. Corporate speak memos and seminars. And you can shake a stick yet. I think that these corporate speech things are the products of -- mines. And my absolute. All time. Least favorite most nonsensical. Idiotic. I wish the person who invented this phrase would be forced to walk the plank. After dripping blood into the waters of the Caribbean with men eating sharks ready -- -- Whoever vetted branding. As the concept. I talked about this before. I cannot -- -- A bigger deal than has been made out of last. And the concept of branding -- just give you an idea of how stupid branding years as a concept. Why can't people why forward model -- Why. Brand name. No they bought them because Henry Ford made it. For his time at a reliable automobile. That was a horseless carriage people had a product they can buy it they brought it. President branding. It. What do you think there was some corporate. Let you really think somebody put together -- one of those things on the computer PowerPoint presentation and said William L we've talked about this a lot of that this report has come up with his idea here's our bread -- for the multi first of all we're gonna offer at what color to start out get ready to ignore that port there that we're gonna get. All my god think of all the products that were successful before the nonsensical concept of branding oak would be another one. I'm talking the beverage co why do people why it has it was brand. Well because they like at -- originally when it had Coke never pay like the butts they realize it but it did to the bars. Locally work as I think we need to all -- business consultants. You know the smartest guys in the room at every meeting. But first let's go to a guy who is always the smartest guy in any room he frequent ladies and gentlemen Alan Harris in WBM traffic command. And here's that exclusive WV and AccuWeather forecast and definitely nailed that got to -- I'm I'm usually mr. critic when it comes to weather forecast gone wrong but they -- that. Mostly cloudy this evening with spotty showers it's going to be clear late like anything else like to trade up we get the clear pretty sky rockets are. But the temperature radiates out so we'd lose the war. 39 the overnight low tomorrow it will be sunny with some clouds and 57 degrees will be the high temperatures. Am -- getting ready yet to say spring is wrong in my official gauge your voice now -- wait until next week sorry. No I'm allowed to use the gave -- haven't given special dispensation by my hair stylist Tuesday and help. It's 69. At news radio 930 WBE -- And I am about twelve years old okay so ladies and gentlemen. My own particular brain my own -- And you know it it's really funny because. My immediate supervisor here at the radio station the guy who always does stuff -- Or make sure that things get done for me Tim Wagner. All apps are you kidding me. In -- always like Britain memos on my behalf. Cool dude but anyway I'm not kissing his buddies is you know he's always backing me up I mean I'll -- Tom needs this Tom needs that. But anyway. He knows how much I. Randy. It describe in one word my brand. How does even how would I describe my brain. Seriously. I know me I can't describe my brand. I try to be glitzy. I try to be intelligent. I try to be funny. I try not to suffer fools gladly. I'm probably not the most patient people with a person with some people it's one of my down falls. I -- professionally honest to a fault. And what else is -- enough brand. Oh and you know that if I could I drop the F bomb a lot but I can't that's my Brandt. Here here's my definition of my brand. In short. I'm -- able with a microphone done. I'm a guy with a microphone on the radio. I'm a human being done I talk on the radio done. I don't need a brand. I'm me I'm a human being I'm not a product among brand. Really now on a human being. That's my brand. Every bit stupid and I just I went around with a complete circle so just stating the obvious. You know whatever it. So is there a corporate expression. That you have heard over the years or that you are now using now a place of work that drives you crazy light. Going forward. Well how else would we be. Going forward. What do you worked at a company that only big years that went in reverse. Would you still be going forward in the corporate -- -- wonder about stuff like there. All right and well also take calls on damage you suffered -- your car with potholes but. I wanna get in the business cliches. That drive you crazy. I've got so many from the 1980s it's not funny because that's when I started and that's what I started paying attention this nonsense. And I don't think any discussion could even start without a reference to the new. Time hey Joseph it's a new paradigm. In fact. Digital platforms are new paradigm and now our challenge going forward is to monetize. The digital platform. People who speak like this who mean it. I'm sorry there is not hot enough spot in hell even if I believed in hell for. 8030930s. The phone number you get enough on this because I'm enjoying the hell out of this one. It will three on -- thirty start at 3180616. WBM. Let's have some fun mocking the suits shall we. -- afternoon. -- -- Everybody is watching you. You know you. You know just listening to Glenn fry from 1977. I can almost all the kerosene from a Coke just coming through the song or else. All right it is 634 news radio 930 WBE NN. No I'm not mocking drug abuse I'm not mocking it but I just hours it was interesting that according to the music legend he -- -- and knows reconstructive. Scooby. All right it is up fourth there 434. A folder it's the effect of Glenn fry I'm getting -- contact Coke and I just adding that Glenn fry from 1977. 