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4-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I won't be out of he would Cory Bennett and then yeah if you go to the whole movie. Muslim pensions and my brother. They don't have that but. It's easy to clear my name this thing. We're listening now let's. Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly you do well I would -- On news radio 930 WVU. Like giving chipmunk -- -- It is their night minutes after five and news radio 930 WBBM. You have stories -- -- help. Okay. Time for my period yet anyway -- Joseph beavers -- master Ctrl+Alt. Let's look funny line I'm sorry and -- -- -- what's his name John -- is your calls greater today on John you know I love you know. I have to say little digs that you sometimes. Agent checked in your life. -- Idea I also wanted to just point thing out at us as I was probably too hard and Dominique. I just don't want -- to call the show until these better educated as it it will give me. A heart attack or it will give me a put this delicately. More on sensitive. Epileptic seizure has yet. The government is different now. There was in the sixties our government your government and not in a better way. That's the point of tournament. For example and -- Sited via. Constitutional. Amendments that are in danger number one number two before and eventually number five and all of them. But. You do know. Bad when you're using wireless technology now in an airplane the NSA is in that you know that right. They are. Searching you without a freaking Warren. It's a warrant less search. I'm not Burma to our founding fathers. This is a story. That put it up on my FaceBook page those who wanna see it. And SK monitors Wi-Fi. On US place. Under what grounds. Where is the probable cause describing particularly. The place to be searched. And why. Where. Companies that provide Wi-Fi and US domestic flights. Are handing over their data to the NSA. The national security administration. Adapting their technology. To allow security services new powers to spy. On passengers. In doing so they may be in violation of privacy laws. Folks. This is. A symptom. -- cancer. Which is metastasized. At a rate far beyond that I would have expected years ago and what is especially alarming is. A lot of you people are more concerned with the story. It is they've got to happen about the Buffalo Bills moving to Niagara Falls. Then give a damn about your privacy being screwed by their own government. And sometimes I feel like a voice in the wilderness. It on the one hand you don't wanna sound like some kind of a paranoid delusional individual. On the other hand that you're not really paranoid if it's really happening. -- really happen. That's the problem reality makes you sound paranoid. About -- I'll say that again because that's brilliant. I forgot what I just said all right but anyway -- companies that provide Wi-Fi and US domestic flights are handing over their data to the NSA adapting their technology to allows security services new powers to spy on passengers. Folks. In the 1960s. If this stuff that leaked out. Heads would have rolled. Heads would have rolled. Over it. You know that right. Even with. Having personal files and every member of congress and anybody with any Jews in Washington that's Jews not to lose. Those who wanna play that card charge resort to strike the country -- hours. Ron. Even with your group we're having all that information on so many people -- still would rule. Anyway. I want to ask you a couple of questions here tendency where this goes. We talked about the potholes. And I think that we have established beyond a reasonable doubt. If I were a prosecuting attorney I believe that I have established beyond reasonable doubt in the minds of each and every juror or. Each and every -- to this program that this has been the worst spring. For pot holes since the spring of 1977. Those of you who were here at the time take my word. It was bad because over the winter just like this was a bad winter. Now to the credit of some of the various highway crews. I do wanna point out and look I have -- a very short commute to work I live in Amherst at work in -- But the -- of Amherst guys I know you've been busting your -- because I noticed what you guys did. Does what you did -- -- and Miller's -- you filled in that pot holed that I was bitch -- about thank you. I know that you've also filled in some other potholes along Sheridan drive and Troy dale and I know that you tried your best to keep up with that basically an unwinnable war. Sell. Whatever highway department it is for which you work. To those of you wore the grunts. Who got to deal with that hot car. -- -- stuff that you got to do every guy that won't cut off your hands and and your wife bitches because your hands are so dry and rough that when he Robert backed. It's like sandpaper. That's why she calls me by the way don't get jealous and doing your favor doing us solid so all good. She still loves use she'd just rather have me as a lover but. What Joseph on the you know what these things out the people just in the interest of sanity. But I don't you guys are working hard at the various highway departments and seriously just one guy to another thank you because I know it's a pain in the -- job but. I am curious. Now we've established how bad the pothole season has been how many have you. Have spent money fixing damage because of the bottles. How many -- you have blown out a higher. How many have you have damaged your car to the point something had to be fixed on it. Because of a pothole. And where was that pot hole. Because. The