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4-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio nine dirty WBA. And. I wore us down upon you with great. And -- the hole looked. More than anxious and my brother. And welcome to the New York City. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one hunts with an assault rifle. No. -- Tom hourly. Went up to. A I. Could make them welcome. It's alive it's local to the storm. When. It looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. And IQ. You have apple -- Like owners. And I into the yeah yeah well -- bell. I -- brilliant brilliant. It is that ten minutes after six friends welcome to the program -- you're just joining us you miss an instant classic that will available WPR dot com the audio vault part of our web page by the way can also check out -- -- Euro. And I thought -- -- it'd -- he's been on fire. A league the past two weeks especially. Every time I turn Aman I can't turn off it's like. This is a great should. Solve. If you are missing city beach in the afternoon check of the morning if you can't listen in the morning check out the audio vault. Online at WB EN dot com okay. Now after my show it's Sean Hannity from seven until then that is Michael Savage talking about how much better is the Sean Hannity and want. On a WB -- all right now sorry. I those who listen to me long enough know that. I generally have very little tolerance for people who. Are in this business who develop what I call cult following -- Jesse -- would be one. Doctored there's always that one guy that develops is cult following. That. It's like. Beyond my comprehension. Hi it's eleven minutes after six -- WB yet so if you're just joining us. I want to -- share with you a letter. From soldiers Fort Hood. Now I hope you'll allow me editing license because this man as a soldier he's not a right. And one of the things that. Drives me crazy when I communicate with people is when I overly used thrown out it's. He changed and soon. Tom because oftentimes we use a pronoun we try to communicate gets lost. I'm very good friends with somebody I've called the queen of programs. I often ask her to. Restate what she was saying or writing so that. I know exactly what you try to communicate so please allow -- some editorial leeway here. To change the letter not in terms of its meaning or its importance but in my attempt to make it clearer. And again folks just understand he is a soldier. You know I've worked with words he keeps me free so like it worked with words. So that we all -- places. And on the trend be it a jerk as -- to communicate what he's trying to say maybe a little better. To my friends. Fellow Texans. Brothers in arms. Members of the committee and everyone within the sound of my voice. Greetings. My name. Is first lieutenant Patrick cook. Of the 49 transportation battalion Fort Hood Texas. This past Wednesday. I found myself trapped. In an enclosed room. With fourteen. Of my fellow soldiers. One of those soldiers was barricading -- good for. Against a madman with a 45. When the soldier barricading the door protecting us was fatally shot. Through what I can only describe as a miracle. The soldier who was protecting us by barricading the door who had been shot somehow now. Found enough strength. To continue pushing against that door until the shooter gave up and went elsewhere. At which time the soldier who had been barricading the door protecting us collapsed. Nearly a week later. I can still. Taste his blood. In my mouth. From where I and my comrades -- into his longs for twenty long minutes as we waited for a response from the authorities. This soldier's name. Who barricaded. That door who saved. The lives. Up fourteen other soldiers were sergeant first class Daniel. Ferguson. And his sacrifice. Loaned me. The rest. Of my life. To tell this story. That. Is so beautiful I. Loaned me the rest of my life. To tell. This. Story. Does anybody remember the end. Of Saving Private Ryan. Anybody remember. The old man. Visiting. The grave. Of the man who did the same for him. This soldier in 24 team. Speaking of a sergeant first class Daniel Ferguson. Barricading the door from the mad mad at Fort -- despite the fact that he taken a shot with a 45. In the chest apparently. On the strength. To keep barricading that door to keep his fellow soldiers from being shot. Then once the madman with a gun walked away. Sergeant Ferguson collapsed. And eventually die. And the man who wrote Paris. Patrick cook first lieutenant. His sacrifice. Loaned me. The rest of my life to tell this story. But I write to you today. Not to memorialize. This brave soldier. Don't wanna tell a war story about how we made the best of a losing situation. But I want to express the part of the story that some in high positions of. I'll work clearly do not want poll. I -- this was gonna happen. I've been saying for five years that Fort Hood was