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4-9 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward -- governor nice piece about Mike -- attire are retiring. This Ari there's him out of public yeah he's a great guy and -- thing. And said I issued an invitation earlier in the season as the winner. When you're done Columbine and say hello we go of the talkies in the yes he would do it. And -- let's hope it's a sooner than later microbes Greg could cut. And lots and now we're talking about parenting. This a couple from. Decided that we gonna take our 36 foot sailboat from Mexico -- New Zealand. You know it could be dangerous whatever but let's bring the kids. Ages one and theory. Because -- experienced sailors on the problem law's mother nature the leadership the assembled was not. They were not able to navigate any longer had to be rescued by the National Guard. The US navy and the Coast Guard about that. But the the child was a very ill. The child have been -- few weeks before with Salmonella poisoning but that didn't stop them so I'm asking is that bad parenting I think it is a really do. Also stay at home moms are you a stay at home mom 29%. Of the of the moms now are stay at home partly because. Of the high cost of daycare daycare is excellent but it's not -- And pretty soon come to the conclusion that I'm working X amount of time just to pay for the daycare. And if you add in gasoline and running around picking up the kid dropping the kid off. All of those sorts of things. It's a very very different -- a 29% -- stay at home and do you think that's a better way to do it. They have to stay at home alms and Tomas -- don't moms and that's what this numbers about. I don't think there's any differences have a stay at home that have mambo. Earning via. Of the money doesn't matter who wouldn't matter may give me examples of bad parenting give me examples of bad parenting you've seen that. And and I think I've seen that and a I think it's one parent parents dote to whom much on the kids. Where everything. You know they give their kid did does is write everything the teacher goes wrong. I'm Johnny down the block is a bully me I mean you know stuff I mean it's it's like crazy it's it's everybody's trying to raise bubble boy. The bottom line is. I give bubble -- some real life experience. And that has an adult bubble boy will be able to do would do better as an independent thinking adult because he's not going to be able. Hide behind -- skirts. This is this article I have here. Is insane. I'm -- it's been a -- -- months salaam. And it's from slate dot com and it also and it's involves parenting. And here's a suggestion. That -- teams salaam. Puts forth. We should slashed taxes on parents. By jacking them up on non parents. And outdoors if you don't have children usually have to pay higher taxes. Then if you don't have children now let me just give you the fallacy of -- right away shall way. In every aspect of our lives. We're told are you wasting the or or using too much of the Earth's resources all of these pointy headed green he's that we run into from time to time always wanna remind us oh. You don't get great mileage on that on that hammy truck you're driving. You're using too much of the Earth's resources but yet they're perfectly comfortable with somebody having ten kids. But a and my attitude is best and I I think it's a fair attitude. I think that this proposition is still open for it to start where did you should you should attacks childless couples. To make up for people are doing a more the makeup of people do you have -- that's ridiculous. But if you really think about my position is this. Regarding school taxes. All right. Every family should be allowed to kids. And that's fine and normal school tax situation like we have now if you want more than that that's fine -- but -- you pay extra. You pay extra because where else except maybe a Wal-Mart with a coupon. When you get more you pay less I don't get that aren't it I just don't get it. Here's a bit from Russian teams salaam. When my mother was my age. She was working full time raising three small children we spent every spare moment studying the Finnish graduate degree. My father was working extremely hard as well between the two of them they were able to provide their kids -- they solidly middle class life but it wasn't easy. And it wasn't always fund. So now has a childless professional in my thirties. Are often reflect on the sacrifices working parents have to make. To better the lives of their children. And I've come to the reluctant conclusion that I ought to get this are you ready are you sitting down. That I ought to pay much higher taxes so that working parents can pay much lower taxes. Name let me just suggest this. To those of you who think it's such a joy to have a large number of kids take a bowling. William I don't wanna pay more taxes because somebody else wants to have more kids I have it I'm not charles' daughter. But she's an adult. As a that's ridiculous. So there is the guy next door who has ten kids. Is gonna pay less taxes and you are who have no kids does that make any sense to you does that make guys know about your -- -- ought to really bothers me as somebody doesn't have any kids. While there's a lot of reasons people choose not to have kids one is that maybe they don't have the money to advocate