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4-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN yeah. I wore the look -- you with great. If you go to the whole -- not much that ends this month -- And welcome to the New York City. If they are the extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York. No one -- with an assault rifle. And flew. He is about time. Tom hourly. Column in the went to. Now with an outrage and pac -- putted terribly got covered up right -- welcome. It's live its local capital. We'll we'll. Looks like good use it's Tom hourly. I'd like we. All lose. I'd like all these. Loma and and yeah. And our sacred results haven't some facts on my -- parks but. You know chip monks saw me naked plated and started laughing. I'm just -- It's at ten minutes after six -- news radio 9:30 WBZ. Am mad now that it's a great change from any other -- Anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Positive a question on FaceBook yesterday. That really took off and it got so let's see who shares are a big deal but 222. Likes. It's a simple question. Do you ever get the feeling. That the United States of America. Into which you were born. Has been irrevocably. Lost or irretrievably. Lost work on forever. Because I do. But then again I pay attention to stuff always have. And you know I think. When it really realized. We were screw. -- when George W. Bush. Tried convincing me that every illegal Mexicans in the United States. That we should choking -- And we should welcome. And get them out of the shadows. I just -- that moment I realized you know what there is no opposition party. There is no Republican Party there is no American party was sure -- gangs of New York. -- -- realize that that may not be a pristine and perfect example. But at least for a guy had nets. And the Republicans have not. And when the party that is so hole is do stand up for. -- -- the things in which you believe with some backbone and some courage. When those people basically say up yours as much as the Democrats do. How can anybody blame anybody for feeling as though the country is irretrievably. Lost. And then of course. We -- Jeb Bush this week. Talking about breaking a -- to get into the United States from Mexico as an act of love. Followed by a picture Matt Drudge put up on his website. Bill Clinton and W sitting together. That says you need to now. And I know that this angers people when I say it I will not vote for a an establishment Republican candidate ever again. Ever. Done I will not be voting for Astoria. I will be voting -- -- whoever the libertarian candidate happens to agree. Where you're wasting your vote -- you know what I'm wasting my vote with Republicans I'd been wasting my. So from -- on. It's all about what I believe it's all about me. The Republicans are dead enemy and as I said at W you know it's kind of funny because I hate the concept of branding with a passion. But the Republican brand news basically dog crap and it's -- salvageable. That's why I believe a new movement must emerge conservative -- and it's got to address. Everything that's wrong. With the Republican Party. Am everything that's wrong with true libertarians and true conservatives. There's enough common ground -- back. To elevate conservatives Syrian movement. Which is much better than anything the Republicans could ever offer us. So. -- don't waste Bible with the establishment Republicans anymore. Because that was the beginning of the end of my American dream. George Bush. Telling me the same thing Bill Clinton could assess. Where Hillary Clinton could -- or Jimmy Carter could -- I will never ever even by bush -- beans. -- he says in an exaggerated voice. Right if you're think that it you woke up 1 morning in the country was going on. Did you ever have that feeling. And I want examples. And to the greatest degree possible I don't wanna hear about guns this hour. You know what there's a lot of things are really really like in life. But it's like any thing sometimes a little bit too much. Can just push me over the edge. I don't know if you feel the same way. Joseph -- every day I came here are gonna show on the hockey draft. It would drive you crazy right OK good I love guns. Don't wanna talk about a corporate. We talked about it the first part of the show with Fort Hood but there's so much more to this country than guns. Like large breasts and beautiful women. Here is. It was your current wireless caller. On Jolo for example Joseph Nelson. Joseph was talking about. Losing faith in America. When the woman ahead of him in the grocery store be rated at the grocery checkout lady. For not processing her free groceries fast -- up with the EB -- -- Joseph you're back on the year what else. It. No Joseph I just said Joseph you're back on the year because I wanted to hear myself say that one more time. Not all of them actually the next guy -- -- that that caller I was a Liam was single guy image that bucks an hour about my own groceries that report right there that. You know with -- court where I guess. But there. That's -- -- made me laugh thank you. Pocket I don't reported fifty bucks in my pocket -- what I need. But they don't like cashiers -- they do. Because I'm alive the rest economical and look at what they've gotten their cart like it's keeping all over and it felt. And -- I mean a hundred dollars in person pulled