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4-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio nine dirty WB and. And he would. Yeah yeah. Yeah hold to -- It for a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's use of Russia. Not al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling that's for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. Gary -- Destroy all silent. Was -- Tom hourly and I don't even know. I think it might back bathing in -- if it's local girl is. It's Tom hourly and cool whip completely cool whip who lived there and -- news radio 930. Dallas that's automated voice -- -- because Obama's going to the fund raised. Gotta have a direct a connection all right nine minutes after foreigners ready on I thirty WBE and the shark bit. Our soldiers be allowed to carry weapons. On base. In the United States. I say yes why don't I say that's because a guy who was involved in the shooting last week as a -- them. As eight powerless victim. Is calling on President Obama. To allow soldiers. In the United States to carry weapons on base I'm gonna get to his letter yet to hear his way. But I have also kept -- odd. On hold through the news now -- I am very surprised. At what you told that not every soldier. Is trained in weapons in basic training. I'm okay. Quick -- -- it to when I went to basic back in 1990s. It you couldn't patch or PT test or could not qualify. Got recycled and so you could. But we need god forsaken war that works quite Colbert got creation. Everything at the numbers game -- a budget game. Are you -- the military could not put soldiers out for so do something as simple as not qualifying because Iraq to train yet another soldier and they need bodies. OK but now let's let's just leave that alone for right now because I'm gonna presume that the overwhelming majority of soldiers. Qualify. With that rifle as well as a just a side arm. Now I'm basic training qualifier which you're sixteen or your time for. I would say the majority do not qualify. Nor -- -- ever get a chance to issue a side armed. OK well let's let's just keep -- then sue the rightful. Why it. It should somebody who has proven proficiency. On the range with a rifle. Not be allowed to carry that rifle loaded on base in the United States how do you make that argument. Or are you making that argument. I I -- not make that argument argument is. I believe that they -- there soldiers carry what they should be what is absolutely a 100%. I don't think it should be mandated that all soldiers care. On the -- should be able to bite they're short of their commanders choice but not everybody all the same age. Okay yet but I think your your entire monologue turned a little bit late. Goal line. I don't think that every single soldier should be mandated to carry it in. All day long military installation on it -- the -- -- so we'll be should be lifted. The majority soldiers are know and I know a lot are very proficient. -- weapons com and firearms -- rather. Ball by implicitly inside as well as on the military side. I don't wanna see mandated that all soldiers carry all the time I think that would be grave mistake. What do they were even got it think the big street and Tom. It is a situation like the fourth at Fort Hood shooting but it just it just occurred -- -- one with major Exxon. -- -- single soldier is arm your hair every single soldier attempting to -- In no way you know the good guys are and bad guys are. We look the same and ethical and uniform and in in an idea you gotta be careful not to cross that line. Allow the military police and indeed people used to do their job Japan here in the civilian world. But here here's the problem you know like we're in agreement on so much but but here's the probably -- with that fort color is more like a county then it is like a building or high school. And the response time you know and if you're looking at response times that would be similar to the response times of a police department that serves a place like a lot of don't Amherst Erie county. And who better to respond to the people were on the scene portraying -- Who wish to carry a weapon while their ability. Correct in -- I'd go onto the scene you know it what it is not mandated is long it is a lot out men did it. It's simply opt I'm very stringent fire arm I looked firearms I am on the fire arms in it -- that we -- that. IQ that are on an installation. Will be careful be careful because you just admitted that you have firearms and that you had subject. And well frankly certain subject anger issues usage you get pissed off. Now there are people could use that to maybe. Take your weapons away. Wait he's got weapons and he admits he gets pissed off sometimes he's a danger in a -- that's. Absolutely I am. -- I mean that they can get it right I guess that we do we we we should just be careful think it's got a little bit. And joked with a band don't create jobs with the band our military members. I think what you have said it may. Makes so much cents and I would go one step further how about offering classes like we have that the taken New York State Mercury count and get -- pistol permits. Those people who wish to carry on duty. Are trained with felt like the M nine okay. They demonstrate their proficiency with that side arm and that is what they are allowed to carry should they choose to less cumbersome then a long gone. And Obama is the right terminology. Although quite frankly the nine millimeter even -- Beretta makes it. Is say girly weapon compared to 845 caliber -- I don't mean to start a fighter. No no no I agree question it. Made it mandatory Platte city director