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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Fertilizer Flap - Assemblyman John Ceretto

Fertilizer Flap - Assemblyman John Ceretto

Apr 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next on the WB in my plan is New York said assemblyman John Serrano. Talk about a public health issue this morning. It's affecting residents in wheat field and it involves -- energy group dumping an industrial byproduct assemblyman thanks for the time. We appreciate it tell us about what's what's going on there what what's at the crux of this. The cracks -- -- is that -- and I think it's about two weeks ago on that started getting. All holes. Then it didn't count their and that probably see into the office in the emails through. Constituent of mine that come calories are concerned about a company called razor. Which speaks -- -- spotted. It -- Vietnam. And then turns into a material called equally in the sorts itself contains human waste. It and they want to distributed around the item and -- that they've already started it and I was invited to a meeting with the residents. Let it sit -- actually where. And the more so than a couple hundred residents there -- a PowerPoint and the company. I'm talking about the company's position and then talked about their concerns. About this human ways they could contain pathogens. That would be distributed around the -- And they talked about health and safety and their concerns. Home there was a public hearing on Monday. If the -- fuel pump community center but unfortunately I was in Albany slip from their perceptions that members there. In the company gave their position again and residents were you more questions. -- -- and there are concerns there and I don't want -- news is that the bomb. The concern for -- Satan exists even today -- after the company now has given their position. In my -- that an elected official who represent the people. It nicer. And them my number one priority here is and always will be his health and safety. So at this point because my constituents which -- and hundreds are concerned about the outlook they'd be ready he waits in the agricultural area. -- home. A particular position with senator makers who concurs. In the draft a letter to the commissioner of the would be used to using the -- mr. Martin's. And we're asking for all permits to be revoked that this time. Genre isn't it illegal to use. Human waste as a fertilizer for -- with a week to grow food that we. I own that I don't know I'm not a lawyer. And that's what -- -- seeking out beyond the abuse she. Com who is in the professional completely. And you won't find out everything about the health and safety about this. This group is our energy you know. Have they begun to apply those fertilizer and farm land on the county already. Yes I don't believe it's a -- one of those firms that have heard from the residents. Israel is affirmed that sits right next to a high school where it's recreational area. And the concern is is that through long train of they had done this material. There's this there's so waste. Could be going over into the recreational fields which puts on a concern for children. Well what about Quasar -- have they've been responsive at all to concerns that have been expressed. Particularly that there before. This distribute -- remembered at one public hearing before they started doing this description of this that I can always considered human waste. On Google me rich and after. My constituents that are complaining that they have this public information meeting and there are questions from the residence were not. On other concerns or not it's not that there's no concern politically volatile period pop group health and safety. So alone. One of all the owners of these local farms in Niagara county's share. What are they saying that you talk any of them. Vote on -- might consider what it is simply implement from -- on. I never heard about. Queries they're before it was my constituents and contradicting my office com. They're concerned that farmers -- -- doctor that the materials have been brought it. That are sitting next and farmland and -- That. They're complaining that there's this might lead the church really quick go over to their property. On my understanding from the radio program that instead of properly they're telling -- don't miss the true way to put on the permanent. There's a time period where you can't. Walker an acute medical underlined. The minutes -- they're told me that there was a time period of three years before you can grow. On anything there for human consumption and -- were reminds. Pump and that just total well it's open those boring like that you know that this were true it is not sink in you got to think about this so. They're talking about a million dollar millions of -- group sort. You're talking about an area storing the material I'm liberty drive at -- drive is -- Residential areas and it's near the river. To promote -- -- when you know you're talking about bringing true. -- slots sold on boom cardinals weren't recruited them and it definitely could become a candidate -- become -- across state could become across the state -- The trucks quietly into an area that's limited virtual well so it's sludge. And that they want to break now and then distribute there actually. That's an amateur slide. Distributed to refinements. I mean I think. I mean I think so that equipment that we were there concerns. And the you know and whether. We're going to be able from. In -- in and take it from the time we appreciate you explain this to us. -- aren't bringing it to our attention that's assemblyman John Serrano from Niagara county.

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