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4-10 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't know if you are awakened suddenly this morning listening John is Susan when they had the expert on who says yes because of this heart bleeds security bug. You must change solve your passwords not some of them but all of them. And the thought of that I mean you -- you -- passwords we have many codes we have for me. Answer my own phone in my own desk OK I need to go through three sets. Of law of -- three just for me to pick iPhone. And listen to whoever left me a message. I do they think that I've been cleaning lady's gonna come into my office pick up my phone and start listening to my messages. I don't get it -- away a year's one let's have lunch you know. That's what it is we need codes for every. Hour every day thing I get up in the morning and I put my computer on actually put my. But my iPad I'm -- code to even open it up got that good. Any other sites that I go I need a code or password to get into votes. Coming into the building I need a -- fob which contains the code to open the door. Aren't then I go to my phone and as I said I -- three sets of numbers just answer my phone it's two words -- get anything left on my phone any three sets of numbers. We come in here. Now I don't have to sign in on this why -- guys have to sign animals logs. I have to sign in on this computer don't crystal sign in on that I have -- world. FCC logs that I have decided to Sacramento with the sign in there. Mine is a slave of mine is a slave to yours so I don't have the sign in on this but that's the only thing so all day long. That's -- we have to do and we have codes for our cars we have codes for a bank account we have codes for anything we wanna send floor. We have cause obviously on our charge cards. We have all kinds of different codes and and I wanna say because I also mean passwords. So this is this is our life now and then they do sell some thing. That that you can put all of your passwords and -- -- Motorola won twice the problem has to get into that. You need a password so I mean it never. I just counted seven different things that require me to enter a password. Just from my job just incredible. I mean it really is and it's not like there's and outside danger. It's not like somebody's gonna tap into that computer you have in there right now and find out what commercials were running. In the next stops that you know why has it it's on the radio on no hero I mean it's not a it's not that hard to find. But the bottom line is we're overly security conscious and we've put over. I think too much trust in the Internet. I'd like theater that I use it but I don't I don't trust that. You could close you could wipe my accounts clean and they can be published on the problems messes awareness. And I just don't put anything on there because look at Scott. -- gets caught with this stuff. You you you put something on there and it ends up in a court case. And they've they've they showed your email and there as you said it it came from your account -- the -- -- Erica. They had your pats will -- there. No you put it on there so -- whoever happens. Yes. Do you have anything on error. Our -- -- okay well you better run you better race and that we find out this. No matter hall many times you delete. It's never deleted we find out who the FBI can get into any thing about what's in it you could've taken a hard drive out of your computer. A run over what your car set on fire. Put it at the bottom of the ocean cut in half with a chainsaw. And the FBI will still be able to get get the information you thought you deleted. I'm gonna come clean last night I will admit I was watching a video of video I'm not a no it was a 41 -- would've blown engine it was really cool. Hungry because that's all of the ominous fooled -- -- -- congress and sports you know miners if you look at mine right now. I'm looking for some new wheels for our car OK and I have I have been working on this for three weeks every day. Where can I get these -- -- Blah blah blah they forged -- -- you know so it being barred unless you're like Wales that's that that's what's been on a mine that's about it but are saying. And -- -- like -- wheels I like wheels but the average guy trying to scam the account. Doesn't care about the whales -- cares about is the credit card number if you by the wheels that's what he cares about. Now I have -- a story here and news of yet another in law happening laps of Internet security. Has left millions of people wondering what they can do to protect their passwords credit card numbers and other sensitive data. These security bug known as heart -- Affects the encryption technology open SSL which is used by about two thirds of web servers. To protect online accounts for email instant messaging and electronic commerce. Open SSL is a variant of SSL slash TO last encryption. Do noted by the little padlock symbol and elegant non profits -- the little padlock there. And HTTPS. On web browsers to signify. The traffic is secured I mean you know about HTTP. Then they added S for secure. The -- makes it possible in this is important stuff now for hackers to snoop on Internet traffic. Despite the supposedly secure padlock. Without leaving a trail this is the point they don't -- betrayal so web site owners and users. Wouldn't even realize the theft had occurred. So that's the thing it's not like oh look they're stealing something let's track it down well we can -- it's not like MCI elsewhere. You know -- and Indians -- agents just get everything