BB -- guard. A top compartment that is exactly what you know how can work out and a -- -- the cash. To cover what they don't put on the card and the kids more of their I have in my pocket. Actually have the Euro a muted but like. You know -- small Malaysia some words of the player I don't know not a viable as they would. It its shares. It's ridiculous. You know I just wanted to get this stuff and buy it with my cash vision can actually live there -- -- guard allowed. You don't don't -- sport grow by. Unit one Tuesday night you know I don't have any BG guard and. And I can finished -- the attitude of the people using EB he started it as you saw this one person anyway. Basically bitching because the clerk -- was not exactly moving fast enough and then they whipped out of April that it choke an elephant to cover the difference. What was your short so well I heard. So what actually went in with side really -- card -- and one great Britain and it waited and then ask for the remainder in cash. I would never I would never do such a show. Never. Caller called and in this story all the and I care -- -- I -- so much -- radio art and I don't remember what shall. Don't remember that. I honestly don't remember that these cards. And where. We're just gonna talk over each other this continues so thank you very much I got your call got your note thank you very much appreciated figure out. Or why did you wait I believe that the United States of America into which you were born is go and go on forever 'cause I think it's. And my biggest single example is the work ethic. And this is of course see this is gonna be called oh he's break and I have checked out against up step up horror. Well you know what folks. I hate to be the bearer of human nature to you. I didn't make up the rules but I -- astute and keen observer. Of humanity. We have made it too profitable to be all it is too easy to beat or in America. Hunger is a great motivate her. Poverty and the fear of poverty. Can induce people to get off their asses and be part of the workforce instead -- part of them coach force. Oh I'm sorry that sounds so cruel. Bull blank. It's reality. The reason my great grandfather went to medical school and became a fairly wealthy doctor was because he -- the struggles of his parents as immigrants to the United States he didn't want that life. Neither did his brother who became the president of the buffalo common council in 1911 they worked their asses off. Because they knew that poverty sucked. It did suck. It sure -- Is that why we work. I don't wanna -- you were you. My kids to be all work and I sure don't want them to be slaves to government. A 130 years old sucking on the government to -- Unless. They are unable to work on the physically unable to work that changes everything. Give me some credit for compassion there I'm not gonna take somebody in a Colbert host vegetative state and say. Let's unplug. The job. Now that might be something one of the Obama death panels might do but I would never do such a thing -- I'm sorry actually the president would tell that person to get a pain pill. Because we already know where he stands unlike. I mean the life that he has on board when it's -- feeders. All right coming up on the 648 news radio 930 WBE. And it does other things that got me about -- letter to the paper yesterday by a former Erie county sure be moaning demon marijuana. I just find it's a stupid in this country that we believe. That abortion on demand is a sacrosanct. Right of women. Despite the fact that the baby inside has no choice at all in the manner yet. If you wanna go home. And do some blow or have a joy or whatever your poison is somehow that's a criminal issue. Doesn't make sense that to me it's criminal kilo -- But little I know I guess I'm just old fashioned that way let's find out about traffic right now WBM here's Alan Harris. Yeah you can look up online by the way poverty Sox poster. Is. I want -- eBay. I'm -- up I want because that is a bit my motto in life poverty sucks. AccuWeather. Is not exactly sockets but it's not exactly perfection either. I'm not yet ready to proclaim the springing of spring no. Today it will finish off rather chilly this evening 36 tomorrow. When sandy beaches of the air from nine until noon he gets the sun I get the clouds followed by windy and warmer. A couple of showers tomorrow afternoon you're listening to me her or rush and the high 62. And were holding at 47 degrees at news radio 930 WB EM. By the way up city beach are one of the topics covered today was and -- -- look at this as a possible show Oprah tomorrow. As we find out how many towns are offering lifetime health benefits. Again you wanna talk about the marching class it's not just the typical working class it's the political teaching class. Why somebody who gets elected to be the -- town clerk who does five years on the job ought to get. Health care for life paid for by you and me that is such bull blank I wish I could use the poll work. I guess if I was an athlete you can hit a baseball I spoke from the heart I could say. But I just talk show host of that would be fine. Let's go to. Some more calls WB -- -- that America -- you're feel like the country is gone because I do. I feel like I learned an elementary school middle school high school and college it that nattering. We've got a president that believe in the