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4-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think yeah if you go to the hole looked not Muslim and my brother. -- -- -- -- -- And they will have the decency to clean mind and this -- We've reached and now this news. Tom hourly -- actually lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly you may well I would did. On news radio 930 WVU. Still waiting for slap shot beamer always for the slap shot references an apartment five cents. -- I mean there's just ordered that you can't we can't put that in an intro as much as I'd liked what Paul Newman says that the goaltender since the -- don't pay. -- -- Funniest -- ever. -- -- One of the funny lines our rights are -- a slap -- been great movie it's eleven minutes after foreigners ready at 930 WB EM. The guys -- treat. I I loved I loved these now we've got to we started up the show with two excellent calls. Hired a -- my FaceBook bridge. Made my heart be filled with loving kindness. And the 3 o'clock spot by savage. -- Why you would listen to me or contribute to my page is the economy. -- you wanna listen this -- talking about a Brady is for three hours and how much Russian show on sucked you. I mean I just a savage for me wanted to be honest I just enough. Very self absorbed human being. Let's go to -- -- Lancaster. And WB yen and I have none of that whatsoever. Up Jim we're talking about their religion spirituality. And prayer and have you had a prayer deny that talk to -- -- Are quite honestly -- When I pray. Okay what are my prayers answered not quite honestly if it is the answer I am very -- fuel blessed beyond that I don't McKinney be more all of it. That my prayer is an answer. It just -- and do my myself is to learn that -- my beliefs just as strong stronger etc. I don't make it more or less than it regards. There are being Google to display will never understand. But why isn't about you. If the prayer is answered why is it about you and if the prayer answered why is it about you. In his life. The -- weird is immoral means. We computer. Two distinct being able. -- why it was so we -- most successful developers and I want my anyway. We can't help but it's built in and we make up -- comparisons. That we should be put in which back in there obviously with -- Well you know what it's interesting because. I guess my eighty my thing is -- -- expression before rolling my own canoe paddling my own canoe. I don't try to compare myself with other people and use metrics because. It's it's pointless because there are always be people -- more money there'll always be people with less money there'll always be people who were better looking people more of your looking. There will always be people were less well and a actually probably not anyway let's get back to your call -- I've ever had a moment where your faith. Was pushed to the point where you almost said screw it. Without question. With a portion. In even those moments. They're very difficult even re nationalize that are limited understanding -- roll over of our mind. I think we all need to reach it was just an every -- like we'll lose faith or anything else to find out you know to test the -- you know who we are is a person. It is when it with a comfortable lead albeit at the beginning also all -- is the starting point. In even our creation of believing in something we have to start somewhere. And -- an earlier conversation. We have to start -- our perception orders being over our guys -- God's will really be annual intangible. Can build on that. Now up keep keep go keep go because I wanna know what your perception there's. Because I have a very distinct answer I'm going to give you but I want or perception of god. Quite -- -- my perception is that okay it's -- got a don't believe it god is all good. All blowing. All just. You can do little wrong. He's Rush Limbaugh. -- he's Rush Limbaugh. Couldn't resist. It if there is a god I think there is a jury's got a sense of humor don't worry about my jokes. These work yet. -- -- OK with it mind. Brocade is the foundation well my my belief. Well -- shall there going to be a lot of things have yet been in a negative way. Very oh or visit. Evil way. If we would -- actually -- -- -- if we did not only do it can act wrong. Reuters news this slight. -- -- -- -- -- The loss of which child an innocent child innocent people you mean die in the wrong place at the wrong time. We yeah actually. It's strange the predictions we are moral being. Yeah we strike respond in more it -- and they will be that we do it and see if something. That's why don't we that there isn't actually. Because he has always -- something. You didn't go to UB digit. Now there are true atheist believe me there are people who currently don't believe in god they hate the very concept of god I think there are tools but they are who they are. -- what we do we do live we believe so even if it is our -- our success. Whatever may -- we -- ever got. Let me posit something with you and by the way by the way ladies and gentlemen this is my second call on the show. Two calls so far that it made the year available much more weight but ten out of ten this is exactly what talk show callers should be like every single show no yes or no answers well thought