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4-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB yen. Doubles down -- the -- with great bend and then yeah if you go to the hole looked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's easy to clean. But the same publicity. Would -- say now let's. Tom hourly barreling action -- lucky -- it's live it's local. My dad introduced -- the fact that it's Tom hourly you may well I would discount. On news radio 930 WVU. -- so I'm talking about. Today was the memorial service at Fort -- and the comfort her and she. Expect. Barack Obama goes to Fort Hood for the memorial service. Any talks a good game about keeping our soldiers safe on base blob blob block. Right up there what. Mr. President here's a novel idea. You -- commander in chief. You have to do is issue an order and it's got to be followed. Read you the guy who actually has the keys to the kingdom eucharist and if you want your commander in -- you can. So tell me up how difficult it would be. To convene an hour long meeting saying you know what. We've got to make sure this kind of a thing never happens again at Fort Hood or any other installation. Of our military. What's the best way to do eight recognizing. That the best way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. But you see if they admit that for the military that they've got to go against the anti government propaganda in misleading for their customers see that's a big mountain for them decline. Because once Obama says publicly. Well we've seen here that twice and -- well the only way the shooting stopped. Which way and eight military police woman with a gun put it to them. -- they have to logically recognize. That the same ought to be good for civilians. That. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and that bad guys hey good guys with guns. Very simple concept so all the president has to do was say look. It is coming to my attention a number of our people feel unsafe at bases here in the United States around the world -- for. We're gonna make them complete if they so choose if they want to carry on duty a side arm BM nine. We're gonna put him through a week of training they're gonna learn everything there is to learn about the M nine. -- developed proficiency. With the end nine. Which they will have to read demonstrate periodically and we're gonna try them. On the appropriate circumstances under which deadly physical force can be use you know just like what you have to go through here in New York State. Problem solved. And that's again -- some of these things you know what. The smartest people in the room to office often be the dumbest people you'll ever encounter in life. Now other branch out the topic a little bit because this is something that that seems to have taken on a life of its -- But I want examples. -- bond exam gloves I put this up yesterday. And it really. Took off beyond my wildest expectations that -- -- a lot of different topics. And it in a way it is. It ties into Carl Paladino is email calling on the buffalo school superintendent to resigned today. I told you about that just after 3 o'clock I have put the entire email from Carl Paladino on my FaceBook page. And of course I had to -- eight troll. Who reached right in that it could even try hard. They reach right into the progressive playbook and called Carl Paladino a bully. I hear that word one more time missed applied I think my head may actually explode. -- allows intruder film you know. Seriously that's if I hear that one would bully bully bully C I use it with delightful irony when I can call. Eight Democrat liberal progressive a bully because I like to throw their terminology right back at them because it drives them freaked him crazy. Now. I have a question and it ties into a lot of these things. And I want you to. What should be original. Much apparent. Necessarily. What I setter when other callers have said. But I hear this from a lot of people. Don't they come along. Well that's an existential questions. Existential -- the definition nobody can ever take a bath for a philosophy for dummies. Art that sometimes I feel as though. Everything I learned. In elementary is. Everything I was taught. In junior high school. Everything I studied at UB. And everything I've learned since graduating. From UB. Everything's just a -- It doesn't work that way anymore if it ever. Bet the country into which I was born. In 1963. Just two months before JFK was assassinated. That country does not exist anymore. It seems as though everything I was -- And the way I was brought up. Is no longer valued in fact. It's almost. -- protested not almost it is the -- that let me give you one example the work ethic. We have made it. Almost. Enjoyable. To be unemployed. And to live on the government heat. That's some people's career -- folks. I told this before if I got -- here tomorrow. I would know the first thing about applying for social benefits are right I have to get somebody to say how would you list. Because it's just not something we ever had. I think the work ethic has died. And it's almost become a -- The