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4-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. -- -- Hold through. The end. -- The few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threats facing America's use of Russia. The al-Qaeda. That rush. In the 1980s are now calling that's for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do but -- Huffington. -- -- Destroy -- silent. That was -- -- Tom hourly. Even though this. I think it right back bathing -- slide in its local girl is the it's Tom hourly and cool whip completely cool whip who lived -- and on news radio 930. I'll -- -- like computers and dumb that they -- guys they've there I took pictures -- -- -- up at my FaceBook page you guys can see what -- -- work with every day. I why Tennessee seriously just well and when you hear my voice go you gotta be kidding me. We'll we'll get them up I got a reboot the computers though Joseph be hammered over there and do your work your magic went. My friend unplugged those damn computers you're gonna pour some water on -- -- -- -- I guess those will be fixed right around the time the monitors that was promised go up on the wall. That's -- almost a year. They come to afternoon drive we'll give you monitors on the law just eaten. All right it's eleven minutes after four hey where's the -- switch well there is the operators which low not high on the hit list. All right anyway it is hourly and news radio 930 WB GN and you must have the same stuff that your job right you get promised to open it never comes through what you're expected to deliver every single brick. All right anyway just one of those opinion -- the days. I didn't I don't know what to tell you that you wanna talk show -- the open since I got plenty of opinions as he seldom even make sense some of the agreement of four and but. Do you. If one cannot have fun at one's job what is the point in wanna work it. But anyway. Joseph beavers at master control anything bad that happens on the show is all joke neighbors -- wait a minute Joseph. That's wrong it's John Germans -- he's low man on the totem pole as John Sherman's fault. Are so anyway where was that. Did you wake up 1 morning and just say to yourself you know what everything I learned an elementary school junior high school middle school and a -- -- learning college is crap. It just doesn't work that way in the real world. And I I cannot. Exactly focus on the precise moment I became a rebel. I don't find it hilarious by the way. -- little America let little sheet for so many years. And it's almost like I hit 4950. Years old and suddenly. I let my hair grow long and I decided to become a conservative Terry and a rebel. Because I realize the Republicans were budget deep ball frauds. That conservatives. Seriously needed orgasms. And that libertarians. Were just too -- So I decided conservative Terry is -- -- Because to meet conservative area is what I believe. Conservative from the waist up. Libertarian. Because I don't like people telling me what I can do in the privacy of my -- Holmes Norton I believe they have the right to tell you what to do in the privacy of your own home. Libertarian. Because I believe that -- two homosexuals wanna Mary it's not a might damn business. If they wanna married. Our creator be with them. I'll go to your wedding I'll give me a present. To transgender is wanna get married fine you know what. Life is too short for me to worry about whom you love. Whether you're gay straight by and it -- any of my business anyway. That's where I'm coming -- on this program. And you know. Somebody sent an email it acted nick you're just a minute because he brings up the Kennedy assassination and that's something that there is very thing that I wanna get it -- I received a nasty email from somebody get today after my call from a man and o.'s -- OS MAM Osmond. Our old mom Osmond who is -- Muslim. And he said. Eddie -- Tom. What happened to you. Used to hate Muslims you. Gone soft on Muslims. And I thought to myself. Okay why would I get this email. Because I always thought it was real clear that I hated Islam fascism. In other words. You either convert or die that's his novel fascism. Terrorism. I'm a big fan of terrorism were innocent people are hurt especially in the name of Islam. But you're just one thing as big gun owner. And as an NRA member maybe you are a -- member may -- you are. Does -- frost you when we get lumped into the same group as the shooters at Fort Hood. Where the shooter at sandy hook. And don't we love this I hate today. 