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4-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio nine -- WBA. And. Doubles down -- he would. Yeah. Yeah hold to put -- A few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threats facing America's use of Russia. And al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. Gary -- Destroy all silent. Was -- Tom hourly and even though this. I think it -- back bathing it's live it's local -- is the it's Tom -- and who could cool whip completely cool whip who lived here and on news radio 930. -- -- Sometimes do show is that I marble over. I don't need to tell you that I know what I'm doing. As they radio talk show host it's obvious that has been obvious for whites and -- what you do it after thirty odd years doing something -- in the wrong -- of work. But this is a show. Bad can so blow up in your face if you don't know what you're doing and if you don't know who you are. That I would not recommend this for the faint of heart. I have some more calls -- -- take on it and I've got some other topics and wanna get through today. Because there's a letter from a soldier at Fort Hood at that will blow you away. And make you very angry at the same time someone to share that with you. But. I started fake and oh by the way. I put this up on my FaceBook page. The Easter Bunny. Not thought about whether the Easter Bunny is male or female. I think that's a great. John you just as John Sherman just reacted with great energy to my question you -- the Easter body male or female sit there is a guy. Sit there is a big black man we know that but the Easter Bunny is that he issued a different people different X let's let FaceBook page China. But anyway I'm talking about free year. All right now everybody likes to talk about the prayers that work out. My husband was diagnosed with stage four cancer we prayed we pray that he got better. But the prayers that don't get -- people try to rationalize. Which intellectually I can't accept. I'm sorry but I just can't. When I pray. Now I do believe here is my contradiction. I believe there's something to prayer. I believe there's something to the energy of for a year. Paula good vibrations positive vibrations call it energy call -- I do believe there is something and there are studies. That would support. The contention. That prayer helps people heal even when people do not know that they are being prayed for by others. So there's got to be something to so I cannot dismiss prayer. But at the same time. I don't think that god is sad loss. I want. I want -- The ultimate for her and again folks this this is me not you. I respect you or religious or spiritual beliefs okay -- you're sharing mine. It's all about. Not asking god for things for myself I will pray for others. I've found great comfort in praying for my enemies. I mean I also call on huge breaks but I pray for them. -- equalize things. I don't ask for things. Got comfortable in my -- -- I know that -- -- -- really strange. I don't claim to be a perfect person I've got a lot of warts. I mean metaphorically. But they're very comfortable with the way I -- god doesn't have to give me anything like Osmond. Told us in the previous -- Muslim is mostly. At least that's up in beautiful. And what he said was what god has already given us on this planet. Is in itself. And other repayable gift. It is a gift of incalculable. Value. That my friends is profound. And ladies and gentlemen I'm gonna wanna say one more thing. You know your an American to win boy there's a great topic right there. All right I -- write this down you know new York and American went. Ladies and gentlemen. As you know and we that the show with this yesterday. I try my darnedest. To speak the language of inclusion. On my program. Because I don't wanna be like a lot of the other radio talk show hosts. And -- about this respecting I just want -- old -- -- wanna be old dude. And one of the things that I am. Going to tell you is. That. I welcome everybody who is a patriot. To listen to this program. Most. Protestant. Catholic. Homosexual bisexual transgender. All of the groups that are supposedly hated. By conservatives. And I'm a conservative Terry and by the way. I like to make sure you know that I'm thinking about. And when I tell you that I will defend. To my dying breath. Your right to the free exercise of your religion even though it's different than my religion I'm not -- -- and here. The Davis state goes after. Christian churches. Mosques. Jewish synagogues. Buddhist temples -- there to defend him. Because that's just my nature as an American. Because that's what it's all about baby. And I don't like the fact the Christians in my opinion are the most persecuted. Group in America today Catholics and -- against. And it makes me sick. And I believe that we ought to have a state religion I don't think the United States should declare itself a Christian nation I don't. I think religion is best left to the individual and the state should best. Be neutral about it but the corollary to that that nobody likes to talk about on the left is. Free exercise. -- That's where Christians are getting ball. Because if I were born again Christian any wedding photographer. It would be a crisis of conscience for me. To photograph. A homosexual -- And my dear friends of homosexual community please understand in a diverse. Society. You've got to cut