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4-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio nine dirty WBA. And wolves down upon the he would rate. I think yeah if you go to the hole looked -- my husband and -- The fact Diaz -- floor dead Americans what I'm glad I protest it was a because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. An -- and I don't know how to put. Good. People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet white women that news radio. Thought I was done with that ball. I thought I -- -- with a prettier but -- food no no no no. It is our way AD under Israeli and I'm thirty WBM. And that the president. Is at the memorial service now at Fort Hood -- and of course he's looking very compassionate. And very hearing. And very concerned it because he is the comforter and -- in in -- he is the counselor. In chief. And it is so important for him to spend time -- a bit. The minute memorial service is over he's gonna go to Houston for another fund -- Which -- quite interesting because you know we found out about the shooting last week or do you know where he was when he found out about the shooting last week. Yes of three guesses. Vacation. He was at a fund raiser this guy as he occasions any fundraisers. Not that that's a bad right. Get as far as I'm concerned the last time the -- that is advancing his agenda person that's another victory for America. So many should just go from fund raiser to fund -- to fund raisin fund raiser as -- as little time as possible in the Oval Office. -- just putting it out there is -- -- here's what I wanna hear president Obama's right and it's just not gonna happen. I -- -- say it. Because this is the second time we've had -- And it's obvious that the only thing that stopped both situations from being even worse was a good woman with a gun. Henceforth my policy is if we give you a weapon secure in Afghanistan or Iraq. You may carry on base in the United States all I wanna hear that's all I wanna hear the president of the United States. That's all I wanna hear. Because it's gonna happen again. Or do you does anybody doubt that this is gonna happen again. Seriously it's it's the exact same reason and people. We progress I would never take a job at the new World Trade Center freedom and how in New York City. You you offer -- billion dollars a year I would laugh. There is no way in hell I would pick your job there because the minute that's occupied. The minute people are inside the minute those officers are filled up I know that somebody's gonna -- played into it just like last time. Because it is a symbol. Now Fort -- is a symbol. Well -- workplace violence because there is no such as terrorism I think we understand that. But I think it's something -- -- Republican president and please understand I'm not a fan of the Republican Party I think the Republican Party is dead just doesn't know yet. I think -- a long time ago and it is absolutely dead in the -- worthless to me and I have zero respect for -- really do. I'd have zero respect for because they have no courage they -- -- -- have them convictions they have absolutely no testicular fortitude whatsoever. But if -- Republican president. Had had done these kinds of about what what's the buzz phrase optics. Of going to a memorial service and then going to pose for people smiling with pictures to raise money. What do you think the media would be how -- think the media would regard the trip. Do you think the media would say well of course it was a prearranged fund raiser what was he supposed to do well. -- so. Well it would explore your. Crucify. This -- ball and Republicans for doing exactly what Obama. Is doing today. I know what you know anybody with half a brain -- Because the media is not fear the media about objective. The media for the most part. Are nothing but a bunch of progressive propagandist. And anything that this guy does is -- okay. And anything Hillary Clinton does when she's president will be OK okay because after well. Yeah well and Hank Aaron who now goes on my official a whole list by the way Hank Aaron -- the Republican Party is today's kkk. Instead of wearing white hoods they were business suits and -- a really. Really. -- I've got news for you at the Republican Party has no principles. The least of which is racism. Even have that I mean. That as -- principle like Democrats. But I guess it's a fancy word. You know it's away for a -- here I -- to show how Lackey is because he's -- after the Republican Party because -- supposedly after Obama. I'd like that where the evidence is that the Republicans are after Obama because in my world the Republicans are bunch of spineless neutered wimps and I will never vote Republican again in any kind of the national election. You give the Mitt Romney you give -- John McCain and if you give me George W. Bush -- beat Jeb Bush. I'll be voting libertarian. Unless of our allies -- Republican -- occupant to establish a Republican now with Rand Paul it might be different kettle finish might be different ball game. But I'm not gonna count on that. By the way. Before all week we are too much further -- Carl Paladino. Just after noon today put out a statement. And this is nothing you're you're on -- -- -- you get these statements from -- I would say once a week. But as of about twelve -- Carl Paladino has issued a call for the buffalo school superintendent to resign immediately. I don't wanna read the entire thing because it would take too long and it would take me in directions I don't really feel like going today but Carl Paladino says to the superintendent Bob. -- schools I implore you to have the decency to resign immediately you'll only added to the chaos and