instantaneously. It's not like that at all but now there's no trail B Johnson. If you were not aware of that account. Being used. You wouldn't be where you would be nervous about -- well you know are going to be aware even worse experts believe the bug went undetected for more than tool. Years -- I don't think anyone that has been using this technology is in a position to definitively say they weren't compromised. That's -- CEO of a Finnish security firm. Computer security experts offered the following advice for users connected. I'm concerned about the -- now you're ready for some advice. Well good would give it to you after the break on news radio 930 we are WB yeah it is -- governor let's get back go to the phones. Mrs. Tom and freedom time here on WB yen. Good morning. And I couldn't be better Tom you worried about this a new Internet bug did. Along that we're always worried about it because I don't come -- and it any different from their call me if I'm appalled I'm only fifty. But our little wire understand some glory -- -- -- what -- yet they had an experience yesterday with the Better Business Bureau. Or it -- only either male or Malacca or wire line. To file -- complaint. And they want it don't we will court and I was born. What -- -- -- a nine year old grandmother. Although only option as the waters. Are now. Yeah -- often times I've from the companies don't always really wanna talk to their customers. They wanna make it as impersonal as as possible the best way to do that. Is live what you just said. But not usually a letter but it's usually some kind of Internet communication. Sure. And and that was just from other time I've ever walk out all of the amount that is it's. It has it's problems well I -- at all it's want to hold. OK idea -- direct deposit banking or you do any banking. Yeah Walters correct the problem that it hasn't had very little white in the polls sherbet. What is going down permanently. All right I'll tell Trish -- -- -- -- Paris is about a postal employee it's regular guys. Are right you wanted to know what advice you would get. What you should do are not do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He can't Tracy can't follow it. So as I said even the MCI has -- couldn't find it. Here is though what they suggest. I would change and these are the words of wolf gang can -- Now first of all if your name is Wolfgang. Then you've got to be serious because that sounds like a serious name in on target about. I don't like this. If penny Wolfgang v.'s judge Mary Wolfgang -- He be Wolfgang Wolfgang could issue and burn him so I'm just saying. Adobe -- or which he Mary Wolfgang Puck that's strike if she -- hockey player. It be Wolfgang Puck I like -- with -- you're going park I'm going to -- you're going Chevron or in part yeah good question. No here's what Wolfgang -- Eckert chief technology. Officer for maker of security analysts software. I would change every password everywhere because as possible something was sniffed out. And you should follow these guidelines. Don't use common words this is where are passwords. Or a string of consecutive numbers. And one of a late night comedians did little funny shtick he said his mother. Didn't quite get the concept of not using consecutive numbers but she went from 12345. 212346. And battle throw everybody by leaving the five. Experts recommend passwords be at least eight characters long using a combination of letters numbers and -- rules. Saying now I don't have any symbols views any cymbals no audio I think in one passer one you have a symbol. Like with this symbol yes for anybody I don't like I -- it was forced you know that's not what you think -- -- it's in a similar in that area was one of the crazy when -- meet meet them unless you play for the buffalo philharmonic and you've got that big round metal thing that -- bank. I and and is no way Imus open -- I should put us there what event. And is certainly -- domination. Of letters numbers and symbols avoid using the same username. And password for multiple sites because that the outages. That if they get you wanna get your all of them how -- think about it like this. If they get your full one art -- -- charge card say it's that your acme charge card. Okay they got they got -- that one. How -- they know what ever -- -- we've been. That charge card mean that. And -- name and number whatever you're using there wouldn't necessarily apply to all the other stuff looking at -- the find out wouldn't. -- -- but at the end of the day if you pardon the expression. At the end of the day you end -- thinking. -- this is whiz bang technology but how much in my life have vice spent either trying to get my computer reboot it. Trying to get it fixed. Trying to retrieve something that's on hard drive that got fried. How much does -- not work how many times that I get I -- And I don't know I guess it's worth it I guess is part of you trade one thing for another but there's no free lunch. -- for lunch yeah it's faster yes it's more sophisticated the one thing I will say that is very beneficial. Is if you're sitting there watching a movie or something and you -- your iPad right there and you see somebody on the screen you know. It's familiar. He is an -- think of another movie menu go to a movie and you'll find out who he has so I mean that's beneficial because before that as I told you. I used to have the call cinema Bob. And and and pick his brain. At all hours of the day and night because I like it drives me crazy. To try and think of something and not be able to get the answer so now I've read -- and -- -- -- Yahoo! News