well I've told this story before they don't need to tell great detail because. This happened in the wintertime. And it was many years ago. And the only reason I remember it is because it was a once in my life by actually caught a break. I was driving in East Aurora getting ready to on maple getting ready to get under the 400 and my car. Nail. And I say nailed it I mean my car Josh. Home into a pothole. I could not seat because it was covered weeks ago a very lights now. Within thirty seconds the -- tire went flat. And where I came into the break the only break I've ever caught in life. And I pulled into the gas station right before the 400. Turns out that was the garage AAA it was calling to get help to me to change that tiger self talk about pro equity working in my favor and the propane equity near us in cyberspace. It worked out well thank you pro equities at work. But I actually caught a break but many of you have not. Now yeah I had to replace the tiger has on her -- box whatever eventually but. All things being equal I think I got properties. Have you destroyed it. -- get to spend money because of a possible that you -- this spring that's my question Joseph -- look freaking miserable. Has this happened to you. Pitcher stoutly right now like viewed warily even mentioning this do you have any idea what I just spent Sherman about you. -- tool around major noisy car. Which you are so -- and equipment violation you know what. If I like Paul the Amherst cops on you I just to see the look at your face when your pulled over given the ticket I wanna put that picture on my FaceBook. It's no point it's just an equipment violation I wanna do. John I wanna do it there might be one Amherst -- I still trust so I'll see -- call him to get your written up -- topic FaceBook pictures. Are right it is 82 minutes at -- news radio 930 WB EN to tell. And a little bit of -- so have you hit it possible that has cost you money -- I don't wanna talk about martial law now. We're we're better with that part of this year I'm moving forward. Or is the New York motto is -- your. Work it's time to branch out spread my wings and fly it. He wants to talk about possible thirty just called me and other kind of hole. I mean we have to oversee get a call it anything. That -- television. Show has hit a possible cost you money. Yes -- now that's my question that's one of my questions. And looking like FaceBook responses folks some of you have gotten nailed. And I don't mean that in the best possible sense the question I put up was. What is. Totally lost when my little flywheel on my mouse decided that -- result potholes as your carbon damaged question mark. Cost question mark. Have a budget comments on that let's just fire these up. -- I have to drive I 86 to work I've averaged about a thousand. Dollars a year in front end read error and tire replacement. I'm pretty sure they had better roads in Somalia. Wow. -- is saying something. Here's another one job. Get a pothole and a new rim cost him at 275. Dollars. Now apparently he had to replace the entire room they couldn't just do the rim job and put it back out. They had to replace the rim. Well that's 275 dollars worth the rip open it was worth it. Here's another one. I like this one they're not potholes Tom -- polls. And they will be celebrated on a sink hole de Mayo. That comes true. My friend Eric Miller a FaceBook buddies who usually cracks wise by the way for those who don't know. Eric lost his son over a year ago. -- a horrible accident were some was hit by a car and Eric and his wife. Donated their little boy's organs so that other little kids would have a chance at a better life. And you know what there's a bond that I have with the Miller family. That is just never going to be broken because of just because the kind of people they are so. -- To have mr. Miller and could comment. Let's check -- with traffic right now we'll get to your damage reports tiger is the always damaged Alan Harris Allan what's happening. And AccuWeather you know what. I like to -- a lot but today it was a real nice day so far and it actually lasted when I was on the usually -- get the good weather -- I come on the air in the weather starts to go down hill to napping today. But mostly cloudy this evening some spotty showers. It will become clear late overnight low 39 degrees. And -- tomorrow sunshine with some clouds. And 57 -- hi are we still at 65. Our Joseph could you just say that again I wanna make sure that I heard you correctly. We are now at 69. At news radio 930 WB the end. And somehow suddenly everything seems just right in my world. OK let's get to the calls. Holes we -- there out there we know their horrible. Have they cost any money this year because they're so bad. There have got to be you know what if you run a shop that does alignments were sells tires or rims. You guys gotta be doing well. Here is -- isn't -- war on WB yet Phyllis bureau of our early show and you've got a story of Walt. There. It sounds already and times are you how much. Each. What did you do. I was taking my great grand children. Military and her. And -- LA and they kick on period apparently shot in and then alcoholic basically they step drinking a lot of but he blew their. Well I got enough -- And I got and my parents just leaving the Levys -- other -- and I'll let nobody went there I kept them I was. Called that by age and except the courage to care about my house remodeled. And he. I don't. Haniyeh is that just goes up and in the future maybe I love you and I know you've got a great grandchildren. Don't name names the. That's -- now me. This -- may have I've never