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4-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And the wolves down -- the -- with great. I think yeah if you go to the -- -- not -- good intentions and -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- I protest that was because the guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got help after all it. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady I don't know how to put the good. People don't come to its live. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet I'd quit net news radio. Hello fellow racism hate mongers. Talk radio realism to a bed as -- want. Is Orlando's radio -- third AW PE AdAware if you is -- Thursday holy crap. Yeah well I used to keep track of what with -- third -- because we used to do bad news or bump Thursday. But basically what happened was the same twenty songs which suggested and it just wasn't fun anymore. And what you've played Billy don't be a hero for the eighteenth time it kind of loses -- -- -- it was a bad song. So anyway which meant militants last time we touch base at the start up the question that we and that with yesterday I wanna get right to it. I want your right to it and I want examples. I have bond example. I did not allowed -- attitude about examples. It is good German got -- may. When German comes out of you and you know the video is soon to follow it won't be pretty early Internet. Two Germans one cup. -- You elaborate that come on that's right up your Alley all right. Do you ever feel. As though the United States into which you were born no longer exist and went to that feeling -- Now all some people say -- Or ruby ridge is little else that we even brought those up. But you will remember Waco and the Branch Davidians and Janet Reno. And Bill Clinton and their assault on the compound in Waco of course using the pretense that David Koresh I was a child molesters. Well you know what even if he was a child molester the federal aren't -- a great job -- Incinerating them -- -- -- Clinton about Janet but it was all for that children. And ruby ridge. If you're getting an event now. So some have you. We'll mark that as the time went America as you knew it was -- And of course had there not been a Waco there would not have been a Tim McVeigh blowing up the federal building in Oklahoma City in reprisal for Waco. A terrorist act to be sure. Eight terrorist act that was committed by a penalty and -- god. Ian reprisal. For what he considered a terrorist act by the government against its own people. And again you're -- here of saying here's here's the mega trend. I don't need to be still on anybody's thunder here in anybody's word but the mega trend is I think more and more you're going to be hearing about. Gonna be hearing about the appeal expression one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. I think that expression is gonna be heard over and over and over again. In the course of the next twenty years unless the American people are so dumb it down and so apathetic that they really don't care what is happening around them and I bring this up again because. I happen to check -- Drudge before -- come on the year brigade Matt Drudge is a news aggregate site. And he. Linked up with Alex Jones and his info wars site. And there are some things that Alex does and I really like him -- some things that I think are even too weird for today. But there is not something happening right now I think yeah definitely needs to be. I think you at least need to be a winner of your government in action and how it really works you remember how I always will tell you about New York's very. And about -- or ball. Will send out his lackeys from taxation financing. Licensing to the various restaurants and hair salons and the whole game is to figure out. How much they can find a business and get a guaranteed check. -- instead of having to litigate. -- they always figure out all right will this restaurant. We can probably get away with gouging them for 2000 dollars. Because that you know league over -- -- -- at least 15100. You know what could get a two -- -- 2000 dollar fine and help it because it'll just be cheaper to pay that mr. Because there's just no works. But the federal government here this is enters New Jersey -- cattle rancher out Nevada. His name is Bundy no relation to the serial killer of the same name at least no relation it. Of which -- work he's a cattle rancher. And he is involved in a dispute -- -- LM. Now for most of -- BLM. Doesn't mean anything and -- cells -- an airline from the Netherlands but it's not. BLM is the Bureau of Land Management. And it's a federal. Bureau with the federal agency. And the bottom line is this guy has been grazing his cattle on public land it for years. Well now the land is no longer considered public land you know why because the federal government has discovered that there is -- endangered. List on the land. And somehow the house what are they worried that follows the cattle are gonna step on -- -- Sure let's -- like mother nature let's get a darwinism survival of the fittest. You're if you're -- tortoise and music -- and well. Boy beat tortoises can go pretty fast were they want to. But in any event this guy. Is standing up to the federal government. And the federal government in its usual for just like it did at Waco is totally over reacting and the good news it's. As the federal government is ratcheting up the pressure against this rancher militia members from Nevada are converging on this guy's farm to back him up. Against I hate to say that our own military. And I -- the militia wins. I have to go against the American military on this one. As tools of a fascist government. And I have to go in favor of the militia AKA the people's army so I'm gonna be in favor of the people's army and not the united states military. Because folks when it comes down to constitution time when it comes down upholding the oath