the begin responsible. Responsible parenting Kress that's that's exactly right. You've got to think what kick -- we have or does anybody say can we afford to have a child now. Nobody thinks like -- nobody thinks like that. What happens is. You who you have a good night on the town. And next thing you know you're planning to be parents and that you don't plan ahead I don't think anybody thinks like. All afternoon was born. Again we we had to wait until it was financially feasible frost and Samantha it makes sense. It makes sense when I got married. Susan and I decided that she was a teacher she was just starting teaching okay. We decided. Let's go let's start our family in five years OK therefore we can do everything that we wanted to duel on our list. To get done because if you don't do it. Because you almost have to have children right away. There's a resentment there whether it's whether it's really right in front of you or not. I could've done these other things and I could've enjoyed these other things if I didn't have the kids and that's not fair. When you have a kid's gonna be ready to have the kids so we waited exactly five years and suddenly but Bombay is gone. So that worked out exactly -- plan. But you've got to plan I -- got to see what you can afford and Chris you brought up a good point. How many parents sit down there with a patent well Japan now but there on your iPad and figure out. What you can afford to advocate 'cause it's a lot more expensive new thing. So this is this of this author says. That by shifting the tax burden from parents to non parents who will give America's children a better start in life. Alt com on this guy's making me vomit here. And it will help correct assemble injustice. Eight the real injustice as the guy who has no kids as the -- you -- -- -- kids no matter how many or not. Got -- and aren't we are already paying through the nose of people who have kid after kid after kid would daddy after daddy after daddy. And that daddy after daddy after daddy feeling their job is to pollinate not to help. Just pollinate and go to the next flower that your job right and let somebody else pay for your pollination attempts. We come back we'll discuss more of this about higher taxes for childless couples it's. Nine will be back after this praying dollars. For me out there. We're asking several questions -- field with a couple. That 10 or tried to go from Mexico to new -- and oh by the way when their boat was rescued in the navy had a bill sync yet. Hot hot. Out it was they couldn't have TARP back or anything and were 900 miles out. As they had the second it was taking on water and they couldn't a good -- it effectively anymore about the navy love that you know once these people are off. Onto your navy ship they got the second I wonder what they did it make it was like I don't think they used torpedo. But maybe a deck gun -- something really cool yeah that would be fun I don't think it was cool for of people rescued but no local verbally -- So they decide let's bring the kids their age one and three. They get 900 miles out and though while the kids get very sick the one girl and now to go to rescue by the National Guard the Coast Guard. And the navy US navy. And so that's that is that bad parenting -- -- stay at home moms 29% now are many of them because it's too costly to have daycare. Is it better to be a stay at home parent whether it's a mom or dad -- examples of bad parenting and higher taxes. For childless couples lower taxes for kids a couple of more. That's kind of backwards -- not using more of everything the infrastructure costs more than people cost more to put -- in the schools and whatever. I'll buy that at all. Let's go to -- and hammers you'll hear on WB again. Ceremony -- you. To -- yep they're it's probably the rest of the week gone on all these subjects but I know that there's -- -- I ever retired sailor. And -- retired from the navy. I spent. Probably thirty years sailing -- Teaching -- eighteen racing and racing boats. I have a son -- a on the list in college Eagles out. -- and I got a lot a lot of knowledge in what we're talking about. First of all those people were not evenly arbor with those -- It's crazy the detritus it -- Halen again this race. I don't care how much experience -- is that things going wrong. Regardless of being so -- debate he says it's just astronomical. Yeah I if you think about it your first concern should be to keep the the sale safely and get get to where you're going without having to worry about keeping your I am a kids' and making sure they're healthy you're right it's. A very difficult decision -- I'm surprised they did it now as a sailor. As a sailor 36 foot sailboat with two kids would not be your cup of tea. I was sure I had -- I was and enlisted man in the navy and I couldn't order a -- like that. But but it after I retired I bought a small boat with 24 letter. And -- wanted to move to buffalo get married I gave everything. It's you know what I mean yeah I. And I love my life nearly and by the way. On that subject. Why wouldn't marry me until I retired. Community. And then she wanted to come all well well so and any C 82 was moved back. When we moved to buffalo. Where she wanted to be and we're still here. Well we're glad she brought you back as a as an experienced sailor one of the main hazards of a journey like