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4-10 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Back would be -- governor M sandy beach and what I do is switch gears now because of something -- I heard Tony heard Chris heard you may have heard. And it's pretty sad to -- with today's state of racial relations. Because everything. Goes back to race. It's funny because of Norway and Barack Obama for instance ran for president. I had no problem -- -- running residents is right to him and I said on the air that as long as the same rules apply. You still have the same ability to critique or criticize. I'll pat him on the back or kick him in the pants as you would anybody. But if if it's going to be that any criticism of a black president going to be considered racist that's not good. Because it's not true for one thing. It's impossible for some people to separate criticism from race and it's pretty sad. We have two examples here one comes in our own backyard. Which does not make me happy. Let us hope that Brandon Spikes linebacker for the Buffalo Bills uses is a brain a little bit more than uses his body. Because he's quoted as saying and I saw and heard it on the local a sportscaster or whatever buffalo. He he spent four years with a New England Patriots now don't like the patriots -- like Rob Gronkowski but don't like. The patriots. Because they beat us -- And usually. Somebody beach all the time you know like. A so we don't like the patriots and apparently he didn't like the patriots when it was playing for the patriots. So he comes to buffalo we get them oh and trade Tony we get -- they traded free -- free agent market so -- comes to buffalo. And what does he say. He talks about. How he did not like playing in knowing it's okay. Maybe that might ballot check maybe don't like this game who knows -- -- -- you can do that but then he said. Playing there was like -- -- mine Brandon Spikes is black and the reason I'm telling you he's black it is absolutely germane to the issue here. OK so Brandon Spikes hated New England. Freeagent we -- come up and what's 01 of the first things he says. His time in New England which was four years was like four years. A slave. Now will somebody get Brandon Spikes a history book please. Was somebody haven't sit there and sensitivity session regarding racial. Attention will somebody give this guy and education. If he thinks playing in the National Football League is slavery. First of all it's I hate to tell him it's not that it's it's not required. You don't have to play in the national football -- If you have some -- god given talents that you refined and and you're ready to play at that level that's fine but as best I know. Even the smallest. Salary. In the National Football League is a fortune compared to what most people make. We don't know is I don't have his numbers in front of -- but. Our Tony you'll you'll recall do you think it is signing bonus was a 900 and something thousand dollars you have legs -- Pena and nearly a million dollars. I don't know about you know. How many have you started a job with -- -- with no experience at that level in the job and and they give you almost a million dollars to start. Is that slavery. Does he now does he not. Is not total disrespect. For a black man to use slavery. In conjunction with his job that he just -- like. I mean that's that's it does is it cheapens the argument personals no argument. A result argument over slavery it was wrong then it's wrong now will be wrong forever but the concept. The concept of only one human being owning another human being is so repugnant to us. That we take it very seriously but apparently. If it fit your argument. That you didn't like being somewhere but there were no guards there. They didn't come and bring you back you know he's here now I don't think anybody from -- -- on a shopping kidnapped from in the middle of nine bring him back the knowing. Okay he's not going to be chain to anything and whipped. He's not going to have to live on the plantation. Of Western New York. This -- how to get his act together I hope he's a hell of a lot better linebacker Rennie is a talker because that's Sox. And I'm asking how -- -- going to get past this kind of stuff if it's the gold -- position all the time you know it's one thing to use. An extreme example. Ought to try and prove a point. Like go for instance if I'm if I'm trying to prove goodness well I'll -- mother -- say the poll policy Gandhi. If I'm trying to to have position. Evil then I would say Hitler OK but those are just extreme examples used to prove a point. And as so when you see the extreme you can pull back and understand what that what preparedness but when's -- somebody uses them for their own personal benefit. I mean if spikes it said in -- The forty years I have in knowing we're really shocked. I didn't like I don't like the weather -- -- the Tivo idea I don't like coach shrimp what ever that's fine but to compare to. Forty years a slave. As best I know. He did not have to the conduct any of the duties of a slave. I know or any of a punishment. Of slavery. -- brought down upon us he played football for a living it's a game OK it's a hard game to slow game. He made probably millions of dollars as best I know collectively slaves probably didn't make billions of dollars. -- during the time of the civil war just before soberly at the bottom line is totally inappropriate use of it. And -- and yet you'll be lectured. You will be -- ten ways