300 million Americans with -- guns didn't kill anybody. So using that logic. It's the same -- Muslims. You know -- one billion Muslims didn't blow everything up including themselves. So if I apply that logic to American gun owners. That the bad ones are always focused on as the source of all evil why must -- not apply the same logic to Muslims. Mean I thought I always had perhaps I did not properly communicated in if I did not properly communicated that is my fault. And that is my problem. -- -- -- Idea. Ultimately wrong folks follow -- plane. And some some Fella with a Pakistani accent. Where some Fella with a Chechen acts or somebody who looks like I do and speaks like I do. That's. And wants to take the cockpit believe deal -- like. I know how to do I outbreak is what. No problem I got you on small -- I'm strong like. No problems are not soft on terrorism. But on the other hand I think of Muslims -- break. Just like I wanna break as they firearms owner just because some idiot goes not -- a whole bunch of people doesn't mean all firearms -- want there and shoot everybody. Now the one criticism I won't make of the American Muslim community here is it must be more bull goal. In its opposition to the radicals. That as we firearm owner's car. You know we believe me we we aren't big fans and people give us a bad name. So in that sense yes I believe the Muslim community must speak out more and more against the bad eggs in its barrel. But as far as -- Muslims in general. No no no no no no no no no they're hatred com. -- -- -- Religious hatred racial hatred sexist hatred. Gender hatred orientation hatred folks you can spend your whole life hate all kinds of people. And you're just gonna die a bitter bitter bitter person. It it worked. All right here's nick in buffalo it's in the country started going downhill on November 22 1963. Oddly enough sure that was about two months after I was born that's an awful lot. But it happened when their president John F. Kennedy was assassinated in the Dallas and I just what are remind you nick that in the election of 1960. Richard Nixon should've won that election. The mob in Chicago and specifically Cook County Illinois Dick. They rigged that election. Giving Kennedy the electoral votes needed to beat Richard Nixon Richard Nixon actually should've won that election Kennedy did steal the election because his dad had -- contacts. Well better true like it that they had. He you know is detonate it and even -- collection of little bit before my time I was actually -- 085. But. Again they're they're they look back the American history that seems to be like wanna do you most. Focal point of where this country took a downturn of iron and. Well you know what's interesting about it -- Is when you look at the national security action memo is signed by JFK vis a -- Vietnam before his assassination. That were later rescinded and or changed by his successor Lyndon Baines Johnson. There's your motive right there and I find it interesting that as time goes by more and more people in the know reporting Lyndon Johnson as a guy who if he wasn't in on the planning would certainly not against the execution. Absolutely and another point at which -- is actually prior to. JFK's assassination. There was this speech that he gave me and I believe it was one of his flaps its not ADP classic rookie wrecked our net but. He did make the speech -- out. I'll warning the American people about the dangers. Of so called shadow government people operate. -- -- Our secure this country that direction in which he was unfavorable. I don't know if your guys are you by the audio clip about but it's very easily searchable on YouTube as chair he speech against the side. And that's one of the other thing I I think they'll let it -- the month. I'm along with what you just alluded. I don't know if that was the speech he gave an American University where he also said you know we all breathe the same idea we all want the same things for children I don't know if it was that speech. But I do know that -- September of 1963. Two days before I was born in an interview with Walter Cronkite. John F. Kennedy very strangely when talking of the -- said. Ultimately. It's been out war the other ones -- got to win it. And he was not he was gonna pull up that the advisors out of Vietnam which would have been a very Smart move. Because as far as I'm concerned for war as we need to listen what George Washington had to say stay the hell lot of and stay the hell out of Europe. Europe has been nothing but an integral to air filled with us since time in memorial. Which is they're racist -- lob winner in that have to check Australia we use digital. Joseph says possibly racist. Sherman what you are you Irish English or work out there Sherman I don't know it. Saturday I know my -- this year with the staff well he's he's he's he's he put McCain here but are right so when Kennedy was shot that's when we lost America. They're well I think we lost America and I and I think that's when you. You don't want our votes are. Well I you know that -- all along with because I know how can he stole the election in 1960. But. I think the message was sent -- I believe the message was hey wait a minute Mr. President. Don't really run things the way you think we do you do we run things. And the other message was don't leave a bunch of Cubans on a beach at the Bay of Pigs promising -- air support and then letting them be killed or captured. By Castro that was another message -- -- I really screwed the pooch on that one. -- I like -- But there are elated that they're articulate you'd better as well over the -- all all future president that leader at all. All over the younger you know you can easily -- place to be easily take. Now some say