this we've seen movies about extreme conditions. A with the water and whatever what would be the main concerns as far as getting to where you have stability. Well. -- -- You'd need at least one person to help you. -- -- -- -- Which they'll serving and and navigation and sailing at night. -- sort of do all of and a hit out was there all the talk about but the mother have to help out -- and it's just. It's crazy it's just it's just been. -- -- -- she's helping out she's a crewman had and he's he's taking charge but she's a crewman was gonna look after the kids and and at one. The big debate is barely walking. Absolutely I mean if you were on dry -- at home. -- picture and spoke for the I'm concerned. Yeah I even on a motor trip there will be tough will -- pull over beside the road there's no side of the road winner on the ocean. Sure. -- these stay at home -- -- you have an opinion about that. Yes I do. We get it with my side and my wife wanted to have her career. And so it was my job to sustain it over third and it worked -- charted a sustainable with the style. It's -- that since saint also. It is the basic out of view it the amount of money to make himself. A lesser professional. Person. As a college degree or are better. And it -- you know they can do it it's. The parents -- the work. Somebody stepping on the money. But somebody got to -- charity case we were lucky enough my -- While whites want it actually keeps working and it's in your career. They -- -- and we were lucky enough of our ability. Who had Earl little business with which. Taking your children taking here. And I wouldn't -- radiator. From -- it's -- just wonder. I hate to say about by law you're not allowed to trader for your life I didn't even if you are sailor. I think you're quite correct me predicting the studio and big kids culprit EO that and those those were her initials GO. But it was terrific she -- she was as good as they -- having her grandmother -- children she does that tally. I think that that that is the key in the dynamic as the goat which parent or both parents work is not. Responsible. Care of the child well it's a pleasure to talk to -- and thanks so wearing the uniform all those years we appreciate it. -- -- -- about suitable to whatever. I know that. You've seen enough movies course -- movies what happens when you're out and you know open water like that all kinds of things can happen. And if mom and dad aren't a physician's. They're not going to be capable of taking care of children when they're sick or at least trying to get them back to good health. A outside the solo or whatever and doesn't have the run its course so in the end because they were Smart enough to have a satellite telephone. Who came to rescue the Coast Guard. The National Guard and the US navy everything that that runs on water showed up and they rescued them they had the sink the boat after. But beyond that I think it was extremely bad parenting. Answer regarding stay at home moms. I think that if either Paris as Obama as long as you well as long as you can afford it that's fine I don't think it's mandatory. Good day care or getting a of the right person as a huge assess. -- that. Give me examples of bad parenting and higher taxes. For couples with children without children and for couples with children. The resources for taxes go to help us substantiate the education of those children so why should you get a tax break and ones who don't. Contribute to those higher costs have to pay more will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 180616. 9236. All of a parenting number agent accompanying yes. Was a couple irresponsible. And bringing their one year old daughter and their three year old daughter on their 36 foot sailboat. On a journey from Mexico to New Zealand 900 miles out they couldn't control the vote anymore and so shipment yes. And sell what happened is the National Guard had to rescue them. The Coast Guard had to rescue them and the US navy and after getting them safely aboard their ship they had to sync via sailing ship they went out on. So is that bad parenting I've I think it is -- not want to criticize other parents but I think that was totally responsible. Also stay at home moms -- the 29% now because it's so expensive. For daycare that often -- it doesn't pay. Unless you're you've got a really good jobs that it doesn't pay to a to do that. Is that a better proposition 11 of the Paris stays at home with the kids give me examples of bad parenting and higher taxes for childless couples that's insane. But that is -- the thought of running salaam. From slate dot com let's go to Mexico would be Sheila in Hamburg -- Iran WBN. Well can't. Cook. Here -- old or too little camp along. I am EQ. -- -- Air car and art. Well that's pretty specific. I think that you should plan and be able have prepared to take care of your own family. And if you can that's fine but if you can't -- give it some more thought before starting with them. And expand the yeah yeah it's me they're all pretty cool and all the fun out. -- -- hurry they get expensive and the numbers that we gave on daycare that's for one kid if you have more than one candidate in double or triple quadruple that. I don't know what kind of a job you have to have two to justify that kind of an expense. I know people who have kids in daycare and they arm into our car. Yeah it is and and often times they decide it's not worth it immigrants to stay at home thank you you're right about irresponsible people. Now Tony don't give away a bulk discount you had one kid in daycare but then the -- -- occasionally don't you get the buy one get one half off. Gonna deal if we see Nadal in the -- -- I don't know the breakdown and as anybody so overwhelming that it has no bulk discount -- you decide let's have a third one because it's economically -- -- -- -- a landfall a windfall for us. The that would work now and -- -- -- done anyway are you. Well I heard you you Jessica the cute story -- -- said -- are now I don't want cute stories. And back when I get up at 5 in the morning my first thought as I have hope Tony has acute child's short form. 