harder you work. The more you make them more revive old you -- Now. In some cultures. Education and hard work are frowned upon. As being just not very -- And that of course is a culture of losers. Of whatever shade of skin may happen agree. -- All all know how it -- that comes off as racist now I'll offer you real quick story. Don't know -- good god now. This Imus and the south in my black Brothers and sisters who were of a conservative viewpoint you got a notice. Now when my family was getting ready to move out of the shared in the projects in the 1950s. The night before we move I wasn't born. But this drunken white man. Came to our door and tried picking a fight with my father. Which would have had a really stupid thing for my father did duke is my father were killed a guy. And basically gave him the whole speech about. You are better than us you think your better than us. You'd think you're better than we are young movement a colonial avenue in the title -- Wanda in your mobile office Thackeray court. You know basically whatever the white version of uncle Tom house and word that's that's recalled by -- mean my dad at least at the presence of mind not to engage him and slammed the door to space. So there are some loser cultures. That looked down on our hard work and education. I don't want any part of those cultures I think yourself defeat yet. There's a benefit to the people who perpetuate those cultures because it allows people an excuse to fail. To blame others to blame the country. To blame other shortcomings and their own lack of a work ethic for their failure to get ahead in life materially. But leaving just one example. The work -- Do you ever feel. As though the country into which you were born. And all of those sacred things you learned it by sacred site. I'm not invoking any spiritual intent with network but I'm talking about American culture secret. That put it that they don't matter anymore. We get the feeling that the country into which you were born has been. Irretrievably. Lost. It's gone forever. And I want examples. Because this is coming up on a number departures. Seem like work is -- suckers bet now. Seems like following the rules. Is a suckers -- Wanting to look after your old fans without the government. Is a suckers that. Doing things the right way like making sure you don't run up too much credit card debt buying whole you can actually a four. If that's -- suckers bet. I'm curious you ever feel that way. I want examples. You know three all 930 is the phone number 8030 night during. Started thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN and that very quickly before and your quick traffic -- IA -- wanna give away a pair of tickets for tomorrow's event Thursday's event from my fourth no way a prior aviation. Buffalo means business you can hop up and be elbow to elbow with that several Buffalo's movers and shakers people like buddy Shula. All right buddy Shula will be there you'll have a chance to meet -- issue and it doesn't get better -- met. I can rag on -- He's a good guy. -- nine at the ticket value of 100 dollars caller nine at 6449875. Will win those tickets. Buffalo means business caller 96449875. Actually I would go whether if I didn't have to work. As I like prior aviation. And I think it's a great idea nice job by a -- Shula and I hope you win the tickets when you call. Or let's get to the traffic right now WB editors Alan Harris. And I get a quickie AccuWeather forecast tonight it's going to be chilly that's -- overnight low 36 tomorrow so -- Followed by clouds and I will tell you do you know I can tell like clock work it's my garbage that in my store because tomorrow. It will -- eight. It with showers in the afternoon. That'll be warmer though the high temperature 62 degrees folks I'm serious. Why don't even bother recycling anymore. Why bother. They give -- these old green coats every garbage day is windy it's like a hurricane. And it's bizarre. Everything we're supposed to be recycling for the environment ends up trapped in my shrubs. It's that's like a waste of time. It's the people in the village where the bigger we'll global recyclable notes. What do they race. As a wreck. I wonder how many town clerks gave -- lifetime health benefits to -- -- -- are let's get to the calls. Here is Brian in buffalo WBBM. Bryant ever feel like the country into which you were born is dead. What I expect and underage from ordinary week. And what -- You know so your solution. Yeah and that's more accurate. Customers. Written in India in its. Industry here -- there. -- But the thing is it's. Or. Listen -- what it. Up your. Where are talking to a guy who what I didn't hear that part please repeat which is that you said I -- talking to a guy who -- -- -- -- And the Second Amendment OK okay. There and if -- -- -- I don't know if it's yet -- time I -- -- -- I was sort of look restore and I got you know I held up. And you know admired her lawyer was what about -- what should slow and put. I'm not a game starts. I don't see I trigger I -- go around it's probably not a good thing. It -- -- Are you but you know it. But the -- that's fine but I I don't I don't I don't want someone else not have the right gone. You sir are a man met with a capital -- Because you know your own limitations but you did would not expect others to follow yours. Well I wouldn't that's all that's great so what does that not worthy you know with the light and I'm not quite well. On the issue where they want to say you can that you can't. I'd rather pigeonhole you as like you give you -- label them Salter I've got to break it 24 would you hold until after the news. Sure because your compelling caller do you ever feel like the country to which you were born no longer exists. Because I do. And I want examples I've given you won the work effort. 