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4-10 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello does region governor Alexander -- his sometimes I think I'm too organized for my own good. -- lose your teams never closure case. And there's suddenly -- thank you Ohman got what's on the hearing. I don't know what am I gonna go to replace those skis hum I gotta get home I guess -- the car whatever happened I mean moments before airtime but I've got it figured out hang in there. So there's a deal so I I use the men's room. And there's a big surprise a -- for the big show -- and a and I get back to my desk and I go to load up my bag I carry almost up in in a bag now here's how penalize them. Every time I load my bag I -- what goes in there and it should total five. There are five different things that have to be in my bag before I commend those audio. So I'm quoting my bag and I got four I. I can't find the fifth thing oh my god where's the third thing I thought. They are my keys Mike he's aren't in my bag they must be in a men's room -- go flying past Tony who just coming up the stairs. Go under the mantra and they're not there. But I it's got to leave the -- from I I was gone thirty seconds maybe. I saw him hustling -- Thomas -- and in my mind when while. I know he found these keys now he's gonna go out in the parking lot of match the keys up to a car that's out there. I'm gonna have to call the police are gonna get -- known -- -- -- of that. Here's the deal. I always put my idea folder down first the keys -- the last thing this time I put the keys down personal folder were on top. And I couldn't see the keys now that's being -- organized the president. You Sami Sony why guys in the world are looking for my keys desperately I even started looking -- the happen and I am begging what does somebody's then there. And now they tell me they haven't seen my cookies but I know -- they're thirty seconds ago. Well I have to -- -- up. Well I have to get tough. You know you gotta get a look at these things. But because I didn't put him in in the same order I always put America you guys do the same thing I think everybody. Like in the morning when you're putting your pants on. You put one leg and her camp put -- ball in the same time anyway but assured -- But I always put my left leg in first. Yeah as Laughlin and for Sox might left sock goes on -- guys like Ben Wright's outburst Wright's outburst yeah that's wrong. -- -- And I -- that a lot of them not so much enhancement cited just you know doing the early news -- I find that every. Portion of my life is like regiment yeah in the news and a great news here traffic severe weather here you have to be if anybody's seen Chris work. He's like not to put us because he's got a good morning this thing and they got feeds coming in and analyze telephone column this and that -- the commercials into the sports or whatever -- -- eight arms so you better be organized or you would go do your job has says it expects the user in -- -- left pocket wallets in the right did you check him a thousand times today got that it's not there. You always find out that it isn't there. When you hit your pot at least -- -- reits and check my pocket and it won't be there and man. -- got to regenerate heart stops and you have no idea work an event because something's different and you have to traced back to what. What is Ron I here's one thing I always do when I get my car after I've got my seatbelt on and I've driven may be fifty yards. I always reach in my back pocket to make sure my wallet is still there hello lovely attractive women outside as organized. But I got. No I wasn't taught that war that wave of -- you think I can't tell Todd from a league doesn't have long tide has long hair -- fabulous voice not that he wouldn't make an attractive woman if he wanted to and agree agree beard and tumble effect. I don't think the ladies -- the way the women have a gray -- no I couldn't see it in the reflection here. But I after I've driven about fifty yards or so I was reached back to make sure my wallets and there. Because you get in the car and sometimes it will be easy for your all's well. I do checked out just before I get in when -- walk out the TARP with Samantha and OK she's are upset Shaq. Then it's money cellphone wallet all good time to -- Now you have a format a like OK when I'm shaving I always shave the right side in my face first go here. And I go across the chin into the left side I never do it the other way ever. And always. When I'm getting ready the first I brush my teeth that's the first thing. And then you go after that but I never changed the format I think we get used to it as a kid. And they and that's that and those same thing when I'm changing into other close. Put my watch in the same place every day and here's one advantage men have over women okay women generally I think -- superior demand except in this one area. This one area we got should be. We always and -- -- stress always know where our keys car. Our except this morning when -- -- and it's impossible is our car keys are. How many women -- -- -- running out the door because they're late for an appointment or got to get the kids to school Islamic and they can't find the -- rookies. Here's a -- is there a Q what did though. Simply put him in the same place every time and that's where they are. I could walk out of my house with a blindfold on. And know exactly where the keys are and gives us a way and as you just get into a certain rhythm and when anything breaks that rhythm. Venue in the -- -- I get my wife -- she outputs for keys in the saint spotters in every ball that's good in fact there was a song by Paul Peterson. In India wants sixties maybe and she can't find Turkey's as the name them now. Here's what do closeness of all. Everytime -- state something as fact Tony in