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4-9 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elliott back where -- governor of sandy beach the basic questions about the parent or bad parenting. You know the story about the a couple of decided to take 13 year old on the 36 woods sailboat and go from New Zealand to Mexico kids got sick. -- became disabled. A military three different branches of the military had to save them. And then they shot a video they sunk the boat because the vote was disabled anyway and I guess they can't leave it just floating around -- they -- at. By visiting video of that I think that would be a pretty cool. They obviously when -- as a torpedo on it but. Probably some. Gun that's on Decker summing would that be cool to watch us. -- had these thoughts that are irrational but fun. OK you know we always talk about how the -- and of these -- of the skyway ruins the look of the city. And in a couple of cities. That I worked in the actually toward toward down roadways the block the view in both Milwaukee and San Francisco. San Cisco partly because part of it was damaged during an earthquake so they took that down to block the view of the bay. They took that down. And -- Milwaukee's same thing go one on the interstate highways was right in front of the city they took that down 20. But we've got the skyway but whenever anybody talks about taking this guy laid down there are always. It's expensive. Let's just pain you know it's too expensive -- to bring this -- went out here's what I say. I know that this has never been done but in my mind in my little warped mind it because it's been fun. You evacuate an area at least two miles around the sky. Just nothing out below all of us it's not an. And you call the air force. You say guys we know how good you are we know how good you are and ladies Wear that pin -- bombing. He is -- skyway. Level. And then you so videotape it so -- -- sell ads can you imagine how much fun that big to watch our on air force attack in Scotland. That would be cost of gas is so cool I'm I'm just thinking that that -- a good idea but we don't do that sort of thing in Stan -- got to you know. Figure out take down there is little reason though entries and it puts a big waste of time. It is a construction site where they have that little about foot high piece of fabric. That Iran Iraq I'll. That joke that is I don't know what it's for is that there to keep dust from going. It seems totally useless to me. The fact is a joke. We hear they have a say we've got this Caterpillar's steam and as an -- with this little delicate piece of fabric on the bottom. That'll protect it. I've just there's a lot of things like that up for instance HSBC to harvest not fully -- Take so how would you like this we can get rid of a lot of homes that exactly to beat them you know how many of pieces of stock we have that have to be taken I don't know the reason we can't do it. Is it doesn't make sense. To pay money to have them taken down and also pay money to train the air force when the -- is constrained by taking them down. Where it -- the ammunition donated I think that would be golden because they can that they can drop a bomb down -- now. Asserted that the really cool. Make sure he's out for. Major -- not throwing a bottle itself. And suddenly. And he goes players and ties there their hours run for cover. But I seriously would you love to see the airports take up the Scotland it would be neat identical -- -- happen. -- fun fun and government as an example of how much fun is not a government congratulations a marked man he didn't win. But at least he's bringing up legitimate point and Amherst. I have this little news -- the Amherst town council voted three to two Tuesday. Against a proposal that would have ended lifetime. Health care benefits. To certain public officials. Those public officials would be the highway superintendent. The town clerk and that town supervisor. You have to be an office for at least five years and qualified for the the state planned council ma man man -- sponsor of the legislation says the committee. Will be formed to look at these salary and benefits of all elected officials. If you qualify for the state retirement system have been there five years when you're done you yet. Lifetime health care. Kind of the living on there but they voted down strangely enough was the last time you saw. It publicly elected body vote down any benefit for themselves it's rare. It is it's like trying to find a unicorn very rare and an -- I'm glad marked man standing up and I hope he prevails. In the future but for now know -- give that up. Meanwhile we got clowns that want to tax the people who don't have children. The people who don't have children maybe because they can't afford them. People who don't have children may be because well I don't know maybe it's a health thing. The people who don't have children and especially in specific about likeness. In states where same sex marriages is allowed well the same sex are not going to have their own children maybe you could adopt but they're not going to. Have the wrong. With the 22 people involved so I mean it's just doesn't make much sense to me meanwhile the other side of the coin the ones who do have children. I think the basic premise should be. With 20 that's fine as part of the deal but any anything more than two you should pay extra. I really believe that because if there's an unfair tax its schools acts. People who don't have children have to pay it just like. People would do and the bottom line is if you rent I mean some of that is reflected in -- -- not much of it. A fury home floor if you've actually invested in the community and they get you know. Even if you don't have children. You see how unfair that is and meanwhile