out there -- back well spoken people defending their positions this is outstanding. Do you believe in heaven do you believe in life everlasting because I've got to follow up if you do. Yes I do in a reason why use. Okay all of dislike its tightest clothes and you between the goods to bear at the right or wrong I believe it and spiritual -- -- just look parallel just as we are horrible and just wait for the wrong that we do. There will be an accountability in an exploit. And I was actually -- that sounds more like hell I'm talking about happen. We'll give credit vocal cords haven't yet they don't even have zero for rookie haven't crawlers are older pain in the things we never could understand the mysteries. OK if we recall worthy and I don't wanna -- they're probably even qualified speak about -- if we do -- make it that haven't. Would -- isn't wherever it is. OK I believe there all of this moralist what we will not be affected by RKS are wrong or whatever yes heaven will be something that we -- -- begin to me agent. I have a hard time with the I have a hard time with the concept of heaven and everlasting life because how do you even do we date timer. I mean able to launch an eight trillion years and I got its latest. Jim there are people let's face it in this life. At a party. And somebody just won't leave you alone. It's like they are the only person there and there's nobody else with two you'd like to have social discourse you know that inhabit. For eighteen trillion years that guy would Beecher elbow right. I always wonder are there bar fights and heaven because after about eighteen trillion years to get root. That the transformation. OK and we don't really understand it transformation. So we get -- you know -- -- -- we don't -- quarter fueled good in this ploy to believe which is good in law or whatever the case may be. Located transformational -- fan and a different for. OK we can't comprehend I don't think or he would kind of behind it. And also well under the -- I don't believe in hell. Because he got his -- right. What kind of a loving god. We doom people to eternal agony for screwing up the brief time they have on -- You love your kids right. Can you think of anything your kids would do that would make you say for ever without parole without probation forever you'll work. Your soul will be in agony because you're an imperfect human being I can't buy it it's inconsistent. But I will say this. For people who take over people's voice innocently take their wake -- -- -- -- -- -- -- judgment on them they're -- to be a payment. It would appear alone in this -- OK you know human judge somebody or you're gonna go to -- -- -- here we if you took people's innocent white neutral whatever. They're -- to be a payment. Yeah but you know what are concepts about the -- again Christians I don't like is a guy like I often. Okay dull moment before he put the lure her to his head -- said. I would just like Jesus to know that I accept him as my lord and savior bang he's gonna have. But that -- -- is -- bet that's Christian belief. I'm not mocking Christians please don't understand some might say well it's a beautiful example of forgiveness but to me I want there to be some kind of reckoning. I just don't know that there is Jim I have to move on May I just thank you again for being an outstanding caller. No I'm accurate. Thank you very much all right to offer to sell farm and show can be like a minefield of -- of disaster but my callers today just awesome yes. This is exactly what I wanted to do. Sports wanna -- you -- let's find out about traffic right now and Steve it's exactly how you wanted to be driving home here is Allan Harris. All right AccuWeather basically. This is this is eternal punishment I think the winter Tony thirteenth when he fourteen was pretty much is close to L -- were gonna come. Brisk and chilly this evening rain and snow shower. Still snow shower in spots overnight the overnight low 31 tomorrow partly sunny and breezy and that 46 degrees and Joseph are we still hanging at 37. And news radio 930 WB the end. -- yeah I was I started to think about heaven I don't know why I probably because they cannot help. Does that help just doesn't make sense to me. I know it's an article of faith and I respect your face please respect mine as well it just doesn't make sense to me. And heaven I just know that in heaven. I just know that the people I least wanna hang out with will not leave me alone. People like that in your life and everybody -- Let's go to some work great callers this is great and here's. -- in buffalo WB -- you better be good husband because your first two callers today have been outstanding. Yes you are an overall time congratulations it's a great show. And I love the subject. Intelligent discussion. First of all but what -- sodomy took about heaven and now and but I do believe and an accounting. That we will all have to support what we did. But -- David. In the one god that doesn't have an -- look I'm not. And does beginning and and so therefore he's -- -- -- and the guts and -- mighty. I am all of the -- we create shorts and fit and so there's -- quality. When I pray I pray as the weeks have been begging. For forgiveness or political wishes they had. So and then there's this little prayer