dysfunction. Of the buffalo public schools since your rival. Morale and every constituency can't get lower you do not have the ability to be a superintendent on the job training. In a dysfunctional district doesn't work. Amen amen -- Karl. I hope she resigns and I hope that the next round of superintendent candidates you can always tell who's gonna get the job. Because if it's somebody who's a white person. And it's somebody who's a black eyes and at somebody who's a black female equally qualified who's gonna get the job c'mon we've got to get that. All right well wolf the white guy. It'll be a black person probably a black female. Because that's the way it works it's politics it's like everything else. Larry good does that. About like you don't look at the pictures of the finalists on the front page of the local propaganda rag and know what's gonna get the job. Of course you do. Everybody -- -- another way the game in -- way the game is played in this area. So -- -- the next pretend that they bring in a -- What are raised this thing this -- it in my black Brothers and sisters listening. If but doctor Ben Carson who knows nothing about education as far as I'm concerned he -- a lot about medicine. But if you were to apply as the job or for the job as buffalo school superintendent. I would give it to. You know why. Because he at least that's an experience managing. He at least as experienced in crises. He has experience. As a brilliant man. And it would be based on his intelligence and his and his ability to Levy. And not simply because he fits the politically correct. I have to use this word even though I detested paradigm. But I hope the buffalo schools that looked as does not and impact -- I do not have kids in public school I pay for the buffalo public schools as we all do as taxpayers in New York State help -- contribute to the delinquency of majors. But. I hope she resigned as she's not going to resign -- god if she does resign if she does get fired by the board of education. Can we please not give her a golden parachute to float out of town on the can we please just -- to get lost here -- two weeks severance but by eight. That's the same thing that happens that the private sector I heard sick this morning talking about private vs public sector. And I I was tempted to go there today but I don't know that I can't. Because we're gonna do a better story tomorrow about. Lifetime health benefits for these flood -- politicians. That we put into office in Amherst. Like the Amherst town clerk. You served five years you get lifetime health benefits what a bunch of crap. And there's a couple of other positions that -- you. Lifetime health benefits or you have to do is last in the job for five years that you compare that with the private sector there is no comparison private sector does not do them. But I can't do -- show. You know it is one of those things where. -- unless and until I get more information on how other towns work I think it might be boring to somebody in Clarence to listen to. Don't police say that the but the way I would do I think it might now work well if I'm focusing in on Amber's. If my listeners or pirates or my listeners are Lancaster is not really relevant except to bitch about. But we will have a story tomorrow. On how many of these municipalities. Have lifetime health benefits for these political twenties. We really the Amherst town clerk five years lifetime health benefits you what are your mind boy that I into the wrong a lot of work. I get rougher Amherst town clerk next year. Whatever it's up for election I can win served five years lifetime health benefits yes there's a -- former -- town clerk. At the top job twice a year ago to send out letters. I got to put my signature on a piece of paper. EE EEU. -- anyway I'm sorry folks it's just one of those it's one of those days it is one of those days. But the memorial ceremony for the victims of the latest. Poor Richard is underway right now I have to tell you I think it is exceedingly at. For the fraud and that is my nickname for. Via so called president of the United States who -- believed to be the biggest fraud ever occupied the Oval Office and yes because he's black I mean yes it's clearly racism and and we're. I've said this before I love the black Barack Obama. The black part of Barack Obama rocks the white part is the evil part I detest -- biracial he's not really black black. You know he's well liked. Lot of us are months I don't say that disparaging late. Comedy -- you're black. How many people you know were all black like everyone of their pro -- tours have been. Solid dark black or very very dark brown Africans are good with zero because. Let us along the way. Have or shall we say intermingled. In a reproductive fashion with people of other races down in our family trees you know tablet -- -- I'm sure it's happening your family -- the bottom line is what I what I -- President Obama I want you to know I love the black part of Barack Obama -- the part that threw his white grandmother under the bus because that's classic -- love that part of I can't -- the white part of Barack Obama. Just just to make that clear but fundamentally it is about his politics. In fact that's all it's about is his politics. Because I see -- Barack Obama as being Hillary Clinton. As being Andrew Cuomo as being Jimmy Carter on steroids. And by the way. I don't wanna get off topic here. Designs ever really announce a topic how gonna be getting off of it but. Jimmy Carter. Who used to be the worst president of my lifetime. Who used to be I never thought that anybody would upstage Jimmy Carter but president Barack Obama has done -- -- He. Does not trust the Obama regime. This story did not