a tinderbox. For another. Massacre. Waiting to happen. It has to happen. Because our betters. Failed -- -- the obvious lesson of five years ago worse yet I know it will happen again. More will -- more will be wounded more families will be torn apart needlessly. It happened again. And it will happen again. Because. Fort. -- it is a gun free. Zone. Amen. Amen. Amen. Folks. How much common sense does it hit. To be able to make the statement. If we train our soldiers. And every single one of them by the way -- if they drive trucks. In basic training they are familiarized with the weapons. Every soldier should be authorized. To carry a weapon at Fort Hood and any other military installation. We give them weapons to kill the bad guys. We know they're trained why don't we want them having weapons are military basis. Why. And let's just take this story once step further shall we. At what point did the shooter. End his old life. Tell tell me what happened you know. The shooter. Only stop shooting other people and turned his own 45 on himself. When confronted by an armed military policewoman. So contrary to what the local progressive. On ethical. Pulp fiction rag would have you believe. Why does a good person with a gun. Who stopped a madman with a gun. And the fact that people had that dot. Before the shooter committed suicide. And that the death poll was three innocent lives and the wounded. More than that. Is abominable. Folks how many have you have watched a civil war more. Or god forbid a revolutionary -- And ask a question. Is what are your most vivid recollections of what it looked like in a civil war camp -- a picture you've seen. Think about the rifles they use. Yet they only gave up a rifle when they're heading in the combat. Those rifles were always the air. Did you remember them bail in that debate about stacked and ready to go in case. Are you gonna tell me that our soldiers and eight in 2014. Don't have the same discipline our soldiers dead and 1861 B 1865. In wars after that. Ladies and gentlemen. I don't claim to be some macho guy. Because I'm not. But if we deep all of our military. That badly. I think we have. And when you've got a girly man president and I got to George Bush didn't do it any differently. Who will refuse to let our people carry guns on base that's a problem to me. -- join the military. Go to college where -- hell -- we and by the way you're sitting duck for some demanded huge -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And there's more -- the letter -- gonna wanna share with you but I had to get the first part out is don't want to let it sink in and settle in Peter. Brain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tomorrow partly sunny and breezy 46 the high right now -- forty at news radio 930 WB he can't. Now. I gotta tell you something again. I am 100%. Convinced our soldiers. Who wish to should be allowed an authorized to carry weapons on base. Besides the MPs. Why -- -- Davis where's the logic to -- here's the logic to it. Where did the mad man stop shooting other people. When the mad man was confronted by an armed military policewoman. -- the shooter didn't want to run the risk of a court martial or being analyzed the shooter ended his own life. By putting a 45 to his -- which more often than not will bring about that result. By the way -- you'll remember the last shooting at Fort Hood went to stop. -- aid military police woman opened fire on the doll -- son. Who is now awaiting execution and I can't come fast enough for -- He deserves it he deserved to die for what he did. The evidence is clear beyond -- shadow of any doubt guilty guilty guilty no problem sending him to meet his maker. Folks. There's this letter makes sense is this doing anything for you because over the place up and it's pissing -- -- And it angers me. Again. That we don't have people in the house represented lives the United States senate. God forbid the White House. We don't have people right now. Sending we need to let our people have guns on base with them. Because two incidents at Fort Hood have only been stopped by a good person a good woman with a gun. That's when they ended. What is so hard to understand about there's this is easy this is basic logic. This is basic fact it does not get any more simple vendors. And yet the smartest guys in the role in the White House. Not just the Obama White House the bush White House Clinton White House. The smartest people in the entire country they open seat what is so obvious to you. And to me into the people who served this country. You know thrilled I'm thirty start -- thirty. 