Christians some slack. Just like you want Christians to cut you some slack. You know that is the payoff for a diverse society if you want respect you gotta give respect. I just don't see what the problem is with better why so many people had an issue with -- except but to say that the gay lobby not talking gay people. The gay lobby is a political agenda it ain't about orientation. Now let's get them back to the calls here and I better get some other topics out in a little bit. And I'm probably gonna go through calls a lot faster than I've been doing that -- so far so give a year give me your stuff be well organized. And let's go to live in Laporte on WB and -- talked to me you're about -- W media. I probably if you liked the liked Greg. First of all -- everybody at -- -- personal that they like and I here's spirit it will control -- B what makes you move would do what you do. Atheist can be -- because they believe in a spiritual theory that there are spirit has no appropriate medical nowhere won the last dollar. -- I I must disagree with you I dated an atheist and I assure you that was not -- world view at all she regarded all life is simply a lottery accident of carbon and Adams and there was no room at all for any spirit. In it is in anyway -- perform. Well I mean it's nonstop I'm sure you heard of campaign right. I mean they're there because this spirit it over spiritual life is still there are when what we like there's been Karnal. But anyway. But what other points -- -- of scripture about questioned. In a scorcher that -- were a lot of people don't understand. Our our weapons are not -- If it is written we shall not agents flushed her blog against principality. And -- And the -- and a two year old YE a child who thought you -- -- -- -- Great to work with cancer or did not art is and the -- we wrestle not against what a blog. And it if you listen to rewards Puerto. So I I just I don't buy that Irish I have to respect your belief but I I can't buy that I just can't move my rational brain just cannot accept that. -- so Mort thank I'm. I think you're the doubting Thomas but you're not just -- shirt and tennis. But wait to -- you -- on that are -- I -- reachable. For a short while ago I worked given. Acted. People should not charge each other were charged by god to go to the I don't wanna work different for everybody at -- a measure -- -- what you born. And I Darlene promise such as you just. Some days just to have just students that they keep it holy spirit -- herself to me and well. I know dare smoke but if you -- and so he would repeal. Well I I appreciate your thoughts that this is not exactly a new subject matter for my brain. I've been going over this since I was about three years -- And I'm not exaggerating irate yes absolutely. Thank you very much I'm I'm glad you called I truly am and I respect your views and I am registered the witness. Twenty minutes after five at that WB Ian and he's right about the doubting Thomas actually the name I think in Greek would have been did Imus which is doing besides the Thomas. Here is Allan Harris with traffic Allan what's happening. All right basically what you -- seeing out there now. -- -- Could see some more rain later tonight with a snow showers in spots 31 tomorrow it's going to be 46 with sun and breezy Thursday allegedly sixty. There -- believed that. Sixty is not where we are right now it's 37 and is ready at 930 WB EN back to the calls here is -- and -- speak to me Randy. I think. I got him them no agreement will most most of your comment. I believe about basically what the big picture is motive and intent. And we can categorize it and various religions and and to expand work harder what you have more generic term but say that that is. Better earnings. Wow oh I cannot if that happens again I'm gonna have to let you go that sound whatever that was -- -- Actually I'll just -- which are gonna say but if that sound happens again you do you seriously I've got a brain issue and that frequency just destroyed. OK I'm so sorry. The prayer I -- change the more generic venue. And it's a method to speak out that we can do it personally work. We feel inadequate or guilt or regret. I agree with you that prayer should be used in the sense of trying to think for others and hope for others the one thing about prayers that this has over bottles. So appreciate conversation tour. And able to have whatever bank you choose to use. Now with regard to ethics but Christians. I kept. And there's two point one billion Catholics. -- billion Christians to just think that three million people I can't tell you how many times I've had a Christian. I'm up to Ian penny had a -- hey all I used to be a Catholic I think -- will wait and see because if you like statues being glass. Can't we find common ground. Yeah that. Randy that's been a pet peeve of mine I don't feel like telling you the story again but I have to about the one church I did attend it basically turned into Catholic bash Sunday and I checked out never went back. Yeah exactly and that's my point. -- bent in and the bigger thing is our seven billion people. It is it's typical so except that if what you want you to work and believe that and I do. That it would be difficult so believed that four billion are automatically -- it's going to be going good Christians are going to be. They get their way up there. Very -- a very provocative call I need to break