we pray I pray might phase which is. God keep me alive if living is better for me. And take me bet you if there. This is good for me so he decides all of these we don't know much we you know poor creatures. But. -- graduate of well being a believer you know it is Saturday I don't know what you -- we did but if you believe in the one -- and I figured that or indeed. I believe here here's the thing though I believe in the creator. But as far as like I don't know what religion or faith do you happen to belong to -- it's not my business and lets you choose to tell me but. I think there are beautiful parts of christianity I think are beautiful parts of Islam I think her beautiful parts of Judaism and buddhism -- Austria's and an every other religion I've ever. Even cared to look at except one. A man made religion which I don't wanna get into. But to but in any event. There are some beautiful parts of those religions. And I just don't know which one. It is about quote unquote true one or if it's supposed to if they're supposed to be one true. Well I think it's one religion no matter if you quote custodial. Divorce and it's 41 or it's just being able. Giving you all the names do you believe in the one that doesn't have a partner and and his salute and is just. Then you know we soul. And by the way but Leo we will have. Can name isn't something about have been and you're mentioning about being. I'm going pupils. If we go to heaven. And it could be I mean we can go but good things but would never have happened. Except for the -- -- so bad because with god has given -- is smaller but what we have. -- APEC you know I would include teach or or something. And we've got to have -- we called. Clean and then from land and sent it over it and it's a place where you don't even need to -- that morning well wishes. Well -- of German extraction I find that somewhat troublesome. But you said one of the most beautiful things that has been said today we are now three for three with great calls and yes he's a Muslim. -- -- What god has already given us on this earth. Is beyond our ability to understand or fully and truly comprehend it -- and that is beautiful. And profound and eternally true. Thank you very much for listening thank you for calling. About ladies and gentlemen. This is a show most hosts will stay away for a because all I might anger somebody. Quite the contrary. We have gotten some of those beautiful calls already -- this is great I love this topic you guys -- it. 803 -- got moved at all. 8030930. AM Austrians can't be trusted 8030930. -- news radio 930 WB Ian. You have I let cords in the song different courts than you're used to getting. -- rock song. Set it's -- 33 news radio 930 WB -- The Doobie Brothers they were an onslaught Jews that would came to musicianship. Back in the day. The birds that are great for -- as well. Anyway I'm going to show which quite frankly. Is a dangerous Chicago. Four on talented talk show hosts to do were inexperienced talk show hosted. Because it's got to be done in just the right way. Because I'm trying to be circumspect. About this whole idea of prayer. Because. Let's face. FaceBook. It's the grand. Twitter. Prayers for so and so prayers for this group prayers for that group. And I started thinking to myself you know I don't show notes about. Miracles. That miracles have happened. I believe miracles have happened. Mean there are documented cases where people really did it. For whatever reason and what of what the reason Kidder Peabody spiritual energy reason. Suddenly. Go into remission from cancer. We're not even have a Trace of cancer in their bodies -- doctors may disagree usually the explanation is well it was a bad diagnosis there really wasn't a miracle the diagnosis was wrong. Well that's a BS answer because let's face it when you're diagnosed with. Let's say cancer you know there are number doctors in on the team it's not like you got one person saying it's cancer and they made a mistake. Although doctors can make mistakes. But I started thinking about prayers that have gone on many answers. And I started thinking about why we pray. Because the -- that I usually get from people about prayer is well you know Tom -- is an answer. And I think -- limit. If you give god the credit. For the good stuff. Why did he get off the hook with the stuff you don't get the -- audit that was really important to you like a lot of know your kids survive. Mean that's a huge one. And yesterday I don't -- physically pointed out. Knowing myself. In my -- temperament in my personality. Have I've been a born again Christian on the Titanic. Praying for the hand of god to get me off that damn boat and into a lifeboat. Then I hit a water. I would have been so all pissed off. I know how un Christian of but. I said this at the beginning of Chicago. And it bears repeating. I believe. I believe in -- Believe in the creator. I just don't believe in any particular religion. Now do you think that's a cop out. There are people who believe that that is some kind of believe Mkapa. And I don't regarded as. -- mean it is an admission of -- human intellectual shortcomings. And frankly anybody else's intellectual shortcomings. -- that. I just don't know. I don't know the answer. And I know that there and please don't