into a real wanna do to. And by the way. I'm at least two weeks away from Google and I'm still doing fine. I got so sick. Of Google putting that square up. It was a little round circle in the middle a circular ball. I just I deleted the my whole Google account gone it's goodbye Charlie and I'm doing fine I'm I'm finding everything -- You know what they like FaceBook we'll drive me crazy because of the constant changes on it. Lately having a problem for anybody else does -- is just me but. Where pictures don't show up and you know I need my pictures of cars you go in her own food I -- I see them so they're not showing up for some reason. If things like that that -- you know the drive you crazy yet okay that's it I'm done Musharraf now you turn Rebecca five minutes. Well I don't have that same problem because MySpace account as flaws -- never have a problem with -- and so it doesn't it doesn't bother me yeah. Everything works as suppose the word right things get posted the way it is the most revolves. I have a flawless race that's so I guess someone walk ons yeah what you do spend an awful lot of times -- -- policy -- I do know it and it's worth it has paid off. That Twitter can teach you offer Twitter either I'm a twittering -- -- I can tell you I even like Conway Twitter when he was alive and it it includes when white river country are that he was the light years between I used -- did you know -- -- I didn't -- -- -- nobody viewed through. Rocker Robbins organized -- and I like a rock and tree dropped all day long rocket and a -- and and then who else goes a rock and Ana -- noble and on it it's like whoa whoa I go a swinging school but right now. -- -- think that the Elvis that's the sound great I go up swinging school not true swinging school he never wins and so Gosling and school I just went up swinging school. Now we've done little fifties music trivia for you we will continue and we wanna hear from you. Are you worried about this heart believe the security bug. They say it may have been out over two years. And it's undetectable it is undetectable. And they suggest you change your passwords and Chris you know Chris have a good point it's making us paranoid now we're saying. They're telling us to go and change are passwords how do we know that's real. I don't know people aren't waiting to catch the passwords were trading and and and get into account that way. This is scary accurately as will be backward mark. By the way output in the correct password and you'll get a day people newscast next on those right there and I'm thirty WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine journey in our toll free line is 1806169236. I was just bragging that Tony now I have a seventeen inch seat this battle. And I got that you don't know anybody else who has the settlements that says seventy NC -- and probably don't know anyone else who has salary -- Yeah idea I just ahead and nicest surprises in this battle is a totally refurbished and ready to goes. Koch shows have been no polish have ever had your conscious polished it's very it was at this -- DN -- really is it's very nice and it's a rough outsells not a shows cells -- workings. Goes through a cool and I'm very excited about bringing having a brought back to life. Now we're talking about the dreaded hot believe that. I read a web intrusion -- say a security bug that has been out for. Are a couple of years apparently and the dangerous part is that you don't know your being hit. And there's no way to Trace it is it leads notre -- So the security experts that I heard on with the Jonas doesn't today said 11 thing you got to do is you got to change. All of okay. Of your passwords and something on here we go again you get this all the time that I like changing one every three months but that's the way it goes but keep in mind now. According to this article that I haven't probably changing your passwords while doing you any good. Until the affected web services install software to fix the problem. So you change your password but of the problems still bear it picks up you're no password that you just went through so that's not a good thing is that. They would then need to alert their users to the potential risks and let them know from the heart -- fix. And that it's been installed so they can change their passwords so you have to go to. Two two the site. Find out if they've put the fix in and then indeed you can change your password and know that that's I mean is this way too complicated for us. Now get this. CNET. And this is the thing that drives me crazy. It's when somebody will tell you oh OK if you do this and this and this this'll happen. Or maybe it won't I'm here and you're -- here's -- CNET. It is advisors web users to check the security of individual sites here as we said earlier though it warrants. That caution is still warranted even if the site has an all clear indication. So it can say all clear. For this and your feeling comfortable but it can still be contaminated. If it's if it's given a red flag you should definitely avoid it for now. So what they're telling -- is now okay. I wanna go to acme plans web site. And I go there they say don't worry no worry we've done is hardly -- FedEx and you're OK you're totally secure our. And then -- are doing business on acme plans and you find out you're not totally secure the only way you'd the only definitive answer. Is if you're not secure but then the red flag comes out so you definitely don't use that. I'm I'm I'm sure I'm talking. Now way over my head on this it's only two of them an article. Because I don't