and I'm glad you called. Every call has been great. On WBM and I suspect that is not going to change in the hour to come. They help. And I know about -- Michael Savage and I don't mind he says my name you'll say and these two -- in the Promos. That. It's five we gotta read you one -- you know sorry that's not. Don't let the computer do it now now now your your bidding up yep all right Joseph -- -- Thank you seizure earlier so what to do that the one screw up in a year ago an openly about the people you know and anyway we love Joseph beamer here he needs no introduction is all it is that Thomas bad ex sabres Jersey. Anyway -- over the sabres out. I wanna give -- some other things as we move along today. Because there's a letter from a guy at Fort Hood you have to hear and upon which you have the comment. I must confess now these calls on is a cop out to see your spiritual in the religious. Have been great. Your thoughts on -- Have been great at what things are thinking Morgan lost. A claim to be a cleric and I don't claim to be a theologian. But I don't see what prayer has to do with free will whatsoever. I think people are confusing something else. -- -- Is free well for error is not always understated anyway it was a channeling or -- directing of energy at god worthy creator. To communicate with the creator and -- -- with free will. I'm. Really go to the stuff my ex wife. Now she's she studies seriously studied religion a lot. Anyway let's go to bed in buffalo. On WB and Betty what's your take on all of this and I will ask -- everybody to be. Brief because they got to give them some other topics as well but I know a lot of you've been holding on a long time talk Betty. Thank you talked his way. And talk to loan. Well -- that's because it's my show and thanks for killing an hour of your life and then B rating me. You lose hers in Evans on WB -- -- I I'm planning is the basis. For my -- spirituality that I don't believe that the cap it's. -- -- Share sort quote. By market that really is the last 55 of the Roman emperors. As long as that the sentence or less. Well it's it's very short sentences as that. I think suggests to his people live a good life. If Eric in they had just. And they will act here how about you have them but will welcome you based and a very -- you have lived. If they're bad but there aren't just and you kidnapping worshipping him. If there and no -- that you will begun. A little have lived a noble like that will live in the memories and your loved ones. And man can. That's really cool is that. Is that from the twelve Caesars no no. Now. He practiced early as who has born in 121 lady di I didn't have. One. At that matter -- that's a great quote all I have to look that up I like that very much thank you for sure. Thank you very much. They don't like about the Romans paid they have indoor plumbing beat. They're hot -- here's Joseph in Hamburg on WB and Joseph talked to me. Are you are both just like to say. All of the shuttle. And I'll move the viewpoint that you seem to have. Although if you weren't there when you are probably others. That's the point of view. -- people call me that. That you believe in. I don't know if it will put label to it I mean I just I believe in a creator and that's as far as I can go. Well I I don't know if -- complemented may have made a parting company with Thomas Jefferson at all except there. I would say it's what the most intelligent people at that time. We're the couple ideologically under the conclusion. Well Joseph where are you on this issue that's what I work I mean if you want to talk about the calling into the show if you -- sure where you are loved your. -- I wanna go to the point oh vote. When your stated that the the police. According to the constitution. Everybody. Well. The Muslim belief. There's so portraying apiece. And went coast to become an -- state or a lever. Of the religion. -- to be put to. I don't think that's meant to be taken by the -- work week. But. I think it means what it says. Well there are also passages. In the Christian Bible which I find it troublesome. But mayor also point out how many Muslims are there in the world of I forgot is that a billion. Yen up today more than two billion Muslims did not commit an act of terrorism or kill anybody. -- It's not up to me to call a Muslim a heretic because I'm not Muslim but most. Well you know it it again when you get in to. The extremists. In any religion now first of all. This is problematic. Because I don't know. How many Muslims are quote unquote moderate Muslims. I would presume that a lot of them are like a lot of Christian a lot of Christians that they identify themselves as Muslim. But they're not gonna run anybody through with a -- if they don't convert. But like any but I've never at a Muslim tell me I'm going to help Christians tell me I'm going to help every day. I mean I'm not I'm not be rating Christians I'm just saying that as a group. I've been told that my soul is going to help by Christians held a lot more than by Jews who don't believe in hell or by by Muslims. Now. I. -- Up one of the beautiful parts about the United States and our constitution. Is the free exercise clause of our First Amendment would it prevent. Any -- that from taking over in the United States we're the United States from becoming the Islamic republic of the United States which I think is a good thing. And I also don't