installation perfectly fine absolutely. It sounds like we're really I mean 99% on the same page I wanna get back though -- like while you're here just real quickly. Did you hear the part of the show -- I summed up why the American soldier is a hero to me and why they hate the hero worship. So all right -- and you you you say. Regularly under the deal. And I absolutely agree -- I will tell you one of the greatest things when I'm locked down an airport in upper air apartment shortly -- form it will come walking up eight thank you look at these. The most amazing thing that somebody can do from. You know I have I've up. I'm sorry go ahead that I I lost in the sauce there -- -- one of the most amazing thing somebody can do for you and that I started talking because they thought it through the sentence. It would be aiming for people walk by the basic and they say thank you -- is being. Apple and at that. An -- -- -- is just a little gratitude for what we do. We do for the American people we do our constitution. We do for families and it is our honor to serve. Well I you had spoken for so many people and I got to play it's really gratifying for me because I do have long hair and it looked like hippie and a -- walking up to a soldier they have no idea that nominates say thank you so very much for serving and keeping me. It's free is the least is the government's allowing me to be. It really is gratifying and the best response ever got there'll. Was in the Dominican Republic a Vietnam veteran in a wheelchair. Started to tear up because I honestly don't think anybody had ever hold him. Thank you for serving even though I was a little boy at the time he started to cry it was like it's one of the most touching moments of my life. Daryl thank you -- honored to talk. All right I've ever again folks that is an American soldier he's put his time and now the letter that I've been telling you about. The Glenn Beck's website ablaze. Like Glenn -- by the way just in case anybody thinks that all talk show host -- is bad -- to each other. I'm I happen to really like land back. And sandy beach and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. Me too I think that anybody is perfect including myself well I'm not gonna add Malcolm. Now my a letter from this guy. Whose name is Patrick cook. Basically without reading it word for word. He talks about being in a room at Fort Hood last week when the mad -- started shooting at his fellow soldiers. And one of this guys fellow soldiers in the room took a shot I think to the chest I think he had a sucking chest. Which is actually that is terminology and it's a really ugly hideous thing. But. Despite being mortally wounded. Despite. Being. Shot and losing a lot of blood. There's a gentleman by the name of sergeant first class Daniel Ferguson who used his wounded body. As it was being drained of life. By this madman. To barricade to go war. So the dozen plus other soldiers in the room with him would not be targets. Folks. That is just heroism all the way. But the letter goes on dissent and this is very important is why -- Brit -- back -- I write you today and this is from the guy who described what he went through as a Victor. I write you today not to memorialize this brave soldier Nortel war story about how we made the best of a losing situation. But to express that part of the story that some in high positions of power clearly do not want hole I knew this was gonna happen. I'd been saying for five years that Fort Hood was a tinderbox of another massacre waiting to happen if that they happened. Because our -- failed to learn the obvious lessons -- five years ago. It is happen again it's gonna happen again because Fort Hood is a gun free zone now here is the money shot of the letter. And this is why Darryl my caller is absolutely right why the guy who wrote the letter that I just about the review is absolutely right it's the paragraph. When the first shots rang out my hand that reached to my belt. For something. That wasn't. There. Something that could put a stop the bloodshed. Could have made it merely ugly incident. Instead of the terrific massacre. But I will surely remember is the darkest twenty minutes of my life. Stripped of my god given right to our myself the only defense -- had left. Was -- prostrate on the ground and wait did. As the shooter kicked at the door. I remember telling myself. Oh well. This use it. It is beneath human dignity. To experience the -- help less -- I felt that day. I cannot abide the thought that anyone should ever feel that again. Capital activists on my FaceBook page. And I like what -- said. A lot I -- -- and almost perfect harmony with his comments and capital. 8030930. Let's -- out -- -- traffic right now yours mr. Allen Harris. AccuWeather guess what's gonna be chilly tonight. 