this this clown who wrote this blog for slate dot com seems the thing that we all wet. We actually all it two two people who have children so it all they have the workers hard you gotta be kidding me. I think responsible. Responsible. Parental guidance is necessary there. When you can afford him have a moment if you can performed on them expect the bill to repay by everybody else. It Altria and Montreal 106692. For six. Bad parent and stay at home moms -- 9% now is that a good idea examples of bad parenting higher taxes for the people who don't have kids. And how does -- lifetime health care for some officials they wanna keep it and they voted to keep last night do you favor of that. Where the eleven Emerson not to think that's a good idea. Give us -- Collins -- will be back we are back we have the beach and company and analysts it would Jerry has to say about -- here on WB yeah. I'm five Gerri thanks for calling what's on your mind today. Let's let's admit that it's interesting you talk about like you know like that's Pennington didn't have kids yet they could take care we have to do this it's that -- Italian troops have been -- of the out of the -- is that. But so that the people have. Three port side and six kids that included making more money -- they're working its business it's almost like a woman goes out -- 45 kids. This stuff that you get from the faith in the government. There's a lot more than 200 people to work. That's a quiet I've seen numbers is there would -- this is support that go ahead. But also for the sake of the bidders -- let's face it. You're you're that -- to get a job that's their pork fat kids anyway. And that it did. Just can't get elected said he had the ability to support -- -- that a Dubai at Ferrari didn't tip that they definitely have to pivot out. Exactly right FF plus have you got a lot of kids are you gonna miss a lot of time at work because when I'm sick one -- to be here there and everywhere. And the other thing is you can't really pay that close attention to the kids you know like in the minority can't really exceeded everybody's doing their homework couldn't believe that -- -- everybody is that all I was doing today. Cited the situation a -- -- -- I could very yeah a -- is a good point there's so many governmental assistance programs now. Four people with children especially go low income people with children. But to me he gets right back end this covers a lot of the subjects that we talk about here. Were responsible. Choices. If you have a choice if you make the choice to start a family when you can't afford it that's irresponsible. You should reduce its larger family anytime you want as long as you can afford it. Because if you're gonna start -- family and -- and the build of the taxpayers and that's that doesn't seem right is not the right thing to do. And so what you do is you have them as and as you like as long as you can afford them and everybody lives happily ever after but meanwhile. If you are -- let's say if you've got ten kids. And you rants. You're not going to be things -- think about that about that now the person you read from. Might be paying school taxes but -- that's not going to be. A line drop right down to. To you know not going to be Linear you're gonna pay a very small part of that. Meanwhile. The person that lives next to you has no children they pay the school tax through the nose so -- -- that what's fair about that can anybody explain it. As I said. Either have your zipper welded or or wait for Maria a responsible time to have your family. And those who choose not to have it might be doing it for a financial reason. Because they are going to make the right choice for them they don't wanna stick the taxpayer with a bill and his face it. We're gonna just keep having kids as many as we -- because there is gonna get this deal now. For every kid we get these benefits -- about that Chris what's on -- for us. This one comes from Jane she's as I was a stay at home mom tell my son went to school. I think or overprotective of kids now that we were Niagara puts -- he's different now -- yeah I think we are. Vastly over protective. Now we have some things that it's going on in society like the news story right now coming out of the Pittsburgh area. And their column buying things like that we have more things to worry about. Those kind of things if they happen in the past were very where now they're more commonplace unfortunately. Whether they involve knives guns or anything else. And we have 9/11 things like that so I think we hold our children dear to us that they are still here and healthy and that's a good thing. Because there're there are more perils now than there were before but we sometimes kind of overprotect. You know as well as I do does anybody ever remember when you were growing up mom and -- getting a lawyer and suing the school district now unheard of unheard of now today we had a story with John and Susan. A body a couple who have spent a 160000. Dollars in legal fees. To allow their daughter to wrestle against boys. Now whether you agree agree with the fact that the she should be able to wrestle against noises almost immaterial. The point is there were willing to pony up 160000. Dollars to prove a point. So that's what we got now. We've got a very litigious society ready to assume what the drop of hat looking at a lawsuit as like winning the lottery. And in this case whether it's the right thing the wrong thing for and -- boys they're willing to pony up the dough I read. Article recently it was about. How people. They go overboard with their kids trying to create this palace in this. Almost Disney you'd like. Childhood. You'll spend follows an -- bedroom to. Arnold isn't that in this author was seen police stop it defeat your kid is going to