these goodness he keeps looking made by his hands were on the keyboard. He will be going to Google to see of Paul Peterson really had a song while she can't find Turkey's. Because then he takes great pride and say no sandy it's she can't locate Turkey's. And it's Paul Patterson yeah -- You guys are always trying to American. We didn't think it. It was beautiful women who wore. Do the very beautiful women when are you still was as saying yeah this early in the morning a week c.'s Susan rose who sets the bar real high. But after that that -- after that we're gonna look at what Dave Devo and so -- not discredited them preach against our event will be back -- -- -- -- company canyon there. Well I have to write that check. At the right project to the internal revenue looks -- at the worse check the right outside alive because of -- check for something else you're either you know you're either paying off something you've already bought. Or are your your just writing a check for something you are buying at the moment. Paying back some kind of debt or you're giving it check as a gift brawl. Positive things but when you send a check and it says iris on. And are you get back is the photocopy of that Jack. It's -- it's sad day but of course I'm writing the checks soon but I will not -- -- it until what the fourteenth. At 115959. But that that'll be yet a bit about a lot of nice people last night here at the radio station and guess what. We were doing the the Alaskan tour informational -- a two hour. And had a lot of nice people yes who was a surprise drop -- who's that. Our own our own nobody out. Odds are it's -- -- stop that is that all that was that was very nice of him as a result we were glad to see him. But see each other and this this one guy after the meeting was really cool. After the meeting -- socializing talking back and forth that nibbling on some goodies that we're there and in coffee whatever. And he says to me I heard that you like portions. As a you have that four month I think I do yes he's as I got a nice surprise for you and he gave me and this is very organized. He gave me a Steve McQueen. Porsche. I'll post there. Is it it's really slick it's really nice I never even seen it before. Would -- my idea with all of my car stuff from whatever I'd never even seen -- this posted before. But it's Steve -- and it's Porsche and its gonna get framed and -- up my house -- That's many -- very very neat and of the people there last night were very nice. One a postscript -- got an update now is only a little bit more than a handful. -- handful. I'll vote cabins so were almost sold out who can see the finish line from here but it if you're interested. Contract a contact via AAA because they give -- information but it's like 67 that's it. Left. And that's that and it's going to be spectacular. Chris and I are going to be still ways yeah that be cool like his parents Brothers -- one of films that were all in barrels from there were being loaded on the ship. Yeah you guys to fit the barrel you know we're working on. A are right that Brenda is bites. WB and dot com it's the food blog with the Brando -- In this week she's doing a you know blog with -- something your lights on for short meant congress and maybe may. Dinosaur barbecue. It's all about that now have you had any. I -- dinosaur barbecue in Rochester is not east and it. But I smelled it in was 10 yeah I've Chris some argue dinosaur I'm not a -- by the -- -- as a it was so busy that it -- going I've not been there but I've heard good things about it so I'll have to check it out regardless of our Q there's information bear. Also Saturday. Is a big day I don't know if you're planning a special celebration. But Saturday is national grilled cheese. Real silent you know people love realtors I love growth like. Chatter. -- you buy groceries ideal -- -- -- tomato soup yes it does grilled cheese and tomato -- does he get more American and that may be hot dogs and -- would be the only thing yeah or American and they grilled cheese. And tomato -- She's gonna tell you about them. The a melting point guard fables cafe. And the blue monk all have raved grilled cheese review rose about that. And also coming up above all want -- shall tell you about that so. And and you can now post on her blog so that's a go to WBN dot com I was just chat with her last as a matter of fact about groceries -- about food. -- -- All the people I know -- and Brenda are the most for politics and government in. And then. It really. Is like orgasm at the gas I like food like food but I don't. I don't hunt down pictures of -- you know I mean you might take a picture of Pam Anderson. But there's a picture of grilled cheese Tony that's sick I'd rather the picture of the grilled cheese grilled cheese on impairment. -- are growing -- Are growing your groceries impairment by someone other than Pam Anderson and and we can you would be used via the -- the spread of Tampa who. I'll let him about it hasn't announced a there's talk. I think in him after her. The amounts are gone Meredith slide five or six grilled -- is up for the time. While trying to convince Randy. Bush over a video morning note news producer and we can -- host your WB had to go in the business into business selling five cents. We're trying to commencement every day we we work on it and here's how pathetic it is okay. Randy brings in far starts and he brings out a large supply of them so we other McKinney -- wants takes -- -- current. Okay last night after the meeting after the meeting I it was like a high pitched. The meeting about the trip to Alaska was in the different part of the building so -- say goodnight goodnight everybody brokered take care Bubba vote. And then as I'm walking to the elevator I'm thinking wait a minute. That drawer in the and they've been there two days. Now is it's still a crime. To -- the whole bag it's left after two days because by the time the guys coming tomorrow every -- and then I you know I can justify thanks. Don't want Chris and Tony eating stale farce -- I'd better go in there and get them and that something I don't know who's working at night. Maybe -- somebody don't even know. It could be somebody sitting in your chair Tony that I don't even know and I would just -- and grabbed the bag and make -- run for. And luckily when I came and whoever responsibly sitting there wasn't there. So was -- And so I grabbed a fox not. And I grabbed him by the -- -- and made an escape another -- safely nestled in my freezer but I felt like a criminal coming in. But I I did it for you guys at -- I did if you guys. All right well let's talk about today I hope. And what it's about is. It's something that that we had a discussed before a little bit but not does not Atlanta and that is Internet security. The Internet it has been a great help to a lot of people including me a week we have access to do things we couldn't do before. And it's helpful it's fast it makes. Makes things happen we have a real good access to information that we need that in the past you what would you do -- you go rule library or something. Now you Bloomberg instantaneous information. But the Democrats can also be dangerous. But we know on the crime side certainly people set up meetings with -- other people through the Internet and and sometimes bad things happen that's not good. The net is -- first of all it hasn't been good to a lot of businesses. I don't think it's been good really to a brick and mortar retail. Definitely not go to the record industry. Not good to a lot of vote businesses they used to exist until the Internet showed up. And it's just so much easier you wanna you want to beat you want a book he wants the music you want a dvd or Amazon click click click what -- -- -- there. No muscle plus. And so it's taken a lot of business as a way but as you know the marketplace rules and it should rule so. You either compete or you can and if he can't and you drop out. But one thing that's been a constant. Since since media eruption of the Internet is that thieves have found a whole new way. They it's given them a whole new outlook on life on how to scam people and businesses. And what we're looking at now is call heart bleeds it as a security by a bug and I'm listening this morning as John as Elizabeth -- into an expert. And then he said the words that just send chills up and down my spine. You should change. All of your passwords almighty god here we go again. All of them and many starts with. And I don't make it an easy word and one should have a capital and they should be -- a Heisman and then have three numbers at a letter. Oh my god. I mean this is supposed to help us is supposed to make things easier but if you put your faith on the Internet sometimes. You're afraid to be shaken. Because they don't have to lift your wallet out of the back pocket of your parents they can do it through the Internet will be talking about that and more. Under his radio and I'm thirty way RWB -- You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news free just used WB EN dot com. Backward region -- sandy beach. A lot of what Chris Johnson and -- on technology area and sell our team works together buyout comfortable lead guard yeah no history of us talking and I've been regular sixteen years. And Chris is newcomer to our group. -- and we don't blend in nicely even like what you guys have done with the of the control -- there with the the pictures and things it looks very homey yeah I think we kind of feel like it makes it hours it's like it's like your little man cave except -- broadcast facility the only thing I can't figure out why you have all those pictures KD -- up there. Can't figure out what's next -- An inside joke in that. Regard Billie Jean King immunity goes yes but yeah exactly why not. -- but anyway. It is says. Based and company -- talking about the Internet especially if it's a new. Hart who believes security bug. It seems like the thieves -- -- just being around waiting and dark alleys Florio. As you walk by the hit you over the head with something and take your wallet runaway. I'd then there was a more sophisticated thieves who might cook the books on something. But now we get thieves are probably sitting in their basement eating putting in their -- -- of their computer in front of him figuring out how they get -- you. And -- -- a drain your account in order things that that you didn't order put him on your charge card. Well that's exactly what's going on now. And I think in the other day look I use all of these devices and I'm I'm is hooked on them as the rest. A but it seems like we spend more time either servicing or re doing these electronic devices. That we used to doing the original task I mean how many times as your computer frozen up how many times it reset something has started up again. And there's no logic you'll you'll tight -- your password and it won't accept. There will not accept this series targeted again and -- sex campaign. How do you figure this out it's it's it's almost impossible. And then you go running to your is always in every location is one person and knows everything about computers. -- us is Jim Kelly I'm not it's -- -- not the football player. And so we got to go to him he's the man in charge because without him we have no contact with the outside world plus -- work for and com. Which used to be known I think as the KGB. Because of security concerns we have to change. Our passwords. Every ninety days every ninety days and they don't even -- -- -- rude words in there we have to be nice. And it's got to have a capital. And it's got to have a follow all in a feel like -- on jeopardy or some. It's got it can't be any spaces. But you must have a