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4-9 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well hello hello what is region -- have enemies want to talk about today hang in there we also have a giveaway if you're if you're thinking you would like to go to that big buffalo means business. Thing going on tomorrow night thing that's -- -- -- thing. We're gonna have a cool executive -- there they're gonna have a cool RV they're they're gonna have a lot of cool people there. And you should be there and if you don't have a ticket maybe you'll win some and a few moments. This out -- about airplanes especially that it's so exciting and and so so cool. I think that if you lower independently wealthy. And or your company. Decided that they needed a corporate jet there's nothing cooler and corporate jet as they come on board and they. You know it's like really personal and you leave when you feel like believing get permission governments aren't. Take often. The one the I went -- poker craze was what was really going hot and heavy on television. There were several people have played in these big big games big big cash games. And they -- so rich what we know they were they there were people on companies or whatever but this one guy. This one guy actually stayed in hand I'll never forget this. Even though his plane was on the tarmac. Revving their engines waiting for them. -- got one -- and I don't know what he did for a living but he obviously was very wealthy. And he and -- stay at hand but decided to and they said even -- My age yet is on the tarmac waiting for. -- it. Your -- is going on -- these are two I have to stay and another and now. But anyway that's that so the executive judge article but I -- said that if I were really Laura -- money I would have a helicopter. Because you can do lol watch things live helicopter you can't what did you. So because we did a a promotional thing in Dallas when I was there we had a Belgium ranger. And I decided to do a contest that it's essential people to Vegas on New Year's Eve. And then to the Rose Bowl the Rose Parade on New Year's Day by our -- operates one and I went I went on the trip. And there's nothing like it because I mean your flag above backyards and if somebody sunbathing you can see wouldn't see a lot of Sunday there is between Dallas and and Vegas but it is -- it is fun a great deal of of a fun fun fun. Now I do have a giveaway why don't we do that right away let's do it right now compared tickets in the first annual buffalo means business executive networking event. It's going to be actually tomorrow night. Now -- away at prior aviation the value as a hundred dollars general content rules apply. You can rub elbows. I mean it's literally exposed the rub elbows when you're on talk about. You can put trouble on -- only rubs at. With the western New York's finest limited number of tickets available get yours in my -- perks dot com. Takes locally crafted buffalo foods and sample fund wines buffalo made beer and spirits. You can tourists a sleek private jets this cool. And luxury Ottawa Wales I think -- have a BMW's there from what I heard. And experience the opulent our view life all -- going on the call now 6449875. And indeed that caller random will win. Well a UConn won both sides of via both sides of -- comments about that. Awesome yeah I was gonna puke on because it works in Connecticut prolonged time. And when the guys one. I didn't even know -- -- been following the women's. Tournament but. So it's good and -- either previously unbeaten Notre Dame team and they did my nineteen points. Yet -- it really -- but you look at UConn and when you think college. Women's college basketball you think -- two schools either Tennessee you're UConn. And was just you -- ninth national championship and the guys actually close twice that they've won both sides of it so that that that's pretty good at people last and they might have gone undefeated as well. Because at least one I was in Connecticut UConn was always considered a good school but we never thought of it as they and athletic powerhouse I think that's -- that's a newer than older. Well I I think you're in the eighties I I start wide following college basketball and they -- -- how they were one of the top teams they were big east and considered. A player every year. They're -- their their -- and an up and stars -- tell you that right now are the opinion of both the guys on this. I heard John and Susan do a story today about. A family that has spent a 160000. Dollars in in court fees. And they finally prevailed. So that their daughter can wrestle and in in school. She was not allowed to wrestle the boys. So is she wanted to wrestle the boys. And the parents wanted to be able to wrestle the boys that I thought would title nine that they moralists have to open most of that stuff released the funding is part -- lines -- would assume that -- -- -- actually compete. But I'm not sure. RB chauvinistic about this but and I'm sure there are some girls that could really handle themselves and wrestling management. I wouldn't. If -- if my daughter asked me in my opinion I wouldn't be too thrilled than ever wrestle boys I wouldn't either -- I believe it has been done