8030938030930. Start I thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB -- Who's ready at 930 WP he and net. And ever feel like the country into which you were Boren a -- is dead it doesn't exist anymore. How about you but I was I was born and raised to believe that you've studied hard in school. Why did you study Darden school so you get a good degree why did you want a good degree seeking get a job what did you wanna get a job she can make money NC could support yourself. Pretty basic concepts. And not all. Almost down the line. Everything seems like. Its debt. And everything. It just seems like dude I woke up 1 morning and my country was gone. Nobody else out there with the same thought anybody. And give me examples. The biggest what I can cite. As I don't wanna take -- myself. Is the work -- There is no work -- anymore as they're used to -- any. You know the greatest. Motor murders. In life is hunger. This this but under Obama we got more people on government food programs. Than ever before. And sometimes and you can quote me on this all this'll be all I got this this'll this'll get the progressive twitters you're going to -- my career. We make it too easy for people in this country to eat. With food stamps. Hunger can be a great motivate her to get a job get off your ass and get into the workplace. That's one of the reasons -- work ethic has gone down the crap. 'cause it's too easy to be pork poverty should sucked. Being or the worst all. If you were able body. -- somebody won't twist that'll around. Obviously there are people -- medical conditions were unable to work. And as a caring compassionate society. We need to take care of them but I. Caring and compassionate is it to basically make people -- fed babies for their entire lives that's that's cruelty. That is that's basically makings of a -- Big role. Instead of a productive member of society. -- -- Do you ever feel. And this took off on my FaceBook. -- takes off on the year. Do you ever feel like the country into which you were born is gone and it's gone forever and I want examples. 8030930. Is the form number 8030930. 8030930. Start 930 on the cellphone and 180616. W. Be the end. By the way doctor doctor Carl Paladino. Is put out an email put it out it to noon today. Calling for the immediate resignation of the buffalo -- of the buffalo school superintendent doctor Pamela brown. The entire text of the letter is on line. Unlike FaceBook page Tom -- -- beat. A view ER like by our Jack -- the show 24 hour to steadily through the end edits the page -- where I'm wearing the tuxedo and right look like -- if you're hot woman you'd like to take me home and jump my bones let's go to Brian here in the buffalo WB and Bryant. O'Brien the only ones were -- guests. Were well a year. And it's an important. And you know orders that you before art. Or so I'm not short on them against -- That -- -- what I -- here -- incidents recently you were. Well. Want force is we don't know it. Really. Can you give me an example of -- what circumstances because I have to tell you I have been utterly underwhelmed. At. By the youngsters in police uniforms lately. And there's a huge difference between if I just me finish the sentence. Huge difference. Between the guys I knew twenty years ago who were in their forties and now that I am fifty. The guys were in their twenties seem absolutely clueless about our rights and to -- it's all about their badges their power their benefits their money and screw the city's. Well that's that's exactly what happened there are likely getting to that. Of it because you -- -- -- going through some loopy yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Well but what I will say is that yes I was hole but I do we -- -- constitutional rights. I wish I -- the circumstances but I also understand why you can't tell where reporters are. Well -- it says that it in me again so much depends on exactly what happened but. There's somebody who needs remedial constitutional. Training. Because as a police officer. As a police officer they took an oath to uphold. To uphold the constitution. What what -- got broken reps there were put here are. -- -- if it were. So but but -- that good social rights and their -- -- -- or. There's nothing more important that parts of the -- Our current account written in the air. What irked her and rare. It is. It's there and or anyone through -- record for general. Garner. Our. Early