180616. WBE and there's more to the letters. More to the letter. Should let soldiers be allowed to carry guns on base if they wanna do. Absolutely. Positively. I should not even have to ask this question. You can never go wrong. With letters scattered any. With Pink -- here I might add up by the way right now I have a pair of tickets to the first annual buffalo means business executive networking event it's gonna happen not this Thursday April 10 for until 8 PM at prior aviation and we should be there but I'm working. The -- sandy beach could be either as he does mind and out. They'll probably -- and you just firm grip. Your value as 100 dollars general contest rules apply our caller nine at 64498756449875. And -- good luck -- I'm sure it's going to be great event now these soldiers at Fort Hood deep ball. The soldiers -- look folks you know it's only a matter of time that the soldiers absolutely writer wrote this letter that there will be another massacre. It will be entirely preventable but nobody's gonna wanna prevent that because of the anti gun climate which now pervades our own freaking military. I'm sorry the brass the commander and chief. -- way can somebody please tell me win. Military personnel. Stop being able to carry concealed carry open. On base other than MPs. I did not serve I do not know I would like the answer. Because it strikes me as being in saint. That we train people. In basic training. No matter what -- out of there. They've got to be familiar with the weapons used. Yet we don't let them carry them for their self protection on base. Despite the fact that now it's happened twice at Fort Hood. And I want your web. Share with you. By the way 8030930. Is -- number for your calls 8030930. Start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yen. -- I've got to get to the calls momentarily but the there's more to this letter and I -- -- with you because this is. Exactly like I believe. You if you're comfortable with a weapon should have a -- I -- that when the shots. First rang out. My hand. Reached to my belt for something that wasn't very year. Something but it -- put a stop to the bloodshed could have made it merely an ugly incident. Instead of the horrific massacre that I. We'll surely remembers the darkest twenty minutes of my life. Was to lie prostrate on the ground and wait to die. As the shooter kicked at the door I remember telling myself. Oh well this is bit. It is being -- human dignity. To experience the utter helplessness I felt that day I cannot abide the thought that anyone should ever feel bad again. At the point blank range. At which this shooting occurred anyone within -- nine. That's standard army issue aside -- nine millimeter at the girl's fifteen rounds. And some basic instruction. -- ended the mayhem as quickly as it began an MP by trade. And AC HL holder I am convinced that concealed weapons would have stopped it. But openly carry sidearms like the ones carried in a law enforcement capacity. Could have prevented it entirely. Instead many more died. Because of the fatally miss guided restrictions on the carrying of arms which obviously the madman did not respect. Way to sell -- we've done this show once or twice already. I shall conclude. By restating my awarding this will happen again. And until we learned the lesson that suppressing the bearing of arms does not prevent horrific crimes. It invites them. To those of you who hold elected office. If you hear nothing else I've told you hear Dennis. You oh. Have the power. To stop the next massacre. From happening. You have an opportunity to restore the sacred right to bear arms which is either been stripped entirely or unjustly. Relegated. To the poor substitute. Of a probationary. Government issued a privilege. For God's sake do the right thing. That is from a survivor. Of the Fort Hood massacre last week. Who watched. A colleague our comrade die. And his only defense. Was being able to lie on the floor and wait to be shot. Well his colleague fatally wounded. Barricaded the door against the -- Folks. What part of this guy is 100%. Right do you not understand. Why is Obama right now signing an executive order. Allowing. Our people to carry weapons on basis in the United States and elsewhere. Where where is Chris Collins or Brian Higgins. Making a proposal in the house on this where is senator chuck she man. And his hand puppet Kirsten Gillibrand who according to the local propaganda pulp fiction un ethical rag a walks on water. I don't you know this but Kirsten Gillibrand is kind of like Jesus. One Shia Andris. Met. Because they don't wish they don't give a damn. That's why. Because you know what. These are soldiers. And god forbid that a Chuck Schumer are Kirsten Gillibrand. Says you know what. Guns in the right hands to prevent innocents from being killed because then they have to go back to Andy Cuomo the talk about and why safe. Then they got to talk to the Brady campaign -- -- may have quote. In all of their sacred cows to contribute to them. This pisses me off. When did we stop allowing people. In our uniforms. To -- -- from carrying their own side arms again we're talking about people who have been trained. And it'll it escapes me absolutely