locally. The girls -- yeah that's what -- so we tried to do that all through high school. Not even -- we didn't even have a wrestling program and -- -- -- it be fun to wrestle girls and that was our that was always our goal that's why we got a car. That's why we worked part time jobs we have some money take him out to dinner and then hope hopefully wrestling would and so what do you think Chris you don't have a daughter but if you did have a daughter would you say -- -- manager. I'm well I'm a little uneasy about it just because I -- if it's the same weight class and I don't really have a fundamental problem with a bought generally. Than the higher up you get. The males are going to be stronger -- take USC for example. The whole 135 -- class is this is what they have Ferraro for women has a 135. Pound weight class for man to. I don't think to be content no I artery the conditioning. It's it's it's they're just physically stronger so. Does the higher you go with a more nervous idea I don't think guys to hold my daughter back but I don't know how thoroughly be -- -- the year. It's sports you'd be fine you know obviously been on contact sports would be absolutely fine but even things like football because you have adding on and all that. But when -- I'm a wrestling that's pretty fundamental and as you as you just said the boys traditionally although the girls mature faster. The boys are going to have -- -- for more muscle -- I would I would worry about my daughter getting hurt more than anything. We've had locally we've had girls playing with the boys in hockey and in football. Here in hockey ever and yet no effect Bernard had a girl I'll play those -- two or three years ago yeah hockey and Huckabee fine. What happens is you have some girls and I've talked to this with the with women's coaches. And these these girls just so far ahead. And they want the competition yeah they'd take on the challenge so -- game most likely there goalies but there's still a lot of. I don't like this I don't wanna be a Smart ass about this but here out in our you know not. By -- was a long time before your youth but it in youth are absolute goal was to wrestle girls that we always got in trouble if they found out about it. Now the parents of the girls are spending a 160000. Dollars in court. To see that she can wrestle. I would good -- -- -- -- -- you really have so let's. They want a court case and now part of the decision will be whether the school is liable. Four of the court costs which would be -- and six while -- I think the real question -- -- if you were -- would you go -- -- the -- -- I don't wasn't saying -- now I don't think -- -- to be honest with you because you know -- as well as I do -- -- injuries occur when -- -- not going full -- Okay they'll tell you that about football and almost any sport. -- going full tilt that's which are designed to do if you hold back a little bit and I think that even in today's society. We still defer to women. Because of their societies have no other reason -- -- Hurt anybody and I think that if you're going full -- -- -- bigger chance of hurting somebody so if you hold up a little bit there's a better chance of getting injured you know when you don't want that for the girl or the guys. But so that's that we'll keep -- -- When the show on apologists I was interest that. Are we'll take a break come back we're gonna talk about parenting. Now your idea of parenting and someone else's idea of turning may not be the same. Name it if you if you bent out of shape. Because they were verbally reprimanded in Madison at the panera bakery there Connor where you hear this you maybe aware of the story about. To me it's it's outlandish and will talk about that we come back on news right now and I'm thirty W via listening to sandy. TE. -- it is -- -- governing we're all enjoying here in the studio we're all enjoying a piece of -- cake. Audio like that Kanka this tasty and good awareness and I was really gonna frosting was -- it's not really thick rough is like light -- -- yeah. Rob Mike Roberts -- final day. Was today and so the gestational -- not a cake I saw. -- are actually making -- early this morning he has slipped into an apron and and made it very good. And -- has promised us that. You'll come on our show. And we'll just have agreed to a conversational and he's been you know part of -- -- landscape for a long time as a player as a commentator. And his wife and family is as businesspeople so I think it will be a fun interview because. He's very funny guy -- very well making it. And so are we promise you in the very near future at -- is -- giving -- the -- will be on the show with us. Now parenting everybody has a different a different thought on parenting -- -- the right way is -- the wrong way. But we've become -- first saw the apparently has changed. Just that aspect of safety of the children. It was not that long ago where your kids could ride in the back of the pickup truck a viewer or going to a picnic or somebody that those days are long gone. And that it went from bad to okay -- kids and a seat well. Well now if they're really young seat belt doesn't do -- you have to have a car seat car seat has to be facing the of the of the back. I am when they get