constitution. We've got the attorney general who was an incompetent scheming fraud who also doesn't believe in the constitution. A governor of New York who doesn't believe in the constitution. And as long as their bodies in the media support them and back them up and have their backs. Laws who is not mistaken laws. Here -- the edge it'll it'll -- thanks for your patient drug WB. Eight columns column be a mark caller LP national defense authorization act 20121013. And it authorizes the president between American citizen without trial indefinitely. If they're accused of being associated -- group. Yes it is a blight. On society and it needs to be overturned it is absolutely. Unconstitutional. Absolutely. We have the right to face search users we have referred the right to speedy trial. Anybody can accuse you of being a terrorist any day all you need is Timothy McVeigh the pull up. The federal building in Oklahoma City people lost for the Tea Party now all Tea Party members are associated with a terror. Yes. That's. Absolutely. Positively. Hollow it can't act. And I I must apologize to my listeners and to everybody for letting you down on the Patriot Act ten years ago. I supported the Patriot Act. And frankly I did so to my everlasting shame. I'm so embarrassed by my support of the Patriot Act that sometimes -- wanna hide my head in a hole I feel -- the world's biggest soccer. Oh. A bigger -- Well it it is an -- -- just wanted to let you know that I've I'm always willing to revisit things I've screwed up. And that was the single biggest grew up I've ever committed in my professional career falling hook line and sinker for the so called Patriot Act and the -- the AA the national defense authorization act it's is evil twin. And it is unconstitutional. In our republic but nobody gives a damn. -- All right my friend thank you for the call. And I folks I'm never above a miracle. And that's a bad decision I made to support the Patriot Act. I screwed up and let you down and I'll try not to ever do that again. I suck them. And I know and you have every right to be pissed off at me for supporting it in years ago my dad. I'm so. I had been totally series are you -- picked a series of self seriously -- answers on WB -- Okay. Yeah. Now. You know I've never heard that mix of positively fourth street by Bob Dylan I have learned something new today that I have some stuff I need to buyer from the Apple Store later on tonight. That makes you know that's not the mixed that you're used to here. All right good stuff -- I thought it was like a version of first pissed off the yellow. I realize. We show to different -- go up by the way those of you with cable. Eight if tiger in 270s music. Early -- late seventies early eighties. Guys. Actually would have been. In well actually more eighties now is it that fringe here the cost. If you have access to Smithsonian on demand which on my Time Warner Cable channel 1019. Here's a show on demand called -- these New York. It is. Awesome. Compassion. I think Blondie was one of the best bands of that era. I think they had energy. I think they had a unique sound. I think as much as any other band they captured the zeitgeist. Site Geist the ghost of the time the spirit of the times. So I check it out on the Smithsonian if you can get Smithsonian and demand and nineteen is well. Again I don't know what you're channel -- Smithsonian about minus 1019 at Time Warner. A lot of these New York. Quite mesmerized. You know when I talk about working at a recording studio and being spoiled. By audio having worked there. And different mixes and how production can make you hit a breaking -- Watch that show and you'll understand. Anyway it is 635 news radio 930 WB EN so -- -- -- I know I'm not alone and -- And it's kind of steer. -- I'm less concerned about myself but I am about your children. My children. And whomever comes after. Because. And. We all have a limited shelf. Longevity. Is not exactly part of what I inherited in my. DNA. So for myself it's kind of that matter so much. But. From a -- at my kids and your kids. And you if you're in your twenties are your early thirties. -- got a whole life here. I. Were. Unconcerned. Because the country into which I was. In very few ways resembles the country. -- right now. A country where. Capitalism is evil profit is bad. The work ethic is a joke. Why work for a cell phone if you can get an all out old. Life why would you do. Com and a nation quite frankly. Of people who expect to be taken care of by other people. And I'm sorry. But if you're not wiping yourself by the time your ball I don't know thirty. You've got some grown up to do. And you are losing out -- a lot of your life if you allow yourself. To be a cycling of the state. You never get to know yourself. Ever. And if you're big thing in life is following your career -- like you're arrested on social services. And hey let's were out as many babies as we can. You know that's your part of the problem. Poverty should -- We make it too easy to be pour in America. All I know the Twitter spears gonna explode on that one -- open -- 'cause somebody's gotta say it's -- we gotta have the balls to say. Too easy to -- -- Poverty is a great motive. The easier you make it for people not to work. Guess what a lot of people were -- revert to lazy -- -- I don't thrilled I'm thirty start at 3180616. WB EN a enough of