you took as a soldier if you're willing to do that your unwilling to -- and frankly you don't deserve my support -- you deserve the support of your fellow Americans. But militia are now converging on this guy's farm because the bureau of land management and its lackeys. With guns machine guns are -- -- who asks the people connected with this rancher. And now let's. Be read your sister. Her name doesn't matter the read your sister and a town hall meeting. At a remember this is all over public land that suddenly has become government land because debate. An endangered ports. In Nevada. Are right. -- the guys' sisters says it was like a war result. And I felt. Like I was not in the United States they have snipers. They have helicopters. Their carrying machine guns it's not pretty it's like a foreign country. Again ladies and gentlemen Obama can look at who all he wants in the Crimea. -- gonna out of Nevada. Who's worse. It's it's kind of funny that Obama only developed balls when it comes to his own citizens in the United States against potent he's a plus -- -- I find that -- such an indicative. Reflect the work of Obama's character and the way he operates. By the way this -- is a white men so I can't put racism past Obama on this either there could be a racist component of -- all white. Not good for the -- but again I think we -- at the start -- all these. But in any event. It's it's pretty freaky. As you can read Alex jones' site but the bottom line is. There are intimidation tactics that are being brought to better future. And you know you're talking about. According to his family here the you're talking about snipers helicopters. On guys with machine guns all over heads of cattle. By the way I -- comedy tortoises are going to be killed as collateral damage if this thing escalates. Is that the whole reason why this is happening. Again folks you cannot trust the government asking India. You cannot trust by our government all doing it Europe's soccer managed if you don't. And I only hope that the malicious in the bottom mobilizes. And you know what if there must be bloodshed let -- be bloodshed. Unfortunately some issues are only gonna be resolved that way and maybe it's better now than twenty years from now maybe it's time that. Somebody took a stand and said you know what. We're done. Federal government. This is a tenth amendment -- issue this is not your GD business get the hell lot of our state. Pains me to say. Thomas Jefferson once said that the tree of liberty from time to time must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants. And those sentiments are true now as they were when he first uttered them our way back when in the 1770s. And that wasn't even an original thought at that time. So I got to I never products. I hear myself say this but. Given the choice between Obama's puppets and the militia of the people I'll go with the people's militia for 500 Alex. Not Jones-Drew back actually. So we'll continue to keep -- one eye open combat. Unfortunately the sheriff out in a Nevada doesn't seem interstate in arresting the trespassing beds from the Bureau of Land Management. He seems to be -- cowering under his desk. Which is a very on the bottom like position for a sheriff to assume. But folks do not ever under estimate the ability the power and the willingness of your own government to crush you if viewed -- Acquiesced to what it wants ask Waco ask these survivors of ruby ridge. -- right and by the way I find it interesting that Waco and ruby ridge took place under a Democrat and a Democrat is in the office right now I thought these were the guys were supposed to look out for the little people. But I guess they just send out their mercenaries to do their -- their dirty work. Which also was a great Steely Dan song by the way. What else is not going on here today about lake up to that -- my FaceBook page by the way I just occasional one of the well. There was another story here that actually tied in to. Did you ever believe that this would happen in America all -- good is this actually it was from the WB Ian web page. -- actually the WB and FaceBook page. Now ladies and gentlemen what is -- one of my themes. One of my themes. What do I think it -- his men. Do not trust the police. They are not your friends. There are not your buddies they're not your elves are not your friends hell even if you're in the clock like Dennis delay no one's. And you actually want justice instead ass -- you'll be the club and he won't be your friends. Works old boys network old girls network a brotherhood a sisterhood whatever you wanna call and boy there's not a matter racial component everything I just says. But what happened at San Antonio is this a bad Chevy top. -- an illegal arrest of a citizen carrying a -- So what happened. What did the citizens of San Antonio do I loved there's dozens of them showed up at the police station with guns. That's. -- they have balls in Texas. Balls the size armadillos. That's what they've gotten Texas. Dozens of armed protesters. Gathered outside a San Antonio police station this was on Sunday. To let authorities know they're not happy that a man was taser and arrested after openly carry his rifle while on a walk near his whole. Open -- Kerry Texas was also protesting a city ordinance that outlaws. Carrying loaded weapons within city limits because members said state law prohibits municipalities. From adopting any such ordinance. In other words it's a state law it's not a municipal thing. In much the same way as or tenth amendment is supposed to mean. That anything the feds don't claim should be in the dominion and domain of the states but who cares it's only the -- constitution. But I have a link up to the story about the guy who was -- by a badge every thug -- And the reaction of the gun owning a law abiding citizens of San Antonio on Sunday. Well done fellows well done. We've got to show these people these people all these people we've