to Sunday if you use an improper term. Because terms with minorities change -- -- -- minority don't know you know you got to Cuba scoreboard don't want. What are we supposed to say that's correct now. Of -- is that wrong like a year ago OK it's cool now clearly is that. What about tomorrow will tomorrow will today's cool expression would be available are known law of gravity is -- the data that's what it is. We have to walk on eight shells while we're discussing minorities get a minority can equate the New England Patriots was slave owners. And I don't think it's a minor thing I think it's a big thing goes it goes through via. If our proposal lawyers say goals of a thought process of book of Brandon Spikes. Well if you thought Brandon Spikes. Was out of line. Here's a guy who has a thousand times more popular and not more popular more well known the brand -- Amanda is -- a hall of fame a man was held an extra. Employee highest AM. Who's even got a cool for your version and I just gave you. And we'll get to that only comeback on news radio I'm thirty way RWB yen. You wonder where we get our room are subject matter for the talk show and usually it's from observation. As though watching other human beings and occasionally. Like last night I'm there watching TV in some way I got to a communication from Tony. And has said that tomorrow's show is possible subject and -- he mentioned Brendan spikes which we we just to win over. But he also mention. Hank Aaron. Okay first of all regarding Brandon Spikes was a linebacker that now plays for the bills who happens to be black we need to tell you that for this. Of this statement. He hated New England so much worried or we got a promise of free agent that he says he spent four years as a slave. As as we kind of tried to tell you before the break. I'm playing in the National Football League isn't exactly slavery you are allowed to leave. You wanna play you can play and they'll give you a lot of money a lot of revelation. But if you don't wanna play to walk away slaves couldn't do that okay many slaves didn't walk away there were killed. And I don't know how to tell this moron that he should be more and more careful more respect. Of Florida a shameful era in America's history that's what it's about you don't use it for your own personal reference point because you are unhappy. With another team -- -- Brandon Spikes. Lived in all 1860 something like that hand out. -- he considered the slavery which is all around them as the same level of being unhappy with his job. That's ridiculous. The second one is even more ridiculous because this comes straw man who is very highly regarded and his name is Hank Aaron. Who's also black by the way and -- holes the -- legitimate home run was some fourteen of them fifties and have -- all I I shorted them one home run. -- is something like that but people love Hank Aaron. In an interview in the USA today on the fortieth anniversary of his home run. Hank Aaron actually said and this is from the USA. Interview. Sure this country has a black president but when you look at a black president President Obama is left with his foot stuck in the mud. From all of the Republicans. With the way he's treated. The bigger differences that back then they had a whole woods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts. So what he is saying is he's equating Republicans. With KKK. McLaren. Now I don't know how to tell Hank this but I don't think there's any Republican. That is -- that is Cuba a black person just because they're black that out there were aware of the Klan. Used to murder black people. They would hang them they'd string them up. Other -- is despicable. And and because somebody has a different philosophical or. -- professional. In his case or political point of view you don't equate that with the Klan. That's his obnoxious and repugnant. As a Brandon Spikes is saying. That the when he was a New England it was four years as a slave and I tell you the difference. I wanna tell you the difference in in know what they're talking about with somebody else who was definitely been wrong. Let's talk. About the Jewish people let's talk about the June showing. When a Jewish person. References the Holocaust. Six million people killed. People that you know would be is separated by you know few feet may never see their family again it was awful okay. But when a Jewish person references the Holocaust. They do it with deep respect. We have the they recognize. What an awful moment that was in time for the entire human race even though the Germans were the ones doing it okay. So they have a great deal of respect. And reverence. For what happened in the Holocaust as well Malaysia they've earned that. You see that same reverence for slavery. When you can just use fraud out. As if it's it's a card you have up your sleeve that any time you're about the lose an argument to pull -- the scarred in this case the slave -- You're telling me that because you didn't like working for somebody for for a long torturous seasons. That suddenly you -- a slave because why. We were slave. -- bikes because you're black. Is that is that why you were slaves if you're a white line backer and you didn't like your job a New England would would you -- that reference slavery. No it's using a dish. -- period in American history for your own personal selfish. Then added point of view. And that's what it's about now we got this guy and he's going to be wearing our uniform we're gonna collapse. Yeah