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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Fort Hood Thoughts - David Bellavia

Fort Hood Thoughts - David Bellavia

Apr 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We opened up the WB analog line now and welcome Iraq War hero David -- -- it was a frequent guest on our show the David good morning thanks for joining us. David the second deadly shooting in the past few years of Fort Hood Texas -- US marine. Shoots another marine and this happened last night and Camp Lejeune North Carolina. And this morning we're still waiting for more news about a breaking story several people stabbed. And high school outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania David these outbreaks of violence -- seemingly. Nonstop and we're wondering what we're gonna do about that we originally. A sought to talk with you about carrying guns on a US military bases but now what about. Teachers carrying weapons in schools. What would it really comes down to its you know that god -- shell whether or not. You know the teacher is armed with a -- under the superintendent or that. That drill sergeant or the platoon sergeant. The reality is is that someone as. Evil of their heart if they want it. You know cause chaos. And cause -- -- they're going to do that there are always going to stop. A coward in their tracks. It's the threat of apartment. Always -- them. We saw this with these militaries that -- them will say police officer. You know -- god is what caused this guy that fact the reality. And to realize look. It's up it's over I got to do something now. So look so what is to -- to a school that stabbing people. We we cultural problem that we have to identify. We could talk about got a good and and the tools that people are using but the fact is it's bad people aren't what they do things stores Childress. Think -- soldiers things to people that we care about our family members we have a right and we have a responsibility. To protect those people. David let's look at what happened at Fort Hood a week ago and there's not powerful letter that's been written by a soldier at Fort Hood. A first lieutenant Patrick cook of the 49 transportation battalion who was trapped in a room with fourteen soldiers one of -- was barricading the door. Against that man man last week and the kind barricading the door was fatally shot protecting the others. And away and lieutenant cook says in a week later he can still taste the blood in his mouth. From when he -- comrades were breezing into the lungs for twenty minutes to try to save as soldier. And this all comes down to the fact that Fort Hood is a gun free zone and it has to change do you agree with him. Absolutely I would be Asia met women. You know we trust them sleep with grenades and machine go on rockets. You admit -- when they're down great achievement -- you know change to happen if you remember what the the big problem and have industry analysts took -- element that the church of the soldiers. They go and they shoot you know our soldiers even though our guys are armed all the time. You know we still. Problem is it's you don't hear about mass shootings in Afghanistan. -- a telegram guide turns. Because there's always -- there to meet that threat. And our -- 82000. People who are work at Fort Hood Texas and that we have so greatly. If you live twenty feet of -- in Killeen Texas outside Fort Hood. -- -- out. They have a concealed in carry permit in your own home if you live off post. But if you -- outpost. You have to abide by our congressional lot passed in 1990 jury so it really is it boggles -- god we trust these kids. And nineteen miracle to leave their families. In the part of their life to go. Sleep with a grenade shell the gene got -- thirteen with grenades and yeah. Wear -- home. And there in the garrison environment -- like you know what I don't think you can handle -- nine millimeter. It is so it's rather sultry. Well then how about this one about limited numbers of service people being allowed to carry a gun on -- this would be allowed after. Extensive interrogation and investigation. Just to be sure but the right people are selected for this role would you be in favor of that at least to start. Well I mean look -- what about limited people carrying rifles when they deploy I mean in the reality is people are eager. Or they're -- they're either cranes here -- Hussein. You know an important or be determined -- period done. A military base. Maybe nations in the military. I read it and we went through and and again you know this is. Are another fifteen minute conversation but if you can't tell people. And and you don't solve what they are there issues were -- or they got into account that. We've started to find out what you know. Is it -- people treat acute trauma or any sort of domestics are all the workers buy out. We can we can determine whether optional money -- debt issues in -- -- before they get there. If we're not going to determine if you're healthy enough to go and fight for your country. You certainly felt you know. -- you know. If you fought for the constitutional right to think he'd been -- arms I think he should be able to participated. -- you come -- Just like we unique and. David good to talk with the -- again you've been very helpful to us all the sweet thank you again. Thank you for the was Iraqi war hero David ability.

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