escapes. And by the -- -- to go further. I don't know if you've been following Jeb Bush. If you vote for another bush. You are seriously deranged. And by the waiters another picture of Bill Clinton and George Bush enjoyed a basketball game together folks -- Obama tweet will be I'll be voting libertarian. I'll be voting for Rand Paul. Let's go to is that -- shock anybody. -- let's go to like every New Yorkers bill on WBM from a Niagara county bill you are on a hello. By they're -- -- worked well. Just won't say that there were so poor. The troops elected their officers. And therefore at a higher he had nothing to -- from our soldiers and -- sure it's very much -- that blows cool drink beer. -- -- what you fear. Were you allowed to carry sidearms on base in the United States during the Vietnam era I don't know like majoring answer. Hello. What was the policy. That you were. At record -- On base. Was -- it was insured workers. Well but were you weren't an MP ago. These -- in the -- -- Eric. And it you being a -- what were some -- the other job classifications that would have allowed -- to carry a weapon on base. It. -- obviously any anybody else. Not that I know. OK but nauert 4014. We're not in Vietnam we don't have a draft the people were serving in our military are there because they have volunteered to serve in our military. And they are doing a great service force how do you feel about. Dare not being able to defend themselves in any way. But lying prostrate on the ground waiting to die the next time some guy with a gun. Who is not quite right starts to work shoot innocent people. Despite. But I think the -- terrorism organized prayer -- that is what you are. And you'll never ever suited Daewoo soldiers -- learned. Then people should stop volunteering for the military. I mean I don't know what else dissect and people should not volunteer for the military. -- amber LC -- it is explosion. -- population grows because seriously why would you volunteer. To be part of an organization that couldn't care less about your safety on a base I wouldn't do what I wouldn't hurt my kids to do. Night I get the distinct feeling my father didn't either spent two years in the army hated every minute of but anyway I'm alleged call bill thank you. The folks I mean seriously. You know what you know really weird and it's. It would be easier for area to carry a weapon here in Erie county that it would be to carry one reporter. That is wrong. Here is on the west side on a WBE and Dan hello. I was resisting it was going my -- overlook the things. Boy -- guy gave you special dispensation. Through our call twice this week as the first call was so short and truncated. You ask the question well did hit me on the phone. When. The Clinton policy. And there you know I mean I going to have my. Time -- but it did the other guy just said that even in the Vietnam era. Not only employees -- quarter going. The current policy current policy the Clinton policy. And you know I you know I mean which would leave -- amounts of my rant about the Democrats in the military. I mean when that the the cards this century's. And look and they root. On loaded magazines. See and the but -- bomber came through. There wasn't -- -- -- it was. It is the result of wrestling with the democratic congress so I mean not. Now yeah I'm sorry that's a weasel excuse Reagan was commander in chief and he -- absolutely positively ordered the Marines who died in Beirut to be our -- saint Ronald Reagan I'm so sick of the -- go to Ronald Reagan. You can't possibly think it was as the ideal. On the view as the rest. Commander in chief what part of that is hard to understand. Well made if what you're saying is true. All right then what part of commander and chief you think Obama would shy away from using any power -- as as commander in chief. Not NN New York -- Who's gonna use them at all. These these. You know I mean of the Democrats feel that the conference and then pulled the rug out on the them next year I mean that just goes on and on and on. Because of -- motivations there it ideology they're you know and and the the relationship between them in the military I mean has yet. I mean I mean when one overseas faults every warriors get -- -- In -- procedurally every year at the Democrats I mean I mean that -- it's just that it's just goes and and I mean. People only have a lot because it appears in the back pages of the paper it'll mean all the stories I mean it's just that it's just. It just never. And Reagan streamline the military without hurting them. Tell you there's an -- for people who think Ronald Reagan walked on water Ronald Reagan has the blood of 241. Servicemen on his hands in debt because it was Reagan's decision to have them -- sitting ducks in a Beirut. Sorry to say it but that is reality and I can't sugarcoat reality I wouldn't do it for Obama -- -- to vote for Reagan Caspar Weinberger begged President