get anything out of this probably not as. Good point in fact the only thing to get out of a visit there over privilege yes -- and sometimes and it's not just people. A means to do that it's people who really -- for doing. Where are very they're willing to sacrifice or cut back on this sort of out of the other thing in order to do that because they feel it's they're better parents for also feel like they're showing off all those look what I can do. The best parents I. I think the ones that give. They're our children a sense of value. Give them a good foundation that's more important than giving a party and bringing and Jon Bon Jovi in -- and talk about it's it's more it's more rational it's more real and even if you have the means to do it. If the if you show some restraint I think they appreciate that more than something over the top. Like Apollo lockyer six now here's your pony. While you're gonna get married let's make a half a million dollar wedding you know I mean that's it's it's insane. It really is and everything we're doing isn't worth overdoing. But that's where we are I mean. Well maybe you don't want -- reception for your daughter's wedding Chucky cheese I legally could go one step beyond that. Are your his birth certificates. Or if you do don't like the idea I drove past Chucky -- the other day and I thought you. My wife was cracked up laughing and that's a lot of the other day and because of the friendly attitude I had when I left with them enough if if you wanna get -- got a hostile work environment. How to work -- geez now that strategies -- may be very nice but how does it go to work every day knowing you're gonna. Have overly. Hyped kids jumping around screaming Alan and it's the birthday party again and he got that to look forward -- All -- not now not all. As I've said all jobs are important. Because they're going to a puzzle we need all the jobs put. May be working majority cheeses no problem although what's the pay any idea how maybe to free pizza how how was the pizza when you're. OK yeah I do that answers that so it's not exactly boxing club no no I wouldn't you would mix the two law okay. I would take a break will be back we wanna hear from you. The basic thing about the couple of long ago from a bit and make it by the way from Mexico to New Zealand on their 36 foot sailboat. The rebel heart -- their one year old daughter and their three year old daughter houses for the ending of video of the trip. The ball was disabled a kid was sick the navy rescue -- they sunk your vote. All that kitchen down -- maybe you shouldn't have made that choice will be back after this. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. I think Tony's trying to throw me off my game he shows me a picture on his computer screen says that I guess this is. And it was a priest and nun OK it was picture of -- and on Ando was the breeze. And sunburns are friend of former KB radio personality on my dearest friends in the world will have known forever and ever and ever. Except he's a nut job there's no question about that. So burns is stress is a place not gonna give me because I haven't here. The top reason why burns. Could not be a priest and then I'll give it a top reason why burns can be a priest OK ready ready to semifinal play along at home. My friend John -- the top reason he couldn't be a priest. He's Jewish so tax cuts it down knowledge I got there are many Jewish brace but I hear the top reason he could be a breeze. He celibate so their -- I try to be fair to expect I know him as well as anybody except airborne -- Not even an idea how screwed up he has two of his closest friends in the world army and airborne -- about that. About that for an unholy trio out you know. -- west's other excellent -- and that's the curtains that I had a friend Al from Maria's bakery it was a dear for an. And one day I'm doing a remote element tops. I'm doing a remote and that I can see out the front window seat a -- get out of a car. As -- -- is walking toward tops you know ID I was raised Catholic I'd have a great respect for non threes right okay. This is not good I can tell you that so I thought being the Smart card that I am I would mention that on the air. This is the worst looking non members. It was a hell he was dressed as a -- to throw me off and I got pictures of that as the oracle. Some days there's anybody else do that except burns. I know I thought it was an and other players somebody because he does a lot of theater I think that was part of why now. Have you seen him he he has a fondness for like -- fall. A dressing up in in women's clothing and I never know whether vets. You know a play he's in or just another casual weekend that is how Saturday night and -- was out there that would number and what are really short. A car right. They are on Israel what 80669. Through through sixth at 930 Margie. On a cell phone Margie what do you think about parroting things we've been talking about. I guess you'd opinions like you can imagine what I want you I'm a human rights on -- everyday like your sweet thank you Margie. I was with -- -- acted as president -- -- and -- you went off award. Well we'll take what we can get I'm glad we're talking now. -- well conflict -- not about parents and on the and it many kids aren't OK I believe everybody should it can. Right to have a lot of etiquette that lot on an idol to support bingo. Don't take rights to. To work to put out what I am. Bingo that's exactly right having kids it's gonna Florida's one thing but. Having kids you can affording giving the bills and attacks terrorism right. Now I got an opinion that people are going to be green at about good I think the government. Since that happened from time to time -- -- didn't want some I think the government should think about that and