'cause it's just warms the clock rules in my yard. You know I like warm goggles you do I do nobody nobody enjoys one with Boston's and the more that I do this right came out what does that again rankings so bomb. From slate dot com. Says let's face it. The deck is stacked against parents and all kinds of ways. The US Department of Agriculture has found that raising a child born in 2012. Will cost a middle income family a cumulative total of without college now. 300 in 199. Odd 1970. Dollars Sosa Israel to. 300 and program and if you're gonna raise that kid without college. And college can escalate that number remarkably high so if you've got to dial looking at the 600. In 2000 dollars. And that's a staggering number and my guess is it's not suddenly going to be cheaper it's going to get. Constantly more expensive so think ahead you gotta think ahead. -- Wednesday families in our country had big -- when they had big numbers of children. It was usually because of the the agriculture they needed their kids to work. And so they they grow their own workers a wonderful reunion. Against mom -- -- yeah but that's not the case anymore -- more efficient we don't need the actual manpower as much because. Machines to a great deal of the work. But we still have to think ahead when you're going to consider raising more kids Soviet questions about his day care worth it. A -- is good. No question about it and you don't have to worry about the kids in daycare is as not being enjoying it or are learning some thing. Or enriching their lives by -- by. By simply being around other kids and meeting other people so that they have a good acclamation to. Things outside the house. Now there is also always the option. I I guess you could. You could take care of all of the kids and just have one work that that's something to do or you can and if you both are good jobs it depends on the jobs really. As to which one works I don't think there is -- mr. mom stigma anymore. And I don't think it's a threat to most people's manhood if the women is the bread winner I'd be happy -- about it -- I -- I -- program. As I said this is something that we've talked about where I would be the stayed home dad and you know is gene does. Better than I do so it would make sense it's so bored with the domesticated type anyway. You are Tony and I've noticed that. Some caller domesticated I looked at that opened dictionary says C whipped. Domesticated equals with them at the essence of the domesticated equals whipped I didn't do well all. -- Iowa take a -- or Rebecca we got so much. Postings on FaceBook McChrystal get us and so on goes right -- 930 we are WB again praying dollars. Fresh out there. It is -- company IDS have you heard the details on that 71 student very very fast thinking pulled the fire alarm. Meaning that this it was a fire alarm on the school is normally evacuated. And I was really good thinking so in nineteen student stabbed. Nonlife threatening while one security person. Also with a wounded in that we'll keep you informed about -- our regular newscasts or if CBS decides update later in the day we will carry that to. Mexico to New Zealand where you've got the 36. Foot sailing craft called. Now that -- tell you about the pioneering spirit these people had an illness this a sailing ship. Well that's fine but they have kids that are one entry. And they decided to take them with them on the on the trip despite the fact of the one herald -- a couple of weeks before this trip. -- does Salmonella poisoning. But apparently recovered enough to take on the trip and and what happened. The kid got sick of the young ones that very sick with a fever and rash. And they lost control vote. And that had to be rescued by -- by the navy by the Coast Guard and by the National Guard. And so people -- looking now and kind of saying well what do you think what were you thinking. We don't wanna get our nose in somebody else's parenting skills but this seems really. A beyond the pale as far as -- no matter how much love sailing. If things get rough are big enough to make sure the votes Safeway having to worry about the kids Chris we have several people posting what he got yes we do this while. Comes -- Ronnie says I'm a stay at home dad but not by choice. I have four kids of my wife I realized I was paying people more to watch my kids and I was making in my job so made more sense to stay home. Well that's city got to do the math. And sometimes it does -- what helps a lot is if you have relatives if you if if you have relatives that are willing to help out that's great. If you get a job that