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Fort Hood Memorial Today - August Skamenca

Apr 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WB and live line CBS's August Comerica reported from just north of Fort Hood Texas this morning. The president will be leaving Washington in the next few bars. For a trip to the Fort Hood area to. Memorialize those killed in the shooting last week and to honor the victims who survived in. To also honor of some of the heroes good morning August thank you for joining us this has to be. A very emotional time for just about every one of -- who -- goes who knows what's gonna happen next. Well alleged princes and that's exactly right you know I was here in 2000 not won the first order -- shooting. Happened and then you know about a week later the president and First Lady visited. Paying there respect to each of the and the helmets. And and groups that work. You know sent out. To honor each. The soldiers were killed that and -- to see this happen again. It is something that you just shake your -- that particularly at this post but it. A role. That comforter in chief that President Obama has had to play. Just too many times since he took office two salon a laurel Oak Creek new challenge. At the Washington navy yard and of course now quite hear Fort Hood. Do you know anything about the service today honestly the memorial was lining the wounded soldiers being there. I imagine that some of them well -- joined by -- membership you know an interest in point. That you bring in a second ago there is it's. What might happen next you know. I was speaking with colonel John delegate is a retired colonel who represented the first order shooter major Nadal Hasan and -- -- it given the mental climate that many of these soldiers are returning to war what it made paper -- or soccer in each case is different. Concern is that what the president will say here today. Will provide comfort. And an immediate sent to the victims and victims' families but it's not address the long term issue at. It's important to note there -- a lot of the state that really kind of plays into this overarching dynamic. Let's respect that veteran -- 300000. Soldiers that. Are estimated to have. The war all are currently suffering from -- gets the and depression. 300000. Also. Have suffered traumatic brain injury. And then there is that statistic. And it is just compounding. And that is that on average 22 soldiers. Commit suicide. Every day. Yeah. Very incredible. Depressing statistics we might say well this is it possible being -- -- -- the president will do. Is it possible he may pay a visit to some of the wounded who aren't local hospitals there. I -- that he may have some time to visit wish some of them I'm not sure what exactly. How exactly you'll be able to cart is time he has a pretty tight schedule on the ground but that is certainly a possibility. The president too is expected to acknowledge some of bravery that was shown last Wednesday. Including that of army major Patrick Miller of -- county here in Western New York have you heard anything about this. Well you know that there where all sorts of instances. That people. Kind of being pressed into service if you will. In BK to a chaplain. She'll -- Several of the wounded and those who were being potentially targeted at his body in that broke a window in -- -- through and that there was of course the female military officer. Who confronted. The soldier and at that point fired a shot at him and then he was able to get his gun to his -- and took his own life. And then of course the young man from the Allegheny that you mentioned as well. August we understand there there's a lot of discussion that goes one servicemen has already written a letter. A discussion about our military. Not being allowed to carry firearms on his body of their assigned firearms. Yet as a very controversial issue. On the one hand you have people who say like senior officers. At a minimum would be able to carry and a responsible manner that what you're not. I happen to be concerned with soldiers -- yet and if you drink and then. Packing heat at that at that point in time. As senior officer would be that and the capacity and where. They would be able to respond differently -- say private or sergeant on the other hand they are people who are experts in the military law which full. Which will point chewed the notion that. There is a very described set of rules as to who can carry on post and not and that that has been. Really don't have watched her per package if you will. It's something that. Commanding officers will tell you. Is that the post. It's a -- -- While others also -- setting in the place where people comebacks for our knowledge it's not that situation they're not -- A dynamic where. People are supposed to feel as though they are on point at every moment. And there are other concerns with having soldiers carry on post but it is something that there are -- option. They're -- a short McCauley. Want Washington to review. August thank you for joining us this morning we will be looking forward to your reports on CBS's coverage of the president's those of the Fort -- to thank you again. The CBS is August Comerica reporting from just north of Fort Hood Texas this morning.

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