634 news radio 930 WB EN -- Erica that would be really good effort -- with a pacemaker. Anyway. -- -- -- -- -- Thank you for making your party elect February appreciated seriously I do I can never properly or adequately express that that you know we've got this special bond. And it really does mean -- and I do find myself just kind of a weird mood to you know maybe it's the weather the first time -- had a chance to go outside without clothes. Without a jacket and a long time. So. I'm just kind of and actually it's it's quite a good -- it's a -- yet but it's also. Start at the same time. It's that spring snuck in the year so I have two topics -- gonna carry forward going forward. Number -- continue to find out what kind of damage was done to your vehicle by a pothole and whether you were reimbursed. And I really. Like the talk to an attorney. Who knows something about how you actually able to get reimbursed by a municipality. For damage done by a pothole on their -- Furthermore. Business speak cliches. I have hated business speak cliches since I started working. Let's not reinvent the -- all that was the big one when I started in corporate America in 1981. Let's not reinvent the wheel all all I am FG. Before that even met any thing. That was one here's another one. And and that's what actually came to me from somebody else in radio. Let's -- up the flagpole and see if anybody salutes. Meaning it well that's an interesting idea let's set up a trial balloon which in itself as the cliche. But the whole idea of let's run it up the flagpole. And see if anyone salutes. Now 20/20 one years old you start talking about running stuff up a pole and saluting. You think my brain went. Of course it's all about branding. Which I think of the budget crap. Your take a radio works are ripped the radio Brandt. Right here this is thirty years of experience speaking in baby sandy beach will back me up on this. People either like what you do or they don't. You either entertain people or you don't people either relate to you or they don't done. And both sandy and I have seen people over the years. Who have not made it in this business. Sandy beach and your humble host here. 99.9. 9999%. Of the people go into radio. Do not succeed as we have succeeded. Please understand that. And -- all -- respects Andy and I are both exceedingly. Talented broadcasters. We are both excellent at what we do. And for that matter so we Sean Hannity so as Rush Limbaugh -- -- Susan rose. Michael Savage George Noory. Exceedingly. Talented broadcasters. Every now and again people send me letters -- wanna be -- radio talk show host. I will tell you the exact same thing I tell my own children no you do not. This is not a life I would recommend to vote or for anyone. There is more heartbreak. Then there is success. And by the way -- something else that I don't think you can short selfless. And I don't say the talks about this all the time so I'm not like telling tales out of school sandy does not drink totally he completely does not -- Not that he's an alcoholic he just doesn't. I drink or despairing. And a lot of people we've known over the years. Whom. Were great talents. Destroyed themselves -- -- you know -- used to be how things work by the time you're fifty. You were an alcoholic. You smoked three packs a camels a day and you were done. And the other tragedy of broadcasting -- that it would get to the calls and I hope you'll forgive me rambling but this is important. The other tragedy is the people. And maybe said he will back me up on this I think he can without naming names I think we both have seen people. Who have been in broadcasting. In crappy jobs for 510. 152025. Years and they have never made forward progress. So if you don't start seeing in this is applicable I think not just for broadcasting but for any profession. If you don't start seeing some real forward progress in your career after five years. I think you need to step back and reassess things. But my honest to god answer the news I would not advise this for anybody. This was my destiny. Probably sandy beach would say the same thing. Sean Hannity has said the same thing rush has said the same thing I've always felt this was my destiny when I was three years old. I knew I would be doing something like this. Probably when I was two years goal I knew I'd be doing so the likeness. It was my destiny. Now I realize that 99.9. 999%. Is not 100%. Good it does not supposed to. Now for those people. And I hope you'll forgive -- going on about this but this is just very important. I hope you'll forgive -- going on about this but. For those people who think. You wanna -- your radio talk show host. Here's what I'm gonna suggest. I have time. Why time on a weekend. On 8000 -- daytime radio station by an hour's worth the time. Do your own talk show you'll be year old boss. You will know within a month you'll know within four shows weather is for you. Whether it's worth pursuing. And I've never talked to city beach about there's. But I'm gonna say the first time I sit down and their radio talk show. Was after John Otto the great John Otto the best talk show host who has ever -- Better than I better than -- better than rush better than anybody. -- better than all of this put together. The first time I -- show was desperate and Dave Lewis. After John bottle left ladies and gentlemen I knew. After that one show. I knew. That was my call. -- not a dating show but talk radio I knew that's what I wanted to do. I didn't newscasters. I'd done interviews in the sabres locker. But it was all about the talk -- Even like shocked at first. Someone argue that that hasn't changed and you're entitled to have an opinion but I put more up on my FaceBook page. But -- seriously folks. It's what I always say know yourself up either -- reports are that the Kathleen Sebelius has stepped down. As resign from the Obama administration. Kathleen Sebelius. The health and human services secretary. She has said but whatever. Now. I would like to hear Barack Obama resigning I'd like to hear Eric Holder resigning. You know the two black guys as a racist I'd also like to see Joseph Biden are resigning. Who else -- -- -- I'd like to see her and irons in chains from the IRS. What is a bunch of people in this administration. Is pretty sad when the most honorable person I can think of is John Kerry. Did a threat but that's typically -- let's ask yourself