it's no luck coincidence LBJ was in position to hear those shots that killed Kennedy. Which (%expletive) in my humble opinion were not fired by the scapegoat Leo Harvey Oswald and I will believe until that day I die that Lee Harvey Oswald was a deep cover -- best buy an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency his whole Russian trip was a false flag thing to make him seem like he was a defect or. And his whole history points to a guy who is trained in intelligence work and it. There are so many dispute there are so nobody questions that need to be asked about Oswald. And what he did in the summer 63. His relationship with David ferry and Clay Shaw and a whole bunch other people. Folks as far as I'm concerned. Until I -- differently for people I know Oswald was CIA. And the assassination. Was Oswald as Pepsi it was pulled off by guys in the agency who worked this topic Kennedy. Honor -- percent sure I agree with you ought to put that I mean. That Rick I was never loudly to need you know even speak well legal representation. For faster than that since from the -- was captured so Obama. You have actually allowed to be assessed -- themselves our lives here as well. Amen well here -- require that one -- thank you very much and the way I put this up before on my website on my FaceBook page. The there's a press conference up for those who don't know history Lee Harvey Oswald is the man was charged. With killing president John F. Kennedy in 1963. There is a question in the press conference -- statement is made by a reporter. Oswald says. All I know is that I -- accused of murdering a police officer. I know nothing more than that. At a reporter says you have been charged with killing Kennedy. And the look in Oswald's side. Hearing that news. Is the look of a man who was an agency guy who knew he had just been betrayed by his buddies. That is exactly the look I would expect from somebody who just realized. Eight to. I should riposte there because it really is revelatory. If -- read body language at all. And I can read Joseph -- -- body language you saying hourly your blow creating break more on 08 on WB Ian. And yet gone to put in public Bill Bennett and thing. Yeah in the knock on the odd man. You know not on the topic it's -- it's era and -- -- -- it but you know what killed him anyway. Then I'm not able -- dog -- Carefully these guys are playing hard hug this summer hell I can't believe ring goes to play a part in summer. And I can't believe by April that it is out for. I can't believe it's not -- It's 430 for a news radio 930 WB had its hourly review on a Thursday. Is gone fast in -- just a beautiful weather today hole. Happens nights outside -- the win. But yeah I can't have everything I guess so. I'm considering the topic with which I ended yesterday which years. The country into which you were born. Do you believe that everything you learned in school. It's just irrelevant at this point because -- I have been going through a crisis of confidence in everything I was taught when I was a kid for several years and yes. Free dating Obama. My black Brothers and sisters who are conservative please understand. I know that some of you might say wait a minute power they're sure those -- racist yeah composite. Because I started to think this way when George W. Bush started talking about. Illegals. Humming out of their shadows. And that is a brother now saying that hole breaking the laws and act of love. So yeah -- it's those it's those people to. And by those people refer to the bridges though I just that -- -- owed my black conservative Brothers and sisters in explanation lest they think. That I'm -- Hank Aaron like phony. And I can't even tell you how how disappointed I am in anchor. Seriously. To be a little kid and see a guy and see this record get broken that stood for years. And then years later to find out that he thinks that the Republicans are budget kkk members. Folks the Republicans are Democrat -- I don't even know how to respond to such ignorance I don't even know. But anyway is there a point. When you believe you know -- -- I gave you a task. You're job Joseph is to find me a white. Eight beautiful black woman who is a conservative maybe by. That's your goal that your job. OK I need the black shield I've got every other conceivable shield every other conceivable racial or political or gender group. I've got to get the black shield is hot. Somewhat. Well endowed with money black chick who'd like -- -- I don't think that's wrong to ask on the year kebab we can be synergistic to each other I can help you you can help me I want kids you don't like gets -- all right it could work -- just sat. I'm just saying it. Dated black women before just not want you know -- let's get back to the calls on that WB the end. He didn't really played. Really data black -- no I didn't I -- to a lot of the same time. But it would have been here's -- -- Click on WB the end Dominique -- rare form having fun on a Thursday but we're talking about something serious my friend went that the country get lost. I don't think it did get lost among. Newborns feature -- 164. That was the age of the