done that my whole life. Nervous stomach seeing adamant in your apartment here and counteract this now okay banning it that's what happened and I. I took it bare -- AAA dead -- thing I had that I won. City content the paper as their personal laying out and so gathered notoriety everything out and I got a letter today. They says it as -- based on the book we must respect from me and I airplane. Very truly him Vaughn and not -- line from off. Let's go to have a timeout to not -- Hit a pothole at the military and Ken Morita said. Not god -- get before I wouldn't -- and her elders. They drink coffee out of beer and then there's the barbershop and lenders and they. Don't don't don't Kilmer with a whole bunch of extraneous details and I'm just interested. OK so you hit a pothole 635. Dollars in damage yeah. And do you have the letter handy. I want to know on what basis they denied the claim but can you wait till after the news and by the amount that's -- -- great jobs regardless acts. -- -- -- -- -- -- just like another the only books in that the name of the place you're doing great. Distance that don't go anywhere I'll I'll be right back with. If you have gotten reimbursed I'd like to know or if they -- reimbursed I'd like to know why not. 8030930. -- yet. Yeah I haven't realized when I called for as the music up that the wheels fitted with a topic obviously it about a McCartney's song that I really kind of like I don't know why because the song means absolutely nothing to me. Or anybody else today in western civilization as far as -- -- 533. By the way I didn't wanna make a big deal out of this but. Governor under small ball was in town today actually he maiden appearance. Two miles from -- that. At the main transit despite -- all and well I I was able to get a little recording. Just a very brief conversation I had with. The governor of new York and it went something like there's. Our Governor Cuomo Reuters -- let you know that because of NY safe I think you were the world's biggest huge bear. I think -- That was on the exchange went. Let's say get back the Phyllis in -- more on WBBM Phyllis you received the letter. From a municipality. Saying that it would not consider itself liable 4636. Dollars you spent repairing your car after your car was -- -- by a pothole and is the letter short enough that you can read it on the air without boring the hell out of us. My -- you got to get off speakerphone please. Vote what are you using the late Alexander Graham Bell prototype. I when I got to put her on hold this cannot this cannot continue in this way. -- what have Kirk you know what. I would like to know why they said no because I always thought I guess we're gonna -- I always thought that. It's a municipality was notified that there was a pot hole that was causing damage that from that moment on the municipality. Should consider itself liable for any damage done to -- the goals that's my understanding if you're an attorney. They have had been misled all these years. -- issue wanna okay. Let's get back to Phillips that art Phyllis -- a toll -- the audio quality is much better talk more about the letter of rejection. Believe me Phyllis I've got a lot of rejection in my life that never gets easier. I want you get -- bit it's a little bit tired because they take everything boy it just keep. And my rant that I don't get on the bond suffocate them at the end and -- and I had the latest -- I thought maybe they'd be considerate and but they lie and wait on diet they'd mayor brown and the other nice city they well it can't law. Look at what what excuse did they give you for not reimbursing you for the damage done. And I thought all that you can read English. The app I can't sit there. That has eighteen and -- and that negated any notice of claim -- -- -- date for -- -- -- it was an airplane a proper diet and no action can be. Ounces. I can't. And the multiplication. I'm glad I pray that parents are sitting there has actually. Written notice. Has serious condition -- existing at or near the area where you. But staying yard damages and doesn't -- that there was no such notice buyout with the there as bragged that they -- man you're noted. I would -- that backs up what I just got through safe bet I was always under the under understanding that a municipality it was only liable for damages to a vehicle. If it had been notified previous to the incident that a dangerous condition existed but here's the problem. You have to take the city at. That nobody gave it written notice. Only then you're not somebody and I finally caught a lot of different people on that I think that's somebody asked him I at that time to do Walden. Do you know. Who your council member is. I felt very funny it's about being here on its own for different things navy and I don't off. Well he's he would be your state senator isn't there -- restricted Ayers he fighting in India I I I can't remember -- Com what I was gonna ask you is that you live in the village of -- more. Okayed this took place in a different -- -- of reality the city of buffalo I wonder if there would be any merit in you taking the city of buffalo to small claims court. Well I could be a week get -- my money I mean now I would. It'll be nice. Because that's a lot of money gaming -- at a -- Hawaii. For anyone that wants tort claims when he got hurt to -- poor condition at first -- into Agassi and. And yes I did that means nothing to me and my dear those mean mean nothing to me unless I knew. The section of the law. From which they -- are we talking administrative law are we talking buffalo municipal code I don't even know we're talking about. I