it's because. If they get people that aren't like it's that people understand about the state of people at -- did some type or not. I'm on a temporary birth control. Until you reach out a certain age to 1821 whatever. And prove that you couldn't afford kids and we are set and you can have kids that we want and the billions of dollars. Out of your pocket out of my pocket put it -- are apparent that this can't be bothered or. So you wanna turn off the -- it and show there's water in the tank. -- man you're right marketing people are gonna scream about that as well. There are tonight there are times when I've favoured sterilization of people who commit sex crimes especially against children. I think sterilization is totally in order but the other thing maybe a little more controversial hey thanks margin and a gradualist language morning appreciate it. Yeah we talked about this before. With people who have committed sex crimes -- sterilization. Well certainly I think via a fair and equitable punishment. Blood though but the other thing that margin suggests that while more controversial probably more controversy of a lifetime health benefits of urine. You know -- in Amherst you know and one of the favored jobs in case you didn't know. A mark Matta said we should get rid of as and the others said no we want lifetime health benefits for the highway superintendent the town clerk in the two dogs -- supervisor. If they've been there at least five years and qualify for the state retirement system's gonna keep that up. Let's go to -- jam in north so log -- on WB yeah. He said that I would go watch W Atlanta market they have the exact opposite view point of view. Doubt that that power Mac kept the television station there in Europe that the Europe and they are -- -- Has fallen so low that European government to turn around in their -- -- very intensive programs. -- incurred white women are open up debate a really -- that they were on their epic television station at. What's happening at the Burke right now it's all the old law. There are partly figuring out one. There's nobody joint military okay. They are the future taxpayers to do the work that's right yeah us and think about this -- battery. Think about it don't get -- pay our social security and might be considered -- that. That's a good thought I'd you know -- obviously. I don't think anybody thinks that the earth is going to be on populated but whether we have enough people out there to support. The infrastructure for the financial dealings of the government's another story it may do we have that maybe you have to take a second look at that. Because I'd like what my -- -- you know women bring her children and their babies. Mayor with a sharp end and the baby. Start crying I think to myself. Little bit Catholic primary. Output output -- calling him a basket when it comes -- -- it. I -- thank you venture Europeans Europeans want more kids. Not that big population is going to -- and nothing. But you're right you have obligations but I don't think we should be having children just to pay off future obligations. When's the last time you heard of the government of any country. Downsizing. To modern. Standards. Usually it's not what goes up must come down of what goes up must go up forever it's though regarding taxes and stuff like that. But it would be and I you know I like to do. If they really want to bomb. Increase that he thought they usually have more children. I'd love to be the creator of mine who puts those commercials and other. Aldridge on a farm -- that I thinks will be back after that that's I just thinking I have a very creative mind. And -- -- just told us that there are some nations in Europe. There are fearful that the birth rate is dropping. And they want to encourage people to have more children. And so we're talking about basic parenting and things like that on the show. And I said that if they had a program like that they'd have to advertise it and I would love to writes the commercials four and I just got affecting. If they put in charge of making sure of a small European country had more children. It's simple it's easy you wanna not a good -- you wanna know how to do simple you take a calendar. And you make every day. Wednesday. Why I would every day be Wednesday because you know -- Wednesday is its. I'll. -- thank yeah. And some day kidney cancer and I had everything -- Every day is Wednesday -- every Wednesday is hump day and everywhere every day is Wednesday. Is that a simple advertising concept -- because and I think it's like prime and the -- if you pardon. As the way to go man I can be -- in major francs overseas. Remember a major -- busted on the army is to those who I think. It's police in Williams though Lisa you're on WB again. -- electorate showed that particular column until. -- of great help because we're asking it it's so bad point. I wanted to touch on -- talked about on the arrogant if it -- at all. I absolutely think I agree it's usually their children can import them. -- feel that people trying to forward planning children sometime -- that wondered too much into. It would do it in fact be wary of adding more time without them getting into our system work and home. And edit it VMware I think it's scary bad but the morning and get that thirty. Six foot -- I think so why not 36 wouldn't let -- a 160000. It's funny how the -- boy now. If people had more than one point two children on average. Like they did. -- -- He wouldn't have the money to have on -- party and -- without without a legal team that inhabit might not think that keeps her children. Hard work and. And the children would take a lot market up from that than just having something spectacular and -- fades away and they end up without a values system I think that's the whole world. And