nation. So all right leaders president presidential hopefuls. We have legal segregation. And urged nuclear activity -- the -- sport utility -- for health care mean. The good old days. It seemed to really. In my topic land in order revealed that there were a lot of and yet what are now but it won't return to don't -- Yes exactly that's exactly what I wanna return to Donna thank thank thank you for getting the sugar just get a government. Don't call again I'm done with you but bye have fun. -- If you don't see there's a big difference. Between the quote age of assassination. And the trampling. Of York guaranteed rights by the government just don't listen in my -- they don't listen to -- but don't call. Because all you're gonna do is just sound really stupid. We've seen an assault -- where he wanted it again. OK let's start with the Second Amendment. The difference Dominic it is. We now have a government that believes the promises it made to its people. And enshrined in the constitution. Can be broken at will. That wasn't that way in 1964. It wasn't that way. We have a governor. Who does not respect the Second Amendment. We have a president who does not respect the Second Amendment we have an entire branch of our political system which does not respect the Second Amendment. But it doesn't stop there Dominic and this is the big difference. The big difference is it extends into the Fourth Amendment. Search and seizure it extends into the First Amendment. Freedom of speech. Where would you like it is stopped talking it wasn't that way in 19631964. And as far as people having to work until they die in out Crimea river. Because I remember being a little kid in the 1960s and there were awful lot of retired people at the mall. So you paint an overly grim picture there have been advances in our lifestyle. None of which I can think of have been the result of the government they've been the result of private enterprise. -- the government. But what you see now that you did not see in the 1960s. Is a crackdown. On freedom. -- do you not understand the difference. Is it this is why ahead the cut off because I can't be erupted because it's just too important and it's too brilliant. Do you not see the difference. Between blacks and whites marching together demanding equality. For black people in America. Demanding more freedom. And what is happening right now which is less freedom you. Poll -- healthcare it's no law you must buy a product are governments as you must. Huge. Difference. Mean it's just -- your comparing apples. To oranges. As far as the age of assassination. Is concern. I'm afraid that. When you look back at the assassinations that have taken place in the attempted assassinations. Since 1963. I think what -- modified news. -- up some costs of interest in commonalities. With the assassins or alleged assassins. Leo Harvey Oswald is the first presidential assassin accused. Who denied the crime. You know that right. John Wilkes Booth brag about what he did it. James he -- who shot Garfield. Brag about what he did an admitted what he did. Leon actually -- who kill McKinley here in buffalo. About what he did took responsibility for. Lee Harvey Oswald I'm just the patsy sir I didn't kill anybody. James Earl. Who supposedly killed the great Dr. Martin Luther King. You know late in life. He basically said and I know everybody -- says they're innocent I got you here yet. But he had a pretty interesting case Leslie Marshall. Your member Lesley but she did a brilliant interviewer I must tell it was an excellent interview with James Earl Ray. About the assassination of Doctor King. And I think that was a lot deeper. Than anybody admitted in 1968. So role. We can go want to George Wallace and Arthur Bremer. We could talk about John Hinckley and his connection to the bush family that would have taken power earlier at Reagan died. There's a sinister strain that is run through accused assassins in America since 1963. Mum. That I think it bears some scrutiny. And yes it was before video games. And before prozac as far as I know. So Yasser. Dollar huge difference. Between it then when people wanted freedom. And understood. Freedom. And understood that the government. Can be the enemy. And now where people expect the government to be sugar daddy. And god forbid it isn't sugar daddy for a moment and people have to fend for themselves. My goodness you'll see riots like we saw in Athens a couple of spring times ago. To dangerous time. We see situations right now like star of the talking about the situation in the -- the Bureau of Land Management. Where you know you kind of wondered what you why the government stockpiled so many rounds of ammunition. The Bureau of Land Management. Is giving this rancher hard time because it basically decided that. What used to be. Public land is now government land it. And that this guy's got no right to -- his cattle on the land because of some endangered tortoise and they're willing to dole. To make their point. They brought and people with Scott with helicopters machine guns snipers. The American people in the 1960s. Would have been writing over. Kent State. They talk