don't either and -- -- tonight that any -- on. -- here under the age excuses get a little old. Seriously you're in your seventies when -- 120 call the -- year old -- All right thank you very much my dear I love you. Ten nothing -- on that eight people. -- Well if you -- you can call and -- to go blank themselves will make you feel better. I got Phyllis I would give you a dollar if you would call the mayor's office and tell me your round over this incident. To go blank himself I'll give you a dollar but you gotta put that. -- Those don't do that I'm sorry I should not shouldn't -- Well a David dollar to do it. Phyllis I'm glad you called this -- I love you my -- you hang in there okay. Are right do we have any attorneys listening any attorneys at all. Relative was a lawyer. You have a relative who's a lawyer. Sure do. Here's the thing. If a letter now it has to be writing I guess right so if it is in writing. Such a notification. That a major pothole existed. At that intersection. I presume it would have to be kept on file and the only way somebody like Phyllis would know that it was on file. -- would be through the discovery. Process. And I'm not sure if you're allowed to do it in a small claims situation. But I do know it if you plan on suing a municipality. The window is very narrow for you in which to file your notice of claim. Which basically says -- city of buffalo I'm gonna Syria. You know what that's gonna make -- great news to suggest that to buy up our our program director and director of operations. -- -- What is the law. When you get your card damaged because of a municipality. Having their crappy wrote. By the way -- -- -- guys to negate the relayed to the Toms or whatever gave your. Do we have any of those left urge you guys will -- around because now when I need them I don't have been my best and that I don't know wives -- some wicked reflux that I. All right thank you thanks guys. I loved my crew are always filled with drugs -- currently the return -- guys -- week. Got a bit of headache. Now know we. Just thought I'd put up there. Market do not show up at the radio station with -- I'm being funny I'm not being serious here is. There's always a guy who says we email ought to hook you up not a right it's quite Laura and I don't need here is. Buffalo's website at W -- Tom hello. There are some our mayor brown if you want but it's gonna cost you more than. Knowledge that could be ahead the tellem over the phone and put event that he. I would undermine -- I'm gonna tell you about a situation or okay back in the eighties virulent and sure -- I don't know if your mom. They strip the ball down. I remember Sheridan drive being worked on but the ultimate road repair was freeze road in the town of tunnel wander circa 1971. But police continue. And the military. -- Hold down your. Outside my went south but it would -- those -- Someone had pulled my 1000 went down this year and -- and I had that I at a green light. And I about forty miles an hour. I was -- -- Pacman. And I literally bounced off the -- -- -- I didn't have my bow. -- and this. Just -- Billy Mays died. Back to our box office you're going up the band and I went back in the chair and I do over across the -- night at the other side. Now why I still didn't think anything was wrong. But one I'd do it demands of an exit inspection and they've found a broken whispering in the back. I had to be format. Well you say had to be how many miles did you put on the green band between the time you hit a bump in the time that was diagnosed. I'm I'm all my old driver time. I drive about 101000 or less a year. Now that's about it but again I mean proving a one on one direct correlation might be difficult -- try to -- in your parade. I'm not trying to -- eager for it. The dialogue about three years old OK there was not old. But now because I got to replace one police weren't. I'm not gonna replace one you're gonna replace somebody else. You know what it's kind of it's so funny you mention that -- every time I blow a headlight. Am much -- -- the way that sounded every time I had light goes out I don't get just the one headlight replaced I get them both replace the same time. That's right why do one side he made quite the dollar. As you know the other one's gonna go on a minute anyway. -- -- So now now I'd towed and -- sound. Good good haven't on the -- I want and they certainly don't talk to the insurance carrier all of construction company working on the -- So I called I am and I I'd Tug at a time I'm that take care about the and they did give me some money they've they've paid for maybe half of that. Because they -- that I operated. And also would they would take when you. Tom -- just a moment they were taking you at your word now I'm curious if after you hit that big bump. If you got out and took photographs of the season. -- quiet him down. And I was happy I didn't crash it. Not suggesting that you incinerated. But I would at least want a photograph or record so when I was setting my letter to the company or to the town I could say look here's where the upside is here's where the bump was here's what happened in my car. I want justice no justice no peace. While -- that's what I did not go to the insurance companies and construction company that was doing the job site. And the ones that they didn't I didn't get money from the town where you know -- didn't mean money in the construction company insurance company gave me money. Hey Tom you know what I gotta give some credit. I have to give them some credit because seriously I think they would have probably been within their legal rights to say you know