send me all the books about. Archaeology and Jesus. I've read every single one of them. Are right the fundamental answer is. The central Tenet of christianity is a belief. Not a Jesus. But in the resurrection. That's were I get lost. That's right say you know what I need evidence I got to see it you're asking me to make a leap of intellectual faith and god gave me a brave and to analyze. And I'm sorry it just sounds too far pitched. I try to imagine myself being a martian or somebody from another galaxy on earth hearing that story saying. Ron. You can make the same argument about. Most other. Or idea. Organized religions. Army the snooty intellectuals will say well there are all bunch of fairy tales with superheroes to believe that. I said earlier I look out the window. -- got. I mean don't don't don't send the psych unit after me I seen. This horizon before which -- speaks an intelligence. Which created it. It was a random. I can see this as hitting the big money going on wheel of fortune. Or winning the lottery because there's an order to. There is an order to. There's -- time and place it seems for -- -- 8030930. Is the up on -- -- I thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB the end. So is spirituality. A -- There's a lot of people get upset with me believe it or not when I say I'm not a Christian. I've had at least 8000 Christians today. I'm exaggerating telling me that I'm going to hell because I'm not a Christian. I think that's very un Christian. Because in the final analysis. In the final analysis ladies and gentlemen. In the foxhole. Staring potential death in the face. Wheeled -- for heart surgery. My only prayer lives. May god this isn't your hands I ain't worried about. Zero fear zero when I say zero I mean zero. Except I said it in Latin and wanted to be a wise cents. 8030930. Start 3180616. WB ENN. If you believe in prayers are answered which ones haven't. And is saying your spiritual a spiritual laws that are religious a couple of they don't -- thirty on a WB yen. Let's see -- this is trying to figure out who's next I guess I could tell time it would be good. Here's our -- in the Lewiston on WB yet you're on hello. It's. Less than that I do believe. It happens I do believe -- -- urged. I am a born again Christians and I don't have. The answer -- -- white guys answered some prayer. And why he doesn't answer other -- The wave we will -- -- -- certain Arab. -- is. All going. And he sees things that we don't treat any -- outcome that we don't know and -- a Christian I believe that the scriptures. I hope he'll forgive my interruption. But if god knows everything that's going to happen doesn't that really render our prayers -- our thoughts quite meaningless. Confirmed agree -- because he has outside it's time so. Everything. Kind of takes place. Internet now for god so you don't know there are and now are really much of a kind of but we're out there as a kind of I think we prayed more. For -- that we built for him he doesn't need our prayers. -- and I pick -- the way that he can express. Explosive -- sort of and our acknowledgement that we can't do it on -- well. Okay -- typical trader Mike Mike I just I have to ask -- the question because impurities and and again lowered the calls today I'd I'm gonna go overboard and I'm not. I hate it when bands in local bars -- -- -- a round of applause because we never quite heard a crowd saying journey like that. Well to budget drunken -- I didn't hear that might figure the bad -- the crowd didn't sound break face. Off -- start. But when you Akron but the caller is David great when you pray typical prayer for -- in my 'cause it typically ego. Well look I recognize that my father which is relationship that. He would not just the creator. And and that's what about christianity is -- your -- You know to the disciple of made him call what Kabul -- where it should be the level where. To disable that the operating third straight this way our father what was a radical. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- communities spoken. Eloquently. Point and for good so our father brings commander relationship with Iraq. And it alarming probably can approach and descriptive total votes -- -- forum vote in the -- what we want. But at the same time it and I hope Mike I hope a pardon my interruption. But. No I I know you don't neither do -- -- believe me but in the words career. What I found particularly useful as a non Christian when I -- useful I've been comforting. Is there's one line in there and have quoted it before today body will be done. In New York fans in -- to us Dominic. In your hands by will be done seek to me. Is the ultimate faith the faith that. Is gonna do what god is gonna do and we just got to deal. I do agree with that and and the other corporate -- in and believes. -- celebrations. What are church or whether or. You know if you ever as -- bill. Can somebody. -- -- you know I don't want I don't like -- in my business. And some go to the -- I believe that we do. All that god created -- It will arrested him there. And the structures. That you need to believe in. Resurrection. And now. Why Christians. Only I believe I understand -- regular but I don't think that they can art in. That you're going to help because. You know you're