36 below Tom are were going to be up to 62 degrees. Now when sandy beaches on the year from nine to go to. It's going to be nice and sunny. That is rush comes there and I come on after rush the outcome -- the winter -- I can't fire break for you guys couple showers in the afternoon. And high 62 were holding a forty cent in new Israeli tonight they're pretty WBE. NR right. You know what the soldier at Fort Hood sent but he fell again helpless victim. And I believe. That our soldiers ought to be allowed to carry let's say let's be specific. Sidearms. -- base in the United States. Provided they are trained and proficient. In at the side arm and decide our chances are would be an M nine. Which is that the standard issue right now. As a a side arm for the American military it's made by -- fifteen shot capacity I believe. And even -- to nine millimeter. You hit somebody -- nines and they'll do some damage let's get back to the calls on WB EN here is John in an Orchard Park John. Are you put a lot of thought into this -- -- take. Well I and it gave me an army base the Marines. What you expected more physical. You know it would be what people. I'm gonna have to put John -- us so we get a better connection. I don't know of his Bluetooth or speakerphone whatever it is it's awful and I wanna be able hear what you have to say is that -- faking it I don't know about you but I'm Amanda and I don't like when people take things with me. Here's is driven by our connection yet with a -- we're gonna work out we got it right decision I just go back to him now -- op. No not yet. Here's. Paul in the north while -- your WB Ian. -- yes so I just like to make comment. During the Vietnam area there are bigger when -- treat two Brothers and I served are probably bad. There was very there was very few appreciative people. It's it's time it was like. Why were you there used baby killers that people about all this crying and -- dissident -- well actually took. -- 9/11. OK now the veterans are all getting much more respect from -- It's -- yelled something at that level for them to really realize that the generation that I am talking about Al. And another drama -- -- I feel as though without a draft. -- anybody wants to get into the military. Or -- thoughts about it they -- are there they sure he'd be for efficient enough. And basic common and elegy in the first place rather they get trained and a new weapon nomenclature. Irrigated joint armed forces I think you get a little bit of experience. You know what I think there are two schools of thought that my friend the first one is when you work in the army do you do your way the army's way. Yeah exactly so sometimes you can learn bad habits when you teach yourself. Believe it or not a long time ago before I quit is at that -- I just couldn't stand boxing. I was the number one shooter in my police academy class the only reason I was number one is I forgot everything I taught myself I listened to the instructor. And I was the top shooter thirty thank you very much. It -- something else this would be happy to put channel. Yeah and that I got more to karate and doesn't make any sense that it populism he kicks me in the face and OK with that but they've got a glove on I'm not there's something really sick in my mind right. You know three service -- about it now because it's just so stupid. But I did the right decision you know sometimes a shirt which really good at somebody else you try it on yourself just looked at. You. Regret anything -- we're going in the verdict of not my what do comfort. Be comfortable in your own skin it's one of the hourly messages. All right be a memorial service at Fort Hood is over so President Obama. Port poor Fella. -- Poor guy I mean he actually had to spend. But a couple of hours looking like he gave a damn about what happened at Fort Hood. You don't -- in the back of his mind and probably forefront he was focused on the fund raiser too which is heading now immediately after the memorial service -- always gets -- Rush Limbaugh -- about the concept of about optics. Which is a fancy way of saying how things look to people. And folks again. If a republic. Went from a memorial service for dead soldiers. To -- fund raiser. Can you imagine the editorials. Can you imagine the bombast. This screeching at the screens. The cartoons of the daily local on ethical rag. They would be talking about how insensitive. And analysts. It is for a president to go -- memorial service. To a fund raiser all by the way. The progressives. Communists have once again. They've they've brought out an old Reagan era phrase out of the playbook somebody brought this to my attention the front page of yesterday's dead tree local. Republicans use. -- Republicans used. Action to attract up forest of the war. Folks. That was the expression they use to use with Ronald Reagan. It was right out of their playbook then they used to call at the Reagan budget -- you remember me talking about this right. The Reagan budget -- I still laugh about it to this day. Because the image media try to conjure up in your mind was out of this Ronald Reagan swinging and acts be hitting little children probably flat. It's. Well they brought -- backed out yesterday I Gerri whenever that was name is in the local dead tree. -- -- Unbelievable. -- out Jerry maybe it would Warren Buffett does away with your job you'll call at. Because that there's a guy who is -- was I say that as I do fellow. I left that bitch about other rich people at the same time as he thinks that. Even this are hitting the middle class working at his own local former newspaper now propaganda sheet for the progressive movement. I've got my spies over there I know what happens. I know the behind the scenes stuff. We wanted to say it and there are somethings at -- because I would consider them to be -- need. Adult swim in that. It is 436 in his radio 930 WB yet do we have the audio. Of the guy. What we do have the audio -- because I -- figure in my voice on Burris because my question what are my questions is there's. Should our soldiers be allowed to carry weapons. Let's say -- duty. Should they be allowed to carry sidearms. To protect themselves against the next port hood shooter. I can guarantee there will be another Fort Hood shooting Rampage. There will be another shooting Rampage at some military installation just like we went through that hole straight in the eighties about postal workers the expression going postal. Which I