AEA AEA AEA right by the way if you go to the stadium and he makes a good tackler good stock or an interception -- Ot me just make sure that if you're white you applaud form as well as if your black. Let's just applaud form because you -- Which is what we won't -- obviously. But that kind of wrong headed. I'd just insulting. Kind of but is more than just a dumb guy it's patently. To my bone marrow offensive. So what about the slave card because you don't like -- working conditions and you made multi millions of dollars or for your spirit I'm sure. And as I said you'll never I have never heard a Jew talk. When they talk about the Holocaust. They are -- composure changes as it choice six million people dead. They don't joke about it. Nor should date they certainly don't use that to wind up -- argument or to try and elevate themselves. They they refer to -- it would -- a great dignity. This shows that they care about this people who just whip out the slave card because it because you just lost the debating point somewhere. Is not doing you or anybody else and he favors. I think that's a really ticked me Robin Tony when you sent me that. Idea I got angry thanks roaming the rest of my night by the what but I got angry because of that what are we gonna get past this and how we have. Are going to get past -- center -- I was angry at that point I couldn't believe he said that. And the reaction that he was keen on Twitter was just incredible and go gold Brandon good you know well bill's life. I'd just -- and there is just dumb. It's Longo line you know it's the same it's the same thing -- of different aspects of of alleged racism. If you use that as a cheap get out of jail free card because it happens to be something that. Is the only answer you have four questions being asked. That doesn't doesn't show me much clause at all so I hope he's a better football player than me as a philosopher. -- because of that this is just simply not good and I don't know of -- As far as I'm concerned right I don't know of anybody that's ever made that comparison. With the way. Blacks will reference. Slavery. As opposed the way Joe's will reference the Holocaust they're totally different. They really are now that's not true with everybody that's -- black but I have yet to hear. One Jewish person do that. -- you know I've never heard all I didn't you know I didn't make a good business still all right didn't get into this goal. All right this I didn't this I couldn't do this right wasn't allowed that bear because. Of vote of the Holocaust nobody does that nobody I've never heard. And I'd be surprised if if anybody ever did but it's not the same way it was slavery. And no idea how do you think -- the people who legitimately. Intellectually. Noelle what it's like to feel like a slave to. Put yourself in their position to hear it used in such a cavalier manner by a young punk football player. Who's got probably more money than he needs and thought he was a slave for warriors. Well it was a freeagent I guess he escaped the New England plantation to me. Probably getting a few paychecks and exchange were to what Rebecca that is. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Elliott back revision that they'll sandy beach yes -- athletes want a hall of fame athletes Louis is immortalized in the brains of anybody who followed baseball. The other a young football player -- I OP plays better football when he talks because. Brandon Spikes is the Buffalo Bill who compares his four years with the patriots as four years a slave. And needless to say NFL players slaves Hank Aaron on the other hand. Basically told the of the USA today. He said sure this country has a black president. But when you look at a -- a black president President Obama is left with his foot stuck in the mud from all of the Republicans with the way he's treated. The bigger difference is that back then. They had hoods. Now they have neckties and start sure so what he's saying with the very little -- Is that the Republicans are going to be equivalent of a clan. So very unfortunate. So I'm I'm asking for your opinions of how we get past all of this. If you think -- in his -- about the slave card. And easily play it because it -- your argument at the moment. That you have no respect for what your ancestors went through. If they weren't slaves. No respect at all for the other people tried to help people were slaves tried to get things changed many people died for obviously. And and so it just casually use it like that is despicable. Let's go to a droll and buffalo drilling here on WB -- Hey I'm what you I think you're just stick to it despicable on that in their casually. You just. You come up with a couple recent examples -- -- a whole bunch of other people that -- things that aren't slavery the slavery to. So Glenn Beck called illegal immigration and slavery. Sarah Palin called our national debt slavery. Rush Limbaugh called obamacare slavery. GOP senate senate candidate. And North Carolina called food stamps slavery. That we need to be concession like this in the wrong finger right. But it's weird that you're just calling out to. Well there's a difference between baseman here's the difference. Between a specific. Accusation. And and something that's -- generalities because it stands for Islamic the example I used earlier is. If I'm going to reference goodness I'll reference mother Theresa. The poll Gandhi and I'm gonna represented were pure evil. I'll go well with Hitler OK but