get a lot of play. Jimmy Carter was president of the United States ladies and gentlemen from 1976. The 1980 rounding off. He won the 76 election against Gerald Ford who filled -- after Richard Nixon's resignation. Gerald Ford by the way the first person who's never elected to the vice presidency or the presidency but served as president. Interesting bit of a presidential trivia but anyway I Gerald Ford was -- tool. I'm gonna say the other word but I think they used it one more time yesterday's I have to limit myself that I Gerald Ford was -- tool. And he inherited an ungodly mess it -- the bitch about the mess bush left behind. Obama walked -- web cherry tree. Well. Uncle junior is to say and The Sopranos. Obama reminds me of a guy with a Virginia hand in one hand complaining because he's got no Brett. Gerald Ford inherited a disaster. Inflation. Eight complete. Crisis of faith of the American people in government. And he said basically our long national nightmare is over I'm up for -- not all link them. He inherited a mine field. That was his pay opera lying on the Warren commission but anyway it. But anyway he inherited a mess. And to his credit I have to give Gerald Ford credit. At least back then in 1974. Our constitution. Showed it could bend the but not break our constitution showed. That it could work that we could have an orderly transition of power even in circumstances. Which hitherto had an unprecedented I -- the resignation of president Richard Nixon. And Obama is still complains about George Bush. I -- Gerald Ford did not spend that much time bitching about Richard Nixon as Obama spends bitching about bush. But anyway and by the way I'm not a bush fan either I will never vote for bush again ever in my. The care is the same family if your name -- bush even wider baked beans. That's how strongly I -- so. Moving a law. -- memorial service going on right now at Fort Hood what do you wanna hear. From the president of I know exactly what I wanna year. And I shared a letter yesterday that needs to be shared again today. Under is ready at 930 WBE and you will not be sorry if you continue listening what I'm about to tell you will anger you. And will make you think it will make you say top 100% behind you. On WB Ian. No one of the winds and the song. Deals with a veggie night sandwich. And a better. -- triggered yeah a long time ago local real estate broker George hamburger was a radio guy and -- smartly got out of his business. And I got under real estate. But what do you do the morning showdown halt except down all would have been on Franklin street he mused about Benjamin. And somebody actually brought in from Australia. They act like -- at -- sides canned or bottled jar of Belgium might. Okay imagine every insect in the world ground up. And then add a considerable helping of species and that is approximately. What that you -- would taste like. In of course I'm imagining some of those things but all Rouge's -- just awful. Are basically everybody at radio station took a little bit of that you might. And then immediately expand it out if you're from Australia obviously racist against Australians tersely and right now I wanna share with you a letter repairs today as the Fort Hood more ladies and gentlemen. I have this thing. And it's not hero worship. But it is. A healthy respect. For those who serve our country. And one of the things about the people who serve our country and I talked about this before. Because I get these guys I get these women if I take the time the clock with him I take the time to find out what they're really liked. And what my pet peeves and I brought this up before. It is whenever somebody famous -- It's almost like contest on FaceBook. To see which FaceBook person is the first one to say well how come there's not this much deal made out of a dead soldier. And let me give me the answer to that just to save you from making and ask yourself okay. First of all our men and women in uniform. Do you know what makes them special have done this lecture before and -- gonna do it again because it needs to be done again you don't makes. Special the fact that they are people just like you and just like why there -- people. Bay watch The Sopranos. -- watch the voice. Baywatch law and order. They watch sports the sabres. They do that say I'm sorry that I put the sabres as a sport times are. That's how much of a sport that's more like a nightly massacre problem. I'm sorry but what makes them special our troops. Is the fact that their people. Who have the same fears the same anxieties the same worries concerns and issues as the rest of us but they put them aside they put on the uniform and they serve our country. And let me tell you what they don't like. And again. This comes from a guy who did not assert. They wouldn't take. Bot. Somebody who cares enough to talk with these guys to find out what they really. Are like. Folks believe me. When Tony Soprano. James -- all three. When he died do you think they were talking about that in Afghanistan. Do you think word didn't spread like wildfire. In the forward operating bases in Afghanistan almighty god Tony Soprano died James Gandolfini. Why because our American soldiers. Are just like you what I accept it they gave up -- civilian lives so they can't serve us. And they follow the death of people were important to them as celebrities. Born soldiers. Come out of the womb wearing the uniform and knowing drill. They're human beings they dig music they like movies they watch TV there and to sports. Like a lot of things at once somebody back home. Who they admire as an actor or musician dies just. Effects that because they're human beings. So I know what your intentions are well placed