want to be the Christian Republican the United States the -- republic the Christian the the Jewish Republican the United States. Summit -- -- the deployment trying to make your -- that we have a real special thing here in America where in the ideal. We all need to have each other's back because at any moment anybody's faith. Can be under attack by the state right now it happens to be in my opinion christianity. -- -- -- To the extent that the vote on does not follow the rule just tax. Or the improbable opened from the Bible particularly in the old testament. To the extent that there -- good person. Well you know here's what he has yet another example the New York City. Still the Jews in New York City. I mean when I say Jews I mean the orthodox Jews in the eyes with -- that would use easy top -- Abbate they're Jews but then there are people that you see walking around who blond hair blue lied and oh yes they're Jewish. So it's like in Germany is in there is a range. I'll be leaps and orthodoxy purses. A more report mentality and I presume there is the same in Islam and I must presume that because logically. Limited put it to you this -- as gun owners what do we said. We say when a massacre takes place today you know 100 million Americans with guns didn't kill anybody. So using that logic I must also apply that to Muslims today two billion Muslims did not commit any act of terrorism. Why didn't look at it look at Timothy McVeigh I mean. But if you understand what I'm saying. This is the argument I've used to defend the Second Amendment so I must also use it to defend the First Amendment at this say look if people start going after Muslims for the government start going after Muslims have a problem with that. Just like -- would their -- after Jews Christians Catholics buddhists because I think that's the American viewpoint. Pray that they don't take those verses seriously. But that is the extent that they are not a true believing. -- -- have you -- article authority people book. Well that's why we need the Second Amendment because if somebody wants to run you through the sword because you won't convert you have the right under article 35 of the penal code to kill see how life works out. I mean that's a difference on our -- our brother I'm glad you -- thank you very much thank Joseph thank you. It'll actually legislate -- One more call and had a lot of you've got to hear this letter from the soldier Fort Hood it is it will blow your mind. Here is in the new fame on WB and Mike. You're gonna be the final caller on this topic which is absolutely kicked butt today talked him. I drove it on the right call Vietnam and -- with great -- people's -- on the year. -- some worry. I -- a couple questions trying to clarify favourite bird on the radio and now you say you believe. At another time out time but this is it about you know I'm not gonna be cross examine -- my beliefs I want you to tell me about years. I've said enough about my beliefs -- you know my religious police are probably like Mike Martz I love them they might not go too well with you you know. Okay. I'm a Christian came to a and the late in life. The viewpoint one of the things I think a lot of people get confused where it is christianity is not religion religion and demand -- think -- where. A group of people together and decide okay we're gonna pray -- certain way. We're gonna celebrate these certain hole nowadays it's moderates that are typically. It's that the case -- -- it's a group of people yeah that you -- away trying to reach out where. Appreciate you look at reached -- port there. By coming to -- letting them and praying that the -- counsels us. -- but it won't say the army unit said that. Probably it would believing in Jesus is the right direction. No no no no no the problem the reason I cannot accept christianity is because I need proof of the resurrection and there isn't any in my opinion despite the people keep sending me despite the fact as the -- Seal around it that it depends again on what a person is willing to accept this -- now there's. Cool that you can do and experimental laboratory you can burn paper but it'll ever tore across the world can burn paper -- pulled the paper burns. But there -- other types of conflict which -- -- trying to courtroom that -- done in the laboratory I witnessed eternal. People testimony what they -- and also how people -- that when you take into account. That out of eleven a powerful not turning Judas she committed suicide -- added and so all persons who beat who changes during the -- when he went through quite eight. Curious. Are. Reformation. Well you persecuted Christians and -- got blinded by the light even before Manfred Mann did the Bruce Springsteen song and the rest is history. Exactly don't Wear. All book -- one all of which aren't entitled agent Bob. -- -- on the island close. Every one of those every one -- old man. Was smarter every one -- why don't -- one problem. Yeah they were going to free societies that know him and worthy to be crucified like -- crucified upside down which is what they did. Now Goldman worked and met with Jesus they knew him they lived with a walk with the Los Angeles teaching for years. At the turn if you are I didn't hit bad resurrected. What would have given them the courage to gulf war two to travel arsenal little trying to -- the people that are all good news. That there are no longer did you