my homily. Let's go to beautiful Pendleton new York and Bart is on the line -- a WB and talked him. They're term probably Manchester. -- -- -- Well usually when -- when people say master there's another word that follows that when referencing David let's not go there what's on your mind. Okay I think they're government stocks. -- -- dark. And and Coke here pattern when court ordered. And whatever are kidnapped -- at -- -- grant. Did everything for our richter. A dollar an acre in the seventies men were cheaper and what's. Her but you know you're setting health care. -- did you ever think. Just when I talk about how America has changed did you ever think it would be. An -- cents to not have health. Insurance did you ever think you'd see an America where 151000. IRS agents were hired. To make sure that you signed up. 48 product you were forced to buy something. That is so below blatantly un American. And that huge -- Supreme Court justice John Roberts a native by the way of Western New York -- something is in the water that turns people -- flaming idiots once they get a Washington. He said it was okay. I and it felt secure before now costs me. But over a hundred dollars more modern the very get very lots healthcare. It. Our knowledge your wife and you have a conversation laughter that's one of my pet peeves okay. All right thank you don't three on -- thirty start -- 3180616. WBE. And I'm that way off the year two. I can be talking to somebody loves you know what I'm talking to you now call you later when you're not involved in the other conversation. Beirut is just that's just don't I don't want to interfere -- people's personal lives. Unless I -- here's Georgian -- -- to WB and hello. Well mom you know my layoffs are waking moment happened somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 in or. I'm hoping which are gonna remember this and parents. I'm the. At this point -- can -- can remember how to spell my own name but can put that. -- to. I am a little profit despite saying I am I working not a huge supporter of George W. Screw George W. Bush and I have a cure he I care about as much about him as it is about me. So cute you can mock George W. Bush it's all good I'll never vote for bush again. Well. -- rule out that about that but it's the waters. Supporters of -- You're invited a bunch of what -- is decay of speeches post game. And what -- and -- -- today carpenter got. I will earn X well up -- the podium. And her attack and stroke doubles all the old record scope to force -- -- could double or yeah. Hillary Clinton. Swooped in what really stood up and walk. You know who our politicians. Well okay not that I do not remember and I'm gonna have to appeal -- just -- a quick search and I cannot find any reference to that. So I'm -- to appeal to my audience to email me do not put links up on my FaceBook page because that takes us to very bad places but if you if you can verify. That the president of Iran at the United Nations. In reference to George W. Bush made a comment about I can still smell the sulfur in the error. When George Bush left the podium. And Democrat politician's standing and applauding. What he said. I need reference to that that's something I cannot accept at face value. Under start and hopefully the audience will send to. Confirmation that they remember. What they went about it. No not only a link is what I -- I don't need people remembering I need a link because I'd love to put that video whopper if it's true oh I forgot about it. I don't know if people email me a link. As opposed to putting on my FaceBook pitch. That is so no doubt a -- would be great I'm sorry way to communicate their wrecked when people send me links and email that I can check them before -- post them on my FaceBook page because I got burned by somebody putting a -- my FaceBook page once and I'm very sensitive about that. It's like one of those things that really need to look out for because guess what if somebody -- couple linked to some white supremacist site. All it has to be is there for five minutes and some progressive to do a screen shot saying what what to buy hourly allows us FaceBook page -- -- -- the morning Saturday and I'll be labeled as a white supremacist. -- I did then I'll I'll actually hurt for a link myself. Here and try to get it over your email. I would appreciate that my emails are very easy it is Tom. At WBE NN dot com -- It's given that -- -- -- judicial right are my friend thank you if that's true I forgot about it. I'm in I'm surprised that you -- I was hoping you know which sparked remembering. It was -- -- two. And -- show. At the time. In I don't remember it was 2004000. -- bottom. Now was that the same trip to the United States where president often in -- out of Iran said that there are no homosexuals in Iran. But I don't remember who. -- he gave a speech at Columbia. -- this particular speech was at New York. I don't hear anything about it. It is a speech at Columbia. You know finger watch got records on 99%. Certain. And if not it was as -- as well one of the two but I'm going. Was it shot -- the now dead president of oh Venezuela. We don't get an answer off -- in the next five minutes -- -- listing at what I do I will personally put the link up on my FaceBook page once every chance to scope it out just because they don't feel like taking the descent German -- site. Thanks