a lot of WB and Scott. Thanks for holding -- hello. No problems there. Let's go to an ideal situation. Might -- it was the huge chunk of concrete down honey I 86 and -- the last. Last few weeks. Okay when he said he hit by a piece of concrete. Concrete does not generally go airborne what happened. Wa tire was apps in the on the expressways -- and he hit the all of that this this lot that you'd peace country. Genetic model and thank god it went white Bernard and they caught a glance than it out 700 outward image. So I immediately called air department got the report written out and everything and then I got talk and my neighbor works for the state equal equipment that. Like that -- out publicly and whatever else you would. Well like -- denial letter in the capital that you. Well and I thought tilts forward exhibit number one happened. The way without thirteen fourteen -- And night lights in the exit that back from the field commanders -- we don't operate any claim that happened between November and April. Because that wrote in eating properly go to the black plants and everything being shut out. And I -- -- -- a -- because might have been doing and minds of and I. I don't know where to take this. How long ago manager situation happen. And the report you just heard was when it. That was what just property three weeks market goes well all the old are currently -- bridge something that the brits and all those -- get -- golden. -- there and then I'm not throw away somewhere up above all. Now that I find very very interest thing and that's why I wanted to speak with -- attorney about what the actual war is an under which. -- cold one would find it is it administrative law is it each municipal code is it. I don't know what branch of the lobby you know there's a whole bunch of different branches of the law every criminal walk criminal procedure law administrative law blah blah blah. Yet -- that mark would -- I can't -- investigator for help ordinary argued the wanted to edit I thought I am any -- would -- -- Well that experience and edit ensure that the guys that that's that's their DOT blah that they will not. Are there any point that happened during those periods and might have been split know this summer that you might balance so so. Well see I I find that interest and by the way Scott I have just recommend it. But our morning show Buffalo's early news. And Buffalo's new site. Do a morning where we got a couple of interviews on this very topic what do you do when your car is damaged. And it. It's the roads fault. -- else I mean I went through all -- -- I had. All the paperwork right it the two estimates from the -- I want it took me hours and ours is you know everything that do the right ways so I want it at all and they still didn't matter they don't hear. -- -- -- would you expect differently and you know what I always like to say what would you expect from a -- from a grunt a -- bottoming out or blog but -- -- I mean rather than the safety of the public you credit give give a monitor the criminals litigation. Well you did actually hear my mini interview with -- Andrew Cuomo earlier right. Well I think it's worthy of repeating at this exact moment. Governor Cuomo and his -- you know the -- and whites say I think you're the world's biggest huge I think -- Thanks for the call my friend. Coming up in three minutes while the CBS special report on the resignation of health and human services secretary Kathleen Sebelius from CBS on WB yeah. So -- The middle of a really good show. And Kathleen Sebelius -- to resign. Then they got to listen to last CBS. Which I did test by the -- -- in network I wish we go with box although I can't even say that's a much anymore. I can't think of anybody who could've done a better job. Oh really. Are you for real. Out of 300 million Americans you can't think a one person who actually could've got a website up -- -- was about the beyond -- Are these experts CBS calls. Late. Red -- I'm sorry that I have to embarrass myself like CBS for coverage. Sorry guys. We do better with Al-Jazeera. The exaggerated. All right. It is 650 through or be bad news radio or the problems though I mean seriously at this point to whom do you turn what ABC. CNN. NBC a kid does is it really. See it even fox isn't what pot used it. I'm just. Put -- up there. By the way so Kathleen Sebelius has quit so here's the deal gang as I ran short of time. I still have my FaceBook post up about potholes. As your car and damaged and how much did it cost to. And I would suggest that you go to my FaceBook page. And contribute because I would appreciate it. Very much tigers. Here's another entry. On FaceBook on -- kind of got the -- You know something I'm eating before airtime is not agreeing with I don't think that's the chicken salad. There's there's something else that is give me it's given me the reflux. So. I'll try not to do that tomorrow is really going to listeners I'm into it and enough with my normal points much less the belting. Let's say I've had more than a few customers says dot Daniel I've had more than a few customers with severe. Damage. From potholes ranging from 12100. Dollars. To total loss of -- car. What do I mean by total loss snapping the frame. Or worse. Whole. -- That is quite significant here's somebody else who -- who blew a -- spore. -- it just in case anybody thinks that. I'm relieved that Smart. Bomb cars -- -- limitation. I have no idea would leave spring. Is on a car where to find that one it does to me leave spring means well and the spraying the leaves start to come out. Anyway -- as I've always that a man has to know his limitations guys. How fast the show went for the listeners but to me it zipped right by holy cow so what they hubris for all the calls all the feedback all the email -- -- you guys thank you thank you thank you. Thanks to John -- my call screener at of course a -- -- the only. -- -- master control. Usually his -- -- their band music. And I don't leave you with that two workers know yourself.

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