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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sabres Analyst Mike Robitaille - His Broadcast Past & Future

Sabres Analyst Mike Robitaille - His Broadcast Past & Future

Apr 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a bittersweet morning it's it's our last visit with micro but I sabres analysts and and it's. Who's retiring after this season but before we start talking -- -- we thought -- Start out with some of the highlights. Of -- radio here on WB CN. The Vidalia the good color you can go and mailing movies yes I have my news that is strong lights in the post -- pre game show where I'm. If feels good penalty no vitamin. Be careful working out of -- -- I well are just I got the moves is just unbelievable. I don't know if you notice. I honestly there's no there's fire there's no stick that in every damage that had giving plans for you might think it's all about the -- And it's all about Sarah yet -- that's right it's advice you but the nice cheese over the apple pie and -- ago that's great their way to finish today but. This data negro block of cheese yet. You know we -- it list Hillary. And obviously something negative and and you know a year but. Like this is it hasn't sunk in for the has that the. You know -- thing about a prolonged time and in off. Better earlier or later I think we're -- do you grow up now so. I'm not gonna grow up I think he'll take a lot of maps slow but. There's lot of things look forward to an idea. As a -- part probably morning neither want putts -- four -- the only sad thing about the actual cause of the whole thing is the fact that. You're ending your career it's a terrible six. I think he's well. On it's it's there have been going on off and on for quite awhile solve. But there's so some hope and you see -- some of these players have played in certain sleeker and so -- might -- Some accuse duel battle for the future in the moment draft choices they have been. These are the correct choices and the putting them correctly veteran players that can be turned round rather quickly. We have idea a cake for you like I don't know look at what you everybody gets us well I just tweeted it so they put this matter Twitter -- all good it's beautiful -- and -- have -- up to and definitely on number ten minutes they could be the floorboards of -- back -- -- right now. But -- it says it recognizes you on air and on the ice for all these years -- Then what decision for a lot of years you know and going Bakalar and -- -- that's. In all kind of words search for me and these almost road trips and of the Duma collar with the darling and -- -- and and on most radio game tonight after. Bring all the engineering here with -- carry that around with me from city to city on these crappy old bosses that we take him. Speed up their play settle it's that's kind of words -- And we have a question for you from a sports -- Christians -- press. While I'm listening for a long time we've called games are pregame show post game show he hosted the show with Jim Kelly -- back -- today any favorite moments out of any of that. -- you sort of pretty magical name right there and Jim killers of former sportswriter I was concerned -- to be the these ultimate the sportswriter because it is so honest and true to his writing and never really. Wavered very much yet the son of god you know you're the first guy in line to give -- -- break and you know do a turn for you. And we have got Jimmy -- -- -- Just working with him was pretty darn good and I think -- us the opportunity to. You know break into this game and make a living from a from so many years as. As very very fortunate in little tough at the beginning. At times who suffer and others but he kind of fight your way through it and -- -- 33 years later is still on my feet. Spend more time on the broadcast Booth and you actually spend only -- in the national Mike Hsu you know you think you're back. Of those ten years in the National Hockey League and some of those years when you're a favorite to a defense for the Buffalo Sabres. Any one games standout that you always remember no punch him like loosening up to her watch and elect a hole. Yeah like the -- right and he went there on my dark and his wife use the watches her -- husband he was just definitely you know. I -- the game I always remember probably more than anything else that night is complete ball broke out in Boston Bruins and the benches emptied and -- -- and 7273. And Jewish he'll -- way to -- -- -- with two or three there tougher players mosques and they're really. As pretty exciting night and I don't ever forget -- the of those were. Interesting years would have liked the head. While he didn't have a lot of talent to win hockey games. He's -- -- in the meantime I'm going to give offense a lot of entertainment. And he brought in some guys that we're pretty high wire acts believe -- and a that it does show on for the fans -- lot of gays what the that's the only talking about -- your -- -- was that I mean think of all those guys and then there were you that visual girl that was written. -- -- John fell while Mary -- Roger Roger Crozier just phenomenal goaltender. Malaria Helmand who was pretty well beat up a defense yet it's there's a guy that won I don't know through force Italy -- I -- -- of the type of guys around me to teach me how to play a fortune it was. I mean you know they wouldn't -- deal that much but they didn't after you watch what they did on the ice and you try to emulate the them and carry on your career in the same fashion. Point fund to bring up all these names have ideas and boats and all its history and we don't have history and memories what do we have in my we wish you the best thank you thank you rarely do really excited look forward to opposite the last third of my life. Come visit us sometime is better is it less experienced -- it ironic that -- bigger. -- that we we do we wish -- it was there where there with the guys and it would hook up again next year it sounds and my hero but I sabres analyst. For amnesty.

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