dash. I mean Mike I don't have time for this stuff are really don't so although I love all of this. -- idea I use that but it's I've always complain about it but here's the deal one thing I don't do a lot of people who. Is I do not bank online absolutely not as a matter of fact I don't even do direct deposit did you guys know I don't direct deposit I have heard the every you know better than in the entire intercom complex. With all seven radio stations. And all the management. And all the engineers and all the salespeople as a lot of people we're small town okay. There is one. Person that does not used direct deposit. And that hey absolutely. Why well because I I like to go to the bank and talk to the women. And get you know hand them a check they give me some cash and a deposit slip or whatever I like that. And and I don't wanna put my business on line even if it's direct deposit. Just the way it is my brother in law it was a brilliant. By a brilliant businessman. I'm mean retired -- colonel in the army he and his son of head to businesses very successful. And sold emboldened a very you know rarely an advanced -- forgo business. He is news. Checking accounts all on line I wouldn't do that a million years but he trusts that and he's a Smart guy. But I don't do that I'm so the only thing I have on line is if you want a rate my Amazon account I guess that's that's about it but I don't have any. Any of business financial business on line. You guys do any banking bill paying or anything like that line my wife handles that but it she handles your money yes. She handles everything -- Almost as hot but -- -- she handles the things you don't want our panel and doesn't handle things like no this -- I'm glad that she will argue he's very good with no one has that when it's a couple I think one. As the -- the the book I think that's best she's as otherwise this did you pay the light bill. How come out of things that you didn't payable April I pay the light bill -- -- waited deported him did you put it in the mail what did you do. I mean it's best that one person and so it's -- are -- -- -- Chris do you do any of financial. Obama and I do I handle most of that stuff and I. Over the years I'm almost transfer everything to -- -- -- there was a lot of trial and I think I'm completely there Wallace so when something like hardly comes along you you got to think about -- it's a pain and I have different passwords for every sites I have to write them down a few papers don't have to go through everything that's probably gonna take legitimately half an -- probably the reverend. I have every password that I use written down now because we have to change and so often. I write them down and you know it's funny is all right output and a password. That idea that I used like three months ago. And it won't take. And then in another month I'll try the same one and it will make this logic -- in arms aren't about and nothing gets me more angry because its rejection. Its rejection nothing gets him more angry than putting a new password and it won't take. And really it's almost like it's personal rejection. It's like oh please please take my password about what's happening with -- Is this could be a major major problem and it's about -- ramifications. Of these problems. I have a friend that has a credit card okay. On her credit card she has are easy pass. Are hurt credit card people said we've seen a breached non on this one this happened a few months ago. So we're gonna mail you all new credit cards so they do they mail out all of new credit cards with new numbers guess what. Next time she goes to EZ pass its. I'd -- call EZ pass. And your colleagues he -- your credit car was rejected because that credit card number as the envoy is gone. So you have to think of all the things he does -- four. I don't I one thing I don't do to a -- bird practical reason. And I know the utilities are not happy about this. Nor the cable company or whatever I don't pay my bills with -- automatic. Withdrawal from my card charge card simply because when I found especially if you're in in some cases. That is really hard to stop that. So suddenly if you're changing now and -- that wouldn't be utility digits there was and -- but if somebody is taking money out of your count every month to pay something. And you wanna stop that service is really hard to do. He never ever see those offers on television when you sign up for something and then your hooked on them unless you unless you cancel have you ever tried to cancel. -- Good luck and if you really wanna become an insane person deal with serious. Okay. What's sure is doesn't recognizes. When you change your cars. You don't take that serious account what you assays were the car okay so I'm still getting stuff on cars I haven't had in three years. And become a welcome back this is our -- out and -- -- I have no idea plus I got another car. That has that has the yeah. Information that is set up to the satellite as that when any man -- oil change. What a what pressures and the tires whatever I don't even have that anymore that's the Hummer. I don't even have the Hummer anymore. I haven't had a three years and I I can tell you how many miles -- because every month I get a statement. Four of whoever does have that Hummer. Sounds -- doesn't ever doesn't have that Hummer I can tell them when they need their oil changed because it does a diet a diagnostic tests by satellite. But I don't on the track. I should I should get a hold on television off. That audiences that. Which event on the -- to me yes it would take a break will be back with mark. You do any banking online. Do you do anything online that you don't want to. You know -- economy public. Data exactly. When to come to. Not a girl dot com there rejected not a zone. Come god you don't want anybody to find out but there's no. Partly