in your life. I. Who knows they might be right I may end up living now. But it does not seem logical to me. And I god it must be a god of logic and mathematics and it does not seem logical to me that a loving it. God it would punish his children with an eternity with no dinner. They are yeah. The scriptures -- that not everybody got children know that everybody says that or all of our children. That's not what the levels above also that we are enemies out and we are separated from god who sent. And that's what christianity differs from a lot of error every other religion. Religion is man's attempt reads god if I do enough good if I give it up for charity if I do that's that I can. It's. Consummate skills. So my what I'm gonna make. I don't believe that either. Only that people can either. Can buy their way into heaven with good works I mean if that's why you're doing good works I think you're doing good works for the wrong reason I think you do good things because good things are the right thing to do not because you think you're gonna get something. Right right -- and good works as a Christian that works come out of my relationship with god it's not -- -- -- It's it's. I can't dribble. Way of expressing God's love in my life -- -- they have got so you know you can get family there your city you know. And OK as a pitcher haven't that's silly it's great that I don't know why you did apparently potentially you're -- So that's -- you know are you can't get your -- there's nothing you can do good enough. But you know what I what what troubles me. And I got to share this with I used the Hitler analogy before. And I don't actually guys used. Osama bin Laden as an example. I've been told. And again please understand nobody will defend christianity more than high. I and the biggest defender of Christians in the media today I think who is not a Christian himself. And I will offer the same protection. Two Muslims Jews -- anybody whenever anybody's religious beliefs. Are going to be screwed by the government you'll find me on your side because I think their role. And by the way I think that my own spirituality an absence of any specific religion in my life. Actually makes my opinion ballot in that respect because I don't have it religious agenda. But it bothers me that a guy like Hitler. Could say. I -- Jesus bang and kill himself and get -- the haven't. And some guy who's that they righteous life are right born again Christian of the first order. His last act on earth is to have a fatal heart attack when he's paying the secretary and it goes back well we just right. Know that that's that's that's the floor I believe a what's probably term security. I don't believe -- -- -- so they. No matter what I go out -- Now the color of my relationship with god. I don't wanna go out and do bad things. You're considered a sense ideal and that's partly I'm gonna continues that's of the scriptures say that the there's two major. My friend I I need to I need to move on to other callers. My my producers saying dude he's good but there's lots of other good people. I have to break I want to thank you for being yet another. Brilliant call every callers but it cannot attend to -- this never happens in any talk radio show ever in the history of radio since Marconi invented it there has never been a string of awesome callers as great as they showed today thank you very much. Our humble thank thank you very much fate as the creator. And that's right or lose some of it and some people think I'm going to hell. I even got an email from somebody saying that you respect that your health issues are related to your non christianity. I think to myself to just tell the after the two year old at Roswell. And AccuWeather. Would make you a believer becoming a views to this point brisk and chilly this evening with rain snow shower. I asked the snow shower spots overnight the overnight low 31 degrees really. Seriously. And then that tomorrow partly sunny and breezy 46 Thursday all allegedly it's going to be sixty degrees. And were holding at thirty step and is ready at 930 WB yet. A cop out to say you were spiritual that you believe in the creator you believe in god you're out of here to the Christian faith or Islam or Judaism buddhism and ladies and gentlemen I'd try to be circumspect about things -- try to imagine are right if I have been born in. Obvious that you about a place if I had been born in Iran in 1963. The odds are I'd be most. By virtue of where I was. And I would hope that I would be circumspect and say all right Islam is my faith. Or what I'm used to but what these other states have to say about why we're year and what we are supposed to do. And what are the things have learned about the world's great religions. Is that you know what. They have been very destructive. To be human species I'm sorry religious hatred has been very destructive it's not supposed to be. Because the real common threat we're. Most of the world's major religions is as I've stated previously to unto others that seems to be a commonality. Up. 8030930. Start -- thirty. And what 80616. WBM. What are continue this and there is an unbelievable letter from a soldier at Fort -- I've got this year with you on WB Ian.

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