very much and did you call. -- -- I like when you guys get to jokes to Thomas WV and that Tom Cruise my -- do you guys do and you guys -- -- my life by the way thanks for making me apart yours hopefully every day I have one email from somebody saying it was Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela. I'm gonna find the other one yeah I'm getting better at Chavez seems to be the name keeps coming up so if there is video expand. Of Chavez basically calling George Bush Satan. And Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer standing and applauding its video I'd like to put up on my website. Because I think Chuck Schumer is evil. I think he's pompous. Ass and I think he's a fraud. And again ladies and gentlemen. For all the -- the Democrats engage about the Republican war on women. You do know that Chuck Schumer got a pass -- calling of female flight attendant bitch. When -- refused to turn off that cell phone right. Now that is -- I've never used that term to a flight attendant ever. I'm exceedingly charming the flight attendants. Because I know they'll be staying somewhere close to me. It's 646 and is ready at 930 WB yen and the last one he was cute. Well for Ahmadinejad -- that was the first got a caller said. Apparently it was -- Chavez move toward George W. Bush a new one at a United Nations meeting in New York City. Now it's Hugo shoppers to say bad things about George W. Bush and great things about Sean Penn. I would expect Amy L from cat to the ground from a pick. -- from a dog. Now the question is. The second part of what my caller alleged. That the anti bush remarks at the United Nations by shot basis not by Ahmadinejad. Were greeted with applause by Hillary and Chuck Schumer -- that is a different issue. So that's the video for which I am looking. So send me email me don't put on my FaceBook parents don't do that email me the link calm at WB EN dot com. Tom at WB and that job. I don't remember. The story about Hillary or -- standing and applauding. I do remember Ahmadinejad coming to the United Nations. Remember Chavez coming to the UN and for that matter Fidel -- come to the United Nations it's neutral ground. Let's go to. Quit the Ontario Canada and computer at citrus thing we've got a Canadian calling in. I woke up 1 morning and dude the United States was gone. You know we talked often on. I don't think it is treated like you are I'd do it -- Billy -- -- your court down and that are. About nine. So I went back to Canada. And happy to hear it could be around that you know Michael people from which I grew up -- -- -- metadata. Listen what we're seeing right now absolute each -- You know what we we take a look at companies like Eric Holder being grilled yesterday. Turning Iraq and today. Wait many here like you know it is. Incredible that we -- administration go to law. And it probably you are so he is picking -- the future should be there about eight. Let's turn around look what's going to happen there's can be pretty. People to get the purpose that all the -- they're all these Obama. There won't be born Obama. And I really think American -- it -- what -- -- -- -- there. -- do you leave this set. Hold on just a bit here because. You didn't say that the same time they're rioting we saw in Athens a few years ago because my god they wanna people who work more than two hours a date that that might actually come to the United States. Shocking I tell you. I'd sooner than later mr. Valerie and I really give -- it's like you. And mr. -- back -- power -- you -- -- a little bit about a little bit of a show together it'll -- a -- the -- being. -- I respect Glenn Beck I respect Sean I respect rush I will not say anything bad about any. Well you know -- and what you guys are basically doing is you're not screw around with technique thing. What not actually have to read the facts at the forefront and warned. It's an. -- he could could you imagine that we couldn't have that. If I would be. You know at this point. Sometimes I pull overnight -- like cry out in Canada. I do a little -- radio work conservative on and on and a couple but AM follow it -- call it. I have a little bit of her reputation. But I voted -- on getting through a lot better to a lot of people because they actually pay attention a little. Is that going on their pay dirt or callers and cable built the pulpit Fox News. Often so it's not right now a day and speak to be there -- -- And I I need to end our conversation today at that point. And I also want you and thank you very much for the call and I also wanna remind people this is why. The local newspaper we have here the daily progressive pulp fiction on ethical dead tree rag hates WB yet. And anybody associated you know why we ended their opinion hegemony in this town. We told people the truth while they were being spoon fed each excrement by the newspaper. And boy those people in the newspaper talk but take themselves seriously. Really. I mean there. Theory -- it is out of control seriously and their ethics are. About the same as a sailor on leave in Thailand after three years of credit card all right anyway. Thailand and there. All right thanks to let Joseph -- Thanks to John Sherman love you guys love working with you we'll see you tomorrow from three to seven. Stand by for Sean Hannity. All know yourself.

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