what you haven't proven anything here that we were responsible -- by. I think they did the right thing and they were honorable company. Didn't know I was I was I honestly I do those today I still respect for them. So what they did. I you know what Tom I do too and I'll tell you there's another company. It's a local grocery store. I was behind one of their trucks and -- this goes back twenty years ago -- what other trucks on the young their truck throw off a giant bolts. That hit the front of my car. And just took out my headlight. I had no evidence I was not gonna stop my car on the 290. But. No obviously but I've made note. Of the truck number and of course the store for which the truck was driving. And I sent the grocery store a letter and I said look I have no proof. I have no evidence other than my narrative. If you can make -- whole I would appreciate it if not I understand but I think it would be the honorable thing to do they reimbursed me repent. And that's a beautiful thing. That's the way business should work -- the way they insurance company Asia war. Well -- NN and at that point I was not the mega star AM today either it's not like they would have known where once. Well that sounds -- city that comes out of that apartment. Well taxpayers' pockets but look I mean. But as far as the insurance company sir I have a clear what I think that was you know. I don't usually do this but what was the name of the insurance company that did the right thing I don't usually do -- I don't know I don't remember. Who's like thirty years ago. When we share in the same brain your time. You get cerebral vascular what is going on their -- I graduated iPhone 77 -- may be little suited to pursue I know you're about foreign your vast -- You which makes you a little bit older -- I am but your brains grow a little better shape -- They. I wonder what do you Wendy's fell. Routes nevermind advantage -- thanks a lot Tom I'm glad you called. Arm went I don't know what is it starts at Drexel got all right you know folks sometimes I think it's up. Sometimes people do the right thing when you least expect it. And on talk radio host. I'm supposed to bitch about things bitching and makes great things people like -- they want you to be upset. But when people do the right thing because. It's the right thing to do. I have so much respect for that business and I will tell you there's another company and you know what. They used to be sponsors of mine they are no longer sponsors of mine but the company is Time Warner Cable. I will not give -- the particulars because they are personal. But I know of any situation firsthand. Where they acted in a way that was so honorable. As to merit my further business. They really did the right thing percent. They didn't have to do but they did. And I'm sorry to see Comcast coming in because that -- -- to rip on the cable companies everybody does. But I've found Time Warner to be an honorable company with which to deal and you know sometimes or something to be said for goodwill spending. When you believe that somebody is making a sincere case. And you say what was that really evidence but I believe them and you do the right thing sometimes that comes back to you in states not that that's what you should all four. Because you do the right thing to do the right. But anyway there are still people in this world with a sense of honor. But you know. Dan what -- get really buys this first -- forecast the buys is back at the ballpark for eight days starting with Pawtucket Red Sox first pitch 605 -- pitch forecast. It looks like it's got to be nice does -- not nice evening and we deserve it. We deserve a nice evening and sort of baseball fans in particular it may be cloudy there may be some spotty showers as the evening goes on. It will become clear way in as the clouds move about the temperature will cool down. You know we get the radiation or cooling effect -- it was a late on dual -- radiation cooling year. Overnight low 39 then tomorrow sunshine with some clouds and up 57 the high and are right now ladies and gentlemen couldn't. I AM delight in telling you that it is that. 69. At news radio 930 now. You'd be the end all right it is up 552. So we've establish the fact that. The potholes are bad. Now I don't know precisely what the law it is. And win -- government and that -- is responsible. For reimbursing you for damages. Incurred to your car from its roads. Based on what they told us from that letter. -- some of these things are coming back to my memory. First of all the municipality. Must have been previously informed. That there was a pothole. Now I I didn't think of this but apparently in that letter. The notification. To the municipality. Must be done in writing. You can't just call and say hey there's a pothole at Miller to military and Sheridan. And then because you just hit it five minutes ago and you know go back and say hey we told you about that bottle so it's got to be right. At least this is what I'm getting from I'm trying to fill in the blanks here. But if we do every lawyer. -- a college -- who's familiar with this stuff. I'd like to holiday due to get a call on negatives of other things in the next hour. But I definitely would like to know the law when it comes to my audience getting some money bet on some of these pot holes that are just I've beaten the crap. Out of our vehicles it's 554. -- news radio 930 WB and it's hourly but I can't do this without the great help of Joseph Bieber master control and John Sherman Michaels creator without them I would be a useless piece of tool.

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