about. Civilians. And big government at Kent State. Look the civilians. Were not. Innocent. In that -- Kent State. Now unfortunately. Like usually happens. The rabble the people leading. The most obnoxious. Of the demonstrators. They got away Scot free. One of the people who -- at least one of the people who died was basically an innocent bystander. It was an over reaction by eight badly trained budget National Guard guys. You know and I'm sure a lot of those guys feel bad to this day horrible. Over what happened. That's why I hope cooler heads will prevail in the bottom. But given the fact that we've already seen that your government is willing to -- babies alive at Waco and take out people at ruby ridge nothing would surprise me. If it comes from the -- If you don't know what I'm talking about. Go to my FaceBook page it linked up by a -- story from Alex Jones. Bought some stuff Alex puts out there I don't I. I think I have to take it with a grain of salt. But. A lot of interest -- things you'll put out there. That I think got merit some discussion or at least merit bringing to your attention so you can decide for yourself. Where Hillary is exaggerating. Where he's using hyperbole or whoever is actually on to something. Right there's times I agree with my most bitter enemies if I think I'm all bitter enemy has a valid point. It's just it's how I roll. You know. But. Sure we get back in 1964 -- -- not think about my lecture on the sixties. There's more to come but no I don't wanna give everything. Now. I'm considering the show I did yesterday I want specific examples. Did you ever wake up and feel as though the country to which you were born is irretrievably lost and if you get -- why. Give me some examples of why. And I've cited some very specific examples involving. The First Amendment the Second Amendment and the Fourth Amendment as being in grave danger right now. I don't think most people don't think most you understand what Tuesday. Part of my job is to get should understand it but I can lead horse the water but I can't make it drink. Or is via great Dora the Parker very famous wit once said. You can lead a whore to culture -- can't make her think. There are I guess and the 1960s December armies of old people starving in the streets in the parking lot of twin three year old Mike. AccuWeather. And BI is his first pitch forecast. So I don't want to tell you what the first pitch forecast is it's spotty showers. -- -- -- Mostly cloudy busy with spotty showers that will become clear late. And Betty overnight low 39. With people mean chances are to bigger area they won't -- at the ballpark. We see the fact that I mentioned that means they won't if I hadn't mentioned them you people would have gotten drenched in another gross like every day it's garbage in my neighborhood it wind. Tomorrow we're going to be at the sixty degrees almost 57 with sunshine and some -- though exact. And are right now Joseph temperature wise we is looking at how much. 65 degrees sixty back at that news radio 930 WB ENN. All right well let -- operators apparently served its useful lifetime and has lived its life expectancy. And I would like to move on. Two some other stuff here that has been piling up on me see I don't think the whole bunch of different topics on most days. Because just think it kind of keeps things interest me I'm like listen to the same thing for four hours is a listener the U. Like those the sandy beach and I love sandy beach he have a great topic going and he always -- But there's sometimes like after hour and a half of -- the one topic. Or do something else. And that's what I try to do my show as well and by the way if you do -- sandy beach and after nervous. You can check about online at the WB EN. Audio vault at WB EN dot com each and every one of these shows is up as -- mine online at WB EN. Got job he did have his meeting last night here at the radio station got a funny because that. It all. It's always dangerous they have us in the same building at the same time with strangers around. Because I knew that sandy beach was gonna be selling. Is going to be putting a -- out for people to go on his Alaska cruise with him which by the way I would heartily. Recommend AA said he's gonna be a terrific coach for a B. I think you should see Alaska once in your lifetime I've seen it would I go back. Well but I'm glad I wet I think you should see Alaska once in your lifetime if you're gonna do it sit with city beach because he loves Alaska. And I happen to stop by the meeting and I encourage people to sign up tonight. Meeting last night and I said don't worry gang will be doing the hourly naked trip to Jamaica as soon. For sandy I think he probably wanted to punch me -- that exact moment. But now seriously I get more information at WB -- back on and I think or two last there was -- beach would be fun frankly many of our listener. I think of you who and now. 455 at news radio 930 WB yet. Just ahead you know we've talked about potholes but there's one element of potholes we haven't discussed and I need to break ground that. On WB EN just ahead.

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