when you try to be the first person on FaceBook is very. Well how come the big deal for Jerry Beck and bought order and welcome not for our soldiers that's another soldier's view. Here's what the American soldier wants. All right and and this is something I've put into practice. Regularly. All the American soldier wants. Is a quick handshake. Thank you very much for what you do. Done that's what they want all you know what else they'd really like a job. They were really quite a job that's kind of important to them so they can support their family but one thing they don't like. And this is universal. And this only adds by the way to my love. My mentally and well my manly love for our American soldiers. They don't like being put on a pedestal. -- it makes them very uncomfortable. They don't like the hero worship they can't stand. So again please understand. What makes our people special is the fact that they are people. Just like you. And just like I. -- -- -- They've got the same taste in entertainment music sports in the rest of life outside of soldiering as the rest of us please get to know these men and women. There they are very special. They don't like to be called heroes. Not even the ones who are really you know who did above and beyond the call -- -- stuff. They just want a quick thank you. And it is true that from time to time I have been known to. Surreptitiously pick up lunch and dinner tabs were American soldiers in uniforms I think it's the least I can do for what they've done for all of us. So yes that story is true. Now. When I look at Fort -- I see what's gonna happen again at Fort Hood. I think there's going to be another shooting I don't know when I don't know where. I don't know it's going to be somebody with mental issues or somebody with terrorism issues. But there is not a doubt in my mind. Bet Fort Hood is going to be. The -- Another. Shooting like the two we've witnessed already. And before -- get into this great letter that was sure to me by our operations manager what a great pre show meeting that I. I'm so fired -- coming into -- -- -- from hell talk a Winger like well -- my headache worse but that I directed the energy into positive stuff bet. -- -- One of the short of it here's. The soldiers. At Fort Hood and I think. Must live every day now wondering when will be the next time somebody. Kills kills -- -- it's. And folks we have two examples contrary to what. The local daily pulp fiction propaganda un ethical rag would print. Two cases now serve as precedent. -- president's. Number one Nadal his son. You know killing people in the name of his religion which by the way most Muslims don't do. I mean. Took us about that later on the but he was a terrorist the Obama administration didn't want -- -- minute he was a terrorist and he deserves the death penalty and I'd be happy to push the plunger down on lethal injection myself might have no pangs of conscience whatsoever about he was stopped by a woman with a -- A good woman with a -- the -- shooters. Was stopped by a good woman with a gun. So what do we learn from -- The way to stop a shooter with a gun with bad intent is to have somebody with good intent to take out. Or the forces and often self. That's the lesson a four -- it is obvious to me. That our soldiers our President Obama just got through saying it. We need to look -- for the safety of our men and women not only a -- but on our bases are right mr. commander in chief Ivan novel idea for. You -- commander in chief sir. The military serves under a civilian leader you are that civilian leader. I don't capital like it but you -- that civilian leaders and President Obama. Please I implore you. I beg your view on behalf of all of the great people I have known and continued to know who serve our country in uniform. To allow the same people we allow to carry guns in Afghanistan. To carry guns on bases in the the United States. I know yesterday we had a shooting and I was at Virginia one guard shot another guard. These things are going to happen. -- there is no perfect society no not even in the military. But in terms of these mass shootings which inflict harbors upon families. Which have big eight counts of injured and dead. -- sure. Fire away. To minimize the loss of life and the casualties. Is by having more people with guns around -- to oppose the bad people with guns twice we've seen this happen at Fort Hood probably more examples you won. She we talk about Colin -- and where those two. Kill themselves once they were surrounded by cops -- we talk about sandy hook. Where he killed himself only after other people showed up with -- looking for him. You see these people love the element of surprise when it's directed against the victims but for themselves they want certain death. That's what you're up against psychologically. But this -- at Fort -- Joseph I I know of and -- be dating but you know what I gotta tell you. I don't think many people understand the psychology. Of our military people I'm talking about the grunts. Who have not served as I do. And again ladies and gentlemen I'm not a special person because of theirs I've told to a zillion times. On a cultural anthropologist. I go places a lot of people won't grow. I do things a lot of people don't do I will strike up conversations with people I've never met before. Because I want to explore everything that's like -- to offer and some of the nicest. People I have met. Have been our American. Military. People. And just -- up best conversation. First time I went to Jamaica with this guy from Atlanta. Serving in Afghanistan. And he's the guy and I will never forget this as long as I live folks. And this is you know it on the apple crap when I talk about AA