those are -- to set the stage to show you the differentiation. Between what I'm trying to compare to that with these two quotes I made I they're -- quotes as far as I'm good surfers older direct quotes. And they're not applicable at all does anybody believe that an NFL player as a slave. I I think that -- when you're using an example of the word slavery. Meaning Europe and here's the difference. I'm a slave to pastry. Look at love apple apply -- slave -- -- I think that's pretty generic and pretty much well used. As a as a point of view it used to describe what you are hold on okay Obama I'm a slave to a to a -- you know back kind of thing. But these -- direct quotes. I mean Brandon Spikes saying he spent four years a -- obviously got to take off on the movie. That that once some awards recently. But at the slave and that term was indentured servitude. All right the slave had to do the work of the master. And who work they get paid I don't thinks that they get a signing bonus I don't think so. Could they leave I don't think so that's directed as a direct comparison. The job of the slave was to serve the master. The job of this Brandon Spikes is to play football. Think about it like that his job is to jump on a guy who's carrying a football. Order not to pass out of the air is that slavery. I don't think so but that's his job his job as -- easier. Been working in the fields all day one would say. And Hank Aaron comparing Republicans through the plan planned shield people. Regularly. They lynched people they burn crosses in the in the -- of front yard. I'll vote a vote black people. I mean you're going to say that the Republicans are the same kind of people would do that might I remind mr. Aaron. That one of the best known and longest serving. -- civil servants in Washington was a member of the plan who happened to be a Democrat. Mr. Byrd. Rush -- -- in a fun loving -- calls and sheets Byrd. He was not only a Klan member he was elevated I don't know there their ranks but he was like. Grande legal or whatever that's called but that was that and air and he was senator is US senator. So before you start painting all Republicans. -- that Russia to think about it. Yeah there's a difference between. Using the generic term of slave meaning almost slave to meaning I'm addicted to. I can't kick some thing whatever. I'm I'm deeply attracted to and an actual -- I think that we can figure out for ourselves. Let's go to -- was an accident and it's Aaron. In Orchard Park mariner on WBN. I'm fine it would force -- Well at all I'd vote conservative and it's so frustrating from the -- -- -- -- like this and just discuss it with friends that are affiliated with. Although liberals are the Democrats. Yeah it's frustrating because the media portrays conservatives -- Republicans could be. Racists you know we don't like the poor -- it in the garbage in -- and it's frustrating -- it will go find out these. The answer for themselves then and what I wanted to say about Hank -- comments. The fact that if you think about. Slavery for instance and racism. And important if we're Elway Jim responsible with the key figure -- I think racism. A mixed race Asian -- and if you have a Republican. Absolutely positively that's a home run them making that. A making. That observation that they don't care if if facts get in the way of their argument for the moment just cast them aside. Good point good point. Absolutely. A -- Republican. And -- about it I think the argument can be remain I don't wanna get into a political. His and hers and he says she said the -- like this of the two parties. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Let's use that term slave. In this context to mean addicted to I have to hang out. The example I use I'm a slave to apple -- I'm in on me and I gotta have apple pie American ever have a fire wanna I gotta have apple -- but chooses let's uses terms like a -- for that. Which party. Do you think would hold people more as slaves. The Republican Party. Who says we wanna give -- -- -- -- we want you to be able to be self sustaining we will watch -- be able to take carrier family. And have a good job at a fair at a fair wage but we want you not to have to rely on the government. Now the other side. The Democratic Party pay you have to do this let us give you assistance with that. You have to pay for this let us pay for a you don't have to do this should have to do this should have to do this just remember this you've got to hear. Are they not enslaving people more than the Republicans who want you to be independent. As far as I know the slave owners. Didn't want independence for their slaves. Some progressive people of by and occasionally one or two might have but mainly they wanted to keep you know indentured of them. Isn't that exactly what the Democratic Party is like. Get hooked on all these programs. And there's no need to get off the couch will leave and refill your card electronically. You tell me of the two parties. Which one in that definition of slavery. Fills the bill will be back after this regarding the two comments. Brandon does spikes Buffalo Bills linebacker referring to his four years in New England obviously didn't like -- there said it was four years a slave. Might I remind. Brandon sites that there is a huge difference. Between playing in the NFL and being a slave playing in the NFL is strictly. Voluntary that you volunteered to play and they give your money. Being a slave was not a volunteer action nobody