got to show big government. There you work for us they are our puppets. Are right. The governor is your employees. The president is your employee. The police are you or employee ease. We paid the freight weed the people. And if they can't abide by the same laws by which they except expect us to abide. Well then something is rotten in the state of Denmark. And instead of being Hamlet and -- fart around for four acts. It's about time somebody growers that actually showed up to say no we're not gonna take it. Which was a great song by The Who way back when. So -- continue from yesterday's topic every artist whose stories I stumbled upon just storage or stumbled upon. Just a different the past few -- I -- examples. I've -- example of sergeant not to but -- that is of one examples. Because I folks. And I I have to take this predates Obama. It started during the second George bush administration for me. It should have started a lot soon. But one thing that comes with age. Hopefully. Is wisdom and an increased knowledge base. And a better understanding. Of human nature. And more importantly the nature of government the true and sinister nature of government. All government everywhere anytime any place in history. Which always is to crack down on people. That freedom is not the natural relationship. Of most people to their governments over the entire course of human. History on this -- And that freedom from government intervention and intrusion and thuggery. Is the exception to the rule and what we see it start to happen in the United States we the people have a sacred obligation to say no. You don't go here and you know what if blood test to be shed so be it blood will be shed. Sorry. Just the way it is Thomas Jefferson -- it. Ben Franklin do at George Washington to. Look. Other businessman Tom and blood is a big expense. But sometimes unfortunately. It's necessary. And when your government starts acting like a thought on a regular and routine basis. Then you know it's time. I I don't know when he played her way to say it. Well that sounds seditious well you know what the founding fathers were -- to the king of England to ask them how much they gave offline. Yeah. Now. -- nothing like a little bit of brain damage to start on my program. 333. Very apropos Edgar's -- on -- thirty WBBM. That. How do you go wrong with Pink Floyd and -- David Gilmore and the answer is you don't. 8030930. All right come on anybody anybody wanna elements and -- want them. Anybody. Do you believe the United States into which you were born and still exists. Or was it. Such fiction and -- compared to what you actually see happening today as to be unbelievable. And without merit because. The tire like a lot of students you know he grew up at roughly the same era. And that we learned of the same myths and legends and mixed in with some truths of American history. No -- we learned all that stuff. And one of the things we learned was that the United States was an exceptional country because in this country that people have the power the constitution says we the people. The ten amendments the first tend to -- constitution. Enshrined there what were already preexisting natural rights there were not given to us by the government they were promised to us but they were promises of an already existing compact. Between us and nature's god or the creator. Actually would be weak but why quibble over -- But didn't come -- time has become a time. When you believe the country into which you were born just no longer exists. And I can't even cites a recent examples for those who just don't pay attention this stuff what you're early president of the United States -- -- -- -- -- it -- because a racist. When you have a president of the United States get away with. Going before a joint session of congress and what is called the State of the Union Address. Which is a constitutionally. Mandated update on how things with the United States. And you got him saying. That whenever and wherever possible he'll pass congress and nobody wants to do for the good of the American people. Folks that is just so blatantly. And patiently un American. As to be impeachable. All right what he has set and gets away with it. What is -- is the tripartite division of powers set aside by our constitution. No longer exists that he Obama. Will decide what is law and what is -- law we see this action with all of these changes made to so called Health Care Reform. Obama has no power to make the changes he's made to that law yet he doesn't and nobody calls a month. An attorney general refusing to prosecute quote his people. Over voter fraud. We have entered into a -- era and area in American history. And -- rather appalled that more people are as disgusted. As I am with the direction. Of this country what is it because you're afraid of being labeled a racist. Which is exactly what I told you what happened in 2008 when the simple thieves would call -- my show once they will -- to understand if we elect a black bad as president of the United States how far that's good to go to heal the racial divisions in this country that a Billy in existence since the founding of the United States -- the colleges. And I basically called BS them and I call BS now. I call -- that I call now. Because Jack can't and I -- I said you're not going to be able criticize him because any criticism you give him will be. Immediately labeled as racist and discount it. And it it's the same thing everywhere with Hillary see this beyond race now waiting Hillary's presidency is going to be the next president I do every little doubt that. That is all she stays healthy. Are huge surge drooling you're going senile that might be an issue but Hillary's gonna be the next president to all lined up anything you say -- Hillary. Will be about what's the word you'll be called racist you'll recall what come on stars -- alma. All right Rush Limbaugh that call this a lot now misogynist. See if you