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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Fort Hood Memorial Preview - KRLD's Joe Gomez

Fort Hood Memorial Preview - KRLD's Joe Gomez

Apr 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're joined on the WB and lifeline by Joseph Gomez reporter at KR LD radio in Dallas Texas -- good morning. Mourners will be gathering near Fort Hood today remember the victims of last week's mass shooting -- this is the second time that President Obama. We'll visit the base for a man shooting. That's right over the second time Air Force One as expected the land somewhere in the noon hour today in the ceremony itself. As expected start around at 2 o'clock central time. They're not saying exactly how many of the sixteen survivors of family members are expected to attend but certainly all are invited and one of those. Invited. Was the Allegheny native is delegated -- Patrick Miller who I was we wanted to. What he was trying to help others did -- safety he was actually shot in the -- As reported by -- stars and stripes so we'll see exactly who turns out for this service. I expect we'll probably be a quite a field. Were there other heroes in this situation in this matter besides. US army major pat Miller. Yes there was -- we look at the most fascinating stories I heard it was an army chaplain who actually used his body as this sort of shield. And they'll open the window so that this soldiers could escape from an office building when Lopez went on his -- shooting spree at temple and hasn't yet been identified but I mean maybe there are other stories of of like -- just act. Accident imperialism just -- think that really amazes here. Joseph we're hearing this there seemed to be some letters that have come right from soldiers at the base since the shooting last week. That this was something that people were waiting to happen there and there's growing concern that this will happen again at the base because of unarmed soldiers. It's very -- yet an antenna to a lot of soldiers there and at Fort Hood I've got yet I've spoken to a lot of would be the first victims. From this tragedy. Did he Cubans -- it is three years ago with the first shooting happened recently that they were concerned -- was going to happen again. It was those exit for those reasons that you -- Minnesota court. Allowed to carry -- weapons and at any event and in the -- that could happen again I don't know what the answer is certainly congress is going to be looking into this. But there's a lot of people out there who are who are struggling right now what you have them is a lot of the survivors in the first shooting -- are being triggered. By this recent shootings you have almost two waves of victims here the first wave of course but the reason detectives sixteen survivors and their family. But I also. The over thirty survivors of the attack back in 09. Who are now being re traumatized. By seeing this all take place. All of per candidate per -- When Joseph I know it's a big issue on base these military guys not being allowed to carry a sign firearms. Our folks and -- general public also talking about this is not the buzz in the city. Yeah I think generally people could it be -- it very differently. And that is certainly people taxes -- of the very hard and got a right lead to be brought to people the ability to carry of weapons openly so. For military personnel to not be allowed to carry weapons on base a lot of people who are sort of outraged by that but the fact is a lot of these folks. Can be stressed that it is to bury it can be very tense situation in the a lot of -- -- transition. Returning back well received. Trying to incorporate themselves into -- the world they -- still. So. There's a lot of hard there's arguments on both sides should be BRB should they not. Ultimately. I think the congress in a lot of military leaders are going to have to figure that out. And it's going to be a debate for some time -- we appreciate your time this morning thank you very much. Joseph Gomez reporter KR LD radio in Dallas Texas.

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