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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>School Stabbing Heroism - KDKA's Barbara Boylan

School Stabbing Heroism - KDKA's Barbara Boylan

Apr 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Officials say a little Western Pennsylvania high school just outside Pittsburgh. The scene of yesterday's. Student attack against other students he was on with a knife. Is no longer being treated as a crime scene and will likely reopen on Monday. We are live now with KBK reporter Barbara Boylan to Pittsburgh morning Barbara -- area. Good morning. A little little child it's -- chilly morning out here and their adult. The show the school is no longer crime scene but the school needs to be scrubs out right. Right when we had parked here. The superintendent packaging error where anarchy that they are going to be bringing it restoration created that will be -- cutting down well. Getting everything back end and restored Q out of the way it was good for the incidents. It -- they will have classes. Are again on Monday -- -- high -- didn't. Now he's at the -- that there are aware that a lot -- -- -- as. I know I can get kind of like a conference on -- plate and our security and it's been a high school kids it -- -- that he should come there because they're doing all the work. They're going to be having counseling services available for ban and for the general immunity and it won at local churches -- alliance church is that we don't. -- -- -- On between now and the -- will -- Barbara what about the kids the attacker. We're hearing he'll be charged as an adult. Or right he's not facing at least -- -- And -- homicide. We're not sure how they are how patients are doing. Apartment were injured critically were pulled -- running at one of them went back into perjury we're expecting. An update on some of those patients a little later this morning that yet is being charged as an adult police say he is not cooperating he's not -- in -- Are they really don't quite know what happened we've heard some reports that this might have been all bullying. He has a really for sixteen you to really small he's really young looking it would be like twelve years old team and -- we're hearing from some of the kids who are going to directing act he really got a lot but. -- and it sure that exactly what's going here. We're here in the suspects' computers police seized by investigators not chances -- there may learn a possible motive only attachment looking at some of the day at a stored on the computer but what about the suspects FaceBook page or Twitter account any clues there. Account -- they're not talking about motive other than this state that they are are they're obviously doing all the forensic work that they need you. Now that they're finished with this scene here at the school. Aren't they are talking to and remember you're talking to friends or are you relative they are students here. And they're really trying to get to the bottom of the -- of what -- on the board. Lots of stories of heroics started coming out yesterday. You know including that the kid who pulled the fire alarm to get others out of the building but what what they're kind of stories to -- there. A week where we are hearing all kinds of things I mean this started with the unarmed security guard who work here. Here's basically about it in the running -- Germany or trying to I'll go back and realize that. It or at -- suspect. Whereas in the group he got stabbed. A principal tackled the boy action. Another principal helped -- into the ground and others didn't help it's it's. Keep him exactly -- complacent public. It's not going to be earned him they were really all working together their wives are girl that they are talking about a hospital. -- she eat with one of the stabbing that -- and apply pressure to the world are they said that she probably seen this in life because. It took awhile for the emergency crews get there once they got hit it in the work but that she gave them that leg up by staying in and helping elect Barack. It was -- talk about the increased security at that school now in light of what's happened. They've talked about it they obviously any time there's an incident you reviewed your security and what your plans are. They think that's going to be done but they're certainly not making any decisions right at this early this inlet Corbett does not have metal detectors there they're not willing to say app at what. And it jail aren't they said that. Well you know obviously. Rethink things look at things and and then make some decisions going forward. Barbara word right -- you can join us and thank you for the update. There are quite live from Pittsburgh UK DK a reporter Barbara Boylan.

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