Reagan. Arm them let them have guns let them have rounds in the guns Reagan said that no. Any policy doubt in his role as commander in chief and that to damn -- New are married but I mean there's still there was still. Push pull -- situation nine. None -- -- no no no no no no you're given Reagan an excuse that you wouldn't give Obama -- criticize Obama for the same thing let's be fair Reagan has blood on his hands of all those dead Marines. What Obama it would have been as the idea though. I mean you know -- when you look at. Caspar Weinberger. Bay did Reagan Reagan said no. I'll put the linked up on my web unlike FaceBook page. -- -- -- All sorts of agreements that Reagan had with congress that. This isn't a question of congress the president and you know usually your lock you up faster on the on the uptick in Europe today you're not lose and and I -- Here's yeah toward the president is commander in chief big guy. Is able to launch nuclear weapons he's certainly able to issuing policy that says hey I'm sending -- to Beirut there's a lot of nut jobs in Beirut like kill Americans here here's some here's a machine guns we got by the way some fifty cal -- It was a six play the civil war bumps. The -- I mean the thing has told this story about the Democrats in the military goes on and on decade after decade and we're. And end so I mean you know Reagan notwithstanding. We've got we've got a story there and it needs to be tall and and so you know with or without Reagan you know what I'm saying. I understand but if if what if if I criticized Barack Obama. For doing exactly. Well not quite exactly but something quite akin to what Ronald Reagan did I'd be hypocrite if I didn't call -- Ronald Reagan. However saying that he may be. I don't need that on the Reagan for this you know point to be able because because. They have been on video I mean there hostility I mean -- for the kids. Overseas. Worrying about the about about this figure debt as -- always Democrats always end up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know it -- the kids you mean the people on our military. Yeah -- are fine young people who are devoting their lives to the cause of America's freedom and defending and upholding the constitution even though the president the commander in chief doesn't think it matters anymore. Our our camp will -- I guess we're Brooke that Majorly -- -- I'm glad you called. Kisses. A doctor but by our right now. Now election Iraq is still my favor president during my lifetime. But the quite frankly. Sainthood -- Ronald Reagan. Is starting to make me puke. Because if you're starting up on what happened in Beirut back in 1983 and remember that -- vividly. That's Reagan's -- those -- -- and 41 dead commander in chief. He did not need congressional approval to -- those soldiers' commander in chief means commander in chief. But let's bring forward -- when he fourteen. Should our guys and ladies who were serving in our military. Be allowed to carry guns on base -- -- don't -- do you agree that another massacre is gonna happen if not afford good it'll happen -- another military installation. Probably -- -- people should be left to sitting ducks. Mean it's bad enough we've got the rules of engagement as they were in Afghanistan and Iraq. And other deep ball that poll. See guns are bad. I don't know where Chicago I feel like -- just sat -- it was one of the best shows. Well I guess are all are all really really good aren't -- well it was extraordinary. And folks I hope that you'll take the opportunity. Two in order from my FaceBook page got to get folks at this is Glenn Beck's work I got this from Glenn Beck. And unlike certain other talk show host I can name IE I think that too. Fight against each -- better when we're basically on the same side stuff in a lot of cases is self destruct. And I don't understand. And I just don't see it. But they're Glenn Beck has been a great service by publicizing this letter I would've done the same thing if I had at first but Glenn Beck did -- more power to. I want it to checked my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly. You'll see a picture of a very good looking man with long hair in a tuxedo. That is your humble host. And though Barry first article right at the top of the page. You'll see I hope you'll share this -- men. Read the powerful letter from Fort Hood soldier. Asking for his god given right to arm himself. So I've checked that out sure from my FaceBook page and the lack. Action from the White House and congress to prevent. Another massacre while calling our people to carry arms is. Frankly quite indicative. Bigger disregard for the safety of our people. Anyway folks I do want to thank you very much registered unbelievably. Great show today and a lot of that a which you guys break all thanks to John -- Joseph -- and know yourself. -- Yeah.

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