have to try to let the good life that there was a gift -- gift to be given that gays salvation that. Accepting of the free gifts. Would absolve you miss seeing you on your -- and with all of you any other since you may do in the. Well there are very have always been -- I I appreciate your viewpoint and I'm glad to call but I will also add there have been various people. In history even recent history. Formal others have done things that are remarkable remember hale Bopp comet. And the group of people that kill themselves because of this inspirational leader now he was an inspirational. Leader Jim Jones -- Oh yeah. Are coming -- a white afterwards. Quote. Well no but there's also no evidence Jesus did either. I'm sorry that I have I've read this -- rhythm our bread every single book that I get my hands. And I'm not convinced but -- if you are split. That's right. -- there where it comes to a point that there are some -- -- There are people are gonna need to -- -- there. Be any shadow of any doubt. -- -- will never get it that's where they test me you have to make a decision I can't go there you go there much on the ultimately. This is sort you're more free will ensure that you were -- and the gentleman he can make you believe that you. Should believe them he dragged kicking and screaming and -- He didn't you the opportunity. I don't police here's here's the thing I don't believe in heaven or hell Seattle I don't want eternal life to me it would where the hell out. I'm I'm completely serious. You know we say rest in peace -- -- that. Rick let's get a bunch of rest in peace doesn't mean eternal what that means nothing zilch zero not a perfect their bond. My friend I have to go I'm glad you called. It is up by 48. Thursday I I don't think I want the hey Joseph let's do lunch went up eighteen trillion years. Just doesn't make sense to. It is about 540 by the way thank you awesome show on one of the most controversial topics on the planet religion. And the spirituality. Coming up. I think we'll tackle something light. Like a soldier. And guns begging Howard government to let him defend himself. Here's the AccuWeather forecast for today it will be brisk and chilly rain and snow shower late tonight still snow shower and spots 31 below and -- partly sunny and breezy 46 right now. It's forty degrees at news radio 930. WB the end. All righty then I needed likened it to the hole in the head -- -- already it's. Trying to get the wringing out of my lawyers and it. -- A wondering do you a letter. Bad. Glenn Beck has been messing around Glenn Beck. By the way I'm like Michael Savage I'm I'm not afraid to say Glenn Beck is a great job great service to America. Like Michael thinks he's the only horse in town. But in any event sorry that wrong to rag and a guy works -- your station. Yeah about as wrong -- this from Michael department rush and -- are right anyway. This is a letter that absolutely positively. Nails it. And this is what the dim wits. Apple local left wing propaganda. On ethical. Pulp fiction -- Like that so called award winning cartoonist. Who apparently thinks that there are armed guards everywhere at Fort Hood in -- like for Niagara. They -- Fort Hood is more like a city a sprawl it's like act pretty. Then it is a school or for Niagara. So a lot I suggest -- -- your little -- to his desk at the news I don't know maybe talk to people maybe visit a military base. I don't know what your experiences are but you don't know much about Fort Hood. Based on the cartoon you ran last week to fit your progressive agenda. At that -- get up and unethical pulp fiction dead tree. But two lifetime -- Black like me to break it 55 all right. I'm gonna read this and I'm gonna re read it after six or what your thoughts on. To my friends. Fellow Texans Brothers in arms members of the committee and everyone within the sound of my voice greetings my day. Is first lieutenant Patrick cook. Of the 49 transportation battalion Fort Hood Texas. This past Wednesday. Found myself trapped in an enclosed room with fourteen of my fellow soldiers. One of whom was barricading that do work against a mad man with a 45. When he was fatally shot. Through what I can only describe as a miracle. He somehow found enough strength to continue pushing against that door. Until the shooter gave up and -- else were. At which time he collapsed. Nearly a week later. I can still taste his blood in mime. From what I and my comrades breed into his longs for twenty long minutes while we waited for a response from the authorities. The soldier's name was sergeant first class Daniel Ferguson and his sacrifice. Loaned me the rest of my life. To tell the story. But I write it today not to memorialize this brave soldier -- to tell war story about. How we made the best of a losing situation. But to -- the part of the story that some in high positions of power clearly. Do not want old. I know. This was going to happen. I've been saying for five years at Fort Hood was a tinderbox of another massacre waiting to happen it has to happen. Because our batters failed to learn the obvious lesson of five years ago worse yet I know it will happen again. More will buy more will be wounded more families will be torn apart needlessly it happened again. And will happen again because Fort Hood is a gun free zone. Amen amen amen your thoughts 8030930. AW BE.

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