might be a problem -- will be back after this with the is an Internet security breach call heart believed in which they recommend you change. Call. All of your passwords I'm just asking. Are you are you at risk. Because of an Internet -- using the word intrusion where somebody would come and intrude. They would dig into your colds. Your passwords your credit card numbers and use them for their own purposes are you are you -- them. At risk for that and how do you feel about passwords. I can say one thing. People are jazz soul on imaginative. When they're coming over their passwords and the -- on online banking which would compromise that policy Dave does David Lancaster on WB tan. Yes sir Tom -- -- where I think any good morning. I got a Dave thanks for calling what do you think about did you do any online banking. I'm old school and I don't trust bit. -- went -- and like art student loans and stop with the direct deposit I had an experience what could get direct deposit. That they might duo thought they actually took like three times more they just bring my -- really -- -- -- yeah I don't do that anymore. -- you know I'm just saying from result that was about it birds but some. The last electronic a better when it comes through banking as far as I'm concerned although all the bank records has certainly drawn. Our ability in the Internet and stop. At that they're -- hope here. You know we you know we knew we could -- -- bill over the Internet just keep you know satellite -- you know it's like it's unbelievable. I try to avoid it as much as possible. -- -- not at any kind of risk though when you hear a story about this heart bleed -- You know -- too nervous about it because it would have a minimal impact on him. There is depending on that network think we have -- -- I don't know about the only gonna find out what our path toward dark. Because certain -- you're right nobody uses her imagination. I mean -- so common and what they know me. Our parents or you think you -- walk around the house and you could probably further public -- was going to be. Well yeah but this blog giving gets in there it and it feeds and all the information so you may be very good and have a good imaginative vote password and somebody just trying to find it on its own probably would never be able to do -- but. Would this bug it did downloads that information to the bad guys so. I'm I'm glad I'm glad your ire of the same mind Dave thank you very much. Yes -- People are so on the imaginative. With their passwords. That's gas. Your code is why your birthday. Your child's birth today. Your mother's birthday. You know whatever and and he. Even the -- the security words and questions that they ask you to fill out when your forming a new account in case you ever have to redo it you know it's addicts and stuff like -- favorite movie. Your first car you see what you should do is make it exciting invigorating. Who's the first woman who slept with -- what's your phone number you know kind of stuff -- have you ever slept with a man and a woman and if so name humble. I think that would be good see that big stuff because it will be fun. I'm entering those kinds of a codes and passwords and whatever. And make today more exciting rather than you know what's your favorite color. Not good. Use your partner Paula thank you very much -- -- very few numbers and it. It is -- -- AD. Or obesity. Without Barley Zalmay he said -- what -- IPOs as my I -- And he said but it gets rejected because as to whom many numbers. And I said well Tom that's probably true -- where's the decimal point that's the kitty on talking about it's got people euros you don't have to tell me. But do you euros birthdays kids' names any on mother's names or anything like that no. No. I mean I don't. I am I ask are there are a jumbled mass like I I can't remember them. In the last I have my sheet of paper yeah I hope somebody -- -- -- in nonsense like yeah about what I have a written down. And and a half -- a lot because as a senator come. We're very security guards that's for passwords which Jamal it's not that's the reason I unhook my computer and we'll look into engineer things that keep. I have a computer at home I have an iPad but I'm not gonna go through this changing stuff all the time so they have an extra computer. Because I just it's just a waste my time and aggravates me. And aggravates me so I like I wanna put in Micah rude thing it won't accept room. And then you put in something you think is soul right. And then you see that dead it's the sentences and read that says it's been rejected. For whatever reason it doesn't -- they. The profile and they're all different some in the numbers and letters some you can't have a space some you have to have a space I mean it's -- it really is and although it's very helpful that we all use it. When you know what it's affair like now -- this heart bleeds security thing now got to go back and -- dorm hall. I mean that's crazy so my thought is this keep the same passwords. Right MO -- the same -- just assign them to different accounts. So because those if they're gonna get your information. Say I don't know. Say Tony it's yours is -- boy object and you got -- boy on your charge card. Well you take -- to charge card and you put it on electric bill or something or an Amazon account. Use the same ones which is put among different that make sense does make sense thank you that's Islamic computer genius to figure password and -- Burger -- -- just a guess is that while I would guess I was at a capitol -- And is that enough and is burger boys who words are one. And that's the second being four boy is that capitalize okay. Like worried about my new show like this. You do your online banking are you worried about heart -- securities under -- and I'm thirty WB here.

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