to a certain weight it has to be change I -- we're very very careful about security. And safety for our children and and that's a good thing. As a good thing if we -- in a store and -- -- is acting up. We we we scrutinize the parent more damage yet. Is the parent doing the right thing to try and get the kids have to kind of blend them apart then he or she is going and so we know. We do have people. Who else involved come out of the woodwork to tell you how to parent I think that started with the early days of like Phil Donahue. You always thought that the way to power that was the way your parents parted. In most circumstances OK not certainly not all it's not and then. People like Phil Donahue would bring in these experts on how to parent and you say oh my god. The experts said this and I'm not doing this I'm doing that. -- a bad parent and we started cycle analyzing ourselves as to the right way to bring -- children. The right way to bring a children in my estimation I'm no expert out of but is would love. And consideration. There are going to be times when it's going to be tough wait till they become well and you'll find out what I'm talking about today. Eleven a little angels twelve all of horns growing out earlier had us you are apt to be prepared for that. But we're very critical about their parents who. Might be considered reckless. In their raising of children. Well there's a there's been a big brouhaha over the story about two people who have -- ball. And that they decided you know what let's take a fabulous trip unassailable. Let's go from Mexico to New Zealand. Now that's not a around the corner that's a that's a serious strip. We have a 36 foot sailboat. It will be fine. And it's the kind of thing that we've always wanted to do so let's go. Except for one thing. We have two children. One is -- one. The other is aged three. So you what it would be like taking a motor trip. To Albany on the fly away with a one and a three year old imagine an ocean voyage going from Mexico to New Zealand. -- they decided to do they decided to -- we're gonna do it okay well a couple of weeks before via the trip one of the kids. -- Lara. Via the younger daughter so is Larry is one have been treated for Salmonella poisoning. Just before the trip. Two weeks before. So they decide okay she's over let's go and they went anyway. OK so he's they would go anyway with a one and a three year old. In a 36 with serial ball going. Going all the way to a New Zealand and guess what happened and that's what happened. The little girl got sick again. And the luckily at least these parents had the common sense. To have -- a global satellite telephone. Because obviously on the water there are there and sell dollars. But they had a global and they had to be rescue boat. By -- by authorities in order to prevent any kind of a problem. A -- beyond what they already had we come back -- your whole story number and ask your opinion about this and also -- -- stay at home moms. Because I I was shocked I read today. And an article. That 29%. Of moms stay home now. That's much more but I thought it that I that I thought it was a we'll go over that. Under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon -- three news radio 9:30 AM. WVA. And. -- -- about pairing and there's a story about via people it took -- one year old a three year old and a trip well by sailboat. From Mexico and New Zealand as we said everybody is an expert apparent right. You learn that from the Phil Donahue years and you found out all the things your mother and father did were wrong. All the things you're going wrong -- this is the only way to do it. And it turns out that may be right the only about the only as far as I'm concerned solid gold advice person. A when it comes to a child rearing is John Rosemont. I think John Rosemont is such a common sense guy. And -- -- real world guy that he doesn't get caught up in the foo -- or the minutia of raising kids. -- in the real world he talks about I mean when you see some of his columns though one of the headlines was. Care about your kids but not too much. And I was people who just -- on everything their kid doesn't and that's though what they yeah they live for. It's nice -- kids but not everybody's going to look at on the same way you do singer John Rosemont who makes a lot of sense. I don't know what John Rosemont would say about this and and who knows. He may eventually Europe talk about something like this let me give you the story this is out of the New York Times. The family. Decided they're gonna go on a monthlong journey and a 36. Foot sailboat. From Mexico to New Zealand. And the woman mama said she had her misgivings about taking her two daughters aged one and three. To sailed the South Pacific with their husband is captain and herself as -- crew said he got mom. Two kids and dad across the Pacific. From Mexico to New Zealand I mean that's incredible. I think this may be the stupidest thing we have ever done -- wrote in her blog. Before concluding it is a difficult self imposed isolation that's completely worth it. Scioscia is as self deprecating things. Then you say I'm really dumb to do this by doing anyway. And that's those were her words. Lesson two weeks later. There -- 900 miles off the coast of Mexico. Charlotte and her husband unable to steer their -- The rebel heart now just by her name of their ship off thought -- idea that. Perhaps they're not conventional. That's all right -- got three dimensional but what I'm saying is I give you an idea of these. Pioneering spirit. And it's one thing -- to embrace the wineries there when -- you and your husband is another thing when ago one and a three Euro on their. They had to call for emergency help. They're younger daughter. Lira who have been treated for Salmonella. Weeks before the trip was covered in a rash and had a fever. After a complicated. Rescue effort by the California Air National Guard in the US navy and Coast Guard at this mean this is what it took to rescue them. The California National Guard. The United States navy and the Coast Guard. The -- -- family. Or on a ship heading to San Diego. Getting back to the mainland. A big debate now goes on over the parenting of these two tables. Some blogs have blood blistering comments suggesting that the authorities should take their children away. Is such as -- mrs. Kaufman posting the baby rolling around and unable to sleep because of the violent pitch of the ship. And soiled diapers being washed in the Galley sink. -- like that. Anybody up for our -- Experienced sailors. Have always have also weighed in on this. I have a role in my mind that I would never bring a kid less than two years old this is a manhood and they met Robert. Who has had several solo journeys across the -- there's some real risk here and you bring somebody else allowing taking the risk for them -- that's a serious question. As Soledad said as I said earlier. That is one thing if they wanna do it. And if they wanna do that they're adults. Gulf -- do the best you can to prepare for the trip but take a one hurled three -- -- find it unconscionable. Because first of all they get second hurry as is the case of the world. And when they get sick sometimes -- a very high fevers. And what are you gonna do here unassailable. And they couldn't even -- sale live videos Boehner become disabled and everywhere another one Smart thing they did was to have a satellite telephone. And that's how they let people know what was going on where they were or whatever that's not a rescued. But I'm saying this is not good parenting I'm not want to look over anybody's shoulder. And criticize an analyst -- you know the kids an imminent danger. But placing a one and a three year old and a 36 would vote to gore across the ocean is nuts as far as I'm concerned. So I'm gonna ask you about your thought. Is that the grand adventure that we all low hope that America always stands war. Is -- negligent parenting. Or you would not quick to criticize somebody else's met that are bringing up their kids. Next I have vote and so on on that next I have the fact that. Traditionally and always was dead dad went out to work. And mom stayed home and raise the children. Things change because the -- society change. It's now -- live as much who will be the bread winner and the career person as that is some -- that stays home. And as long as the job gets done doesn't really matter does. As long as the job gets to almost the job to raise the kids and so hopefully have a happy marriage. Well what they're finding now are people who wanted to. I have both sides of the coin they wanted to be able to have a career. And they wanted to be able to have a -- goods apparent especially women want to be a good mom. Decided that well we'll go to day care Andy Carroll to a good jobs are certainly a lot of good pictures the one thing about daycare. It's expensive. He got to know that it's expensive and I have some some numbers for you that that hopefully. Are in line to what you've seen the average weekly child care expense. For families -- working mothers. Who paid for their own child care rose 7%. In the last few years now here's the deal you know here's -- -- -- in nineteen it's 85. It was 87 dollars. 87 dollars a week OK that was in 1985 and this is -- In 2011. So this might be out of date even 148 dollars. -- say it's a 150 us agree that 6600. 7200 a year. Approximately. So a mom. And -- that balance that you know one. This doesn't work out you know in order to get what we need we got to spend almost as much money between. Running back and forth in doing this and that whatever -- and the expense. It's pays not to work. Salt more moms are staying home doesn't mean that they are not equipped to be in the workforce but that's just the way it's shaking out. OK I -- comment on whether mama -- should be in the workforce but what I am saying is as it's changing again. So that more moms staying home the last survey that I have. 29%. Are stay at home moms and that surprised me that it was that high 29%. Nearly one in three are we come back we wanna know from you stay at home moms. Why are they doing it probably because of the cost. Of daycare. And is it better. Is a better bet that your the kids home with mom. In the house or at day care is one better than the other you could talk about -- socialization with day care. Learning things that day care. And a -- shouldn't be tied down to something. That that maybe she feels that