exit. It that they appreciate the call -- as what you did other things -- the guns I don't wanna be the -- short reject can't be the -- -- -- -- me for inquiries all right sorry I love guns but enough. Let us try to they more or less -- calls today OK please I'm begging you. Because there's more than guns that have changed in your lifetime whether you were born twenty years ago or forty years ago. The what I cited is the work ethic don't work ethic -- work ethic. And that I mention the work ethic. I don't see that anymore and I don't think that that's old guy looking young people saying. And basically I think. The hovering parents' generation. Has produced. A generation that is dependent on others to white themselves. That's no way to go through life folks if you can't be independent. What the hell's the point -- growing up. Here's nick and Wanda on WB and hello neck. -- -- very well sir thank you. Yeah and I have been living in the country for about seven years old. And I love this country to be honest there is an opportunity to grow and to succeed. And I think you're right on when you say. That. Being poor in this country they're actually not part you know you can be pork and have. Disagreed food and everything. All hell you can be -- this country on. I forgive my interruption I'm sure you can be pork in this country and live better than people were actually working for crap wages there's something wrong. Poverty is a great motivated the fear of being horror is what motivated me to bust my -- college and work full time. -- -- being poured in my country back home. That -- you know. There's an old poster here there's an old poster from the 1970s. It shows a guy in front of a Rolls Royce drinking a bottle of dom -- beyond the slogan poverty sucks I wish more people understand the concept because it's too easy lifestyle is too easy now for people who don't wanna work. And it looked like if you if you are poor. All right give you everything and you don't depend on the Regis you know -- at some point I believe. The government is there's and that's why they're -- -- -- older so. Foot stand and everything Tutu so so committed the people that -- -- -- You work and then next they tell me you told my call screener that you were born and in the old Soviet Union USSR. Now one of the things I've profound interest thing about people who have come from countries that were -- more totalitarian. In nature is. What they tell me is you know Tom the same thing they used to do to us back -- I was born and I see happening in this country example Obama state of the union whenever and wherever possible I would use my. I would use my power to circumvent the constitution. To what do you see neck. That's exactly what I -- you know I'm -- I'm too I'm I'm young I'm 28 year old. I didn't feel all the Soviet Communists then all that sort of stuff -- I grew up in a free country. But still you know I've been living here is seven years. And I'm seeing their freedom taken away -- -- piece by piece. And I viewed as you've been here indefinitely and then I'm hungry you're invited by that you know I have some who have grown up period and you know American news. You were born here. And then them I'm you know I'm bored about it. Well we all worry about her children and that may I ask how it is that you put bread on your table as somebody who. First of all you'll learn English you went from -- -- language. -- a language it uses different characters that we use in a yet 88 Latin the tongue against this a -- language you speak English beautifully of course you've got a Russian accent no big deal I grew up with people with accents I commend you. I commend you on learning the English language that shows your respect for your new country and your understanding that English is the language of success in the United States of America I don't remember ever hearing you calling in the my show bitching that we should have documents in English and Russian. It. -- -- at that moment I I Diller and then I went to school here for the period and I'm I'm about to go to another -- and I wore full time. Well -- you know for my family. And I think that's that's that he -- to beauty of this country there's so much opportunity here. You know. So I have to ask you this what do you wanna do when you grow up in this changing country with a dynamic having shifted from even seven years ago would you wanna do. I don't know particularly empire -- you know. Well -- didn't really important you know and their parents who enjoyed your country. Well that's why I'm working hard right now. You know and I do I do -- construction managing I do I wanna get into realists say I don't know that you know. Well and it's possible here in the country. I know you're going to succeed because you've got work ethic and you know what it's like to be pork and you understand the poverty sucks and quite frankly sir Russia's loss is our game. I and well you know again if if if nobody ever said hey I'm glad you chose America I'm glad you chose the United States I wish you and your family nothing but. Prosperity. In your adopted country. Thank