I think you're right if we can do that we've become successful parents -- Absolutely. Checker quite hard -- parakeet have to stay at home mom don't have -- vacation -- get to predict partied it up the -- the college I'm seeking not. I hear you loud and clear and I think you've hit a home run -- that statement thank you thank you Lisa so much. Yeah it's what we wanna give our kids what for so wanna protect the kids and that's fine. Have no problem as -- were rational and reasonable because if you. Pay attention to the news on any given day there's certainly is concern you you wanna see your your children. I have a nice -- long life for news in and -- all the time. I'll never forget when animals. The worst moments of my life was something small it was really small. A dawn was learning to ride a bicycle. And I put up on the bicycle. And and I said OK now panel and try and keep your balance. And as she was starting to teeter she said dad dad helped me and I couldn't get to the -- fast enough to hold the -- up. I felt awful I felt like I had I felt like the worst person in the world and that was simply because I couldn't get to the bicycle -- I can imagine neglecting your child. I I had -- and I would bicycle -- last. Summer we went to Fantasy Island and it took -- on the water slide. He had ever been on -- before and I'm thinking that this is going to be great fun out of foreign and as soon as he. One Euro and -- are down. He lost the -- immediately returned to me I see his feet up in the inner. And he's the frightened look on his face and I'm absolutely freaking out I couldn't get down that slide. Fast enough to try to get to him. So we wanna keep them safe and that so that's a good look gentlemen the goal and we want that to happen but the goals we have I think sometimes and misplaced. We just wanna give a more more the excuse we use is we want them to have more then we had. We want them to have a better life that we have we wanna have a better job don't we have and all that sort of thing when indeed. I think the goal should be we want them to have a better foundation and we. I give them give them the tools to take on anything as they become adults. You've given them everything. Just handing the money or car or a whole New York. What ever. Doesn't cut it there really doesn't because -- you may think it's great and -- -- that momentary burst of joy but what have you relates bottom was something like that. You know and I can understand why people go overboard because they love their kids so march and you know I'm as guilty as anybody. If I have via the means are probably would buy and spend more to all of that -- The but mom I says you know what that wouldn't be good. So you kind of you gotta balance it out yet you do have to belts output how you how do you control your love. -- -- -- shouldn't be measured in gifts no you brought it should be measured in character issue is on. Of well what real office is like him and what real caring is like and you know when you -- it. You see it later in life unfortunately you see later in life will be with the illness when you're dealing with -- illness both fuel and maybe your child. Then you you re prioritize everything and you and you reorganize everything he say this was important this wasn't. And so it's too late to make it up later by the way he got a dual luck in real time while it's happening. But the best gift you can give your kid is is the foundation of of a good upstanding. Person. Beyond that and believe me the car will be -- gone. The pony phobia have gone to pony haven't and they would never learned anything. At -- in the same goals with protecting your kid. Again that goes back to their law is so strong that you don't want anything bad to happen and that is something that I struggle with. Yeah -- -- are things that I did as a kid and by that age that I don't want Nicklaus to go. Implement a bubble low oil got to be really careful about that we knew we want our kids to be in a bubble nothing we don't want him to default on discretionary knee. No they're going to fall on a scratch and we've got to rubberized playgrounds on a fall off the jungle gym. They they know they'll go boom boom you know I mean it's it's ridiculous is what is. And we lose perspective that's what it's about it's about perspective guess what the teacher isn't always wrong and your kid right every time that doesn't work that. Okay and when the kid comes -- is that the teacher hates me it's probably not true. I'm the teacher doesn't -- just those like the class. So I mean you got to be realistic and and you know the same now saying though is as important as saying yes in fact many times it's more important except on prom -- I'm just thinking that as saying yes is more important from Hillary where I -- -- -- with the I used to that big name that hair removal thing after my honeymoon we don't know. -- I thought she was naming a new product and if you. It's not a -- it's not a taser it's not now that this -- I still don't know what it is what is it. -- -- light I mean what is that it was not a razor. And it's. What is it if you know to get through a pair of original I don't know if it has to have something that. As -- early next hours and you go out there removing superfluous there hit the Italian version -- batting ahead. Let's not matter -- zero. And now they say is not a laser which would remove there right as not a rays are not a -- so beyond that. How does it. The column off -- have no idea anybody out there isn't known now. Will find out maybe didn't give us a call tomorrow angels and -- is. All right that about wraps it up and we'll see you tomorrow at nine on news radio 930 we are WB. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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