pays enough where it makes it worth your while where all of your money that your earning isn't going to daycare. But I might be worth your while to which also might make eight you've gone past the point of no return. Where it's costing you more than your earnings and if that's the case doesn't make much sense those so 29%. According to visit a survey I have here. 29% in 2012 that's up from 23%. At the turn of the century. The the deal is they're finding out is too expensive to have daycare. And their finding out after the factor children are expensive I don't know if they've never wrote a book. Watch a television show. Talked to anybody who is apparent that all tell you this kids are expensive and other ways. This one comes from -- says that article -- taxes makes no sense parents. Already pay less taxes than non parents couple's kids are eligible for certain childcare credits and other potential benefits to couples without kids can't get. Yeah -- I agree with that -- a person who bloggers -- -- salaam is on slate dot com says that because when he was growing up. There -- his parents raised three kids and they work very hard. To get what they had to get whatever so he's saying. As a child such outlets professional in my mid thirties are reflect on the sacrifices working parents had. Had to endure to better the lives of their children. So he says I've come to the conclusion that I ought to pay higher taxes. So that working parents can pay lower taxes. I believe this. It would my heart I don't believe. The bottom line is the fury responsible adult shouldn't have the kids until you can carry forward care for them yourself. And if you have to work two jobs because you got too many kids to -- I mean I don't sound like I don't care but guess what I don't care if you decide to have more kids it's like you you decide today who umpire for our. And then they repossess the cause -- the payments I don't care if you can't make the payments on the kids if you can't afford to kids why you have them. You know I don't wanna put myself and anybody shows or anyplace else but the bottom line is don't do things you can't afford an unexpected taxpayers to bail you out way too many dreamers and societies and -- -- let's just have children it be wonderful open daisies in our hair let's have ten or twelve you like being pregnant anyway and it's cheaper because the maternity clothes can be -- year after year after year after year. That's I mean -- -- love with the idea of having children and have no problem with that challenge for them. As long as the cost of raising those children don't go to others and this is -- that thank. That there -- -- that they would raise taxes on and childless couples. Think about this may be the childless couple didn't have a kid because financially they didn't think that it's when it so they're responsible so let's raise their taxes. I'm maybe it's a medical situation. So let's raise their taxes show doesn't make sense that ball. It really doesn't it's OS and backwards I can't believe. -- but that's the way some people think. If you if you have to work two jobs because you got too many kids you got too many kids for you -- not the chips fall. Your fault for not planning and not and not knowing what you're going to do all the responsibilities are going to line up. How many jobs you'll have to work what can you afford what want to be a balloon before it happens all the time. It's like people who who will get on a diving board and on your next to a swimming pool -- -- you know they sprang up in the air and on the way down they look to see if there's any water in the pool -- little late. -- -- So by the time little message -- there and -- and they neither bottle. It's a little late to be thinking what he can afford it should be thanking the floors that. And I think a good way to do that would be to have your zipper -- what effect you're you -- welding. Yet without -- -- well otherwise. Yeah that probably would be -- because the arc while there will be too hot Yahoo! ago while that would cure you of ever having Joseph is an arc welder. Although you could use a -- I'm sure a -- OK I was ten -- amend or take you have your impacted commit a big day you know we ever today right we could have have your zipper -- day what's made out of anyway -- does that rattle him as a medal I don't know. I don't know I've never examined. And in fact -- was my size I can barely see. I I use -- after getting used to reflections of and in the mirror I know where it is. But I don't know it's medals. I just a lock. The -- should it be -- remember controller and it. And if you say hey if you had your zipper welded that wouldn't be against any church teaching what it. Yeah but you might have. I didn't know I like yes I like that's. No matter what you do some church doesn't agree -- regarding children -- OK but if you had your zipper welded. That's not a direct cause and effect you know and doctor about any time you start to get romantic music at all. -- Alice go bowling and you know I liked -- I think government cost Obama come right down to earth will be back remark after -- well that day I like that. I showed I -- it will be back Ramallah beach company will wanna hear from you. You can go online to our FaceBook page or in Colorado 3093010616926. A star nine there.

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