know about much about it I I use that but I'm no expert for short so if you go there and has a red flag to stay away. This green flag. Maybe you stay away anyway so what the hell kind of a fixes that. I mean never hear that where I'd imagine the doctors saying to you well yes. We are going to be in major surgery you're going to remove this we're gonna cut this down and take some put a new one and and that should. Or maybe it won't I'm making equipment and while that's what they say on -- -- be alert of that. Okay did I wanna remind people about this because I always do every year but. I -- not have it in front of me. A press release from sheriff Timothy Howard. About the Erie county sheriff's mounted unit food drive. All right are courtside -- our dog loved the for a fact that it contains forward mounted. The sheriff is please announce the fund raising for the food bag Western New York. Is going to be Thursday. The seventeenth of April from ten to one of the sheriff's -- reserve unit. And their horses will be at the Broadway market in buffalo. Just as guests of the and -- -- that. -- event that's a little low and seek the city where our people think they're you know it's like be motel where you're checked him -- never checked out not I don't know. They're going to be riding body. I don't OK 12 -- crop isn't that the Broadway market yes. The mother prevails Broadway -- semi annual food drive. Will be collecting perishable and it and go and do it again okay. Here's what it says 'cause you can make this up -- will be collecting perishable. And nonperishable. Food items. Or what. Is there any outlook or is there something that's either perishable. And it's not there are not sure are some areas nonperishable candidates and urged all I mean. When collecting nonperishable. Perishable it tells me you're collecting everything will they take liver and onions I don't. -- They're collecting perishable and non perishable food food items as well as cash donation. Food bank serves the -- awards in new York and a V mountain lieutenant now about this Wayne wolf. Who's our friend he's a friend broadcasters these are good guys. I'm I hired win wolf at least three different times. When I was program because he's really quite good. And now he's he's a lieutenant. How about that. And his wife as adults who. So anyway. For more information contact -- lieutenant Wayne wolf. I assume there's also. Condit Molly's -- right. He can be on Mountain View he could be like just walking around and took on I think he'll answer at 5975131. That's 5975131. Or -- my Bonnie before bag lesson -- some IPO today. 8521305. That's at. Amounted for whatever it is it is. It's going to be good and as I said the horses will be allowed to go oh you meant. Well maybe. Maybe low or just walk for quite trot away trot away bouncy bouncy. All right will be back -- with the Asian company and is adamant that it would be yen. It is a -- -- said he -- were talking about big the big news this morning and Johns Susan covered it extensively. Is the heart -- security blog. It seems like this is a big big deal that millions of people are going to be involved with -- it may have been out for two years already. And the the people that are trying to get a corrected. Are trying to do it as quickly as possible so they'll lose their -- their reputation because there are certain things that when you go on line. That if it says you're on a secure line you expected to be a secure line. And usually you know one of the tip -- is that the. HTTP. Pass was secure. On then that's out of one of the reasons. That I don't like. Having every sensitive piece of information about me on line. Because those those don't worry about it the bottom line is if they if they hack into the Pentagon which they can. If they get hacked into NASA which they can shipment they can hack and the company. You see my dream is that all of these companies that are super. We've got to do everything on line and what ever. The first time one of them gets hacked in all of their personal. Person now information is online. Who make swat. What kind of health care they have. What the -- CEO makes a leprosy Ol makes off all of this that isn't already disclosed others some that have public disclosure but the ones that don't. Once it gets out I think they'll start changing their mind so I you know I like to zealously guard. My privacy and especially my account numbers and I use -- -- just like you do and we've been told now we have to. Changed them at all all the year -- that's what they're saying but here's the kick. Even if you change them all in the same article that says. There's no guarantee that your still moderate risk here's why. Where you're doing business those Internet that web services. Now there are trying to clear this up right away because they say it may have been here for two years without anybody even knowing it and it's untraceable. So they're trying to clear it up so you go to the website that you like to use. And they put up an announcement and announcement shows up and it says congratulations. We've done it we've cleared up our web site. Here's the green flag. Go far. And your feeling comfortable right so then you'd change your password because until they do that it doesn't do any good to change your password because they're still infected right. OK so we've got the green flag armor ready to go I'm changing my password well guess one. It may not be -- ago that's the point and that's that they don't notice. They what they do know is this if they are infected in the red flag is up then you know not to go there