attack Hillary Clinton you don't like women. Just to remember is that something bad about Obama you don't like black people you -- separate. I mean you can vote for Ben Carson if you could -- Condoleezza Rice all day long and you can think the Clarence Thomas is a great man on the Supreme Court doesn't matter say something about Obama you're racist. The sad thing with Hillary Clinton you say anything about Hillary Clinton when she's president and you're gonna hate lemon. And god forbid a Republican do it because then of course that's simply. Further entrench as the Republicans as the party of the war on women. And -- who who's going to be -- them that they're gonna have to get a gay Hispanic. As the next president after Hillary. Or maybe you put the gay and -- you put the Hispanic him. Because they're always -- -- shield usery. Because the policies. Must not be examined. The critiques of the policies must be dismissed as the evil offspring. The Mets did outdated anachronistic mines that simply can't comprehend the new reality of America. This is how intellectual speech. Our right speaking of -- pastors. I swear -- to tiptoe through a so called intellectuals brain you'd see more steaming affected piles of flight covered -- That you could even step over. And you know what's really scary. You know I'm right. Anybody who says anything about president Hillary Clinton. Will be a misogynist. Anybody who says anything against the first Democrat Hispanic president. Will be eight. Racist and probably is he no fault -- that's tough because it starts with the letter expert is pronounced like easy. So it might be an issue for some people some people say he's on -- follow. And I am and the first night we have a -- president well all bets are off -- You know say that that's why they're already grooming everybody. About these works that's why these words are already being used as they're being used so you're groomed to understand that when they are used. Bet that there are consequences. Like the guy with that Mozilla that rush's talking about every day. Who basically got booted from his job if he gave a thousand dollars to a pro. Man and woman marriage. Years ago. It's gonna happen more and more it is that of fascism. It is actually more orwellian than anything else. We believe in diversity said the least diverse least tolerant bunch of gay activists in the world. Let's take some calls when did America diet to you because I think that the Americans into which I was bored no longer exists. I really believe that it breaks my heart it makes -- It makes -- sad for our children it makes me sad for our grandchildren. But. You you have a different lenders are you might think the country is. You think is back at once when you were -- I tell. You why. Here is up Harrisburg and David I WB and David you're get the sense that you woke up 1 morning and the sun was gone you turn out to music to start your day lost yourself with a familiar song closure doesn't slip away. Yeah okay. Let me interpret things if you're like what is late speaker of the great musician -- I think calling him a lot he said they're still all. But I need be wrong. And I considered better real. Lobby your state that basically people really. But. We need your -- if you -- -- Well I here's where I have to disagree because I see a trend I see a large and sweeping trend. I'm not saying one pimple popping up I'm seeing acne popping up all across the country political -- And nobody seems to wanna pop. OK you know he's gotten out -- -- break out at 4 o'clock well in a few minutes. -- here. There's going to be in the end announcing a run for governor he's calling out of the governor or all. And he'll take on the Republican so it's always -- into the -- are. Aaron Aaron -- -- that you got your head and thank you thanks for trying to hijack the show. Here is not Peter -- a cell phone the WBM -- -- -- -- Yeah I respect your. That. Ordered mine are actually corporate. I -- -- is -- a Bluetooth or cellphone to second earlier it. Just if you take the Bluetooth off it'll be great. If you don't. It. And just go ahead and speak I'll try to make coaches. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And issues and restore. Our ad is. Dude who transportation costs. And L what. -- Energy and it is. It dish dot trying to -- up. And delicate job of getting people addicted to our government now. That crack. And let everybody know what it would be worse I doubt. It you're addicted to -- They're gonna raise the prices -- -- more you were asked more are you any basically you're just you know. -- more and more. Light -- people. And meanwhile the Republicans. What people talk about like Hank Aaron talk about the -- and by the -- baker what a tremendous disappointment he wants he Sox mom anyway. I mean the -- or -- elementary school. And every kid in the all white elementary school which I attended. With all -- Hank here you know paid beat the record heat the record beat the record and then to have him turn out to be -- -- a real disappointment. But I I digress. In terms of in terms of energy cost. EU are absolutely right anybody who cares to look up what Obama set about energy costs knows that what you say. Is absolutely. Are correct he wanted America to be basically less dependent on fossil fuel. Not because. He wanted -- to be more like Europe and public transportation. Meanwhile his beast vehicle gets about two miles a gallon and this guy flies all over the planet just a recreation. Actually thought -- quit but you are pushing open Hunger Games and it's gonna I'll fire -- Bought it. We're slowly moving toward where all the government. Com has full Ctrl+Alt errors let these sectors country your order order and -- -- should say. You know ballots. Saying its shut it should be right that every -- the people forget -- -- problem. -- were just about president. I'll be careful about big double -- all be careful -- walking into a -- Mind you could be