thought was very impaired postal workers. It's like once it's started it just kept building like a snowball. But. Do we have time desperate I do I'll make time -- what I read I wanna get you this letter that was read to a Texas state committee. By a soldier. I thought plastic. The guy in exactly what I told. I want I want to get that audio. Now. To my friends. Follow -- -- the audio from the web page. Are at this. I don't feel like reading a letter again. It is the letter. That was read to a Texas. Committee. By a soldier. Who was a friend of the soldier who survived the Fort Hood massacre us is we're not able to get to the audio you can go to my FaceBook page. And you can click on the link and you can listen to the audio yourself at your leisure to about five minutes I thought it was it would have been worthwhile. But let's just get -- more calls. Here's Dominic on the WB and Dominic you're on hello. Well I I remember that that's for sure didn't. Almost like it was yesterday lady I work -- husband was there. And we didn't even know about the shooting. At the time she gets a text message -- -- I'm okay. And now when it. This was the Nadal Hasan shooting be -- the one that was it terrorism it was workplace violence even though the guys what is an Islamic fascist who yelled Allahu Akbar every time via put around to a soldier. Being back in this state I remember most about it afterward she was illegally and for another six months. And we got to pocket when he came home and he said the worst thing. -- diving for cover. On your own base because like that you -- not. Which sounds real similar to let him -- you read earlier so I imagine everybody more or less help that. Well it has to be especially troubling when you were trained and you know that if you just had a tool to do your job you -- -- it but you were basically deep ball. But body and mind back in the eighties was -- camped out on Fort Hood and he probably spent most of his time finding lots soldiers. And breaking up Andy -- disputes. Or not it is standard. Macho young guy a -- situation it would -- almost out of control. And because of that I I think there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. And the only -- I can come up with is obviously the age did you -- nineteen girls they're not probably be allowed to carry. Are on what I was thinking like maybe corporal in a Bob. And why wouldn't be allowed to -- ago. And why. -- don't -- it logic excuse me give -- logic why they shouldn't be allowed to carry a hole when we would allow them security. Combat -- billionaire it's a little different but even in even. Up -- for -- there's not. They created difference. Well right exactly I'm I'm just my point within the civilian world most places into the your 21. You and you're not allowed to care regularly in public. Understood but my friend as you're well aware and I'm not trying to be -- -- here but the military -- -- -- is not the civilian world these -- extraordinary people have been -- extraordinary training for the most. I would like to agree with cute by the military will take almost anybody we have a lot of gang problems. And I just think there needs to be some sort of a -- to make sure that person isn't mature adult. In -- we don't want you write your boot camp and you can carry a weapon if you want I think there needs to be a little bit more study. To make sure they are responsible -- Whale and what everybody just. Just say what it just fizzled what if what if they were given the option. To -- extra training. Like get a five day course on being proficient with the M nine. The standard issue military side arm the nine millimeter the holds fifteen rounds I just looked at up. And the justifiable. Laws were the laws justifying the use of deadly physical force give him a week's worth of training in addition to what they've already received. And then as -- prove themselves. By taking that course and being qualified. Allowing them the option of carrying on base. That might tortured me I know in New York State your rules are a lot stricter than ours are here in Pennsylvania pretty much if you can write your name on a piece of paper and you managed to beat or anyone. You can carry. Do you know how screwed up this staters. Here every DNA site called 23 in -- There's a lot of Internet DNA geneticists out there and -- -- I've always been fascinated by the NAA. In New York State you cannot even mail a split sample. Through the mail in New York State took his DNA can accompany. I'm gonna have to go to Pennsylvania. Tom male mice bit. To a company to get my DNA testing results that's how screwed up New Yorkers talk about the nanny state. I didn't know what that is our but it would -- -- course. And -- after -- to decide whether or not this day qualified seat to -- carry I think that might work. I think that would probably all of my -- in certain that this spot -- -- would be you know not to be officers and about. Yeah but again you know hey the guy who did the first Fort Hood shooting was a major -- a physician. Yeah well there you go out -- make you wonder sometimes who would trust -- -- Yeah I mean exactly. My great grandfather added the service as a major Rick as he was a position in the Spanish American war. Yeah but I I I just really remember. You know the comments about. Feeling stupid. And worthless. Because they couldn't -- -- -- -- in the air but yet -- that that that really brings combat. -- were somewhere today -- says you know what. I'm curious here's what is painfully obvious here an hour and 43 minutes into the show. Do you realize that my audience we've just had a brainstorming session which made