that's the only thing they'll give via. But even if they say the green flag is there there's no guarantee that it's there so he could still be at risk so what's the point. That's the frustrating part what is the point. So I'm asking if you do business online. How was intrusive this could be certainly I mean it's one thing if you -- dvd for. Time to time but it's quite another if you have all of your company's records online or follow your personal stuff is on line. And I'm not even a believer in direct deposit to have to be honest we're. And it drives me crazy because I'm the only one in this entire building that is and -- and but I don't want -- -- I don't I've got to run rather have a direct contact with the bank. And I know of their records are online I'll take my chance with -- them. So we're asking if you feel threatened. By all of this they also -- keep an eye on your credit card statements. You know it surprises me that people don't. When my credit cards come in and use them a lot but I -- every once in awhile. And that when the credit card bill comes down. I always check everything. Against well my expected charge or mart receipt. And it's a very seldom wrong that I can see him back I can't remember a mistake on that bill. On an annual bill for years and years so it's usually right -- Until I until I cross -- off and say yes here's the receipt for that charge. But it checked mark airports are -- -- and then -- -- some people don't pay attention. And -- say you know like I might use my charge card twice in a month but some people might use that a hundred times a month and they don't bother going line by line by line by line. And you have to do because buried in those lines could be some charges that you didn't make. Or your husband didn't make. I think you'll find out that your husband didn't make those those those charges to naughty girl dot com. It's it's funny how about when shows up all the time -- honey. I don't know how that happened I think we have a virus. No I think we have a -- divorce court. A you guys check your your credit cards you said the -- does yes and she does line by line to make sure that that the Iraq -- would ask the right thing to do because it can be sometimes a simple mistake and sometimes fraud although you. I do I go line -- -- in minutes off the receipts yet that's what I do to once they've been checked off. On my statement and on mighty. An actual receipt and I tossed them they're gone. But before that they have to be there as I told you that -- this is one person. It was told to contact EZ pass. Because it if it got rejected by the credit card that does she was using. For easy pass but the reason that happened is that her credit card don't re issued because of on line fraud. They sent our new card and she didn't remember to -- to -- the account an easy pass. So the number they were using was Null and void in the EZ pass was kicking it out. And until she's reset it with the new cars it's a pain in the -- us to be honest with -- until she reset it with -- new card it would never get accepted. So there you have it and if you have you ever signed onto one of those fabulous deals on television. Will say and you addressed every other month until you wanted to cancel -- -- -- of -- and a good luck trying to cancel because they put you through -- trying canceled very easy to sign up not so easy to cancel. So basically I think we can all agree that we love the Internet we use it all the time but it could be a pain in the you know it. And and that's a little worried about here and as far as doing banking and stuff forget it. And one of the reasons I don't know like direct deposit is that I'm always impeccable line. Was somebody who has no money in their pocket -- I think because they use direct deposit okay federal bank anyway eventually to get some cash. So they're buying a moon pie and a Pepsi and they got to use a debit card Florida write -- check. Because they don't have any any any cash -- -- five dollars in their pocket. So they got to -- the money in the bank for nothing -- them and that drives me nuts. That's so -- what I do because I do the direct deposit I have a set amount of money which are gonna spent that -- hikes on payday I go a quote this is -- myself -- -- That's my money in -- to last the next paycheck. Okay and and this is the Maya on enlightened bureau. You'd use direct deposit. So you don't have to go to the bank. Budget got to Florida bank to get cash. Now what's wrong with -- while the big thing is not having to come into this building. There's always -- save your life to us that's what it's so yeah so you can miss that convenience while lion is that that's great. Just remind me not to -- him back your view one when you're at the Pepsi -- the moon do you get a Pepsi at Columbine Nell I think I've ever had him well that's a -- that's used as an example. Of southern. Like letting everybody down there as a -- in Ramone said he is that it's kind of like you know. Not exactly reference cutting edge stuff on Obama I don't wanna. Don't want oh you don't want to bad talk anybody because once I was at a restaurant a local one. And this woman was from Alabama. Was with a guy who was from here and she -- and he knew who I was she said you -- you allow people from Alabama I'm from Alabama. One of the world's most embarrassing moments for me will be back I said -- idea of a band join an eight. -- -- Wear shows no shoes no shirt no service no shirt you can say about that notion was gonna get out what we're back after this.

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