volunteered obviously it. So you had a choice to play in the NFL. They had no choice but to become slaves saw I think he should think that over for awhile and regarding Hank Aaron. Alluding -- the Republicans are the plan. As an earlier callers that I might remind him. That the approach the the president most associated with freeing the slaves Wednesday. Republican. Abraham Lincoln so and the story let's go to us alien can more story here on WB yeah. They've been the put the law have no respect Hank Aaron anymore we're comment like I think he's the summit brings every day. Yes sad because it was such a great athlete but sometimes it disappoint you. -- what about I guess -- never heard of the black Panthers consoles come elected everything is you know what ultimately don't know race you know race as the market cornered. I'm racism in the and not discrimination I I I do experience Cordoba the discrimination and I've grown up in the projects in the last little white got out of there. Unfortunately it took forever to get well -- -- -- Erica follow me around 197072. When I was ten years old as gold from the projects on the true what you look good. -- the book about the discrimination and the the words on the pollution around that I had our -- -- and of course nobody nobody could nobody ever cease situation you know. What scares me too is that it doesn't look like there's an easy way to get past all this stuff because they keep pulling it out of their back pocket of the -- cards and should be a very serious issue but they use it for less than serious. Conversation and as long as you're doing that you're cheapening. The idea of the discussion and you shouldn't do. Bright you know the I'm that I never have felt smaller displayed in my whole life and now my income is now 20% argued -- over time because. -- reports every year. Exactly these are never going down -- -- always going up. I don't look at what button at the point a lot of a lot of it got a bit more work anymore -- -- not -- -- toward what he can speak further. For the sleeps dug up -- good morning and go to work to support ninety million people and not work at all what what what what what would accept that. Another -- the -- could be your slave to your job because your job provides those of money for your family but you hated. -- but you don't mean it literally like he did OK thank you write your stories so much. Yeah there's a different -- the terms slave. Can be it was I think it's common use I don't think it's you know of that. -- that rare to use it as I'm hooked on I'm a slave to of this. As opposed to actually literally thinking that. It's close to slavery but they're two different things. But that it just struck me. Is the dignity. In which Jews refer to the Holocaust. I mean obviously. You even if you're not jury issue understand. What a period was abominable. But when they refer to the Holocaust when when a -- refers to a holocaust they do it with dignity. They duel with reverence. They know what it meant and they know that -- wasn't the expression never again. They know what happened there and the entire families but wiped out and generations gone. But they don't use it for cheap argument. When's the last time you ran across -- Jules didn't like his jobs that well it's like -- being at the Holocaust. In that you never gonna hear that never. -- -- But if they've learned that and that that's they carry that around with them. As well they showed you have to remember you know time -- everything. It makes it seem less real. But they holocaust was real slavery it was real and you know -- if you think the bottom. In humankind. A timetable is hard to get past those two issues as. Not being the worst two things people have ever done a ouija. I mean remember via the slaves were were all in all alone. By the people that had them. Can you imagine a human being being owned by another human being. They were from a mistake with the Dred Scott case they where they were channel they work property to be owned by Leo. I'm sure the New England Patriots. Dayton kidnap them all of college campus. In force him to play for them that's that it was a strictly voluntary. And the deal was this now are there restrictions. So that if you if you sign a contract and they give you money and you promise to play for the yeah you can't be playing for somebody else until your contract is up or -- they treasure. That's that's fine but you knew that going -- and you went in voluntarily and you were rewarded lavishly Ford. He didn't give it up for nothing you you -- dragged by the nectar of the training camp so I'm surprised that I assume. Spikes is a fairly young guy and a surprising isn't Smart of them. He should be smarter -- one would hope that maybe he wakes up some -- as you know what I did a disrespect. To every black person -- form eight. Who has any connection with slavery at all. Because I was so far align with but this is what we've got now. We've got back cavalier attitude of well when in doubt -- about the slave card whip -- the race card. And I don't think that we're gonna get passed for a long time and that's sad. Because it we couldn't get past that if we use some common sense. But that's in short supply with -- quotes from Brandon Spikes and even the great Hank Aaron. -- that about wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine on newsreader and I'm thirty we RW -- We'll we'll. Which they never has to these beasts.

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