the fact that I really do talk to soldiers B I enjoyed talking to soldiers say I listen to what they have to say it's human beings I don't wanna hear there were stories about my -- People I know very close to me have their own I don't need their worst stories I don't ask. But. -- day. When he told me to start from Atlanta. Where he called me you know a lot. You know we really like I said what I said because all -- ever hear about her baby wipes he left he said junk food. Send us twinkies. Send us coal -- send us junk food we love junk food. Is there anything more American than that I think it was one of those beautiful plays I ever heard you know why because it was troop. That is the American soldiers that you love them. Are right now gotta get to this letter coming up. But the bottom line is not ask you this question Steve I give people lined up on hole. Can you give -- reasons why our soldiers should not be allowed to carry weapons on bases in the United States. Is there any doubt that this is gonna happen again. And that one way to ameliorate. Or too -- to mitigate the death and casualty count of good people. Is by having more good people with guns. To counteract the bad people. With guns it's bad enough that these guys and Afghanistan and -- patrol. Have got to watch her so called Afghani allies every step of the way. Mattel is up as a patrol in Afghanistan with a member the Afghan army one of my guys to be deployed behind the guy from the Afghan army holding a 45 was yet. Any funny moves groups. Bad things happen. Because they like to kill our guys pretend they're our friends and kill our guys are at 347. Should our people our military guys and ladies because two shootings in corona and stop by win. Everybody thinks women shouldn't be cops -- shouldn't be soldiers. Can pound salt as far as I'm concerned. 8030930. Star -- 3180616. WBE and do you agree with your humble host. That our people should be allowed to carry guns on base in the United States do you believe that would prevent future mass casualty bloodshed. I think the precedents are clear this is a no brainer if President Obama really wants this to end it. He needs to issue that order now. And he would earned my respect for that. He really want I would I would have to say wow I never thought he'd do it I give him props on WB via. Yeah and we do have some great digital services if you text does the word traffic news weather -- -- three different taxed at 3930. And -- do get our news pretty much as we get great service we opera WB EM I don't cost -- money. But they've saved my bacon a few times. And bury him. Anyway AccuWeather it will be chilly tonight I'll come on really 36 the overnight low and tomorrow son -- -- But that -- It's it'll be windy and warmer a couple of showers in the afternoon tomorrow's high temperature 62 Bieber stand -- Joseph -- stand up. No I'm trying to see if you're excited this is that it's. Average reading -- fifth grade. The teacher to stand up and walked to the -- each awkward to write something capital opportune moment in my first I'd do. All right so you're wearing long pants and that would say it was now. 47 editors radio like thirty WBE NN -- difference between being seven and fifty. Well. The possible vs the impossible have -- go out like -- What I wanna know is. Should our soldiers be allowed to carry guns on base we'd try them and every soldier goes through basic training every soldier. As got to have a familiar with weapons. It's par for the chorus basic training. Why don't we let them protect themselves and -- an hour basis. It doesn't make sense to me and President Obama. Could do something good for change. And protect our military at a home on our bases. And always -- that thing off to a fund raiser right now and again. I know presidents do fund raisers. Reagan -- bush did Clinton did everybody do it. But you know these so called optics of going from a memorial service to a fund raiser. Having heard about the last shooting at a fund raiser. Friends. It's awkward at best and tacky at the very least. To the letter from the soldier are coming up but -- girl and that tunnel Wanda before I'd have to do something stupid -- -- bureau WB EMI thanks for all the what's betterment. A couple of things -- What -- liquid with our you know our military. What they let people we understand is basic training is not. What he used to be -- point one apart thirty years ago. These soldiers are not coming out of basic training is trained. In weapons as unarmed not military members think they are. Com. I went -- true or false true or false in basic training every soldier must demonstrate proficiency. With. The rifle that is the issue rifle of the day. You know like that it -- but it's also. On yes. To have been told. There are there are soldiers. And currently I am currently reserve receiver -- Here rebel army back in the ninety's Jordan reserves we have members and members -- in ninety. They're -- unit there are duty station and not qualified during a. -- business I want you to hold that thought to the wanna pick up on the other side girl I'm never gonna have an issue with somebody bring it up off that. That is -- is a fact you know when you say I wasn't gonna like the answer because really what I want all one of life is true. So if I'm wrong man you'd you'd tell what you set me right that's all I'm asking for a period of an alleged -- they write more you want after the news at 4 o'clock or we call. All right stay with a -- -- folks. -- I'm all about finding the truth Veritas babies. And a buddy wanna say it in Latin what punches pilot said the Jesus quote asked Barrett's passed what is truth. Election --

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