walking and what field here be careful I don't advisors for the old trained. To. You know but. She want. It. Yes he is and I I. I only despite the white part of him and I've made that clear on a number of occasions. That you know what actually I only despite his duck and it moderate. And gawker packer nation and -- their job. -- Or whoever they want. But the way to Asia. The -- I mean. You know. I really didn't I really don't believe that I ever thought that she was gonna -- Hillary back in 2008. Denomination. And talk about somebody in -- know a lot that's really didn't have any experience and should it. Well -- Hillary Hillary for got a very basic rule and that is for certain people race trumps everything. Bet it didn't matter that her husband was the first black president before Barack Obama. But Barack Obama actually looked black and race trumps everything and he got the vote. -- -- exactly I mean that's something that what you shut you can't say that he'll be. You know people it -- -- gracious. I said I don't care anymore though that's that's my theory of I've adopted that the last couple years I don't care. The word means did -- the war doesn't mean anything anymore. I don't know what he got the tree -- and got people. Got the problem the problem his government as -- watched it go. All the people cheering now there elder they are looking toward the future. Cheer and how -- were out. Thought the sport now which that I -- a future in that chair and -- -- -- solutions. -- future energy. Let me let me enlighten you. End and I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but -- -- a lifetime studying this kind of stuff. The nature of governments. All governments every where ultimately is to gain control over every aspect of their citizens' lives that's why. Why did the United States of America was. That. And we -- different noble. We're just the same as every other state and country on the face of the year. -- you know what kind of shocks. -- bought back in fact we were always junior L. Boy don't you think George Bush and his new world order buddies for that it. It's all up to -- that the big game plan here is these destruction of the United States of America. All right. They don't blocked a United States of America they'll be perfectly. Happy with something like got a North American union of Mexico the US and Canada they don't lot sovereignty. Because sovereignty leads to. Jingoism. And jingoism leads to war and that's bad except for the families that make zillions of dollars -- in the weapons. -- -- -- -- You're kidding sir. Thank you for understanding that been preaching that for so long and I'm so glad that at least one other person on the face of the planet sees it for what it is. The open at southern border and the free access to the United States by anybody from Mexico while watching -- -- mother waits five hours to get Chinese food in fort Erie is nothing. But an attempt to completely do away with the sovereignty of the United States and to leave the United States in the hands of illegal invaders but -- Jeb Bush said they're doing and out of love. -- actually my. So please guys you have to understand -- date I'll go after Obama and I go after bush -- exactly the same kind of venom I've got no use for either of them. Or any bush for that matter it thanks very much I'm glad you called. Yep it's a very opinionated that folks. I'm continuing when it left off with yesterday it was a big hit. Give -- examples. Give me examples. Of when and how you think we've lost the country if you think we've lost the country. -- I think if we haven't we are so far on the way as it may be your redeemable. And Biden's first pitch forecast that calls for cloudy evening spotty showers now what is there. They're -- at the ballpark. Allegheny state park. -- a clue. It will become clear -- the overnight low 39 tomorrow sunshine with clouds and 57 right now Joseph news. Oh my gosh 65 be still my beating heart it was so gorgeous out -- very. And of course you know what happened I put the four bags of garbage out be the garden garbage all the leaves the sticks and twigs. And about an hour before the truck came by to pick up this giant gust of wind that blew my perfect bags. All on the story. So. Yeah. Let's go to nick in I said the neighbor I said of course it's windy. Average day I slammed the lid on my garbage -- I was not I was not happy. Outlets in garbage to noted it's ball -- in buffalo WB -- hello. -- -- awesome thank you. Here I'm a caller that you -- awhile. -- your question in my opinion on my lead the country wants. On November 22 of 96. Re interested to sell off. You know it would be an -- to -- That's what I was getting at when Walter Cronkite interrupted as the world turns to tell us that their shots have been fired at president Kennedy's motorcade in downtown Dallas. -- correct like yourself in my opinion that's when we lost -- again in my opinion I believe that. That's when the powers that be whichever you -- -- always -- an Audi Fiat. Criminal elements of the military industrial complex. Or people put themselves. Decided that that would be the last time are they -- the market people. To truly vote lacked an actual car at the. All sinners and here's what I wanna keep it until after the news because -- happen actually be fascinated with the assassination of president Kennedy even though I am not attend the final people don't understand. How likened feel bad that JFK was murdered and the whole thing was covered up but I'm not a Kennedy fans. Justice is justice just because I don't like a family doesn't mean I don't want the family get just this one must bifurcated between personal feelings and by the way all the Kennedys despite his wandering heinous JFK I think was the best. So don't go anywhere neck under Israeli and just say wandering penis. Okay that's funny I try to look at it that's a funny line on WB EF --

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