you -- Idea you know all his show. Well thank thank you -- very much that -- there really is an honor to hear from you on a WB -- -- folks and again immigrant. -- -- I am not opposed to immigration it just have to be done in an orderly fashion and the United States can afford to be the all star team of the world. -- wouldn't like that kind of energy that nick has. It in your life. That's what America the Americans used to talk that's what Americans used to say now where it's let's -- for me. Where's my welfare. Where's my Obama fault. Program started by bush by the way of was it Reagan I've forgotten but it's all about what to like get where is mine how are you gonna do for me. Let's get back to the calls here is Mary and I don't want to. Mary ever feel like you woke up 1 morning in your country was gone. I don't make it happen that quickly but having a ninth grader and kind of real living in the teenage years all over again and think what's going on in the world around me I think a stark differences Justin -- back. Whether it. Respect for teachers because their teachers. We back. -- -- -- for the teachers. There there's -- a huge Shia. Only grew up. You don't let your neighbor you get in trouble is that in Atlanta and LA could when he got -- your parents killed it to twice for embarrassing. And for Latin neighbor yell at yeah. You know that your parents always backed up. The neighbors and there was a mutual respect for each other -- mutual respect for each other's children there was the community. You respected each other's property you respected. Policeman could be with the police men and you list and and none of that is there anymore everybody is owed something everybody. Seeing that everybody at ten hyperbole but. During their younger generation just seem to have a different hierarchy and we have. Explain that I love that word hierarchy and I need you to explore that further because as -- cultural anthropologist I am genuinely interested in knowing what's in your -- when you say. Why are hierarchy it certainly haven't and the family and I your parents were over due and it -- Yeah try to play -- -- dad and -- and they don't deadlines but I can do that my dad that I could do that the US didn't make ties to each other and they found out -- -- that anything you and you're backed up a hierarchy in the family and you paid the price. Okay what a great call mutual respect what -- my callers a couple of weeks ago called the neighborhood gang of moms who had a club. And they would let every other mom in the neighborhood no -- Jimmy did something stupid there was no escape from the all seeing idea of the neighborhood moms. Great call Mary thank you. 803 -- I'm thirtieth news radio 930 WBM. And -- to give the AccuWeather forecast then only to shock anybody here but. It's gonna be chilly tonight the overnight low of 36 I know. Tamar woods sandy beaches on the year it's got to be really nice Sandy Bridge of the good weather I bring you the crap. -- from -- it'll be some followed by clouds. And of course it's my garbage day so windy and warmer a couple of showers in the afternoon selected but that vote all the rage and goes right in my crotch. The high temperature 62 degrees. And you've got doesn't happen you know why you have a better -- and Snyder that we do the delicately as well. -- -- -- look at that John German -- your dad's like the mayor of Columbia drives you're at -- working -- Eric thank you. 47 degrees at WB yet don't ever ever rainy day you go home you tilt your garbage towed back to we looked at a garage and all the water cascades down. It always lands readily crutch seriously I look like I haven't incontinence problem I've lost more nice suits. Maybe I do and incontinence problems. Or maybe assistant -- confidence problem that now. You probably had a 55 or 5655. Aren't you wake up and think dude we're in my country ago. Do we not have got an particularly big giant that it favored no more -- anything about guns that. Seriously I'm I'm so I -- variety a variety here so he can stay on but I just don't hear about guns. Here is -- crystal ball on WB yet Jim you're on. -- awhile ago. It. -- -- -- it up or go out. Oh. And I. -- story. I don't know by now. By. Our dollar our. And it or. Get -- there. Are electronic that it art. For god Sherry. -- and I thought might that what struck a artwork that are popular -- donate to them. -- -- No it's confiscated from you -- well three distribution NC that's a tangible example of what Obama and the pope's day when they talk about the inequality of wealth. You know they believe that you. Give yours says somebody else can -- of the clerk taking the money from them too slowly. I want a whole lot about you deserve more time for Europe diligence and your follow through and I'm gonna give it the year after the break folks ever get the feeling that the country in the which you were born is gone. And why and when did you start getting that feeling I started getting that feeling late in the Bush Administration. I start to feel like you know what this country start sock.

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