it it it shouldn't be that way I mean. You should decide before you have kids what the you know what that game plan's going to be and then work on from there I don't think there's any specific right -- wrong on this as long as these children are being cared for. And nurtured and family -- the other will be back with your comments on news read united thirty W via in his speech and company. So this couple decides we're gonna take our sailboat 36 for its. Sailboat from Mexico to New Zealand we have two children one as one year old won his three year old that both of females. Let's bring us an idea not such a good idea as the boat became disabled -- be rescued by the National Guard the Coast Guard in the US navy about that. But they were rescued that's good they had a -- a global satellite phone. Is this an example of bad parenting now some would criticize that as I just -- all right -- I'm not quick to criticize anybody else's way apparently. I just think that. If if -- group of -- your kids and such potential danger. Something like that -- -- go on with yourself by hand and have your sister or your mother look after the kids while -- gone. -- a lot of kids gonna get out of that one in theory. There are gonna get much out of it maybe later as they become a little bit older and they can appreciate -- they might immediately help and be you know become proficient at sailing. But at one and three they won't even remember. And that's why I do criticize them but not everybody does. Other observers according to miss New York Times story said the parents were doing the right thing by -- Following their passion. -- their passion produce these through -- wanna remind as a person and involving their children early this is a little too early Georgia bank. One year old and three Euro and a dispersants as a whole idea of being a family that goes out to see is that you are totally self sufficient. Well that's good that's a good idea except that a bit more work. The mom and dad are not doctors. All kinds of things can happen the little kids one year old three year old. Are they equipped to handle that. And it's not like okay they're feeling a little -- let's go back to show are going to -- -- twenty minutes and we can be at the doctor's office. They won 900 miles it's. Okay and the middle of nowhere. So I do I do criticize them for that. Now regarding stay at home moms as we gave that information. From a AP story that 29%. Now or stay at home moms is moms shouldn't be pigeon holed into this is. Mom -- duties however I think he should plan ahead before -- before having kids and say okay. If we have 123 whatever Halloween handle it we both going to be a -- if one of -- works or will we have enough money to do it. About health insurance I mean it's like preparation for anything else that people -- more preparation. In to India in two -- motor trip. To Albany than they do and having a -- They kind of like a cat now let's plan a -- up a lot of action I'll correct. But there are some things that the average age because your life changes when advocate. As solar or asking what would do what do you think mrs. about an end our US stay at home mom and do you like it. If your career woman. And you ought to follow a career but suddenly it's a you've got to stay at home for financial reasons is there resentment there you know -- think about that. But if you if you think before you have the kids of what the roles are going to be and and what kind of adjustments are going to be needed because there will be just designated. And you follow the plan. Do you think it's better then they stay at home mom do they do a better job because they have constant communication. The -- can -- made for daycare that. There's socialization and Megan Lawrence makes -- daycare. -- out about them probably wanna go to school after that they're more used to being around other kids -- -- pluses to it. The mine has as its expensive. Now Tony the numbers that I gave -- pretty close. It says that. In 1985. Was about 87 dollars a week for each child. In 2011 it's a 148. Dollars that would be about 7000 dollars a year. -- might close -- those numbers yeah we're probably over 5000 dollars just on parked in some part time basis five grand so you you got -- OK okay I. You don't you should go should go what so what they do about tax free day. Yeah you should figure out by your net income how much you have to work in order. To pay for the daycare we have you have doubt he had in fact. It's -- -- Worth it for me to be working right now wryly yeah it's just slightly above. Even -- wasn't for intercom I mean it was well. Made and I thought I got to take cheap shot and I don't blame you -- US I -- she -- check this time when you have to make a decision. Is this worth that. Or is it not -- and then what that next decision is no daycare okay I'll stay at home and take or give myself. But then you have to make that adjustment. Would like to hear. If you're a stay at home or decided not to stay at home and -- -- is it worth it and give me examples of bad parenting. Things that you have seen happen. Things that you're seeing take place is going on that's not right we'll be back. -- -- --

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