more sense than anything Obama's at that Eric. Think we we have actually address this as adults. We have. We have. Addressed certain issues and how to get around those issues and we've actually come up with logical common sense approaches to soldiers be allowed to carry guns on base. With expert training and -- bigger discretion. Well give them a call maybe it was India. Are they needed the belly laugh thank you all right well set sit. About this folks that this is not trying to show the ineptitude. Of Washington. The fact that we any radio talk show in buffalo. Had just come up with -- about five great ideas that are no breeders and we can't get this kind of response out of the people were actually in charge of the military. Namely our commander in chief. All right let's go to who would be next. Bill in now locked port on WB and William -- -- -- I was in the National Guard -- about six years in the early June and for the last three or four I had to carry permit. And I remembered a very important maker -- Actually being shot then get a lot of military order in my view that military base where countries don't. And I -- that's the -- thing happening. We don't elect 2007. Just because. I mean the same. Grew up with quote -- now enlisting. You know it's just a part of our well our culture and sent them. -- I -- saw it coming and it it's an awful tragedy. Well it's not a time out time out with all due respect one of the advantages -- -- having music talk show host is unable to tell you that the first -- shooting events took place a long time. Before column but there's a guy named Howard and grew. In post world war two and New Jersey went on a shooting spree. Charles Whitman from a power in Austin, Texas went on a shooting spree this column but it was not the first. No of course not but I think the media response -- bigger and I mean we -- -- it for an -- -- You know in recent years and you can get more copycat crime I don't know if you know who's in the Malaysian plane crashed. I put her. Anyway. So -- moved -- to get into the air. And I I wouldn't and you know you immediately you like hearing. But with either a commander approval. For a certain rank maybe eat pork and I'm certain I think that the a good call let that out at all yet or not veteran thank you. All right thank you elaborate much it it just seems almost. Ironic. Temper of the right word would be ironic. Disturbing or. -- what's that other work. -- doesn't matter. The idea that we allow them in combat zones. With really really big weapons. Maybe not just rifles but talk and tell us it's an original take out. We're gonna quibble about where they are -- nine millimeter on base if they're trained it just doesn't make any sense it's almost. Almost like a trained warrior suddenly becomes an oxy moron back in the United States. Like a happy Monday would be an oxy more. Are right or -- talented sabres team would be an -- more I'm sorry I can't help myself they're doing what I want them to do to rebuild it. All right it is for 47 news radio 930 WBE and the. I have some additional questions that merge right into this topic that I'm gonna get to following the break but. I need to. Pay some bills there will be with you and is ready at 930 WBE. And ask you whether I'll do this painlessly as possible chilly tonight 36 tomorrow so on earlier. Chorus and then -- outs it'll be windy. It'll be warmer couple of showers in the afternoon 62. Were holding at 47 degrees and is ready at 930 WB EM. -- -- Almost embarrassed to admit this but my aunts are back the big carpet or perhaps. Their back. All -- to continuing war against them. Last night. In my bathtub I don't even want to tell you where one of the ans was frolic and suffice it to say it made me very uncomfortable. Let's get to the calls on WBE and should our soldiers be -- This idea. Should they be allowed to carry a pistol a -- The M nine. If they want to when they are on duty. And if they are trained specifically in the -- nine and specifically. On the law governing the military as to the use of deadly physical force and win that can be. A defense of justification. As it is in New York State with the defense of justification known as article 35 of the New York State penal code. Which -- can probably recite my sleeper -- at the but that would be wrong. Let's go to. All in all and Paul welcome your WB EM would you have for an idea. It's always. Lands. I don't -- or -- accord was what. I. Served in the military active duty. Tonight there are certain. And you are they trying. More geared -- Cold War we -- one. KY. And we are. And I wish that. What are. Flat all object on her ears. Obviously mark it. Basic. Disagreement there or not everybody's -- way. -- Like to -- for each time. Well each. Former employee -- -- too -- for. -- sixteen millimeters. A point where. While I'm as -- -- -- are experts there were you so. Opt. Out so I tried and true. That nature whether or not. To turn. And saw her career. Doctor in country talking. -- battle she -- In collapsed while. And very. Much. And an -- or what was. Okay trivia question what is the single best tool to treat in the field a sucking chest wound in the Americas and around. You've got all -- somebody beat a great. Anderson there's another all -- there's another common item that soldiers might carry a pack of cigarettes with cellophane wrapping. Yes. All right I would definitely Vietnam veteran I. I'm Paul because seem rather a better meeting here than they do -- president Obama's White House -- again. I don't go on vacation as much as he does on WB yet -- on the word dude.

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